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Beowulf in the Modern Era - Kevin

Beowulf is a poem that uses common Anglo-Saxon ideals in order to convey their idea of a
hero. Lie many other tales! it must have "een very popular "ac when it was sang. #nfortunately!
many elements of the story would "e not very well received! since its anti-traditional! undramatic!
artificial plot!
#nlie current traditions of developing the protagonist! Beowulf is a $supernatural% hero
"ecause he is protected "y fate in many instances.
&rendel's appearance is not very discreet in the original poem! which would cause the
massacres at night to have less impact on the atmosphere. Modern viewers tend to en(oy very intense
scenes that are crucial to the outcome of the story. )ne reason that may lead to this is that
*f &rendel was not revealed immediately! there would "e a feeling of hopelessness that would
"e soon thwarted "y the coming of Beowulf. +is arrogance after #nferth's taunt would "e well adapted
into a comical monologue that is even more hyper"olic than his original one in the poem. *t should "e
written in such a way so it conveys a feeling of hope! yet still creates an opportunity for other
characters to ridicule his determination and confidence.
Some other instances indicate the presence of a $too good to "e true% element in the story
which may lower the viewer's interest towards the story.
,or example! -he "attle "etween &rendel's mother and Beowulf would "e somewhat a"rupt for
certain people's liing! almost as if all the evil in that particular area had "een completely purged. *t
feels unnatural to have a place that has no pro"lems whatsoever! and a way to eep the audience
interested would "e to eep some darness luring in the shadows - such as the current animated
movie's interpretation of Beowulf maing a deal with &rendel's mother giving him immortality! which
she terminates "efore setting her son free on the land to destroy and ravage.
*n the modern rendition! Beowulf fell into temptation! leading him to his demise! and presents a
much more "elieva"le. -his addition reduces the perfection of the original story and maes it more
plausi"le as a chain of events.
Alternatively! the story could "e rewritten in a way such that Beowulf is wounded while fighting
&rendel's mother! "ut ultimately ills her. -his could foreshadow a later "attle where Beowulf is
mortally wounded! such as in the end of the original story! where .iglath helps him ill the dragon in
the end. -o some! however! this might "e too sudden! as if it were hastily written in a last-minute
attempt to ill off Beowulf and end the story with a "ittersweet moment. -he sacrifice is a /hristian
concept! and demonstrates the spread of /hristianity into Anglo-Saxon England. )n the other hand!
Beowulf ass to "e "uried with his treasure ac0uired from the dragon! which is reminiscent of the
pagan afterlife.

-his story was written in an era where its characteristics were prefera"le. +owever! 1eople's
preferences always change over time. 2ow! we may find 3! 4! 5! to "e unpleasant! which may cause the
story to not "e appropriately appreciated. 6espite this! Beowulf could "e easily esta"lished to fit into
modern life! "ut some elements could "e optimi7ed to please a more current audience! minimi7ing
confusion and "landness! such as &rendel's attacs and Beowulf's final "attle. -he characters can also
"e easily modified to reflect the modern concept of the hero.