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Rabbi Menachem Kohen
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Section I T H E PAS T: To Understand the Future
Section I I T H E PAST: To Understand The Present
2. T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " D E P R A V A T I O N , D E F I C I E N C Y,
& D R O U G H T " 18
3. T H E P R O P H E C Y O F N O O N E " 25
4. T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " O O P S " 28
5. T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " R E J U V E N A T I O N " 34
6. I N T R O D U C I N G T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " T H E O N E R E A L C L A I M " :
7. T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " T H E O N E R E A L C L A I M " 62
Section I I I T H E P RE S E NT : To Understand The Future
8. O S L O A N D C A M P D A V I D : No SURPRISES 71
9. E X T R E M I S T M U S L I M ' C O NT R I BU T I O NS ' T O T H E W O R L D :
10. C O M P L I C I T Y & D E C E I T 81
12. N O N - O R D I N A R Y M O U N T A I N S F A L L 91
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
17. SH E E P, W O L V E S, A ND L E O PA RD SPO TS 122
18. W I L L T H E R E A L KORAN PL E A SE STA ND? ! 129
20. T H E CO NFRO NT A T I O N BE G I NS 160
21. A CA NDE L A BR U M T E L L S U S T H E T I ME 166
Section IV TH E FUTURE: Plans Are Revealed
This book is dedicated in honor of an exceptional and
distinctive wife, mother, and grandmother
whose principle priorities have always been Judaism, family,
community, and Israel.
Throughout the decades, we have forged a true partner-
ship. Chana Malka has been a loving source of friendship,
guidance, inspiration, sage advice and motivation for me and
for our children. Our children and all their fine qualities -
their love for learning, their achievements, concern for oth-
ers - are all because of her. She also excels as a savta.

Indeed, you tower over all of us. (Proverbs 31:29)
With the help of the Almighty, may the family continue
to enjoy and benefit from the fruits of her labor of love for
We pray for a speedy and complete recovery for
Nechama Badya, daughter of Shainee Faigee.
Chi ef Rabbi of Rehovot, I srael

4Elul 5766 [Corresponding to 28 August 2006]
To My Dear Friend Rabbi MenachemKohen, may the Al mighty pro-
tect hi mand keep hi malive and wel l :
I have come to confer my blessings on hi mon the occasion of his
publishing a book relating to the course of worl d events - especially
those of our generation. The most important aspect of this book is that
major issues are explained through the holy sources of Written and Oral
We'd like to bring attention to that which is emphasized i n Oral
"I n all the languages that the Al mighty created, Balaampointed
out, only the nation I srael has the Al mighty's name, El, appended to its
name. [As a term, Israel actually consists of two words: Isra & EL] Alas,
the Al mi ghty di d associate I shmael wi th I srael [and I shmael has, as a
result, the Al mighty's name appended to its namewi th accompanying
power]. Therefore, as it is stated:
Woe!! Who will be able to survive what
the Almighty doles out to us in those days [of Ishmael's ascendancy]
We also find the same cry of suffering and pain expressed i n Psalms:
Woe unto me [for that which befalls me] before the Messianic Era,
1 live with
. I have lived for a long time with "haters of peace". As amplified:
You will fight with those who live in Arab countries.. .with "haters of peace"...
[Based on these sources i n Torah] the spirit of this period of Arab
power has been captured by Maimonides i n theLetter to Yemen: "There
wi l l never be a people driven by more hate than the I shmaelites, nor a
people as thoroughly wicked whose purpose is to lacerate us, to diminish
our numbers, to degrade us - and Ki ng David cried out i n mournful
pain upon prophetically seeing al l the intense suffering caused the
J ewish people by the I shmaelites: Woe unto me before the Messianic Era, I
live with Ishmaelites."
The term"Woe" is found several other times i n Scripture where it
refers to the excruciating suffering caused us by Arabs [right before the
Messianic Era].
Wi th regard to the very designation "I shmael", it is stated i n Oral
Six were named before their birth.. .among them Yishmael. The source
for this statement is found i n Genesis 16 where the Al mighty's messen-
ger says to Hagar: [When you give birth] you shall name him Yishmael.
Whereupon Oral Torah asks "Why?" [Why the designation "Yishmael"
which is a construct i n the future tense? I n truth, the chil d should have
been named Shama-El (a verb i n the past tense) - that the Al mighty
heard Hagar's prayer for relief.] The chil d wi l l be named Yishma-El,
because this designation actually means that the Al mighty wi ll hear
(in the future) the screams of J ewish prayer as a result of the intense
pain and suffering inflicted by Yishmael's descendants at that time.
Therefore, he was named Yishmael to reassure the Jews that the Al -
mighty wi ll hear their prayers [at that time] andwi ll answer them, as it
[YishmaEl] The Almighty will hear and answer them. I n other words,
precisely because of the great distress caused by Yishma-el, the Al mighty
wi ll hear [Yishma El] the prayers of the Jews and wi l l answer them.
This compelling approach is also articulated by Rabbi Menachem
Kohen i n his book; thus, his important work is to be praised.
May the Al mi ghty enable hi mto publish additional books and wi th
the Al mighty's help, may we experience the complete redemption which
is at-hand, wi th the buil ding of our Hol y and splendorous Temple -
Wi th the Cohens' blessing offered i n affection,
Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook
Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer, Chapter 30
Numbers 24:23

Chapter 120, verses 5 and 6

Literally: during my drawn-out sojourn (i.e., during the pre-Messianic era when many
Jews are found in the Diaspora).
Literally: those of the tents ofKedar - the nomadic descendants of Ishmael who are not
native to the Land
Targum Yonathan ben Uziel, ad loc.
Pirfeei D'Rebbi Eliezer, Chapter 31
Psalm 55:20
The above is a translation of the Hebrew original which can be found on page 224.
When we were youngsters i n yeshiva, our teachers did occasionally
mention the fact that everything is contained in Torah. A l l major events,
concepts, and discoveries are mentioned somewhere i n the vast Sea of
Torah, they woul d tell us. Wow! I thought. Even about flying? Yes,
they woul d answer, even about flying. Little di d we realize that our
teachers were inspiring us to learn more about this phenomenon. How
could I know then that they were in fact planting the seeds that would,
40 years later, germinate into a book about Torah prophecies. But there
is really so much information i n Torah about prophecy that I am only
about to scratch the surface.
Initially, even though I had thought many times about writing this
book, I assumed that I had several logical reasons for not writing. Then,
i n the year 2000, Israel's neighboring A rabs began intensifying their
program of murdering Jews. Israel eventually suffered a staggering
11,356 casualties during the ensuing 4V2 years. Thousands of bomb-
ings, shellings, and suicide attacks. It is not normal for any country to
tolerate such carnage. Why is the mighty Israel not defending itself
against these sub-human monsters?
One year later, Muslim terrorists struck A merica on 9/11. Then came
the wars i n A fghanistan and Iraq. Life changed drastically - including
constant threats and gruesome Muslim murders and the peculiar and
illogical responses from so many countries. The world's citizens are
being terrorized; some days we are paralyzed wi th fear. Why is this
happening to us? Why have the non-Muslim countries been respond-
ing so ineffectually and so inappropriately to Muslim terror?
A nd, to add insult to injury, the nations condemn the Jewish victims
of A rab terror. A s a matter of fact, Israel is being vilified by people and
nations - on a daily basis. It is all so painful. It is so very frightening.

For the sake of Zion and Jerusalem, I will not be still.
I could bestill no longer. People need to understand current events.
People need to know how to respond to events during this frightening
period of time, and Torah provides the instructions. I thought that by
discussing such information, I might be able to lift people's spirits, be-
cause Torah truths can help people comprehend current events and
become less anxious and less frightened. FromTorah we can see that
nothing occurs by happenstance, that there is a purpose to every event,
and that we are not floundering on a ship without a captain. More
importantly, by examining information from Torah, we see very clearly
that the Al mi ghty is very involved i n the worl d and intervenes i n a
planned fashion - as recorded i n Written and Oral Torah i n the formof
I n addition, Torah develops a comprehensive programto end the
terror that confronts us, no matter where we live. Much of this pro-
gramis recorded i n a unique and exciting arrangement - i n the form of
prophecy; the events of the day are recorded, as are the events that wi l l
surely fol l ow.
I t should be noted that I ammerely a conduit for bringing Torah
information to your attention. What you are about to marvel at is the
intrinsic beauty of Torah. I amnot about to reveal secrets. I was fortu-
nate to have been granted an opportunity to study for several years
wi th several of the greatest teachers of the 20
, h
Century and I continue
to learn everyday. Wel l , it just so happens, that after decades of learn-
ing I have learned much - and, still, there is much more that I hope to
learn. I come to you from this perspective. I hope that you, too, wi l l
continue to learn; it is the only way to realize the beauty of Torah; it is
the only way to develop pride; it is the only way we can learn how to
conduct our lives i n a meaningful manner; it is the only way we can
help our children and grandchildren continue i n the footsteps of the
greats who paved the way for us who are here today. Besides, learning
Torah each day is a very important Divine charge, one of the most i m-
portant mitzvot.
1. Isaiah 62:1
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
I n Torah study, whatever heights we've reached today is nothing i n
terms of what wewi l l yet accomplish tomorrow. What we have learned
today and all the days gone by wi l l yet be dwarfed by what we wi l l
learn on all the tomorrows. Our current knowledge and comprehen-
sion pale when compared to what is still to be understood and which
wi l l indeed be understood if we but put forth the effort. I pray that I
can also be of some assistance i n this regard.

Let us learn the source material together.
May we appreciate Torah knowledge and may we be comforted.
More importantly, may this book serve to rectify the distortions and
purposeful lies that we have been fed. Moreover, may this book stir
those who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to be mobilized
into someform of proactive and protective activity. May we all gain
the courage to say what has to be said and to do what has to be done.
I ncl uding those of I srael, may all worl d leaders act appropriately and
effectively and may the Jews of I srael be treated wi th respect.
Finally, it is my hope that this book wi l l reach many people and may
the Al mi ghty help me contribute i n some way to save lives - the lives of
the good people i n this worl d, incl uding the Jews of I srael.
2. Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 31a
Chapter 1
The entire world, including the followers of paganism and the other
religions, always knew that the Torah is Divine. But what does it mean
that the A lmighty gave us the Torah? What was revealed?
The Torah that was given to us by the A lmighty through Moses on
Mount Sinai consists of the books of B'reishit (Genesis), Sh'mot (Exodus),
Vayikra (Leviticus), Bamidbar (Numbers), and D'varim (Deuteronomy).
A lso referred to collectively as Tlie Five Books of Moses, these books were
later supplemented by the writings of various prophets that provide gen-
eral guidance as to how we should lead our lives, the values we should
be developing, and what we should expect i n the future - as individuals,
as a nation, and as members of the world community.
The Five Books of Moses contain 613 mitzvot or precepts, while the
Books of the Prophets and [their] Writings were specifically designed to
remind us of our overall responsibilities. These writings of the proph-
ets provide us wi th practical guidance through the application of prin-
ciples from The Five Books - sometimes through the narration of an
incident. Torah, as a word, means instruction for living. The Torah is
not a history book - although historical details are provided. The To-
rah is not a book of medicine - although health concepts are taught.
The Torah is not a storybook
- although stories are included. But it is
through the various stories that guidance is provided us. Torah con-
tains many stories because the A lmighty does not teach i n abstractions.
The A lmighty teaches us the principles of proper behavior through sto-
1. With minor changes, this chapter is reprinted with permission from Rabbi Nisan
Novick' s Fascinating Torah Prophecies Currently Unfolding, Judaica Press, 1997.
2. Zohar III, 152a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
ries that are rich i n content, through incidents that arevi vi d and color-
ful , and through events that wi l l be easily recalled. Because Torah is
generally not written i n abstractions, the stories serve as the vehicle to
effect comprehension of very difficult concepts and the smooth incor-
poration of legal details into our daily lives.
Even though there were thousands of prophets, only the messages
of al imited number of prophets were included i n TaNaCh,
only those specific teachings woul d be relevant for us, several thou-
sand years later.
You see, those thousands of other prophets had very
specific messages, but the messages were only pertinent for their par-
ticular generation - but not for us, today.
The Books of the Prophets and[their] Writings emphasize our responsi-
bilities that have already been addressed i n the Torah.
The prophets
counsel us to recognize our failings and character defects and then to
change our ways. The prophets also provide us wi th words of comfort
and encouragement during the period of our lengthy exile, i n the op-
pressive Diaspora.
That is why i n the Messianic period, when Jews
wi l l already be conducting their lives as is expected of Jews, there wi l l
be virtual l y no need to remind Jews of their responsibilities - as i ndi -
viduals, as a nation, and as members of the worl d community. For this
reason during the Messianic Era, when peoplewi l l be conducting their
lives on a higher level and i n atranquil worl d, the instruction fromThe
Prophets and [their] Writings wi l l no longer be of great consequence.
Then peoplewi l l no longer need to be reminded of their responsibili-
ties, nor wi l l their spirits need to be uplifted.
I t is important to note that the Prophets' messages were obviously
written i n the language of their day.
So, for instance, when trying to
bolster spirits so that Jews do not lose hope but rather develop vibrant
3. TaNaCh is an abbreviation for Torah, N'vi'im, and K'tuvim referring respectively to
The Five Books of Moses, The Prophets, and [their] Writings.
4. Babylonian Talmud, M'gilah 14b
5. It is important to note that there are virtually no innovations or new concepts in The
Books of the Prophets or [their] Writings. See Babylonian Talmud, Ta'anit 9a and M'gilah
6. Zohar, Introduction; ibid., I, 212a.
7. (Jerusalem Talmud, M'gilah 1:5).
Written & Oral Torah
lives and communities - the prophet states
. When Jews
are beingbrought to Israel like clouds, despite all the vast oppression and
violence that woul d be engulfing them- when masses of Jews migrate to
I srael through air travel - it means that the Messianic Era is fast approach-
ing. We should become optimistic when we see masses of Jews traveling
like clouds and create families and communities wi th increased vigor.
While the prophet could not use the specific termairplane (which could
not even be envisioned by people at that time nor understood until this
past century), the prophet could certainly talk about masses of Jews be-
ing transported easily and quickly to I srael from their homes i n the
Oiaspora(in the pre-Messianic Era). Presented i n this manner, the mes-
sage of transported like clouds could be understood i n a somewhat l i m-
ited fashion by the previous generations - but understood fully by ours.
As a second example, the prophet describes the J ewish nation as
being attacked by iron rods
- again, iron rods, because missiles and rock-
ets are words that were only recently created. This is why it is some-
times difficult to understand the prophecies of the Bible, because modem
concepts are often expressed i n language from the ancient past. The
language and symbolismare from days gone-bye, but the message is
eternal and is being studied now, thousands of years later. The lan-
guage may be archaic, but the message is most timely.
These additional books of the Bible were assembled by the last gen-
eration of prophets, by an assembly of 120 prophets that included such
giants as Ezra, Daniel, and Mordechai (of Purim fame). These prophets
are referred to as members of the Men of the Great Assembly,
a com-
mittee of prophets who gathered together to assemble the various wri t-
ings of the prophets and then declare TaNaCh a completed unit. Vie
Five Books of Moses, the Books of the Prophets, and [their] Writings - this
entire body of literature was written at the Al mighty's direct request.
But there is much more to Torah that was not initially recorded - an
entire body of knowledge that was not transcribed until worl d events
8. {Babylonian Talmud, B'rachotZVo)
9. Isaiah 60:8
10. Psalm 2:9 and 107:16
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
became so unbearable and oppressive for the Jews. Written Torah is only
an introduction, an overview, and a summary. A nother huge compo-
nent of Torah knowledge was transmitted orally from the days of Sinai
until environmental conditions were such that Jews were precluded from
intensive and relaxed study wi th their teachers, for the usual 30-40 year
period of time. This body of Torah information came to be written down
because the cruel nations who governed the Jews were preventing Jews
from studying Torah. Jews were constantly fleeing their murderers; oth-
ers were being forcibly uprooted and exiled. No longer could Jews study
i n a serene setting for the required period of time.
The body of Torah
knowledge had to be written downif this vast body of knowledge was to
survive. This body of Torah knowledge had to be written downif Juda-
ism was to survive. This enormous compilation of information is known
as Torah She'b'al Peh, Oral Torah - the body of knowledge that had to be
memorized for 1400 years because, dining that period, it was being trans-
mitted orally from teacher to student, uninterruptedly from the time of
the giving of the Torah at Sinai i n the year 2448 (1312 B.C.E.).
What are the characteristics of Oral Torah and what is contained
therein? A n example or two should help illustrate its nature while si-
multaneously shedding light on why Oral Torah is so vital and critical
for Judaism. Written Torah and a large part of Oral Torah are both
essentially Divinely revealed both are an indivisible unity.
There is a mitzvah recorded i n the Torah for men to don T'filin. What's
fascinating is that although Written Torah does not provide us wi th the
details of their appearance or how they are to be worn, every single
pair of T'filin is exactly the same - and so it has been since the Torah
was given to us by the A lmighty. They are only made from hides of
kosher animals and they are always cube-shaped and never any other
form. T'filin are painted black and they always contain the same four
paragraphs from the Torah. There are always two units - one that is
placed on the forearm and one behind the hairline on the head. The
hand-T'filin has one compartment while there are four compartments
for the headpiece. This is extremely fascinating because nowhere i n
Written Torah are any of these details discussed, yet every single pair
12. See Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 88b.
Written & Oral Torah
of T'filin i n the worl d - even those that archaeologists have recently
uncovered from thousands of years ago - every single pair of T'filin is
exactly the same. No one ever saw purple T'filin, never are other para-
graphs inserted, nor does anyone ever wear them on Shabbos or holi-
days or at night. How do Jews know all these details - especially i n
view of Written Torah's terseness on this issue?
When revealing the Written Torah, the A lmighty introduced a new
Hebrew word, T'filin (phylacteries). This new term had to have been
defined and explained concurrent wi th the giving of the Written Torah
some 3300 years ago. To enable us to fulfill this mitzvah properly, when
instructing us to don T'filin, the A lmighty had to define this new He-
brew word, i n addition to explaining all the pertinent details such as
their shape, color, components, rationale, and other guidelines.
Similarly, when mentioning sh'chitah, Written Torah does not pro-
vide us wi th any specific details. Is ritual slaughtering a procedure done
on a limb? How high or low on the neck? Can the action be done slowly
or wi th pausing? What renders the knife unacceptable? How deep must
the incision be? Must the vertebra, trachea, and/or esophagus be com-
Pletely severed? The A lmighty states
"You must slaughter animals as I
have commanded you." Where are all these details that " I have com-
manded you"? I n this instance, as well as wi th T'filin and every other
concept and mitzvah, the A lmighty di d provide us wi th all the necessary
details - i n Oral Torah. Every shochet slaughters an animal i n the exact
same fashion, as every other shocliet - past, present, and future. The orally-
transmitted Torah does provide us wi th all the necessary details. Writ-
ten and Oral Torah are an indivisible unity. One without the other is
meaningless. They are each individual halves of a sacred whole.
The A l mi ghty also provided us wi th this body of knowledge, the
Oral Torah. This huge and detailed body of knowledge was studied
orally unti l the Roman persecutions became so violent and oppres-
sive. Some of the more fortunate were able to flee to far-away places,
but few qualified teachers existed there. I n some areas and at some
times, public Torah study was forbidden on pain of death. I n short,
under the heavy Roman yoke, Jews were not able to devote enough
13. Deuteronomy 12:21
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
years for uninterrupted study. So to allow Jews to study indepen-
dently, the process began whereby this body of orally-transmitted
knowledge came to be transcribed - i n several stages, over a period of
several centuries.
The first stage occurred around 200 C.E. and is referred to as the age
of the Tana'im. It includes such works as the Mishnah, Tosefta, M'chilta,
Sifra, Sifri, Zohar, and Midrash. Each of these works were recorded in-
dependently by different rabbis and much of the information is similar.
The second and third stages spanned several hundred years, ending
around 700 C.E., and is known as the period of the Amora'im and
Sabora'im. I n the main, the works from those two latter stages include
the details that emanated from Sinai but that were not included i n the
earlier transcriptions of the Tana'im}
These works include the G'mora
which was transcribed i n Israel, as well as the G'mora that was tran-
scribed independently i n Babylonia. Completed during these three
stages, the recordings of Mishnah and G'mora are called Talmud. Talmud
plus all the other transcriptions are referred to as Torah She'b'al Peh - the
orally-transmitted, colossal body of knowledge that accompanied the
Written Torah when it was revealed to us at Sinai. Oral Torah is the sea
of knowledge that contains definitions of terms and specifics of all that
is alluded to i n Written Torah.
It is important to note that, generally speaking, when a specific teacher
is credited wi th a statement or a principle of law - this does not mean
that the particular statement originated wi th that rabbi. Rather, during
the period of time when the Oral Torah was being transcribed, this par-
ticular rabbi was alive and was publicizing a concept that had been
taught to hi m by his teacher who was, i n turn, taught by an earlier gen-
eration of teachers (going back to Sinai). To reiterate, the quoted teacher
di d not discover a new idea; he was merely reporting Torah explana-
tions that were transmitted to us at Sinai by the A lmighty. This prin-
ciple becomes all the more obvious when we compare various
transcriptions from this period: one rabbi may be quoted i n one source
while another sourcewi l l quote the same concept i n another rabbi's
name, and a third source quotes a third teacher - where all three rabbis
14. Babylonian Talmud, Avot D'Rebbi Natan 7:1. See also Maimonides' Introduction to
Mishneh Torah for a fuller treatment.
Written & Oral Torah
are concurrently teaching exactly the same concept, all i n different lo-
cations of the worl d and all independent of each other. For example,
the earlier referenced principle that TaNaCh includes only the writings
of prophets that have relevancy for our day and that the teachings are
not restricted to the generation of that prophet - this principle can be
found i n Babylonian Talmud, M'gilah 14a and B'rachot 34b, as well as i n
Midrash Shir HaShirim Rabbah 4:22 and i n P'sikta that was transcribed by
Rav Kahana (Chapter 13). This principle is also implied i n Babylonian
Talmud, N'darim 22b. Many teachings were recorded i n several differ-
ent works - sometimes the same statement being ascribed to different
teachers and sometimes, i n the name of the same teacher.
One more example deals wi th the Sh'ma, a declaration of our com-
mitment to J udaism and of the depth of our bond to the A lmighty.
Written Torah states that Sh'ma is to be recited upon awakening each
morning. Morning is defined as the first 3 hours of the day and this
principle is stated i n Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 3b and 9b; Jerusalem
Talmud, B'rachot 1:1; M'chilta, Bo 13; and Bamidbar Rabbah 15.
Unfortunately, not everything was written down, but a very large
amount was indeed transcribed and, as a result, has survived for pos-
terity. Some details did escape this super human undertaking and, even
to this day, people have to struggle to "fi l l i n the missing blanks".
Judaism survived because, as a result of these transcriptions, genera-
tions of Jews woul d have notes to study from; now Jews could easily
review individually what they were taught earlier by their teachers.
But even so, the Talmud still required so much intensive study that it
had remained essentially a "closed book" for all those Jews who never
benefited from a formal Talmud teacher. Fortunately, i n the last few
years, several fine English translations are making Talmud study pos-
sible for those who di d not spend their early adult years i n intensive
study and for those who are non-Hebrew speaking or for those who do
not have a command of A ramaic - the languages of Oral Torah. But
even i n its transcribed form - no matter the language - the study of
Written and Oral Torah requires extensive determination and effort
under the guidance of an exceptionally gifted teacher.
15. Jerusalem Talmud, Peah 6:2
Chapter 2
T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " D E P R A V A T I O N ,
D E F I C I E N C Y & D R O U G H T "
When it comes to the issue of identifying miracles, most of us tend to
limit our search to events that occurred during Biblical times and we,
thus, overlook the unique nature of contemporary events and their re-
lationship to prophecy. Despite this tendency, what do you think is the
most powerful miracle to have occurred i n the last 2300 years, the post-
Biblical era?
I n order to answer the question properly, we need to first define
certain parameters, including whether to restrict the labeling of a miracle
to that which occurs but once. I n other words, can a really stupendous
event occur more than once? I f it was recognized as a miracle when it
occurred for the first time, then it certainly should still be classified a
miracle after its second appearance. A nd if the event was judged a
miracle when it manifested itself for the second time, can that same
stupendous event occur a third time and still be considered a miracle?
A nd even after it occurred three times, can a super, stupendous event
occur several more times and still be classified a miracle?
I n addition to such a miracle's essential uniqueness, the reoccur-
ring aspect itself is most remarkable. A s a pattern, its repetitive as-
pect is a phenomenon unto itself. Isn't it true that it is way beyond the
realm of probability for a miracle to occur again and again? Shouldn't
this recurring pattern also be considered an awesome phenomenon,
despite our having grown accustomed to its repetitive nature and thus
having become somewhat desensitized to its supernatural aspects? Is
its supernatural character weakened any, just because this miracle oc-
curs many times? Besides the exceptionality of a single miracle and
The Prophecy of "Depravation, Deficiency & Drought
besides the exceptionality of its occurring many times, is it not appro-
priate to state that when a miracle occurs so frequently, its repetitive-
ness is, i n and of itself, an additional miracle? Even its repetitive pattern
is so extraordinary that this repetitive quality should be regarded as
an additional miracle - a miracle wi thi n a miracle. Can we agree on
Another point: what i f the same miraculous event occurs nearly ev-
eryday for hundreds of years? Regarding its nearly predictable con-
stancy, woul d you not consider this unusual aspect to be beyond the
level of probability? Woul dn't this also be considered an unusual
And now, one more question about a miracle's reoccurring pattern:
I f such an unusual occurrence is also recorded as aBible prophecy,
woul dn't this make for a source of even greater marvel? Witnessing
the fulfillment of a prophecy is amystifying wonder and awesomely
inspiring. A reoccurring miracle that is also a prophecy - woul dn't you
agree that this combination is just outright breathtaking and earth-shat-
By this time, no doubt you are asking yourself: What miracle could
have occurred so many times during the post-Biblical era, where that
same reoccurring miracle is also a recorded Bible prophecy?
Wel l , here it is! The Al mi ghty stated, more than 3300 years ago, that
there woul d eventually be two exiles from the Land.
The reference to
the first exile (at the hands of Babylonia) states:
... ...

I will make your cities a waste...I will bring the land into
desolation...Then !will remember My covenant with Jacob, andalso
1. Oral Torah states that the first exile is described in Leviticus, Chapter 26 and the
second in Deuteronomy, Chapter 28. Babylon brought about the first exile and the
Romans were the cause of the second in the year 70 C. E . ('C.E. is the preferred
Jewish manner of counting years [instead of ' A.D.] and ' B. C. E. ' [instead of ' B.C.' ]
and they represent Common Era and Before the Common Era, respectively.)
2. Leviticus 26:31-32, 42
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
My covenant with Isaac, and also My covenant with Abraham will I
remember and I will remember the Land [i.e., and return you to
the Land].
Wi th reference to the second exile (at the hands of Rome), the Al -
mighty states:
... ...

You will take abundant seed to the field but you will harvest little...
You shall be plucked from off the ground...and the Almighty shall
scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth even unto
the other end of the earth...
... ...
Stop your crying...because your children shall return to their bor-
Not only are both the exiles recorded as prophecies, but so are many
events surrounding these prophecies. Just look at the fol l owing proph-
ecies that are combined into a package of just a few sentences; the entire
package of events is so highl y unusual:
Prophecy #1) That the I sraelites woul d be banished is a pow-
erful prophecy, because, 3300 years ago when the Torah was given,
banishment was an unknown political or mil itary strategy. No person,
at that time, could have even imagined such an occurrence.
Prophecy #2) That the I sraelites woul d survi ve the first
banishment is a miracle, because, as woul d eventually be noted i n the
annals of worl d history, no nation woul d ever preserve their identity
during an extremely long period of banishment. I t is a miracle that the
I sraelites woul d survive the Babylonian banishment, because just several
years before this exile, the I sraelites from the northern region were
deported and quickly assimilated and lost their religious and national
identity and disappeared - as a result of the Assyrian conquest. Besides
these miraculous events, no person could possibly have pronounced
such a prophecy - let alone have entertained such an idea.
3. Deuteronomy 28:38, 63-64; Jeremiah 31:15-16
The Prophecy of "Depravation, Deficiency & Drought"
Prophecy #3) That the I srael ites woul d return from the
Babylonian exile is also ahighl y unusual occurrence, as we shall soon
Prophecy #4) The J ews woul d suffer a very lengthy second
banishment (at the hands of Rome) that woul d transplant the Jews to
all the countries of the worl d.
Prophecy #5) The Jews woul d survive this most protracted dis-
persion (at the hands of Rome) - on both the physical and spiritual
Prophecy #6) The Jews woul d return from this exile, too, after
an absence of nearly two millennia.
These are very powerful prophecies. Where di d i t ever occur that a
people woul d be exiled twice from their land (Prophecy #1 and Proph-
ecy #4)? Where i n history di d it ever occur that a people woul d not
only survive both exiles (Prophecy #2 and Prophecy #5), but also that
this people woul d eventually return to their homeland from both exiles
(Prophecy #3 and Prophecy #6)? Each of these six events is unheard of
i n the annals of worl d history. I ndeed, what a beautiful package of six
magnificent prophecies!
We're not finished; there's the reoccurring miracle. The Al mi ghty
said that there woul d eventually be two exiles from the Land and, dur-
ing both these periods, when most of the J ews woul d be deported, the
Land woul d lay desolatewi th no prospect for adequate amounts of
rain. As a matter of fact, during these periods, the sky and ground are
metaphorically described as being insulated by sheets of metal.
. ...
Your heavens over your head will be copper and the land beneath
you will be iron. The Almighty will make the rain of your land dust
and dirt...You will take abundant seed out to the field, but you will
harvest little.. .All your trees and fruits will be for the locust.
4. Deuteronomy 28:22-24, 38, 42; similarly, Leviticus 26:19-20
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
There is virtual l y no rain falling from the sky and no chance for plant
life to penetrate the earth's 'insulation'. Onl y dust and dirt fall to the
I ndeed, these are very heavy prophecies: two exiles, two survivals,
two returns, and here we read that they di d not have rain nor agricul-
tural life during both exile periods. And so it was.
We know that i n some areas of the worl d famines do occasionally
occur because of scarce amounts of rainfall. Unfortunately, it does hap-
pen - but, for the most part, they are short-lived because countries of
the worl d are provided ample water to sustain life. This condition has
been true for every country except one. I srael is that exception. I t is a
country that was once exceedingly fertile and subsequently was de-
prived of rain for the better part of 1800 years - beginning from 70 C.E.
and continuing until the beginning of the 20
Century, for nearly every
single one of these 660,000 days. Virtual l y no rain and no food for 1800
years - this is atotally unexplainable and totally incredible phenom-
enon. Not to have adequaterainfall for nearly two millennia is beyond
the realmof statistical probability i n any region of the worl d - but espe-
dai l y where the rains once produced such fertility that the Land was
repeatedly described as "fl owing wi th mi l k and honey".
I n earlier days,
this fertile land sported forests and bountiful crops. Even animals were
similarly affected.
The land was simply beautiful i n all respects. For
such afertile land to be suddenly deprived of water and then for such a
fertile land to be transformed into a desert to actually evolve from
fertility to barrenness so quickly and so dramatically seems preposter-
ous. Additional l y, this unusual transformation to a wasteland persisted
continuously for 660,000 days, something totally unparalleled i n the
annals of worl d history. Yet, this supernatural series of miraculous
events di d occur and there was virtual l y no rain (and, through the years,
tens of thousands of Jews died of malnutrition, famine, and disease).
I ndeed, the beautiful was transformed into the unsightly and dreadful.
And throughout history, people have discussed these unusual phenom-
ena pertaining to the Jews and their land.
5. Numbers 14:8, as one of 20 such references in the Bible.
6. Babylonian Talmud, K'tuvot 111b; Josephus also provides an eyewitness account in
History of the Jewish Wars, Book I I I , Chapter 3.
The Prophecy of "Depravation, Deficiency & Drought"
I n a once fertile l and
* a prol onged drought is unusual,
* an 1800-year drought is unheard of, and
* a prophecy of such a situation is totally mind-boggling.
Examined individual l y, each of these seven prophecies is stupen-
dous; the combination of each of thesepowerful prophecies is a pack-
age of such extreme proportions that they could only have been penned
by awriter who controls nations, weather conditions, and agricultural
life. When it comes to predicting the future, no credible writer can ever
afford the risk of making an error - especially when the prophecies are
so widel y publicized i n as popular a book as the Bible. One error, no
matter how minor, and the writer loses credibility forever. Who could
record prophecies i n awidel y disseminated book and not be concerned
whether the prophecies woul d be fulfilled? Who could afford to publ i-
cize i n wri ti ng that which can never be amended or retracted? Who
else could record clear-cut prophecies that invite scrutiny, prophecies
that can be easily judged for accuracy and reliability and credibility?
Onl y the Worl d's Creator could assuredly commit so many prophecies
to wri ti ng - wi th specificity and wi th conviction.
But we'restill not finished - not by a long shot. Torah says:
You will he a source of astonishment, a parable, and a conversation
piece amongst all people...
The worl d wi l l continually talk about the Jews and these unusual
phenomena. The desolation and devastation wi l l be so extensive and
so fierce and so continuous that the entire worl d wi l l take note of this
amazing phenomena. The 'wandering J ew', the ferociousness of the
Hol y Land's devastation - these have been topics of conversation for
nearly two millennia.
7. Deuteronomy 28:37
8. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon would become the cornerstone of Christianity's
Replacement Theology. In the next chapter we will take note of observations from
historical personalities. See footnote #6 in the next chapter.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Who could foresee such events and who could write such a proph-
ecy? A s mentioned, such a mighty prophecy could only have been
penned by a writer who, indeed, controls nations, weather conditions,
and agricultural life. Desert climate for six hundred sixty thousand
days i n what was once a fruitful land - these conditions are beyond the
level of probability at a confidence level of 100%. For a miracle of a
drought to manifest itself daily for the better part of 1800 years - only
the A lmighty could have seen these events. Only the A lmighty could
have recorded these events as prophecies. I n fact, only the A lmighty
di d both.
Chapter 3
T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " N O O N E "
As just noted, Torah describes what wi l l happen to the Land and its
people during the period when most of the Jews are exiled fromit (after
the Roman holocaust):


Your heavens over your head will be copper and the land beneath you
will be iron. The Almighty will make the rain of your Land dust and
dirt... You will be struck down by your enemies... You will be a
source of astonishment, a parable, and a conversation piece amongst
all people wherever the Almighty will lead you. You will take abun-
dant seed out to the field, but you will harvest little... All your trees
and fruits will be for the locust. They [i.e., these phenomena and
the fulfillment of these prophecies] will serve as a clear sign for
you and for your descendants for all times [that the Al mighty defi-
nitely exists and controls worl d events].
I n this prophecy which describes events during the second exile from
I srael, we are tol d that the Land wi l l lie fallow and wi l l not be able to
sustain and support its people. And the devastation wi l l be so perva-
sive, the Al mi ghty informs us, that only a handful of Jewswi l l be able
to residei n the Land - and they wi l l barely survive. No peoplewi l l be
ableto l ive there easily and naturally.
Those Jews who di d manage,
against all odds, to endure thesehorrific conditions - these Jews could
just barely subsist, and that was only because they were financially sup-
ported by their co-religionists (from other parts of the worl d). Besides
the Jews who barely survived, thousands upon thousands woul d even-
1. Deuteronomy 28:22-46 (excerpts)
2. This characteristic is discussed in the next chapter.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
tually die through the years as a direct result of these horrific, environ-
mental conditions.
Torah says that the desolation wi l l be so extensive and so intensive
that the entire worl d wi l l take note of this amazing phenomenon, as
has happened throughout history. Indeed, the entire worl d has always
been horrified by the Jewish experiences.
The devastation was noted by everyone (throughout history). I n
1267, upon arriving i n the Land, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman writes:
What shall I tell you about the Land? Tliere are so many abandoned places
and the desolation is all encompassing. The more sacred the site, the more it
has suffered. Jerusalem is the most desolate. Judea more than the Galilee.
I n 1229, while voluntarily giving away the city of Jerusalem to the
Roman Emperor, Sultan al-Kamil declares:
J have ceded nothing but... wrecked buildings.*
A s late as the 1860s, Mark Twain had this to say about what he ob-
served, when he visited the Land:
The soil is rich enough but is given wholly to weeds. A desolation is here
that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action...We
never saw a human being on the whole route. We pressed on toward Jerusa-
lem. The further we went, the hotter the sun got and the more rocky and bare,
repulsive and dreary the landscape became... There was hardly a tree or shrub
anywhere. Even the olive [tree] and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless
soil, had almost deserted the country...Jerusalem is...lifeless. I would not de-
sire to live there. It is a hopeless, dreary, heartbroken land...Palestine sits in
sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse that has withered its
fields and fettered its energies...Palestine is desolate and unlovely. Can the
curse of the Deity beautify a land? Palestine is no more of this workday world.
I n fact, visitors to the Holy Land were always shocked by the extent
of its extreme devastation and by its sparse population who were re-
duced to a state of abject poverty. The descriptions of the visitors re-
3. The Writings of Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, Letter #7, Chavel Edition.
4. Encyclopedia Britannica, 7th edition; also, A History of the Ayyubid Sultans of Egypt
Translated From the Arabic ofal-Maqrizi by R.J.C. Broadhurst (Twayne, 1980), p. 26.
5. The Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrim's Progress, Harper & Row, NY, 1922, p. 216.
The Prophecy of "No One"
fleet the Al mighty's descriptions as recorded i n the Biblical prophecies
that we just examined. Tourists have always noted thesehorrific con-
ditions. Whoever was aware of this state of affairs discussed the dread-
ful condition of the Land and took note of its indigenous people who
suffered beyond words.
As a matter of fact, this extreme state of pervasive devastation woul d
eventually become the cornerstone of the doctrines of the Catholic
Church and, i n time, woul d be discussed often. However, as the Al -
mighty declares i n the Bible and as Oral Torah emphasizes, even though
Jews are banished from the Hol y Land, they are never a rejected people.
Despite all this [these catastrophes that wi l l befall the J ewish
people], 7 do not reject them, nor do I hate them, nor will I destroy
them, nor will I break My covenant with them.
This is, indeed, an unusual prophecy that describes the extent of the
devastation i n one word: horrific. The Jews are a topic of conversation
because of their condition and the condition of the Hol y Land. But this
is only half the story and only part of a larger package of prophecies -
all of which create a sensational and unparalleled wonder, a colossal
miracle which 'wi l l bl ow your mind'!
6. Leviticus, 26:38,44. and emphasized in the Babylonian Talmud, M'gilah 11a. Despite
these horrific conditions that were prerecorded in the Bible, the Almighty never
stated that the Jews were an accursed or rejected people - this is the Church' s teach-
ing which has no basis whatsoever in Torah. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is
true. As is conveyed in this quote, the Almighty states that despite these horrific
conditions, the Jews will retain their original status as the People of the Covenant -
just that during their banishment, they would be dispersed and live outside their
homeland for a long period of time.
Chapter 4
T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " O O P S
The prophecies that were just discussed are really remarkable, but
there was a concomitant condition which was even more dramatic. More
remarkable was the failure of non-J ews to settle i n the Land and de-
velop it during the period of J ewish exile. Throughout this period, many
people attempted to settle the Land, but no one was able to survive the
land's brutal harshness - not the Romans, not the Crusaders, not the
Muslims, not the Mongols, not any people!
During the period when Jews l ived i n the Land (and before they
were banished), many non-J ews put down their roots there. The non-
J ewish population was large. During the time that so many Jews were
exiled from the Land, the non-J ewish communities also disappeared.
Once the Jews were no longer present i n large numbers - at that point,
it appears that no gentiles were able to exist there either. This seems to
suggest that only when there is a large J ewish presence i n the Hol y
Land can non-J ews thrive there. So, it appears, these non-J ewish settle-
ments existed only as an adjunct to the indigenous and large J ewish
population. When Jews are i n exile and when there is no large-scale
J ewish presence i n the Land, at that point, the Land becomes desolate.
To ensure that such an abandoned and desolate condition woul d pre-
vail , apparently no one - not even non-J ews - woul d be able to colo-
nize, survive, and cultivate the Land. So, the Land becomes desolate
and remains that way during the period of time when a large part of the
J ewish people are i n exile.
However, there was a surprising development i n the mid-16
, h
tury: Turks began emigrating to the Hol y Land, and after fifty years of
Ottoman rule, the Turkish population i n the Land had quickly surged to
300,000. Thousands more were preparing to immigrate and resettle the
area. The population was increasing wi th such speed that it appeared
that athriving colony woul d soon be established - but this time, wi th a
massive non-J ewish majority. But the Al mighty di d state that the Land
woul d remain desolate whil e the Jews were i n exile. The Al mighty di d
The Prophecy of "Oops
further state that no one - not even a non-J ewish entity woul d be able to
survive i n the Land during the period of the J ewish exile.

I will make the Land so desolate and your enemies who dwell upon it will
be totally unproductive [i.e.

all people - not only your friendly neigh-

bors, but even your enemies wi l l not be able to survive there].
Wi th so many Jews i n the Diaspora, Torah's prophecy is that no one
wi l l be able to survive i n the Hol y Land and now, i n the middle of the
Century, we see Turks buil ding up the Land. They seemto be sur-
vi vi ng and thriving. What acontradiction! Oh, no! A Torah prophecy
is being challenged!! The credibility and Divine origin of Torah are
also being brought into question.
Essentially, every single statement i n the Bible must be truthful, and
wi th the insertion of even one error or untruth, no matter how minor -
wel l , then, 'there goes everything'. Not only the axiomof Divine infal-
I ibil ity but also the very existence of the Al mi ghty comes into question.
You see, stating that the Al mi ghty exists, means that:
* The Al mighty is able to anticipate the future.
* The Al mi ghty records prophecy correctly.
* Every single one of the Al mighty's prophecies is fulfilled pre-
cisely - without errors and without even the slightest deviation.
* The Al mighty is omniscient and infallible.
I n the formal language of philosophy and classical logic:
* I f a statement is proven false, then its writer is fallible.
* The Al mi ghty is infallible & al l -knowing and, by definition, can
not misperceive the future.
* I f even one Torah prophecy is proven false then Torah is not
Divinel y revealed.
* I f a prophecy is proven false, by extension, the Al mi ghty who is
omniscient could not have penned the prophecy.
1. Leviticus 26:32
2. Under these theoretical conditions, by extension, the Creator's existence could be
called into question.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Here, i n the Bible, the A lmighty declares that the Land would remain
desolate and now we see the Turks beginning to revive the Land. Three
hundred thousand Turks and more on the way! The Turks were begin-
ning to rebuild the Land despite a prophecy that describes wholesale
devastation and abandonment during the exile period. Turkish efforts
to revitalize the Land were certainly a major challenge to the veracity of
Torah. So what is the truthful response to this seemingly irrefutable
challenge to Torah and its Divine origin?
But, guess what? We don't have to search very far for the answer.
Since the A lmighty did state that the Land woul d remain desolate dur-
ing the exile period, then that condition wi l l be maintained. So, the
A lmighty sent a devastating plague of locusts to Israel that destroyed
all existing agricultural life and brought widespread famine in its wake.
I n fact, the plague of locusts was so enormous that witnesses describe a
sudden and frightening transformation of day into night because the
trillions of flying insects had prevented the sunlight from reaching the
ground. The A lmighty also brought earthquakes, invading armies, and
epidemics that killed thousands. Turkish reconstruction efforts were
abruptly halted through this series of 'natural' disasters that totally deci-
mated the Land. The survivors fled back to Turkey and now, denuded
of people, the Land returned to its former condition of total desolation
and waste - the condition that had previously prevailed for nearly 1500
years and that woul d continue unabatedly for another 350 years. The
bottom line is that no human effort can prevail against 'nature', as for-
mulated by the A lmighty. The Land returned to a condition of wretch-
edness and despair - as the A lmighty had earlier pronounced. I n short,
the Turks quickly hightailed it back to Turkey and the prophecy stands
During the absence of most of the Jews, the land woul d remain deso-
late, mournfully awaiting the return of the remainder of its indigenous
residents. So, the A lmighty predicts that during the exile when rela-
tively few Jews remain i n the Holy Land, no one else woul d be allowed
to settle the Land.
3. This, too, is a prophecy that was prerecorded in Joel 1:1-4 and Deuteronomy 28:38
and elsewhere.
Vie Prophecy of "Oops"

I will make the Land so desolate and your enemies who dwell upon it
will be totally unproductive [i.e., al l people - not onl y your
friendly neighbors, but even your enemies wi l l not be able to
survive there].
The Al mi ghty states that no onewi l l be able to settle the Land dur-
ing the exile period.
I f you think this information is fascinating, wel l , "you ain't seen
nothin' yet!" Were i t not for these 'acts of nature' i n the 16
can you imagine what I srael woul d have looked like 400 years later, i n
1947? One should note that if the Turks had not run away from the
Hol y Land i n the mid-16
Century, there woul d have been millions of
Turks l i vi ng i n the Land by 1947. Under these conditions, could the
returning Jews(in 1947) have been allowed to supplant a resident popu-
lation that woul d have numbered i n the millions by that time? Under
these conditions, could any worl d body, i n good conscience, have de-
manded that the (theoretical) millions of Turks (in 1947) abandon their
businesses and homes, just like that, and return to a Turkey that they
didn't even know, only being tol d that they had ancestors who di d mi -
grate from that country four centuries earlier?! The League of Nations
and the United Nations woul d never have proposed a homeland for
the Jews i n Palestine - not as long as millions of Turks werel iving there.
Jews were only able to reclaimthe Land i n 1947 because no indigenous
people werel iving there at the time - except for J ews.
I n fact, except
for Jews, there were very, very few families who had been l i vi ng i n the
Land uninterruptedly for even two generations.
This is pretty logical, and, more importantly, this condition of deso-
lation produced a tremendous benefit. Precisely because the Land could
not provide for those who l ived on it - so the Land remained denuded
of all foreigners. Oral Torah says that the extensive devastation wi l l
have one positive effect - as indicated by way of prophecy:
4. Leviticus 26:32
5. There were some 600,000 Arabs in the Land west of the Jordan River, but they were
all recent emigres; there were very few, indeed, who were native-born. This issue
will be discussed in a subsequent chapter.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
. .
"I will make the Land so desolate..."
The rampant desolation is ultimately for your is stated,
"Your enemies who dwell upon it will be totally unproductive". Tins
means that even your enemies who arrive afterwards will find no
comfort there [because this forbidding condition wi l l prevent
even your enemies from comfortably settling there].
I ndeed, this abnormally persistent drought had an aspect that ul ti -
mately benefited Jews. The condition of a prolonged drought and the
concomitant forbidding conditions prevented non-J ewish people from
settling there permanently. The prolonged drought woul d make the
J ewish return to the Land easier. No one elsewoul d want to settle the
Land. I n this way, the region's forbidding condition wi l l , for 1800 dry
years, earmark the land for the Jews and safeguard it for them. Oral
Torah states that when the Jews return to the Hol y Land, they wi l l sup-
plant no one. Now, when the Jews return to the Land, the transition
can occur. The UN could not have created a homeland for Jews if there
woul d have been an indigenous non-J ewish peoplel iving there i n 1947.
I sn't this pretty amazing stuff?! Now, wi th this added dimension,
we have such complete and beautiful multi-faceted prophecies. These
prophecies certainly demonstrate that the Al mighty exists and is very
invol ved i n managing events, nature, weather, people, and nations.
These prophecies prove that only the Creator could have written the
Torah. No human could have ever envisioned these unprecedented
events. These are very powerful prophecies indeed. A mind-boggling
set of prophecies predicted and fulfilled. This is why the Bible states:
The Almighty's Torah is perfect...It contains reliable evidence [to
prove the existence] of the Almighty.
You can't help but see an emerging pattern. Certainly, nothing occurs
by accident; here we see how the Omniscient One has told us what to
6. Sifra, B'chukotai 6:5
7. Psalm 19:8
The Prophecy of "Oops"
expect - and, of course, the prophecies materialized. Al l of these events
were preordained. No one can say that these events only occur 'for no
explainable reason'. Such athing can only be said when we don't study
history, when we don't study Torah, and when we don't seek the con-
nection between current events and Torah, or the connection between
history and prophecy. Events occur because the Al mighty has a plan; the
events are part of the Divine master plan that can be identified - if we
study Torah regularly wi th enthusiasmand commitment.
But as we have seen, and as we shall continue to see, our under-
standing of the Bible is enhanced greatly wi th secular knowledge - wi th
the knowledge of history, science, astronomy, archeology, mathemat-
ics, and all the other disciplines. Thus, i n a very direct and clear man-
ner, Torah seems to actually bid us to study history and current events.

One must ponder history and comprehend current events and ask
parents and elders to share their knowledge and insights in this re-
Additional l y, we enhance our understanding of Torah wi th secular
knowledge - a fact that wi l l become ever so obvious as we proceed
through this book.
I ndeed, the evidence is overwhelming. We noted the prophecy that
the Land wi l l be so desolate that all people wi l l not be able to survive
there. We noted that the condition of rampant desolation woul d ul ti -
mately benefit the returning Jews, because the forbidding conditions
wi l l prevent others from settling there. After reviewing this informa-
tion, an intellectually honest person must conclude that
* The worl d definitely has a Creator.
* The Creator has provided us wi th Torah and wi th prophecies.
* The Creator intervenes.
* The Creator controls history, weather, agriculturelife.
* The Creator controls everything.
8. Deuteronomy 32:7. This concept is the subject of several essays by Reb Elchanan
Wasserman and are included in an anthology of his writings and lectures, pip.
Of particular interest is the essay entitled .
Chapter 5
T H E P R O P H E C Y O F " R E J U V E N A T I O N "
Certainly, the Land's bountifulness was magnificent for the first 1500
years after the Exodus from Egypt. Certainly, the subsequent 1800 year-
long miracle of deficiency and deprivation was impressive i n its own
right (besides the 'unexpectedness' of its appearance and the absence
of scientific explanation to account for this phenomenon). Yet, several
other miracles were appended and these miracles were most remark-
able due, also, to their sudden and rationally inexplicable appearance.
A fter 1800 years of drought and wi th no apparent scientific explana-
tion, the hills began blossoming at the turn of the 20
Century. You
must pay attention to what follows: For more than 1500 years the Holy
Land blossomed and then for the next 1800 years it didn't rain for the
Jews of Palestine. It didn't rain for the Romans. I t didn't rain for the
Mongols. It didn't rain for the Crusaders. It didn't rain for the Turks. It
didn't rain for anybody for 1800 years. A nd then, for no apparent rea-
son, at the turn of the 20
Century, for the first time i n nearly two mi l -
lennia, the Holy Land suddenly began to experience normal amounts
of rainfall, amounts necessary to sustain all life. A lso, wi th no apparent
scientific explanation, earthquakes stopped killing people. Can any-
one really believe that these events were simply acts of happenstance?
I f this sudden resumption of rain wasn't remarkable enough, an-
other monumental event occurred. A fter a very prolonged absence of
1800 years - and again, wi th no reasonable explanation - the Jews sud-
denly begin resettling the Holy Land i n the early 1900s. Millions would
return to the Holy Land i n the 20
Century. So now, i n the beginning of
the 20
Century, wi th no logical explanation:
* Suddenly and coincidentally, 1800 years of horrible drought end.
* Suddenly and coincidentally, the rains begin.
* Suddenly and coincidentally, the reoccurring destructive earth-
quakes stop killing people.
The Prophecy of "Rejuvenation"
* Suddenl y and coincidentally, the 'randoml y' appearing locust
plagues also disappear.
* Suddenly and coincidentally, the Land begins to blossom.
* Suddenly and coincidentally, Jews return to the Land i n the thou-
sands, and wi thout a cohesive and rational explanation, millions
of Jews wi l l follow.
Do all these events really crop up so suddenly, coincidentally, and
without scientific explanation? These events appear to occur without
rhyme or reason only i f one doesn't study Torah and is, thus, oblivious
to prophecy. A person who is oblivious to Torah woul d never be able
to note how these unusual series of events are foretold i n the greatest of
detail. Such a person woul d never be able to note how these unusual
series of events combine into one magnificent and Divinely orchestrated
pattern. On the other hand, the one who studies wi l l note how Torah
even describes the societal conditions under which these miracles un-
fol d.
We are tol d by the Al mighty:
... J n

Behold, the days are coming, says the Almighty,... the mountains
will drip the nectar of fruits... I will bring back the captives of
My people Israel and they will rebuild desolate cities and settle
them; they will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will culti-
vate gardens and eat their fruits. I will plant them upon their land
and they will never again be uprooted from their land that I have
given them}
And so it happened that for 660,000 days there was virtual l y no rain-
fall and for 660,000 days there were many, many resultant deaths. Then,
as the Bible describes, i n anticipation of the many, many returning Jews,
the Land suddenly begins to blossomonce again.
1. Amos 9:13-15
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Similarly, the Al mighty announces:

. .
. ...
But, you, the mountains of Israel - you will give forth blossoming
branches and produce your luscious fruit for My people Israel, for
they are soon to arrive... The land will be tilled and sown. I will
make the people numerous - the entire House of Israel. The cities will
be inhabited and the ruins will be rebuilt... I will make it better
than it ever was... They will inherit the Land which will be theirs for
a possession and the Land will never again be bereaved of them.
Precisely, because Jews are about to return, the Land wi l l blossom
once again - and, this time, better than ever! The Al mi ghty declares that
the exile is about to conclude when the hills begin to blossom again,
when trees begin to bear fruit again - all i n accordancewi th the procla-
mation, " I wi l l make it better than it ever was". I ndeed, conditions
today are better than ever. Who is not aware of modern I sraeli innova-
tive advancements i n the field of agriculture, for example?
So, the Al mi ghty provides us wi th two more, great prophecies about
the Hol y Land:
* Therewi l l be no rain falling during the prolonged absence of most
2. Selected from Ezekiel 36:8-12
3. As an aside, consider a few non-agricultural creations: the cell phone technology,
most of the Windows NT and XP operating systems, the Pentium MMX Chi p tech-
nology, the Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor, voice mail tech-
nology, and the technology for the A O L Instant Messenger I CQ. On a per-capita
basis, Israel leads the world in the number of published books & scientific papers,
startup companies, NAS DAQ listed companies, museums, and college degrees. Is-
rael also has the highest concentration of hi-tech companies and one of the highest
rates of filed patents. Recent developments also include: the first ingestible video
camera (so small it fits inside a pill), a device that helps the heart pump blood (through
a sophisticated system of sensors), the first fully computerized, no-radiation instru-
mentation for detecting breast cancer, the ClearLight device that causes acne bacte-
ria to self-destruct (without damaging surrounding skin or tissue), and a large-scale
solar-powered electricity generating plant in California. Israel's $100 billion economy
is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined and Israel's living standards
already exceed that of England.
The Prophecy of "Rejuvenation"
of its Jews.
* The rains wi l l suddenly resume for the sake of the masses of Jews
who are about to return.
I t is mind-boggling: no rain for 1800 years, and then, just as incred-
ible, rains begin to suddenly fall simply because Jews are once again
returning to I srael. No rain and, then, the sudden resumption of rain -
both happening as predicted. This is beyond the realmof coincidence:
1800 years of drought, i n and of itself, is an unbelievable miracle and a
very mighty prophecy - especially i n a region which produced such
bounty during its first 1500 years. This most prolonged drought ends
'unexpectedly' - again, as predicted - when Jews begin returning to the
Land i n great numbers. This is a double prophecy whose supernatural
qualities can never be captured by our l imited language.
The development is neither logical nor statistically probable:
* a once fertile land that suffers drought
* 1800 years of starvation and desert conditions
* then the surprising resumption of rain
* then the sudden greening of the Land
* just as suddenly, the ultimate return of millions of Jews.
Oral Torah continues by emphasizing

[I f you want to know when the exile is about to conclude and
when the Messianic era is about to be launched] there is no more
obvious an indicator than the rebirth of Israel's nature - flowers,
trees bearing fruit, and vistas of green hills! Even mountains will
blossom with fruit-bearing trees.
When the exile terminates, a new period of J ewish history begins.
4. That's why I seem to be repeating myself. These phenomena cannot be adequately
described in words. I thought that if I couldn't capture its uniqueness through the
quality of words, I would resort to the quantitative aspects of language and run the
risk of being redundant.
5. Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 98a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Prophecies begin unfolding, as Oral Torah also indicates:

The Messianic era is launched when prophecies begin unfolding.
Through the ages, there were thousands of prophets, but only 24 of
themmerited to have their revelations incorporated wi thi n the Bible.
The thousands were, indeed, prophets, but they had messages only for
the people of their day. On the other hand,
[. ]
Israel had many prophets [whose prophecies went unrecorded]
but only prophecy which was needed for generations was recorded in
the Bible.
I n other words, the books of the prophets and their writings were
included i n the Bible because they are relevant for us today, because
their messages are vital for us.
On another level, these Bible prophecies are to unfol d right before
Mashiach arrives. Thus, by recording prophecies, the Al mighty is actu-
ally helping us prepare for this era, as is declared i n Oral Torah:
A function of all prophets is to fill the depressed Jewish spirit with
Torah prophecies detail some rather alarming and chil l ing events i n
the pre-Messianic era.
I ncluded i n the prophecies of this era are chal-
lenges facing the family and society such as: disrespect, intergenerational
conflicts, and the very painful disintegration of many families, i n addi-
tion to the challenges to society i n dealing wi th immoral ity, crime, and
perversions i n the justice system. Of course, this era has also seen many
nations challenging the rights of Jews to I srael. This century has expe-
rienced waves of terrorism, as wel l as the death of nearly 200 mi l l i on
6. Ibid., B'rachot 34b
7. Ibid., M'gilah 14a
8. Zohar, Introduction
9. For a detailed presentation, see Babylonian Talmud: Sotah 49, M'gilah 17, & Sanhedrin
97-98. See also Novick's Fascinating Torah Prophecies Currently Unfolding, Ch. 24.
The Prophecy of "Rejuvenation"
people because of wars and murders ordered by just Hitler, Stalin, and
Mao (may their names be obliterated). So the A lmighty provided the
worl d wi th prophecies to alert us to the challenges that lie ahead and to
convince conscientious people to take proper precautions to protect those
who are dear to them. I n this way, we can apply Torah-recommended
strategies and techniques when facing these challenges. I n this way,
we can prevail i n the face of these great threats to the L and and to our
society - threats to our very existence as individuals, as families, as
groups, and as nations.
A nd now, for the outstanding finale to the chapter: who ever heard
of a people who returned to their ancestral homeland after an absence
of 1800 years?! Moreover, who ever heard of a people maintaining their
national identity during the many years of their being separated from
their land?! I n fact, who ever heard of a people who for 1800 years were
always making plans to return?! Eventually, most immigrants assimi-
late into the host country and adopt its culture quickly. A fter three
generations at most, the family's country of origin amounts to nothing
more than insignificant genealogical information. Third-generation chil-
dren of immigrants do not usually dreamof returning to a grandparent's
country of origin i n order to take up permanent residency there. Wi th
the passing of 100 years, such a third-generation child is, for all intents
and purposes, no longer associated wi th the grandparent's country of
origin. This is one of the aspects of assimilation. Certainly, after an
absence of 1800 years, no person woul d ever dream of returning to live
i n the ancestral homeland. A n Irishman, for example, who emigrated to
A merica to escape 19
Century famine - no grandchild of this Irishman
woul d ever dream of returning to live i n Ireland; for all intents and
purposes, A merica is the homeland. The grandchild is an A merican.
A nd this point of view usually develops wi thi n a maximum span of
only three generations. A fter an absence of 1800 years, it is not 'normal'
for a people to still dream of returning to their ancestral home. A fter an
absence of 1800 years, for that same people to actually return to their
country of origin - this is definitely baffling.
10. Torah and Oral Torah recommend the techniques and strategies to be employed
during this very difficult period. To deal with all the specifics would require many
chapters, but several wil l be reviewed in subsequent chapters.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Only the Ultimate Controller of weather and history could have proph-
esied al l these super-ordinary conditions wi th their respective sub-
miracles. Onl y the Creator of history could have created the fol l owing
* a very productive l and
* an 1800-year exile
* the prolonged drought and desolation
* the sudden greening of the Lands, better than ever
* the ul timate returnof J ewsto their homel and (after an absence
of 1800 years)
I n the face of such overwhelming evidence, only an intellectually
dishonest person could stubbornly persist i n maintaining that this se-
ries of astonishing events occurred by happenstance. Trul y, these stu-
pendous events are incontrovertible proof of the Al mighty's active
existence, as the Bible itself proclaims:

These phenomena [i.e., fulfillment of these prophecies] will serve
as a clear sign for you and for your descendants for all times [that
the Al mi ghty definitely exists, that Torah is Divinel y revealed,
and that the Al mi ghty actively controls worl d events].
The Almighty's Torah is perfect...It contains reliable evidence [to
prove the existence] of the Almighty.
One who is attempting to genuinely understand these events must
be honest enough to accept the logical conclusion of al l research, wi th
objectivity and without bias. Though we don't normally comprehend
the Al mighty's purposes i n most situations, it is clear from a study of
miracles and prophecies that the Al mi ghty does exist and is very i n-
vol ved i n directing history. There are no coincidents or accidents. No
11 Deuteronomy 28:46
12 Psalm 19:8
The Prophecy of "Rejuvenation"
human being could have ever foreseen these events; no person could
ever have written such remarkable prophecies. Indeed, only the A l -
mighty could have written the Torah.
A t the very least, the actualization of these prophecies proves that
the A lmighty exists and is very involved i n managing events, nature,
weather, and people. These are very powerful prophecies indeed - a
mind-boggling set of prophecies, each prophecy important on its own;
as part of a package of prophecies - this combination is, i n and of itself,
stupendous. It certainly does appear that one of the reasons that proph-
ecies were prerecorded was to enable us to prove the existence of the
A lmighty.
Chapter 6
" T H E O N E R E A L C L A I M "

We must digress i n order to review some interesting information. This
information is very pertinent to the topic at hand and wi l l shed light on
current events, to the extent of helping us to ultimately understand sev-
eral other prophecies.
A rafat
so often described Israel as the homeland of the "Palestinian
A rabs" that the worl d has accepted his statements at face value, wi th-
out checking for validity. A s a matter of fact, until the 1960s, the entire
worl d referred to the Jews as the Palestinians. No longer is this the
case - highlighting the effectiveness of A rafat and his program of mis-
information. On many occasions A rafat had stated that:
* A rabs had always enjoyed a verdant life i n "Palestine", from time
* A rabs were an overwhelming majority i n the Land, from time
* "Palestine" has been the A rab homeland, from time immemorial.
* Jerusalem is the third holiest Muslim city.
* Jerusalem was never a holy city for Jews - let alone, a Jewish city.
Jews never had a Temple there.
1. Even though Arafat is dead, reference is made to him as though he were still alive.
That's because, as the architect of the terrorist-war, his infamous legacy lives on in
the enormous death machine he had created during his forty years in power.
Introducing The Prophecy of "Vie One Real Claim"
* Jews are newcomers to the area.
* I n 1948, Jews usurped the rights of millions of A rabs who had
been living there, from time immemorial.
* Jews expelled millions of A rabs from the Land i n 1948 and trans-
formed them into poor, homeless refugees.
* There are nearly 6 million "Palestinian refugees" waiting to re-
turn to their homeland in "Palestine", what is now mistakenly called
the State of Israel.
These outrageous claims of A rafat have been routinely endorsed by
many people. Parroting A rafat, the worl d pressures the Jewish State, to
"return" to the A rabs that which is "rightfully" theirs. A n entire book
is required i n order to deal properly wi th these topics.
A book on Bib-
Heal prophecies and their application is not designed to deal wi th these
issues i n a comprehensive fashion. But since these issues do impact on
our subject, wewi l l present a limited discussion, which is certainly i n
order - a few quotes and comments wi l l hopefully suffice.
A t the outset, it should be stated clearly that, prior to the 20
fury, no visitor to the Holy Land had ever reported seeing a significant
and indigenous A rab population living i n Israel. A s mentioned, the
presence of nomads was noted. The presence of thousands of Jews
were noted. But no observer ever noted the presence of a large indig-
enous A rab population there. Simply stated, dear readers, not many
A rabs ever resided there on a permanent basis. Certainly, under these
circumstances, A rabs could never have been historically connected to
the Holy Land. Some A rabs di d temporarily pass through, some re-
mained for a short period of time as nomads, but the area never sported
any A rab or Muslim entity that was connected to the Land. We saw
reports from witnesses i n different time periods: The Holy Land was
totally desolate; some nomads and Bedouins lived there and tens of
thousands of Jews. Listen to the people who knew best, the people
who lived 100-150 years ago, the people who were the witnesses - the
presence of an indigenous A rab population was never noted.
2. For more information see S. Katz, Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine; J. Peters,
From Time Immemorial; M. Bard & J. Himelfarb, Myths and Facts; E. Kramer, A Time
for Truth. Also, visit the web site: jsource/ myths.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Listen to the words of Sir George A dam Smith, author of the 1891
classic Historical Geography of the Holy Land:
Nor is there any indigenous civilization in Palestine.. .except that of the
Jews who have given to Palestine everything it has ever had of value to
the world.
The chief religious notable i n the Muslim holy city of Mecca and the
ruler of the Hejaz Kingdom (the forerunner of Saudi A rabia), wrote an
article describing the nomadic existence of the A rabs and that even the
A rab of Palestine
used to leave his country, wandering over the high seas in every direc-
tion. His native soil could not retain a hold on him... At the same time
we have seen the Jews from foreign countries streaming to Palestine...
The cause of causes could not escape those who had the gift of a deeper
insight. They knew that the country was for its original sons...a
sacred and beloved homeland. The return of these exiles to their home-
land will prove materially and spiritually an experimental school for
their brethren who are with them in the fields, factories, trades, and in all
things connected with toil and labour.
There were no indigent A rabs i n Palestine. The Land belongs to the
Jews. I n those days it was so simple and clear. I n point of fact, before
the present A rab attempts to invert the facts of history, the Muslim lead-
ership who lived i n Palestine submitted an official statement to the 1919
Paris Peace Conference, the conference to carve up the Ottoman Em-
pire i n the aftermath of Worl d War I . This was the time to put forth all
rightful claims. There woul d not be a second time. I n fact, this was the
conference that created the facts for the ultimate creation of 22 A rab
countries. This was the conference where A rab leaders declared that
they have no bonds whatsoever to the Holy Land. Pay careful attention
to their words:
3. See Herbert Sidenbotham, England and Palestine (London, 1918) p. 174
4. The Sharif of Mecca, ibn Al i al-Husseini, in the Mecca daily, al-Qiblah (March 23,
1918). It was his son Emir Faisal who would soon become the first King of Iraq and
it was this same Faisal who, following the real facts of history, could agree to the
allocation of the entire territory of Palestine for a Jewish state. Another son Abdullah,
would eventually be installed as regent of Jordan.
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
The Arabs who are living in Palestine consider themselves as Syrians
[and not Palestinians] by national, religious, linguistic, natural, eco-
nomic, and geographical bonds.
These are the words of the Musl i m leaders i n 1919and these words
were presented i n a calculated and deliberate manner. The words were
prepared carefully i n order to introduce the worl d to official Arab/
Musl i m doctrine! The statement contains many adjectives and, taken
together, they are emphatic: there is no such thing as a "Palestinian
Arab" entity and there is no Arab or Musl i m entity wi th ties to the
Hol y Land. True, there were some Arabs who l ived i n Palestine, but
they never considered themselves as Palestinians. They were members
of a pan-Arab group and Syria was their homeland. Arabs had vol un-
tarily and consistently asserted connections to Arab lands, but never
di d they assert ties to the Hol y Land. Arabs had always expressed a
connection to atrul y Arab land such as Syria.
No Arab or Musl i m
ever felt a connection to the Hol y Land; everyone always knew that
this region was designated for the Jews - always. As a matter of fact, it
was the Jews who had always been called the Palestinians (until after
mid-way through the 20
Century). Representing the Muslims of the
Hol y Land, Musl i m leaders declared that they di d not consider them-
selves as Palestinians! These leaders formally declared what has al-
ways been accepted as the truth, from time immemorial - namely: the
Arabs are not connected to Palestine; even those few who resided i n
the Hol y Land - even those few who came there from an Arab country.
This is, indeed, an extremely powerful statement from a body of recog-
nized Musl i m leaders who were authorized to speak on behalf of the
Musl i m population of the Middl e East.
As a matter of fact, the 1931 census reveals that the "Palestinian Ar-
abs" reported 23 different native languages and 20 different countries
of birth. They were newl y arrived. There is no Palestinian language,
because there is no Palestinian nation - and there never was. Jews are
bonded to Palestine, from time immemorial, and Arabs and Muslims to
Syria, Saudi Arabia or some other Arab or Musl i m country. Conse-
5. Statement of the First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations, February 1919.
6. Except for the recent, purposeful lies of Arafat and his ilk. See Daniel Pipes' article
in 77K New Republic (April 29,1997).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
quently, the British di d not include J erusalemand the Hol y Land i n the
territories to be assigned to the Arabs. As their chief negotiator, Henry
McMahon stated:
There was no place...of sufficient importance...further south [of
Damascus] to which the Arabs attached vital importance.
I n 1937, the British Palestine Royal Commission, far from being a
pro-J ewish entity, reported that
It is time, surely, that Palestinian 'citizenship'...should be recog-
nized as what it is, as nothing but a legal formula devoid of moral
As late as May 1947 (and long before Arafat's arrival on the worl d
scene), the representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United
Nations echoed the very same traditional Arab position when he offi-
dal l y and formally declared at the General Assembly:
It is common knowledge that, politically, Palestine is nothing.
Listen to his words: "Palestine is nothing." Palestine has absolutely
no value or meaning for Arabs. As late as 1947, even the 600,000 Arabs
who were found i n Palestine - even these Arabs were not, i n any way,
connected to the Hol y Land. As a matter of fact, historically, Palestine
never had its own language or culture. Palestine was never a recognized
country and it never had borders and it was never an independent entity-
and the Romans named it Palestine, not the Arabs. Since the birth of
I slam, there was never independent Arab sovereignty i n the Hol y Land,
except for military rule because of conquest, amounting to a combined
total of several decades during the Crusades and the nineteen years i n
recent history under J ordan. As a matter of fact, until the mid-1950s,
I sraeli Jews were the ones who were referred to as Palestinians.
Historically, Arabs have had no connection to the Hol y Land, as was
noted by Yahut, the famed 13
Century Arab biographer:
Mecca is holy to Muslims; Jerusalem is holy to Jews.
7. Martin Gilbert's Winston S. Churchill: Volume IV Documents, part 3 (Houghton Mifflin
1977), page 1805.
8. Palestine Royal Commission Report, Command Paper

#5479nn !4
9. Ahmed Shuqueri, the first chairman of the P L O (May 3 \ race ^ ^
10. Geographical Encyclopedia. "*
Introducing The Prophecy of'Tlie One Real Claim"
Similarly, i n 1229, whil e gifting the city of J erusalemto the Christian
Emperor Frederick I I , Sultan al-Kamil declares:
!have ceded nothing hut.. .wrecked buildings}
I f the Hol y Land is so important to Muslims, then why di d the Mus-
l i m Sultan gift a Hol y Land city to the Roman Emperor? I f J erusalemis
really a holy city for Muslims, why di d the Sultan grant it to a Chris-
tian? No person woul d ever voluntarily give away his holy city or parts
f his holy land. I t must be that, i n reality, J erusalemwas never impor-
tant to Muslims.
By the way, di d you know that J erusalemis mentioned as many times
m the Buddhist Dhomapada as i n the Musl i mKoran and Aztec docu-
ments? Wel l , this is only natural since nothing of I slamic, Aztec, or
Buddhist significance ever occurred i n J erusalem. Truly, J erusalemis
ot an important entity - not to the Buddhist, not to the Aztec people,
and not to Muslims. Understandably, J erusalemis not mentioned i n
the Koran. Mohammed states that only Mecca and Medina are holy
cities for Musl ims and that is why J erusalemisn't even mentioned i n
the Koran. On the contrary, theKoran does declare that the Hol y Land
belongs to the J ews.
And therefore, we said to the Children of Israel: "Dwell securely in
the Promised Land.. .and we [i.e., Allah] will gather you altogether..."
Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people:... "Enter, my people,
the Holy Land which Allah has assigned for you."
I n reality, the Land has no intrinsic value to Muslims - that is, until
recent years when Arafat decided to invent an Arab connection to Jerusa-
lemand to I srael.
J erusalemis so important to them, Arabs maintain, yet during the
l imited time of Musl i mcontrol - under the Umayyads or, i n our gen-
ration, under the J ordanians - no Arab conqueror ever made Jerusa-
km his capital nor did any Arab or Musli m ever display even the
slightest degree of reverence for the City.
1 1
- All historians attribute the quote to him. See the English translation of Ahmed ibn
A I i
Maqrizi's A History of Ayyubid Sultans of Egypt, (Twayne Publishers, 1980),
Page 26.
y J

12 S u r a h
17:104 and 5:20-21
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount are so
holy for them, A rabs maintain, yet, between 1948 and 1967 when this
section of the City was i n Jordanian hands, virtually no A rab leader
even prayed in the mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount; during
that period, no foreign A rab dignitary even visited Jerusalem.
You see, the West Bank and East Jerusalem were always Jewish-con-
trolled territory - until Jordan invaded those areas i n 1948 and con-
quered them both, and imprisoned many Jews and forcibly expelled
the thousands of remaining Jews.
I n June 1967, after the Jews liber-
ated Jerusalemfrom the clutches of the Jordanian interlopers - only
afterwards did King Faisal of Saudi A rabia speak of yearning to pray i n
Jerusalem. But, it should be noted that between 1948 and 1967, when
the area and the Temple Mount were under Jordanian control - when
he had the opportunity - he never bothered to pray there. He never
even entered the City.
I n fact, during their nineteen-year illegal occupation, the Jordanians
made a concerted effort to diminish Jerusalem's importance. A rab of-
fices located i n Jerusalem were either closed or moved to A mman, Jor-
dan. Jordanian radio broadcast Friday prayers not from their "holy"
A l-A qsa Mosque on their "holy" Temple Mount i n their "holy" Jerusa-
lem, but from a mosque i n A mman.
Even the PLO's founding document, The Palestinian National Cov-
enant of 1964 does not once mention Jerusalem. It appears that Jerusa-
lem becomes a "holy" site for Muslims only after 1967, when the City is
returned to Jewish control. So, only the 1968 revision of this document
makes references to Jerusalem and A rab ties to the Land. A re you con-
fused by all of this?
We see i n the words of A rab leaders and spokesmen, we see i n the
words of Torah, we see i n the words of the Koran - wherever we look
we see that Muslims have no connection whatsoever to the Land of
Israel and that only Jews are connected to the Holy Land. Of course,
these are all statements that were declared before the recent A rab at-
13. Even the Arabs are too embarrassed to admit that this is how they acquired "rights"
to these areas.
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
tempts to invert history. But wi th open eyes, we are able to see that
A rabs and Muslims had always emphasized that the Holy Land be-
longs to the Jews - that is, until they recently began to purposefully
invert the facts, when they began substituting A rabs for Jews i n all the
events of Middle East history.
No tourist, resident, or governmental official - until recently, no one
ever spoke of an indigenous A rab population. There are absolutely no
census numbers to support a significant A rab presence in the Holy Land
before the 20
Century. There was never a degree of permanence to A rab
life in the Holy Land at any time. A rabs migrated to Palestine, then moved
elsewhere. Then these very same A rabs picked themselves up several
years later and moved to a third location - and so on. For centuries,
A rabs moved from one area to another, but there was never a degree of
permanence to their residency. Their unspoken motto was essentially,
'Here today, gone tomorrow'. A rabs were transients and moved from
one locale to another i n the Greater Middle East, wherever they thought
they would be better treated. A rabs went anywhere to seek employ-
ment. Whenever a census was undertaken in Palestine, of the few thou-
sand A rabs residing i n the Holy Land, the vast majority were reckoned
as recent emigres or children of recent emigres. Even as late as 1947, few
A rabs were able to prove that they were born i n the Holy Land.
A rab immigration into the Holy Land can be detected i n the census
records of the Ottomans, as well as the British and Israeli census records.
The Muslim presence doubled between the years 1910 and 1948, indi-
eating a massive wave of illegal immigration by strangers to the Holy
Even the Hope Simpson Report of 1930 that was designed to be criti-
cal of the Palestinian Jews - even this report revealed that there was an
"uncontrolled influx of illegal A rab immigration from Egypt, Trans-
Jordan, and Syria [into Palestine]". The Governor of Sinai (1922-1936)
included Sinai as another base for illegal immigration. Churchill said,
"The A rabs have crowded into the country and multiplied." I n 1934, a
Syrian governor stated, "I n the last few months from 30,000 to 36,000
Syrians had entered Palestine and settled there." This was a statistic
for only a few months and from only one district of Syria. Can you
imagine how many A rabs had illegally entered Palestine throughout
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
the entire first half of the 20
Century from all the A rab countries com-
The number of illegal A rab immigrants constituted a massive wave.
Indeed, i n 1882, there were 40,000 A rabs i n Greater Palestine, on both
sides of the J ordan River. By 1947, only 65 years later, their numbers
had swelled to 1,303,800 - all newly arrived, but for the 100,000 who
were truly indigenous, as descendants of that original group of 40,000.
It should also be emphasized that population figures have always in-
eluded A rabs living on both sides of the Jordan River. Essentially, these
recent A rab emigres entered both sides of the River in, roughly, equal
numbers. I n short, 600,000 A rabs moved into the area that woul d even-
tually be designated as the Palestinian A rab homeland (Jordan) and
600,000 illegally entered the western region that woul d eventually be
designated as the Jewish homeland (Israel). Of the 600,000 A rabs who
entered Israel illegally, 470,000 woul d soon leave. These A rabs never
had roots i n the Land, but now they wi l l be called refugees. I n order to
accomplish this, the United Nations di d what it never di d before and
what it wi l l probably never do again. The UN conferred refugee status
upon any A rab who woul d claim residency i n Jewish Palestine for at
least two years. No proof was necessary, either; just a statement woul d
suffice. A ny A rab could claim to be a refugee without being required
to furnish proof. Di d you ever hear of anything as outrageous as this?!
I f 'Palestinians' want to return to their ancestral homeland, they should
be allowed to return to their ancestral homeland - i n A rabia, where
they can also be closer to their holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
A dditionally, since the year 2000, the A rabs have been excavating
on the Temple Mount at a feverish pace. Thousands of tons of earth
have been removed.
Several questions need to be answered:
Why is there such a feverish pace underway?
Why are the A rabs dumping the excavated material together wi th
household garbage?
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
This is a picture of the grounds of Emek Zuri m National Park where
Israeli archaeologists have been sifting through piles of rubble that were
transferred from a garbage dump used by Wafc/officials to discard their
diggings from the Temple Mount. It is here that archaeologists have
discovered history-rich artifacts dating back to the periods of the First
and Second Temples - priceless artifacts that are unique and irreplace-
able since no one had ever dug on the Temple Mount before. A nd the
A rabs are purposely destroying these artifacts and dumping them to-
gether wi th household garbage, in order to prevent professional inspec-
tion of their finds. I have seen some of the broken pieces and I have
seen interviews wi th archaeologists who had examined these smashed
and trashed artifacts.
The main question to be asked is why A rabs are
purposely utilizing heavy equipment i n an area replete wi th such frag-
ile treasures, many dating back to at least the time of Kings David and
Solomon and the First Temple and why they are not acting to preserve
these delicate and ancient archaeological finds? Why is there such a
feverish pace underway, why are A rabs treating the excavations as
refuse, and why is there such a determined and obvious effort to con-
ceal the secrets that these artifacts might reveal?
14. To see some of the artifacts and for more information, the reader is referred to
Temple Mount Relics Saved From Garbage, (April 14, 2005).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
But you see, A rabs claimed that the two J ewish Temples never
existed i n Jerusalem and that Jews are not indigenous to the City or
the Land. They must, therefore, as a matter of extreme urgency, de-
stroy all evidence proving that they are inverting history (when they
claim that Jews are newcomers, that there never was a Jewish Temple
on the Temple Mount i n Jerusalem, that there was never a Jewish
presence i n the Land, or when they claim that A rabs are indigenous to
the Land, and that Jerusalem has always been an A rab city, and that
Jerusalem is the third holiest Musl i m city). The Palestinian A uthority
must destroy these ancient relics, because they prove the existence of
a Jewish presence i n the City and the Land - a bond from time imme-
morial. The PA must destroy these ancient relics, because these ar-
chaeological finds reveal that A rafat had been lying to the worl d, from
time immemorial.
Jerusalem is not holy for Muslims. Mecca and
Medina are. The reason that Muslims built the Dome of the Rock on
the Jewish Temple Mount i n the first place was, precisely, to usurp
the rights of Jews to that area.
A s another example, i n January 2001, the Mufti of the Palestinian
A uthority told the German publication Die Welt:
There is not the smallest indication of the existence of a Jewish Temple
on this place in the past. In the whole city there is not even a single stone
indicating Jewish history.
How do people gain information? People learn current events and
history from the printed word. From such an article (and others like
them) and from distorted media coverage, people are being fed lies -
and being trusting and not being research-oriented, they ascribe valid-
ity to these types of reports. Those who choose to support the PA
forget that the Christian Bible discusses the existence of Jews and a
15. In light of this information, it sounds like all of Arafat's pronouncements should be
examined with an eye on determining their validity.
16. If so, why are Christians allowing themselves to be duped into accepting Arafat's
inversion of history when their religious book admits to an indigenous Jewish pres-
ence and to Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount some 1900 years ago?! This topic
wil l be discussed in a subsequent chapter. One who is interested in the real facts
behind the headl ines shoul d go to any of the fol l owing websites: or
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim
Temple i n Jerusalem.
Worse, the Muslim holy book itself describes
the construction of even the First Temple and the destruction of both
Echoing the real facts, the Supreme Muslim Council pub-
Hshed "A Brief Guide to al-Haram al-Sharif". Consisting of the leading
Muslim religious figures of the day, the Council stated that:
[The Temple Mount site is] one of the oldest in the world and that its
sanctity dates from the earliest times. Its identity with the site of
Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to
universal belief, on which David built there an altar.
A s you may have surmised, publication of this pamphlet predates
1967; to be more precise, the publication date is 1930.
I n the bas-relief on the A rch of Titus, erected i n Rome 1900 years
ago, the Romans themselves memorialized a Jewish connection to the
Holy Land, from time immemorial. The Christian Bible is replete wi th
references to the Temple and to Jews, at the time when Jewish indepen-
dence i n the Holy Land was waning (during Roman times). A gain,
wherever one looks, one finds evidence of the Jewish connection to the
Land, from time immemorial.
A rafat was an unabashed liar and so are his followers and support-
ers! But wait! I t gets better and "funnier" (and more frustrating) -
because people continued to blindly accept his false pronouncements.
17. For example: Koran, Surah 34:13 and 17:7
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Having just reviewed the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and to the
Holy Land, let us now examine the issue of the so-called 'Palestinian
Refugees'. A report by the UN Mediator on Palestine counted 472,000
A rabs who left the country i n 1948.
It should also be noted that, shortly
thereafter, the UN conferred refugee status upon any A rab who claimed
to have lived i n Palestine for at least two years. Doesn't this minimal
two year requirement tell you that something is amiss, since refugee
status is usually only accorded an indigent person, one who is uprooted
after the family had lived i n a country for generations? A nd this is the
fact wi th all refugee cases before the UN, that people had to demon-
strate proof of a long-standing residency - except for the A rabs of Pal-
estine-Israel. Why did the UN forego the usual residency requirement
for the A rabs of Palestine? But, more importantly, perhaps we should
get to the root of this issue by asking why these A rabs become refugees
i n the first place.
During the three year period following Israel's alleged expulsion of
the A rabs of Israel - during the three years ending i n 1950, there was
not one newspaper report devoted to the alleged "brutal" expulsion i n
any of the numerous dispatches from the news sources. Not A P, not
UPI . The pro-A rab Chicago Tribune, for example, published no less
than 600 articles dealing wi th the Jews and A rabs during that period of
time - not even one sentence about the Palestinian Jews deporting A r-
abs (as they were each then called). Wouldn't you think that if the
poor, defenseless A rabs were forced out of their "own country" by the
"evil" Jews, wouldn't you think that if this forced expulsion had really
occurred - wi th millions effected, someone must have noticed; some-
one must have talked about it. Such a mammoth displacement woul d
certainly have been considered newsworthy. It appears that no one
noticed the alleged, massive expulsion of millions of A rabs by the "evil"
Israelis while it was allegedly occurring. Wi th so many foreign corre-
18. General Assembly Official Records: Third Session, Supplement No. 11 (A/ 648),
Paris, 1948, p. 47
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
spondents stationed i n I srael, at least one newspaperman woul d have
certainly reported this alleged expulsion. Why are all the 'accounts' of
this alleged brutality written after 1967? Where were all those millions
f allegedly displaced 'Palestinians' from 1948 until 1967?
Capturing the spirit of what should have been the worl d's appro-
priate retort to recently announced charges that the I sraelis forcibly
deported the Palestinian Arabs, who are now l anguishing as refu-
gees - capturing that spirit was a report by the pro-Arab British Po
Every effort is being made by the Jews to persuade the Arab popu-
lace to stay and carry on with their normal lives, to get their shops and
businesses open, and to be assured that their lives and interests will be
An I srael Army Order
made clear that Arab towns were not to be
demolished and that Arab inhabitants were not to be expelled from
their homes.
J amal Husseini, the Chairman of the Palestine Higher Committee
tol d the UN Security Council that instead of accepting the J ewish truce
[The Arabs] preferred to abandon their homes, their belongings, and ev-
erything they possessed in the world [in order] to leave [the country].. P

Certainly during the 1940s, we see that no Jews are being accused of
deporting Arabs from the Land. I f the charges were really true that the
Jews were expelling the Arabs from Palestine, woul dn't there have been
an immediate outcry?
19. Even the original (1974) P L O Covenant omitted any specific reference to a Palestin-
ian State. As a matter of fact, Article 24 stated explicitly that this organization (i.e.,
the PLO) "shall not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank.., the
Gaza Strip..." In other words, the Arabs were not displaced by the Jews, nor are
the Arabs connected to the West Bank and Gaza (contrary to their present posi-
Hon). Nowhere in the original document is there mention of a desire to establish a
Palestinian State either.
20. Dated April 26,1948
21. July 6,1948
22. April 23,1948
Prophecies for The Era ofMus lint Terror
The U.S. Counsel-General i n Haifa wrote that:
Local mufti-dominated Arab leaders were urging all Arabs to
leave...and large numbers did so.
The Syrian Prime Minister of that period would eventually write i n
his memoirs
Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their
homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave.
A nd, mind you, this latter statement was made i n 1973.
Several other quotes from A rab leaders prove that the A rabs them-
selves created the A rab refugee problem:
The refugees were confident their absence would not last long, and that
they would return within a week or two. Their leaders had promised
them that the Arab armies would crush the 'Zionist' gangs very quickly
and that there was no need for...fear of a long exile.
It must not be forgotten that the Arab Higher Committee encouraged
the refugees' flight from their homes...
The Arab states encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes
temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies.
Brotherly advice was given to the Arabs of Palestine to leave their land,
homes, and property and to stay temporarily in neighboring fraternal
states, lest the guns of the invading Arab armies mow them down.
The mass evacuation [of Arabs], prompted partly by fear, partly by or-
ders of Arab leaders. ..By withdrawing Arab workers, their leaders hoped
to paralyze Haifa.
There is but little doubt that the most potent of the factors [for the Arabs
23. Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1948 (V), GPO1976, page 838
24. The Memoirs of Haled al Azm (Beirut, 1973) 1,386-387
25. Following their ordered occurrence in the text, the quotes are cited from: George
Hakim, the Greek Catholic Bishop of Galilee, in the Beirut newspaper, Sada al-Janub
(August 16,1948); (Cyprus) Near East Broadcasting Station (April 3,1949); The Econo-
mist (October 2, 1948); Filastin, (February 19, 1949); The Secretary-General of the
Arab League is quoted in the newspaper Al Hoda (June 8, 1951); Time Magazine
(May 3,1948); The Arab National Committee in Jerusalem (March 9, 1948); PLO
Spokesman Mahmud Abbas in Falasin a-Thaura, March 1976.
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
to leave Palestine] were the announcements over the air by the Higher
Arab Executive urging the Arabs to quit (i.e., to leave)...It was clearly
intimated that those Arabs who remained would be regardedas renegades.
Any opposition to this an obstacle to the holy war...and will
hamper the operations of the fighters in these districts.
The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the
Zionist tyranny, but, instead, they (i.e., the Arab nations) abandoned
them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw
them into prisons.
The "refugee" issue is a very serious matter and eyewitness accounts
speak for themselves. But if you want to see the metamorphosis from
truth to fabrication, if you want to see the lack of shame i n promoting
outright lies, then we should examine two statements of Emil Ghoury
which were made 12 years apart. Please note that Ghoury was the Sec-
retary of the A rab Higher Committee, the official leadership body for
the "Palestinian A rabs" of that day and that the first statement was
made towards the end of the first A rab-Israeli war, i n 1948.
The fact that there are these refugees is the direct consequence of the
action of the Arab States in opposing partition and the Jewish State. The
Arab States agreed upon this policy unanimously...
Twelve years later and wi th no shame, Ghoury addressed the United
Nations Special Political Committee and "lies through his teeth":
It has been those [Zionist] acts of terror, accompanied by wholesale dep-
redations, which caused the exodus of the Palestinian Arabs.
The speech is characteristic of the policy of falsification, when it be-
came recognized by A rab leaders that the "refugees" could be used as a
weapon against Israel. From this point i n time, a "public relations" move-
ment begins to vilify Israel by accusing them of creating the "refugees".
To better understand the power of the "refugee" weapon and to
understand the recent emphasis upon the "Palestinian refugees" and
A rafat's insistence that 6,000,000 "Palestinian refugees" return en masse
to Israel, two quotes should suffice. We need to pay attention to the
26. (Beirut) Daily Telegraph (September 6,1948)
27. UN Document A / SPC/ SR 209 (1960), p. 9
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Egyptian Foreign Minister, Muhammad Salah al-Din, who expressed
the following sentiments:
It is well-known and understood that the Arabs, in demanding the re-
turn of the refugees to Palestine, mean their return as masters of the
Homeland...With a greater clarity, they mean the liquidation of the
State of I srael.
The Refugee Conference passed the following resolution:
Any discussion aimed at a solution of the Palestine problem which will
not be based on ensuring the refugees' right to annihilate I srael will
be regarded as a desecration of the Arab people and an act of treason.
A nd so it should come as no surprise that the Preamble and A rticles
#2 and #3 of the (1974) PLO Phased Plan Resolution state the same i n a
euphemistic fashion:
It is impossible for a permanent and just peace to be established.. .unless our
Palestinian people recover all tlteir national rights and, first and foremost,
tlieir rights to return...on the whole of the soil of their homeland. ..The
[Palestine] Liberation Organization will employ all means, and first and
foremost, armed struggle to liberate...every part of Palestinian
territory. ..[and] will struggle against any proposal for a Palestinian entity
tlie price of which is recognition [of Israel], peace, secure borders.. .
They admit they have no rights or claims as a group to a country of
their own. A nd they further admit that the purpose of a Palestinian
country is to destroy Israel. Wi th all this information available, one
should wonder:
* How can the worl d continue to accept the A rab lies?
* Why does Israel negotiate wi th an entity that has no legal basis for
their claims?
* Why does Israel negotiate wi th an entity that is still bent on Israel's
28. As reported in Al-Misri (October 11,1949)
29. Meeting in Horns, Syria and as reported in Beirut al Massa (July 15,1957)
30. See Appendix A for the complete text.
31. To explain why the Arabs orchestrated these events and why at this time in world
historythis would require an entire book. Perhaps, that could be my next project.
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
Having just reviewed the Jewish connection to Israel and the history
of the 'Palestinian Refugees', we should review the earlier, major ac-
complishments of A rafat, A bbas, and their PL O/PA .
I n the 1950s, A rafat and A bbas and their followers had to flee Egypt
because of their subversive activities.
I n 1966, they fled Syria after murdering many Syrian officials and
intelligence officers.
I n 1970, they attempted to overthrow the government of Jordan.
Thousands of their followers died i n battle wi th Jordanian soldiers.
The survivors were summarily deported.
I n 1975, they attempted to overthrow the Lebanese government,
and i n so doing, decimated the country (which has yet to recover).
Exile to Tunis followed i n 1982.
I n 1987 from Tunis and looking for a new cause to keep their army
"i n business", they began orchestrating their fifth war - this time
against the Jews of Israel.
I n 1990, they assisted Saddam in his invasion of Kuwait, the same
Kuwait that had been hosting300,000 Palestinian workers for decades.
Following the Oslo A ccords of 1993, the PL O/PA were allowed to
enter the West Bank and Gaza and from there they promptly re-
turned to their history of murdering others.
A s a result of their blackened track record, it is clear why no A rab
country wi l l allow Palestinians to bear arms on its soil; some A rab/Mus-
l i m countries continue to deny entry to all Palestinians. Every country
having dealings wi th them either warred against them or summarily de-
Ported them. The bottomline: the 'Palestinians' have no credibility wi th
A rabs or Muslims. Only Israel has bestowed upon them honor, respect,
and legitimacy and they, i n turn, have bestowed upon Israel a war wi th
thousands of casualties. A pparently, all the other A rab and Muslim coun-
tries know how to deal effectively wi th the PLO. So, again, why does
Israel negotiate wi th an entity that is still bent on its destruction?
32. Interesting to note that the media has consistently neglected to report the fact that
Arafat was not a Palestinian - but that he was born in Egypt.
33. Needless to say, but after Kuwait regained its independence, the Palestinians were
all deported.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Myth #1: Arabs have always enjoyed a verdant life in 'Palestine'.
Myth #2: Arabs were always an overwhelming majority in the
Fact: All eyewitness accounts indicate that Arabs were only
visitors to Palestine. Throughout history, the Arab population
was always a transient one - sort of like "Here today, gone to-
morrow". They were so few i n number that no one even noticed
them. Of those few Arabs who were found in the Holy Land,
most were either recent emigres or children of recent emigres.
Arabs did not remain in the Land long enough to bear children
who could be regarded as native-born "Palestinians" who then
continued living i n the Land as adults.
Myth #3; Palestine has always been the exclusive Arab homeland.
Fact: Torah declares that the Holy Land is the homeland for
Jews. The Christian Bible provides an eyewitness account of the
Jews of Israel and their Temple i n Jerusalem. The Koran so de
clares that the Land of Israel is the Jewish homeland, from the
time of the Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Throughout
the ages, all people have acknowledged this bond. Throughout
the ages, Arabs have also acknowledged the Jewish bond. Mus-
li m religious and political leaders, as spokesmen for their Arab
constituents of Palestine, have always expressed the fact that they
were citizens of another country. No Arabs ever called them-
selves Palestinians (until after the mid-20
Century). The Arab
homeland was always elsewhere, from time immemorial.
Myth #4: Jerusalem is the third holiest Muslim city.
Fact: The Koran declares that the Holy Land is the Jewish
homeland. How holy could Jerusalem be for Arabs, if a Musli m
sultan voluntarily gifts the city to the Roman Emperor, Frederick
I I ? How holy could Jerusalem be for Arabs if Jerusalem is never
Introducing The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
even mentioned i n the Koran? As a matter of fact, Mohammed
stated very explicitly that only Mecca and Medina are cities of
religious importance for Muslims; Israel is for the Jews.
Myth #5: Jews are newcomers to the area.
Myth #6: Jerusalem was never a holy city for Jews - let alone, a
Jewish city. Jews claim falsely that they had two Temples there.
Myth #7: Jews usurped the rights of millions of Arabs who were
living in the Land in 1948.
Fact: The Almighty designated the Holy Land for Jews and
gifted it to them more than 3300 years ago (as stated many times
i n Torah). From that time forward, Jews have lived continuously
i n the Holy Land. Documentation to this effect is even found i n
official Musli m proclamations, letters, and documents; they at-
test to the age-old Jewish connection to the Land and to Jerusa-
lem. Finally, since there was never an indigenous Arab population
i n the Land and since this has always been the Jewish Land, Jews
usurped the rights of no one!
Myth #8: Jews expelled the Arabs from the Land and transformed
them into poor, homeless refugees.
Fact: I n 1948, Arab organizations and countries prevailed
upon most of the Arabs of Palestine to leave the Land. The Arab
leaders warned their people that the invading Arab armies would
be murdering every living person in the Land; with Arabs out of
the country, Arab invaders would then feel confident that they
would be killing only Jews. The Arabs of Palestine left voluntar-
ily; of the 472,000 who left, many settled i n Arab countries and
most pray for the day when Arab armies drive the Jews out of
Israel. Someone should tell the Arabs that they wi ll have to wait
beyond forever, because very soon the entire world wi ll under-
stand the prophecy of:

I will plant them upon their land and they will never again
be uprooted from their land that I have given them.
34. Amos 9:15
Chapter 7
The Jewish people base their claim to the Land of Israel on at least
four major premises. The quintessential proof is introduced first.
The A lmighty deeded the Land to the Jews. It is this claim that is
recorded dozens of times i n the Bible and this is the basis for our pri-
mary entitlement. Proof of J ewish ownership can be seen i n the
A lmighty's pronouncement that the Holy Land is being given to the
descendants of A braham, Isaac, and Jacob after the Exodus from Egypt!
There is no stronger proof than the A lmighty's actual gifting of the land
to the Jews after the Exodus, as is stated: I give to you and to your de-
scendants... all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession.
Three other claims follow, but they merely supplement this incon-
testable proof.
1) The Jewish people have lived i n the Land from time immemo-
rial. They have lived i n the Land uninterruptedly for the past
3300 years.
2) Through the League of Nations, the worl d recognized "the
historical connection of the J ewish people wi th Palestine" and
the moral validity of "reconstituting their National Home i n
that country". The word "A rab" or "Musl i m" does not ap-
pear anywhere i n the League of Nations mandatory award.
The entire Palestine was awarded to the Jews of Palestine -
both sides of the J ordan River. Why? Simply, because the
worl d always knew that the entire region belonged to the
Jews. Thus, the international community granted political
sovereignty and independence to the J ewish people through
the League of Nations Mandate, the United Nations Partition
1. Genesis 17:8, as but one of many such examples.
2. Muslims don't even begin their history until the time of Mohammed - and that was
less than 1400 years ago and it occurred in Saudi Arabia.
The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim
Resolution of 1947, and Israel's being admitted to the UN i n
1949 - because the facts of the Bible and the essentials of his-
tory were wel l known to all, and the facts had always con-
nected Jews to the L and. No other entity is connected to the
land i n any way.
3) It is critical to note that i n their 1948 invasion of Israel, J ordan
conquered and then forcibly occupied East Jerusalem and the
West Bank. These territories of Judea and Samaria and East
Jerusalem were subsequently freed from Jordan's bellicose an-
nexation during the wars of 1967 and 1973. No nation i n the
history of the worl d has ever returned territory captured i n
defensive wars - otherwise, southwest A merica woul d revert
to Mexico; otherwise, the entire Middle East woul d be returned
to the Turks. I t should be emphasized that no nation ever re-
turns territory captured during defensive actions Even Jor-
dan that invaded Israel for no justifiable reason i n 1948 - even
J ordan was not pressured to release the West Bank and East
Jerusalemwhich they captured i n 1948. Theirs was an unpro-
voked invasion and not an act of self-defense - and still the
worl d di d not demand that J ordan release the captured terri-
tories. Certainly, no nation i n the history of the worl d has ever
had to return their own liberated territory to the interloper who
seized it from them i n the first place (in an invasion). Israel
was finally able, i n 1967, to free East Jerusalem and the West
Bank from Jordan's belligerent occupation, restoring these ar-
eas to their prior status - as J ewish-controlled territory, as they
had been until 1948. (A rabs are hoping that the worl d has a
short memory when A rabs pronounce falsely that the West
Bank and East Jerusalem are A rab territory, from time imme-
Jews have always lived i n the Holy Land - even after the Roman
holocaust. From that time forward, for the next 1800 years and under
the harshest of conditions and though, at times, few i n number - Jews
have maintained a dynamic, cultural existence i n the Holy Land. I t is
only from the second half of the 20
l h
Century that A rabs have attempted
to invert history by claiming that the Land had always belonged to them
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
(and never to the J ews). So, what's their proof? Are you ready for this?
They claim that Mohammed dreamt of fl ying heavenward from Jerusa-
lemwi th his horse. Mohammed dreamt - this is a proof? A dreamis
more convincing than aDivine pronouncement? A dreamis stronger
proof than being gifted the land by the Al mighty? A dreamis better
proof than the facts of history? Since when is a fantasy of fl yi ng better
proof than the hard facts of aDi vi ne bequest and l i vi ng i n the Hol y
Land for 3300 continuous years?
I n short, the Arab claim of ownership is fraught wi th deceit. What is
trul y fascinating is that this, too, is a fulfillment of prophecy. The
Palestinian Authori ty challenge to J ewish-owned l and is, indeed, a


The words of this prophecy are presented here i n expanded, free
fl owing form:
Even though the purpose of Torah is to teach proper behavior, To-
rah doesn't begin wi th these issues, strangely enough. I nstead of
immediately communicating patterns of proper behavior, Torah
begins wi th the worl d's creation i n order to publicly teach two criti-
cal messages to all people: that there is a Creator and that the Cre-
ator is the Master of the worl d and has the power to decide all
matters, incl uding where peoplewi l l live.
I n addition, therewi l l be atime, Oral Torah continues, when "the
J ewswi l l be falsely accused of usurpi ng some entity's 'ri ght' to the
Hol y Land". The J ews are advised to respond wi th two statements:
Firstly, the Jews are bidden to state that the worl d was created by
the Al mi ghty and the Al mighty actually gifted us this land more
than 3300 years ago. The quintessential proof of ownership is that
3. P'sikta Zutra 7; similarly in B'reishit Rabbah 1:2
The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
the worl d was created by the Al mighty who promised this land to
the I sraelites approximately 3800 years ago; and, moreover, the
Al mi ghty actually gifted us this land 500 years later.
Secondly, the Jews should announce that the accusers do not have
any legal claimto the Hol y Land, because the so-called rights of
the accusers are based solely on their belligerent invasion, conquest,
and occupation. The accusers are, themselves, the ones who are
guil ty of illegally conquering this land.
The Palestinian Authority claimis the only instance i n all of J ewish
history where J ewish legal claims to the Hol y Land have been chal-
lenged. I n all of J ewish history, no other entity had ever claimed rights
to the Hol y Land. Woul dn't you agree that this must be the subject of
this Oral Torah pronouncement and that right before our eyes is the
unfolding prophecy of "There wi l l be a day when Jewswi l l be falsely
accused of usurping some entity's right to the Hol y Land" - where the
accusing entity was the actual interloper.
And when our rights to the Hol y Land are being challenged or de-
nied, Oral Torah declares that we present the fol l owing facts and infor-
mation - the quintessential proof from the Bible:
The worl d was created by the Al mi ghty.
As a result, the Al mi ghty is the Master of the worl d.
The Al mi ghty promised the l and to the J ews 3800 years ago.
The Al mi ghty actually gifted us this l and more than 3300 years
J ews havel i ved i n the Hol y Land uninterruptedl y ever since.
Those who accuse the J ews of stealing another's l and - those ac
cusers are, themselves, the very ones who are gui l ty of stealing
another's l and, of invading and conquering the Hol y Land.
This logical proof is the one approach that can never be refuted.
Christians and Musl ims respect the Bible. After al l , both Christians
and Muslims know that the Bible originates from the Al mighty and
that the Bible's contents are authentic. The Bible states that the Hol y
Land has been designated for the J ewish people:
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
As declared to Abraham,
J will give you and your offspring after you... the en tire land of Canaan
as an eternal possession.*
And as declared to Moses,

The Almighty showed Moses the entire Land: Tlie Gilad (the east-
ern sideof the J ordan River) as far as Dan (to the north), all of
Naftali (in the north), the land ofEphraim and M'nasheh, the entire
land ofjudah (West Bank) as far as the western sea (to the Medi-
terranean, incl uding Gaza), the Negev (the south) and the sea-
coast, the valley of Jericho.. .as far as Tzoar. The Almighty said to
him: "This is the land which I swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to
Jacob saying [to them] 'I will give it to your offspring..."'
And as proclaimed to the I sraelites, on two occasions, as they were
about to enter the Hol y Land for the very first time as a people,


Come to the Amorite mountain and its environs in the Aravah, on
the mountain, in the lowlands, in the Negev, and along the seacoast,
the land of Canaan, the Lebanon, until... the Euphrates River. Look!
I have given you the Land. Come and possess the Land that the
Almighty swore to your give to them and their off-
spring after them.
4. Genesis 17:8
5. Deuteronomy 34:1-4
6. Ibid., 1:7-8
The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"

Every place. ..will be yours - from the Desert and the Lebanon, from
the Euphrates River until the western sea (i.e., the Mediterranean)
shall be your boundary.
Additional l y, theKoran reaffirms the J ewish claimto I srael.
And therefore, we said to the Children of Israel: "Dwell securely in the
Promised Land.. .and we [i.e., Allah] will gather you altogether..."
Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people:... "Enter, my people, the
Holy Land which Allah has assigned for you."
I f the J ewish position were so presented, there could be no further
discussion. When so presented, no Christian or Musl im could rationally
argue against the Bible's premise. No Musl im woul d dare refute state-
ments from theKoran - when so presented. But for other reasons, I srael
has yet to publicly present the worl d wi th the quintessential proof.
By urging us to present only the quintessential proof, Oral Torah
implies that all other possible justifications and claims can be challenged
wi th counterarguments. By implication, all other claims can be dis-
missed. For example, some people claimthat Jews are entitled to I srael
because the United Nations so deemed it. But remember that whil e the
UN di d grant independence to I srael, theUN, by a vote, is also capable
of repealing that very same resolution. The possibility of a repeal is not
such a remote possibility either, because the very same UN had already
done this when they revoked their recognition of Taiwan (and replaced
it wi th Taiwan's sworn enemy, the Republic of China). I t's not so far-
fetched to envision the revoking of I srael's membership i n the UN, be-
cause I srael is the only country that is not permitted a seat on the Security
Council nor is I srael permitted membership on any regional committee.
I t's not too farfetched, because it was the UN that di d declare I srael a
racist state and deserving of having their membership revoked. Fur-
7. Ibid., 11:24
8. Surah 17:104 and 5:20-21
9. A discussion of this topic requires several chapters and is beyond the scope of this
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
thermore, it was the UN's intention in the 1980s to expel Israel from the
UN - a movement that woul d have succeeded, were it not for a deter-
mined A merican lobbying effort. Israel came that close to losing its
membership i n that worl d body.
A more recent incident establishes very clearly why the UN is not an
organization that can be entrusted wi th Israel's future. The following
incident also reveals the underlying motivations behind much UN ac-
tivity. I n 1947, after having created a state exclusively
for the A rabs of
Palestine that woul d be called Jordan, November 29
was the day of
the Partition vote when the UN officially drew the boundaries of the
Jewish State.
Well, on 29 November 2005, the top three UN officials, the Secretary
General and the Presidents of the Security Council and the General
A ssembly, hosted their annual gathering at the UN to commemorate
the "International Day of Solidarity wi th the Palestinian People".
The program began wi th a call from the Chair to honor the dead PA
suicide-bombers: " I invite everyone present to rise and observe a minute
of silence i n memory of all those who have given their lives to the cause
of the Palestinian people..."
10. This new state was so exclusively Arab that until today, Jordanian Law prohibits
Jews from residing there.
The Prophecy of "The One Real Claim"
Just to the side of the dais and displayed prominently were the flags
of the UN and the Palestinian Authority flanking a map of I srael - so it
But a closer look shockingly reveals an Arabic language map wi th-
out the J ewish State. The map shows an Arab State replacing I srael.

* 1 \ *
The map cartographically
achieved exactly what the vast
majority of the UN support:
the elimination of the J ewish
State. I f this isn't disturbing
enough - wi th the map as the
backdrop and true to form, the
Secretary General addressed
the diplomats and described
the day when the State of I s-
rael was created i n 1947 as "a
day of mourning and a day of
grief". A "catastrophe", Al-
Nakba, is how every November
is described. And worl d
di pl omats unabashedl y
cheered after Kofi Anan's
speech. I ntentions are clear.
What more need be said?!
11. For more information, view and Bolton scores U.N. on Stance
Toward Israel, www.nvsnn.rom (Jan. 13, 2006).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
So, what is the real proof for Jewish ownership of the Holy Land?
Simply stated: the A lmighty created the worl d and gifted the Jews this
land and they have lived there ever since - i n good times (with large
numbers) and i n difficult times (with smaller numbers). I n short, these
are not occupied lands. These are lands occupied by their rightful own-
ers. The real and comprehensive proof for Jewish ownership can be
found i n the pages of Torah!
Chapter 8
The following is paraphrased from a rather well known, literary work.
Dear reader, where do you think the original selection may have first
appeared i n print?
I n their quest for independence and after fighting a series of wars,
Israel captures the entire Mediterranean coast including Gaza, and
Israel also becomes independent. A fter the wars and now inde-
pendent, the Jews hoped to make peace wi th the enemy. I n ex-
change for a treaty calling for the ending of hostilities, the enemy
is ceded control of parts of the West Bank (in several installments)
because the Jews felt that they could trade territory for peace -
that by 'bribing' the enemy wi th gifts of territory, the enemy would,
i n turn, abandon their war effort.
However, after a while, the enemy rejects the peace treaty and
comes to claim Jerusalem as their very own. The 'peace partners'
aim to intimidate the Jews wi th renewed threats of war, if their
demands for Jerusalem are not met.
The 'peace partners' are now coming for Jerusalem - and the Jew-
ish response? It is obvious that the treaty didn't achieve the de-
sired peace. I t is also obvious that the 'peace partners' keep
demanding changes to the treaties - that they, i n short, have re-
neged on their prior agreements. The treaties obviously didn't
accomplish the desired effect. But the Jewish leaders ignore real-
ity, as well as the protests of some of their religious leaders. I n-
stead, some Jewish politicians ask the enemy to negotiate secretly
wi th them about a permanent status agreement - including the
dismantling of Jerusalem - thus yielding to the demands of the
enemy. "We must negotiate secretly", these Jewish politicians
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
respond, "because we don't want our Jewish brethren to interfere
wi th our plans to trade away the Holy City. A fter we hammer out
all the details of the transfer of Jerusalem into your hands and
after the deal is signed, at that time we wi l l publicize the new
agreement and at that time the populacewi l l be powerless to in-
terfere. A fter all, a treaty that's already been signed by govern-
ment officials cannot be rejected by its citizens."
This article sounds very contemporary and we begin to consider
various periodicals or books where such an article could have appeared.
But, as to where this selection appeared, a hint can be found several
chapters later, i n this very same written work. A gain, i n paraphrased
The threat to Israel wi l l come from a contemptible person without
a nation, where majesty has not been conferred upon him. He
wi l l not represent a nation. [I n other words, the enemy wi l l not
be a nation and its leader wi l l not have been selected through a
group consensus.] Hewi l l just arise out of nowhere and claim to
come i n the name of peace. Hewi l l talk of exchanging land for
peace. Hewi l l work deceit and grow strong wi th, initially, only a
small group of followers. [I n other words, not only is the enemy
not a nation, but the enemy are few i n number, initially.] His
heart wi l l be against the treaty wi th the Jews, but hewi l l accom-
plish more than his predecessors; hewi l l achieve where his pre-
decessors failed. [I n other words, even though he executes an
agreement of peace, and even though he does not accept its terms,
but through the vehicle of this peace agreement, hewi l l gain more
territory than all his predecessors - who, through wars, had, i n
fact, lost territory to the Jews.] Jewish leaders wi l l humble them-
selves before hi m and the peace treaty wi l l be a forced one. Many
wise peoplewi l l err by trusting this contemptible person and by
dealing wi th this fraudulent person and by accepting the terms of
his 'peace formula'. But therewi l l be some wise people who wi l l
warn the public of his evil motives. Nevertheless, many wi l l be
duped and seduced by this contemptible person's smooth talk.
The Jews wi l l be divided into two camps - whether to trust this
fellow or not, whether to enter into a peace treaty wi th hi m or not.
Oslo and Camp David: No Surprises
I t is rather obvious at this point that whil e these selections are de-
scribing recent Mid-Eastern events - from a closer look at the style of
the last paraphrased paragraph and its talk of the future, it becomes
obvious that the paragraphs are actually prophetic selections from the
Wi th many specific details provided, it is a remarkable narra-
tive of events leading up to the Oslo Accords and the many, subse-
quent negotiations and agreements between Arafat and various I sraeli
governments. Such precise descriptions of current events i n a book
that is thousands of years ol d - WOW!
Prophecies of contemporary events are so fascinating and mind-bog-
gling. I t is also gripping and mesmerizing i n how it draws us into the
Al mighty's worl d. Prophecies introduce us to the mysterious and the
mystifying. Who doesn't want to see more of the supernatural? Every-
body is drawn to the subject. I lecture regularly on various topics, and
whenever I conclude a lecture on some aspect of Bible prophecy, the
audience remains motionless and speechless. The topic is that spell-
binding. There are no words to describe such an experience. The only
descriptive word I have found is: WOW!!
I t is important to note that:

Israel had many prophets [whose prophecies went unrecorded],
but only prophecy which was needed for generations was recorded in
the Bible.
I n other words, the books of the prophets and their writings were
included i n the Bible because they are relevant for us today, because
their messages are vital for us. The purpose for having prophetic infor-
mation recorded i n the Bible is to help us meet the challenges of the
day. Essentially, we are being tol d of events that are yet to occur, i n
order to motivate us to prepare ourselves properly - to comprehend the
events, as wel l as to plan effective strategies for dealing wi th these chal-
1. These selections are summaries of: II Kings, 16-20; Isaiah 19-28; II Chronicles, 26-32;
Daniel 11
2. Babylonian Talmud, M'gilah 14a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
For example, were people to understand that one of the challenges
of our day is the alienation of children and the disintegration of fami-
lies, parents woul d go out of their way to make certain that they really
are doing everything possible to be the best parents that they could be.
They woul d read books on chil d rearing and they woul d minimize their
hours of employment and recreation i n order to spend quality timewi th
their children. Husbands and wives woul d focus on ways of nurturing
the love that brought themtogether i n the first place. I f need be, they
woul d consult wi th experts.
Not long ago, I was i n the midst of diagnosing a youngster who was
presenting the symptoms of a neurological impairment. I n the process
of interviewing the father, I asked hi mif his son was still allergic to
dairy products. A bewildered father looked at his son and asked, "Are
you allergic to mil k?" The boy sat quietly without responding, because
he was respectful and refused to embarrass Father i n front of an out-
sider by suggesting that his father was uninterested. "Father, don't you
think it's time for you to be invol ved wi th your family, before you alien-
ate themeven more and before they disown you?" Unfortunately, many
parents are more interested i n other pursuits - whether they be social,
recreational, or employment.
This is the purpose of being provided prophecies: prophecy was to
be a wake-up call to remind us of our responsibilities. The Al mi ghty is
urging us to comprehend events and history i n order to meet current
challenges. Oh, i f people only understood this concept, i f the I sraeli
government only understood - there woul d have been no terrorists,
there woul d have been no intifada, and the PLO woul d have died a natu-
ral death i n the early 1990s instead of being resuscitated through Ameri-
can pressure and I sraeli action.
More so, not only do prophecies provide us wi th material to help us
prepare for life, prophecies guide us to recognize that the worl d has a
Creator we actually see the Al mi ghty at work.
3. Ibid., M'gilah 17, Sotah 49, and Sanhedrin 97-98 for a brief list of challenges facing our
generation. See also Fascinating Torah Prophecies Currently Unfolding, Chapter 24.
Oslo and Camp David: No Surprises
One more point needs to be made. Oral Torah indicates:

All the prophets had messages for the period preceding the Messiah.
When we begin to experience the fulfillment of prophecies, it means
that the Messianic era has already been launched. We are l i vi ng i n
spectacular times, the dawn of the Messianic era, when Bible prophe-
cies are being fulfilled. We see evidence of the Al mighty's existence
and direct involvement. Consequently, certain behaviors are expected
of us. I n fact, one of the purposes for the Al mighty's wri ti ng of proph-
ecies is so that we, the people on the sidelines, can become motivated to
lead proactive and meaningful lives.
Seeing prophecies being fulfilled carries heavy responsibilities. The
worl d has a Creator and a J udge and we are ultimately held account-
able for our daily activities and behaviors. We must be concerned -
after all, we see the fulfillment of Torah prophecies; we see that the
Eternal J udge does exist. The J udgewi l l review the manner i n which
we conducted our lives - when we enter the Heavenly Court after 120
years on this earth. Wi l l we be ready?!
4. Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 34b
Chapter 9
E X T R E M I S T M U S L I M " C O N T R I B U T I O N S "
A zerbaijan, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Sudan, and Xinjiang -
what do these countries have i n common?
These are only six of the many countries where non-Muslims are
being murdered frequently. I n almost every region where Muslims
live together i n a concentrated fashion as a significant minority, there
you wi l l find the "hot spots" of the worl d - mass uprooting of people
and murders and wars. What follows is a partial list of the countries
where blood is shed and where it is not safe for Christians, Jews, other
non-Muslims, or even Muslims wi th differing viewpoints.
AFGHANISTAN - What more must be added?
ALBANIA - A ttempti ng to enlarge its borders at Chri sti an
Macedonia's expense.
ALGERIA - Muslims overthrew the secular state through violence;
more than 100,000 have already been killed i n this "ci vi l " war.
AZ ERBAIJAN - Muslims fighting wi th A rmenian Christians.
BOSNIA, Kosovo, andHERZ EGOVINA - Here the media referred to Serbs,
Croatians, and Bosnians - and rarely were any of the combatants
identified as Muslim.
CHAD - One of the world's most violent "hot spots".
CHECHNYA - Muslims fighting Russia.
CYPRUS - Muslim Turks fighting Orthodox Greeks.
EGYPT - Smuggling weaponry and explosives into Gaza to murder
Jews; other victims of domestic Muslim violence are the Christian
ETHIOPIA - Orthodox A mharas being attacked by Muslim Oromos.
GEORGIAN REPUBLIC - Muslims are fighting to gain control of
A bkhazia from this Christian nation.
Extremist Muslim "Contributions" to the World: From AtoY
GHANA - A sk any Hi ndu for more information.
INDIA - See Pakistan.
INDONESIA - Muslims invaded and conquered western New Guinea,
Christian East Timor, and are now attempting to ki l l the Christians
i n the Celebes. A nd what about the Bali disco bombing?
IRAN - Besides the continuous violence and the protracted war wi th
Iraq and their exporting of terrorists worldwide, they are now be-
coming a nuclear threat to the world.
IRAQ - No comment is required.
IVORY COAST - Northern "rebels" murdering non-Muslims; after the
usual ceasefire which is always short-lived, Muslims of the north
have resumed the murdering of the French, too, wi th France trying
to protect the non-Muslim population.
JORDAN - I n the period 1948-67, during their occupation of the West
Jordan forced out thousands of Jews i n an attempt to create
Muslim-only cities.
I n 1972, Jordan killed 10,000 PLO thugs and
deported the survivors.
KENYA - Hosts an al Qaeda base; Muslims have been slaughtering
Christians since 1956 and most intensely for the past 20 years.
LEBANON - Civil war wi th 100,000 Christians murdered, 1,300,000
forced deportations; incursions into Israel.
MACEDONIA - See A lbania.
MALAYSIA - Here, Muslims are even murdering secular Muslims.
1. It's fascinating to note that the real occupiers of the West Bank were the Jordanians
who captured the region in 1948. Fascinating because all that Israel did in 1967 was
to restore the West Bank to its previous status (as it was for all the years until 1948) -
before Jordan invaded and then occupied it by force until 1967. Israel is not an
occupier when it restores the territory to its original status by expelling the real
invaders and interlopers, the Arabs who forcibly occupied the territory between
1948 and 1967.
2. Did you know that it is against the law for a Jew to live in "moderate" Jordan?
3. Did the king of Jordan know something about Arafat and the PLO that the world
still refuses to acknowledge?! They would have also killed Arafat, were it not for
Nasser's intervention.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
NIGERIA - Northern Muslims are massacring innocent Christians.
Remember those horrifying pictures of the suffering Biafrans? Mus-
lims were responsible for all the Biafran deaths, and Biafra and
Biafrans no longer exist.
PAKISTAN - Lots of internal oppression. Originally formed as a home-
land for the Muslims of India in order to isolate them and, thus,
protect the non-Muslim citizens of India; incursions into neighbor-
ing India continue and nearly three million people have been killed
PHILIPPINES - Here, the Muslim murderers of the South are called
"rebels" by the media and never identified by their mission or reli-
gious affiliation.
SAUDI ARABIA - Consider her continual involvement wi th terrorists:
it is no coincidence that 15 of the 19 September 11
t h
hijacking mur-
derers were Saudi nationals.
SOMALIA - For years, Muslims have been killing Christians and ani-
mists i n the south.
SUDAN - Muslims seized power i n 1989 and have, since that time,
murdered 2 million Black A fricans, sold 4 million others into sla-
very, and uprooted & displaced another 1 million.
SYRIA - Training and supporting terrorists for engagement through-
out the world; invaded Lebanon & now its occupier; government
massacres of its own citizens; recently providing insurgents to
massacre A mericans i n Iraq.
TAJIKISTAN - Islamic insurgents trying to oust the existing pro-So-
viet government.
TANZ ANIA - Muslims fighting Christians.
TURKMENISTAN - Terror directed against the Russians.
UIGHUIR - Large Muslim minority rebelling against the Chinese.
UZ BEKISTAN - Terror directed against the Russians.
XINJIANG - Muslims rebelling against the Chinese.
YEMEN - Remember just the bombing of the USS Cole and the pro-
tracted war wi th Egypt; providing insurgents to fight i n Iraq.
Extremist Muslim "Contributions" to the World: From AtoY
These are only some of the countries where there has been unrest,
"ci vi l war", terrorism, and/or chronic and relentless murders of non-
Muslims and, oftentimes, moderates and secular Muslims.
this occurs where Muslims rule the country. But even i n countries
where Muslims are l i vi ng i n a concentrated fashion as a significant
minority, it appears that cruelty and massacres and war are rampant.
This is a straightforward observation, but what is not so clear to most
people is the connection between these seemingly isolated massacres
i n so many countries and the motive behind these acts of aggression.
It so happens that wherever they live i n large concentrations and where
they are a significant minority of the overall population,
Muslims are
murdering their non-Muslim hosts i n order to achieve a pronounced
the creation of more and more Muslim-controlled regions.
Muslims have murdered millions and millions of non-Muslims i n
just the last two decades of the 20
Century. A lready, more than 60
regions and/or countries are under thefull control of Muslims and, i n
40 of these countries, control was achieved through violence and wars.
For the nearly four years since 9/11, there have been more than 2400
terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims all around the worl d - and
outside Israel.
They are utilizing violence and war to achieve their
objective throughout the world, and i n this regard, the Muslims of the
Philippines or India are no different from the Muslims i n the Israeli
4. I did not wish to belabor the point by listing so many countries, but an unequivocal
declaration needs to be made. It should be noted that there are still sixty other
countries whose citizenry have also suffered tremendously - but these acts of car-
nage, bombings and massacres, have been sporadic and thus not included in this
list which consists of "hot spots" where there are frequent massacres at the hands of
Muslims. See The Wall Street Journal (November 1, 2004) for an op-ed article by
General Tommy Franks, the former director of Central Command, the man who
directed the Iraqi invasion in 2003.
5. Another factor is having an imam who preaches hate and murder.
6. Al l 60 countries did not suffer wars in order to become Muslim-controlled because
22 of the countries were established as Muslim countries at the outset by either a
host country or through the efforts of the League of Nations or the United Nations.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
region of the worl d. Muslims are responsible for most of the hate-driven
violence i n the worl d and they all justify murder i n the name of their
religion - i n their quest for control of more territory. I ndeed,
Islam's borders are bloody and so are the innards.
Or i n the language of prophecy:

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time
[i.e., i n the pre-Messianic era].
8. This is a most descriptive phrase coined by Samuel P. Huntington in The Clash of
Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. To gain insight, please refer to this
classic work.
9. Z0/ wrI I , 32a
Chapter 10
The Bible and Oral Torah state that i n the era when Jews are return-
ing to I srael i n great numbers:

The Muslims will try to prevent the Jews from living in Israel.

Three times will the Muslims war against the Jews of Israel.

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time
[i.e., in the pre-Messianic eraj.
Muslims will initiate three wars of terror in different parts of the
world in the pre-Messianic era.*
...[ ...1

The entire world will he overcome with terror and panic [becauseof
saber-rattling i n I ran and i n Arab countries].

Observe the great and pervasive terror in Samaria (commonly
termed "West Bank") and the oppression suffered there [as a re-
suit of violence].
1. Zofor I I , 32a
2. Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29.
3. Zofcar I I , 32a
4. Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 506
5. P'sikta Rabati 36:3
6. Amos 3:9
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror

On that day, people will be stricken with great panic from the
Are you ready for this? I n the face of worl d-wide Musl i m violence,
the European Union had shelved a report on hate and violence because
the study revealed that Muslims were responsible for most of the vio-
lence i n Europe.
This body di d not want to publish the 112 page study
because this group felt that identifying the perpetrators as Musl imwoul d
be "inflammatory". Can you believe this? Being provided wi th the
truth is considered "inflammatory"?! Additional l y, the board mem-
bers di d not like the idea that the report ascribed anti-Semitic motives
to groups that were murdering only Jews. Pray tell, if not wi th anti-
Semitic motives, why else are Jews targeted for murder?
I n today's worl d, Muslims are responsible for most of the worst, hate-
driven violence on earth - all committed i n the name of their religion.
But anybody who denies I slam's "peaceful" nature runs the risk of be-
ing labeled a racist or hatemonger. And, meanwhile, all over the worl d
Christians and Jews and all other non-Muslims are being murdered i n
wars that, according to this rhetoric, cannot be occurring (because, it is
maintained, Musl ims are a peace-loving group). We cannot allow the
sanitized "official" version to be the only statement people hear about
I slam. We cannot ignore what is really happening i n the worl d. Since
9/11, nearly all of those on the FBI 's Most Wanted List have been Arab
terrorist-soldiers. Certainly, no one should indict every Musl im, but no
one should deny reality either. Therefore, the fol l owing statement needs
to be remembered:
Whi l e i t is true that not every Musl i m is a terrorist, i t is an undeni-
able fact that nearly every single terrorist has been aMusl i m.
You woul d think that this widespread pattern of mass killings and
7. Z'charyah 14:13.
8. See Bertrand Benoit's article in Financial Times of London, (November
21, 2003).
9. It should be noted that this same body had already seen fit to publish three reports
on anti-Islamic attitudes during the two year period preceding this unpublished
Complicity and Deceit
Wars would already have been acknowledged by the world. Yet, on the
contrary, despite all the blood that has been shed at the hands of Mus-
lims, various non-Muslim governments continue to provide Muslim ter-
rorist organizations and countries wi th conventional armaments and wi th
billions of dollars in financial aid - even wi th components for the con-
struction of weapons of mass destruction. Even the A merican govern-
ment is not innocent, for, at one time or another, A merica had covertly
supplied weaponry to bin Laden, A rafat, and other terrorist leaders, as
well as to Iran, Iraq, and other rogue states. A merica has even outfitted
Saudi A rabia with the most sensitive and technologically advanced equip-
ment, including the early-warning A I WA C control planes.
Interestingly, it was Jonathan Pollard who discovered three such clan-
destine A merican operations - relating to Iran, Iraq, and Saudi A rabia.
Regarding the former, Pollard inadvertently uncovered evidence that,
contrary to legislation, A merica was secretly arming Iran through in-
Congress conducted an investigation of the matter and
you, no doubt, recall the Iran-Contra Scandal and the strong presence
and testimony of the convincingly proud Oliver North. Usually, when
granting someone a pardon, the President does so after that person is
first convicted i n court. Here, President Reagan pardoned Caspar
Weinberger even before his case came to trial - i n order to prevent the
details of the A merican/I ran connection from being revealed through
court proceedings. Weinberger's shameful acts had to be hidden; thus
he never was tried i n court.
I n addition, Congress investigated the events surrounding 9/11 i n
order to identify possible domestic failure and determine culpability, if
appropriate. Essentially, Congress was attempting to learn how to pre-
vent the reoccurrence of such events. The White House did not allow the
entire report to be released to the public and labeled a 28-page section as
"classified information" - that's the section dealing wi th the connection
between our Saudi "friends" and the infamous airplane hijackers. The
report was censored "to protect reputations" amongst officials i n the high-
est of places, so stated Nancy Pelosi, a member of the panel.
10. Even Pollard did not initially realize the full implications of the satellite photos that
he transferred to Israel.
11. Associated Press (July 25, 2003); The Wall Street Journal (July 24, 2003).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
One of the Saudi agents involved wi th 9/11 was also the subject of
this congressional inquiry. But, of course, much of the section on Omar
al-Bayoumi remains classified. A nd "for unknown reasons", a sepa-
rate and additional counter-terrorism investigation of al-Bayoumi was
closed shortly before 9/11.
A nd so the cover-up continues.
The fact that fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudi na-
tionals is not a coincidence either, because "a poll of educated Saudis
between the ages of 25 and 41 showed that 95% of them supported bin
Laden's cause".
It appears that not only did the Saudis actively support the 9/11 anti-
A merican hijackers, they were funding terrorismofficially and informally.
No one wi l l ever forget their government-sponsored fundraising tele-
thon on television whereby they raised $109,000,000 for the families of
suicide bombers. The money was used as an enticement to murder, by
providing a guaranteed income to the families of the murderers.
The Muslim martyrs who are fighting against us i n Iraq are mostly
Saudis and they are being spurred on to go there as fighters by the Chief
Justice of Saudi A rabia's Supreme J udicial Council, the one who is of-
ten seen seated to the right of the Crown Prince.
It was Pollard who discovered a second clandestine operation. Con-
trary to their current denials, not only di d A merica know that Saudi
A rabia was funding A rab terrorist groups, Pollard discovered that it
was extremely forceful A merican pressure that impelled Saudi A rabia,
i n the first place, to create and train these terrorists and the Saudis, i n
accordance wi th A merican directives, w*re bankrolling these armed
forces (and they continue to do so as these words are being written).
12. The Wall Street Journal (August 8, 2003).
13. The study was cited by Martin Peretz in The New Republic (February 11, 2002).
14. See Susan Glasser' s article "'Martyrs' in Iraq Mostly Saudis" in The Washington
Post (15 May 2005). See also the report of Lisa Myers and the NBC Investigative
Unit entitled "More Evidence of Saudi Doubletalk", (26 April
15. You see, at that time, the terrorists were only limiting themselves to the murdering
of the Christians of Bosnia, the Russians in Chechnya and Afghanistan, and the
Jews of the world - so, the world did not care. Pollard also warned his superiors
that a wave of Saudi-sponsored terrorism would soon be directed against America,
Complicity and Deceit
Muslim terrorists who were created and nurtured through A merican
efforts included such infamous villains as the leaders of the Muslim
Brotherhood and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), as well
as Osama bin Laden.
It appears that Pollard also provided Israel wi th a roster listing the
identities of all the A rab spies known to A merica at that time. A ston-
ishingly, many of these A rab spies were moonlighting. You may not
believe this because it is so preposterous, but many of these known
spies were given 'security clearance' and were employed by our own
intelligence-gathering agencies. How much more irrational and bizarre
and self-destructive can it get? Even low-level civil servants must dem-
onstrate their loyalty to A merica - that they pose no security risk to our
nation. How is it possible that our government should employ people
on top-secret missions when these very same people are known A rab
spies? Strange, indeed! While some A merican intelligence agencies
were hunting A rab spies and terrorists, other federal agencies were re-
cruiting the very same.
Meanwhile, Pollard provided Israel wi th a roster containing the
names of these A rab spies. Pollard provided this information to Israel,
a country whose very survival depends upon being able to identify A rab
spies as quickly as possible, i n order to prevent themfrom utilizing
their intelligence information against the tiny, beleaguered Jewish state.
The third fiasco involved Iraq. I n 1982, A merica assured the worl d
that Iraq no longer was a rogue state and that it no longer supported
terrorists. The export floodgates opened wide and the quantity of so-
phisticated military technology and weaponry that was transferred to
Iraq was beyond imagination. A merica even permitted the illegal trans-
ferring of components for chemical weapons.
That's why government
but no one would listen to his vilifying our Saudi "friends". After all, Saudi Arabia
was considered an ally and, besides, Saudi Arabia was secretly funding terrorists at
our behest. His superiors maintained that the Saudis would never permit their
citizens or bin Laden to attack America. So, you be the judge! Who really acted
16. For more details, please see Michael Dobb's report in The Washington Post (Decern-
ber 30,2002); Jonathan Pollard's letter to The Wall Street Journal (February 15,1991);
and, especially, the transcript of Ted Koppel' s Nightline Special Investigation
(Nightline Show #2690 aired on September 13,1991).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
leaders sounded so confident when they announced i n 2002 and 2003
that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Who should know bet-
ter than they!! Ironic, isn't it, that A merica woul d eventually fight an
enemy that she created, an enemy armed to the teeth wi th A merican
technology, weaponry, and intelligence.
By a long-standing agreement, A merica had obligated itself to share
all of this information wi th Israel; but because of A rab sensitivities, an-
other written accord was violated by A merica. So, Pollard "took the
law into his own hands" i n order to single-handedly fulfill the A meri-
can agreement to deliver what A merica had already obligated itself to
do years earlier. Pollard transferred intelligence information that was
being denied Israel. What Pollard di d was wrong. But I ask you to
consider whether Pollard's actions were treasonous? A cts of espionage?
Serious spying? Minor spying? Minor infraction? What kind of pun-
ishment is appropriate?
Regarding the damage caused by the transfer of Pollard's informa-
tion to Israel, no less an authority than A ssistant U.S. A ttorney Charles
Leeper has characterized the damage as "minimal". Even the man most
responsible for securing the unprecedented life sentence that Pollard
received - even Caspar Weinberger indicated i n a newspaper interview
that the Pollard case was a most insignificant breach of A merican se-
I n the end, Pollard was convicted on one count of "passing classified
information to an ally" - a crime which usually carries a punishment of
no more than a few years i n prison. But all of this rhetoric does not really
matter, because Pollard received an overly cruel and extremely harsh
sentence for his actions. He received the sentence meted out to those
convicted of the most serious type of espionage and treason. A ldrich
A mes spied for Russia, committed treason, and was responsible for the
deaths of many A merican operatives. Despite the fact that Pollard was
responsible for no loss of life, and despite the fact that he was not guilty
of acts of treason, and despite the fact that he was not a traitor, Pollard
17. The Weekly Standard Qune 14, 2002). It is also important to note that the Pollard
affair was too unimportant to even be mentioned in Caspar Weinberger's book.
Complicity and Deceit
received the exact same sentence as A mes, the traitor - a grossly dispro-
portionate sentence because of a complete lack of due process.
A merican Government leaders would surely be mortifiedif the world
ever learned of their clandestine involvement wi th terror and terror-
ists - past and present. Pollard knew the truth and it is Pollard who
had to be kept quiet at all cost; so he was sentenced to life imprison-
ment wi th no chance for parole, even though he provided sensitive in-
formation to an ally of A merica - and not to an enemy.
Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment wi th no chance
for early release. A s a matter of fact, his first seven years were spent i n
solitary confinement - a real travesty and a perversion of justice. But
Pollard had to be isolated and so he was sentenced to life imprison-
ment, because Government leaders are desperate in their attempts to
avoid being dishonored. So, they had Pollard buried alive, together
wi th their dirty secrets. The highest echelon of A merican leaders feel
that it is crucial that what Pollard discovered remain buried and never
shared wi th anyone - never, if government leaders have their way!
18. For detail ed information, the reader is directed to two websites: and For impressive research,
please read John Loftus' book The Secret War Against the Jews and his article "The
Truth About Jonathan Pollard" in Moment Magazine (June 2003). See also Oliver
North's autobiography for 'insider' details. An additional aspect of Pollard's case
involved someone's transferring confidential documents to the Soviet Union.
Charges were invented to implicate Pollard in this act of treason, but it was later
proven in court that Aldrich Ames and Richard Hanssen attempted to implicate
Pollard in order to protect themselves because they were the ones who had be-
trayed America by spying for Russia. This was proven years later at their trials.
Despite the guilt of Ames and Hanssen and despite some newly uncovered evi-
dence, Pollard was never even granted an unbiased retrial. Despite the truth, Pol-
lard still rots in prison. Please contact the President and your Congressional
leaders to help gain his release!
Chapter 11
Do you remember the Muslim terrorist bombing of
* Pan A m Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland (1988)?
* TWA Flight 840 from England (1986)?
* the World Trade Center i n 1993?
* A merican Embassy i n Beirut i n 1983 & i n 1984?
* A merican Embassy i n Kuwait (1983)?
* the Marine barracks i n Lebanon (1983)?
* the A merican military barracks i n Saudi A rabia (in 1995 & i n 1996)?
* the A merican Embassies i n Kenya and Tanzania (1998)?
* the US A i r Force Base i n Rhein-Main (1985)?
* the USS Cole (2000)?
* A merica on 9/11?
A merica had, together wi th Saudi A rabia, created monstrous terror-
ist armies, and the terrorists have now turned against their creator and
provider. How ironic! A merica armed bin Laden and whom di d he
turn against? A nd who continued to arm Saddam Hussein from the
1980's until just prior to our first invasion of Iraq i n 1991? A nd, simi-
larly, Saddam turned against A merica, a major supporter and supplier.
So ironic and, unfortunately, so tragic.
President George W. Bush has declared war on terrorism. Despite
our tragic experiences wi th A rab barbarians like bin Laden and Saddam
Hussein and despite the fact that our activities on behalf of the A rabs
usually backfire, A merica still courts A rab terrorists and despots. A fter
a brief hiatus, A merica has resumed teaching top-secret, anti-terrorist
techniques and strategies to the police force of the Palestinian A uthor-
ity. Usually law enforcement agencies gather information from crimi-
nals and terrorists. Here, however, the police wi l l train their terrorist
Bush's War on Global Terrorism: Fact or Fiction?
buddies. A s Newsweek describes the situation: "The intelligence flow
has been going from the Palestinian A uthority to the radicals, instead
of the other way around."
Pray tell, why would A merica want terrorists to learn top-secret, anti-
terrorist strategies - especially these terrorist-soldiers? Why do terror-
ist-soldiers who regularly pronounce death threats against A merica -
why do they need to be trained by the very A merica whom they threaten
wi th death? Why woul d A merica help them perfect their skills as snip-
ers? Whomwi l l they ambush? Why woul d A merica teach them demo-
lition techniques (you know that one - we call that bomb-making)? The
CI A also budgeted for teaching the art and science of interrogation.
Why woul d A merica want to teach these murdering hate mongers anti-
terrorist techniques? Why do we need to teach terrorist-soldiers how
to avoid detection and apprehension? Is this normal? Has A merica
suddenly become masochistic or suicidal? I t is totally bizarre and our
less-than-honorable activities i n this areawi l l again backfire and prove
It is true that only half a dozen nations have been supplying Muslim
countries wi th conventional weaponry and it is also true that only a
few nations had been supplying A rab nations wi th materials that are
utilized i n the construction of weapons of mass destruction. But, cer-
tainly, almost all nations support or approve or condone or just simply
ignore this type of commercial traffic and how this trafficking enables
and empowers the terrorists to perpetrate acts of aggression, violence,
and massacres. Even the State of Israel has acted irrationally: woul d
you believe that they would, for example, voluntarily arm terrorist-sol-
diers - and for free? A nd so, because of the nations' respective man-
ners of responding (or not responding), thousands upon thousands of
their citizenry are still having their blood shed by Muslim terrorists
and rogue regimes.
I f this situation isn't sufficiently irrational, international efforts to write
a global anti-terrorist treaty has been at an impasse since 1996. Is "terror-
1. Newsweek (June 23,2003) pages 32-33; see also "CIA Initiates Anti-Terrorism Course
For Terrorists", (June 2,2003). See also "Training Our Enemies",
www.Front Page Magazine (October 18, 2005).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
ism" a termthat is too difficult for the nations to define or is it that the
nations have acompelling reason to resist legislating i n this area?
Wi l l the worl d continue to ignore or support such evil forever, or
wi l l there ultimately be a "straw that breaks the camel's back"? Are we
merely payingl ip service to the "war on terror"? Wi l l Christendomever
get to the point where they wi l l no longer elect to quietly absorb contin-
ued aggression? What wi l l it take to marshal forces to eradicate this
scourge of evil from the face of the earth? I f Musl i m violence remains
unchecked and just keeps spiraling upwards i n intensity and i n fre-
quency, can you imagine what savagery we wi l l yet suffer (Heaven
forbid)? What acts of ruthless cruelty and raw evil must yet befall the
West i n order to trigger a resolute and forceful response, once and for
all?! Whatever the answer, l ogic dictates that, at some poi nt,
Christendomwi l l feel compelled to put a stop to theseMusl i m blood-
baths that continue to target the good people of this earth and that
intensify wi th each passing day. The only question is: What wi l l it take?
I t is only a matter of time now. Unfortunately, this unnecessarily pro-
longed process is best described as "education through murders".
Largely passive and non-assertive at this point, Christendomwi l l yet
commit themselves to fight back against the Musl i m atrocities. I feel
comfortable i n wri ti ng these words - do you know why? Because there
is just such a prophecy:
. .
At that point, aroused by massive Muslim killings, the Christian
world will assemble to respond mightily and forcefully to these
I ndeed, there wi l l come a day of such devastation that those who
survivewi l l be able to delude themselves no longer about their 'moder-
ate Musl i m friends'.
I n order to help identify the "straw that breaks the camel's back", I
woul d like to direct your attention to another event that is mentioned
i n the Bible and elaborated i n Oral Torah - an event of terrifying pro-
portions, but a breathtaking and magnificent prophecy, nevertheless.
2. Zohar I I , 32a
Chapter 12
Besides being a part of nature, mountains can be artificial as, i n fact,
the Al mi ghty states:
[ ]
TJje mountains are mountains of copper.
I n the language of the Bible, the term"mountain" does not solely
refer to what is commonly understood as a geologically massive and
tall feature of the earth - you know, the ordinary sort of nature's moun-
tains where there are cliffs, where the terrain is rocky, and where trees
grow. Apparently, mountains can also be madefrom metal. But what
are "metal mountains" and how is this Biblical phrase expressed i n con-
temporary English?
The Al mi ghty also proclaims:
Every mountain...will be brought low.
But massive, geological mountains do not topple; so when the Al -
mighty states that mountains wi l l tumble, it may be referring to the
mountains of metal that wi l l collapse. We don't have to wait long for
clarification, because the Al mighty also declares:

771e [humanly constructed] towers will fall on a day of many deaths.
Mountains can be madefrom metal. 'Mountains' can also be syn-
onymous for "towers". So, what humanly-constructed towers are as
tall as mountains? What tall towers wi l l collapse "on a day of many
deaths"? When and under what circumstances?
1. Z'charyah 6:1. The first part of the verse will soon be discussed.
2. Isaiah 40:4
3. Ibid., 30:25
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Here again, we don't haveto ponder long, becauseOral Torah elabo-
rates, providing us wi th the detailed information we seek - i n the form
of a spectacular and awesome prophecy:
. ...
... .
. .
The essenceof these passages is that:
*Three very tal l towers wi l l collapse on the very sameday, on the
day of Elul.
*These towers are located i n a city, i n a predominantly Christian
*The collapse of the threetall towers wi l l be accompanied by a thun-
der-like sound and tremendous fire.
*The disintegration and devastation caused by their falling wi l l be
so massive that the resultant thick and blinding smokewi l l darken
the entire areabefore noon, and daytimewi l l be transformed into
night. Nothing wi l l be visible.
*The loss of l ife wi l l be enormous and people
fromall walks of life wi l l perish.
*Peoplewi l l believe that they wi l l never sur-
vive the imminent disasters.
The date provided i n the prophecy, the 23
of the month of Elul - wel l , i n the year 5761... just
look at the J ewish calendar.
4. Zohar I I I , 212b; ibid., I I , 8a-8b
5. This is a quote from the most accurate edition - the one that the Vilna Gaon publi-
cized in the 18th Century in Sifra D'Tzniusa. All critical editions reflect this Ian-
guage. Unfortunately, one popular edition contains a printing error because it
discusses Friday, 25 Elul - but the 25th of Elul can never, ever occur on a Friday.
00 SKI
strmmnt El 11
9 HLWAV 21
10 MUMI AY 22
H n-m1AV 23
12 U>UH. UOAV 24
Non-Ordinary Mountains Fall
The date provided i n the prophecy - i n the year 5761, the 23
day of
the month of Elul corresponds to Tuesday, the 11
t h
of September 2001,
"a day which wi l l live i n infamy" as 9/11. And so it was! Three very
tall towers di d fall on 23Elul, September 11
t h
The details of this particular prophecy, as delineated i n Written and
Oral Torah, are easily recognized because everyone's attention was riv-
eted to the horrors of that day. And i n accordance wi th the prophecy of
falling towers and metal mountains, three tall towers fall on one day.
Threetall buildings i n the Worl d Trade Center complex - theTwi n Tow-
ers and the massive Building #7 are destroyed on 23Elul, corresponding
to September 11
t h
. We are provided a prophecy - even wi th the date. The
of Elul, thunder-like crashes of sound, fire, and blinding smoke...
Wow! This is a very powerful prophecy: the struck buildings are de-
scribed, and the date and timeof day of their collapse are provided - this is
almost beyond description and too awesome for words. Certainly, westill
feel the horrors of that day and we remain frightened to this day. But,
nevertheless, we are provided wi th the prophecy i n advance of 9/11.
Secondly, as everyone saw and everybody heard from the survivors
and people at the disaster site, the fire and devastation were so intense
that people who were trapped i n that areadescribed how they invol un-
tarily chewed and ate smoke - literally. The smoke was that thick. As
a matter of fact, as a result of the immensely thick and bl inding smoke,
day was transformed into night wi th zero visibility - again, i n accor-
dancewi th the prophecy.
This is amighty and awesome prophecy. So clear. So many details.
Even that the tragedy wi l l occur before noon on September 11* . Onl y
the Al mi ghty could be the source for thesewritten words. But we are
not finished yet: wait until you see what follows! I t gets more and more
incredible and 'supernatural' - naturally.
Oral Torah also states:
On that day, three very tall towers fall...and [afourth building] a
building associated with power will be struck.
6. Ibid., I ll, 212b
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Three towers fall. Then a fourth building wi l l be struck. A lso, the
fourth building is not described as being i n the same locale as the first
three. Indeed, because this is Divine Wi l l , wi thi n minutes of the World
Trade Center disaster, a third hijacked plane woul d crash into the Pen-
tagon, the fourth building to be struck on September 11
t h
Of all the A merican buildings, the Pentagon is the one structure that
is associated wi th power - just as described i n the prophetic pronounce-
ment. It is wi thi n this complex that the strategists of the A merican mi l i -
tary sit, and wi thi n the Pentagon are found the upper echelon
commanders of the A merican military forces. A n A merican icon, the
Pentagon is certainly a building associated wi th military strength. The
prophecy described an attack on four buildings and, indeed, on the
morning of 23 Elul, corresponding to September 11
t h
, four edifices were
struck - three tall towers, as well as a building associated wi th power
and might. Torah pronounces and so it was.
Four buildings. A carnage. A ghastly and dreadful tragedy. We
still feel the horror, the pain, and sadness. But a prophetic occurrence,
just the same. There are two very powerful reactions: a horrific tragedy
and a mighty prophecy. We are overwhelmed wi th confusion, simul-
taneously experiencing tragedy and magnificence. I n addition to the
obvious pain and terror that is engendered by recalling this tragedy - is
there anything more incredible and awe-inspiring than a prophecy un-
folding right before our very eyes? But the prophecy is even more breath-
taking and awesome, because on that fateful September morning, three
airplanes crashed into buildings. You wi l l recall, however, that four
airplanes were actually hijacked, but only three planes crashed into
buildings. The first two airplanes destroyed three A merican icons - the
three mountainous World Trade Center buildings. A nd then the Pen-
tagon was hit - by a third plane.
But the murderous hijackers had one more objective i n mind, be-
cause four planes were actually hijacked. A nd, that, also, is related to a
prophecy. Remember the verse about mountains of metal? Well, i m-
mediately preceding that part of the verse dealing wi th the two
mountainous towers, mention is made of four craft associated wi th the
two metal mountains.
Non-Ordinary Mountains Fall

Behold, four craft were emerging from between two mountains and
the mountains were mountains of copper.
Four planes are associated wi th the disaster invol ving theTwi n Tow-
ers, the two mountainous icons of the Worl d Trade Center. Can you
believe all the details that the Al mighty has provided us? Besides four
buildings falling, the Bible tells us that four vehicles () woul d be
involved wi th these metal mountains. The suspense and excitement of
studying prophecies intensifies as a result of one more factor.
The terrorists planned to crash the fourth plane into Washington, D.C.
I t just so happened that, unbeknownst to the hijackers, there was aflaw
i n their plans; i n fact, this flaw was so significant that the terrorist de-
signs could never, ever befully actualized on that day. The critical i m-
pediment? I f you recall: the Torah prophecy had already been fulfilled
earlier that morning when three planes slammed into four buildings. The
prophecy called for only four buildings to be attacked, and by 9:43 AM,
all the pre-designated buildings i n the prophecy had already been at-
tacked (by only three planes) wi thi n the relatively short span of 58 min-
utes. At 5:20 PM, Building #7 woul d collapse. That's it; by 9:43A M the
entire prophecy was already unfolding as all the predestined buildings
had already been struck. So, from aDivine perspective, that fourth plane
was rendered impotent, i n so far as the terrorist plans were concerned.
That fourth plane woul d not serve as atool for actualizing thewi l l of the
murderous hijackers. That plane woul d crash into no buil ding. And, so,
the passengers on that fourth plane overpowered the hijackers and that
plane never struck its intended Washington target. Three planes struck
the four pre-designated buildings; no other important buildings woul d
be struck on September 11
t h
, the 23
of Elul.
The Al mi ghty pronounces and so it was - as it always is. The
Al mighty's plans are always fulfilled and precisely so.
Grasswithers and a blossom may fade, but the word of the Almighty
will always endure and prevail.
7. Z'charyah 6:1
8. Isaiah 40:8
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
And as Oral Torah emphasizes:

From all that the Almighty has said, not even one utterance will go
Horrific, but WOW! Let's stop for a minute, sit back and mul l over
what we've discussed so far - and consider our reactions. Notwi th-
standing our great sadness i n recalling this unspeakable tragedy, there
is also a degree of engendered excitement when we physically experi-
ence the actual unfolding of aBiblical prophecy. Excitement: we pos-
sess a considerable amount of Torah knowledge and we now realize
that the Bible is alive i n more ways than we might ever have thought
possible. There is also an element of awe i n seeing firsthand that Bibl i-
cal prophets are indeed true prophets and that Torah is a book of truth -
despite all the verbal attacks against the authenticity of Torah. And,
yes, we have seen that the Al mighty provides us wi th many of the de-
tails - even before the event occurs, as is stated:
[the Al mighty] reveal the outcome even before the first episode [in
the chain of events] materializes.

You will have heard from Me [about future events] - even before
they occur.
I ndeed, we have been informed of the event much before it occurs.
I ndeed, the Al mighty provides us wi th truth - i n al l the books of Wri t-
ten and Oral Torah. Al l we have to do is to learn wi th eagerness and we
can reach alevel of great understanding. I t is also essential to have a
qualified teacher to guide us through the worl d of Torah.
There is one more detail i n this prophecy that deserves attention.
9. Babylonian Talmud, Sofrim 13:11
10. Isaiah 46:10
11. Ibid., 48:5
Non-Ordinary Mountains Fall
The entire world will be able to witness certain aspects of the events
of September 11"' - hearing thunder-like crashes and seeing a tre-
mendous pillar of fire.
When I first learned this concept (which appears several other times
i n Oral Torah), I wondered to myself: how is it possible for an event i n
one locale to be experienced by the entire world? On a clear day and
under the best of conditions, the l imits of hearing and vision are, at
best, a distance of but a few miles. So how can an event i n one locale be
witnessed by people who live hundreds of miles away or across gigan-
tic oceans? Even thoughI could not envision the conditions under which
this event woul d be realized, I knew the prophecy to be true; I just could
not envision the specifics that woul d make it possible for people to see
across such vast distances. Then came the answer. Beginning wi th the
first phase of the war against I raq, the 1991 Desert Stormwi th embed-
ded journalists and photographers and their 'real time' reporting, it now
became possible for the entire worl d to witness amil itary attack and to
accompany soldiers i n battle. That's it!! That must be the mechanism
that woul d enable all people to witness the event.
And so i t was that on 23 Elul - on that day photography and
videography brought thosehorrifying images to the entire worl d. The
images of the bombed-out Pentagon and the three burning Worl d Trade
Center Buildings were transmitted through television and the internet.
We saw the North Tower engulfed i n flames. We saw a second hi -
jacked airplane crash into the South Tower. Wi th our own eyes, we
saw the Twi n Towers disintegrate. We saw the collapse of Buil ding #7
later that day. We saw a huge section of the Pentagon destroyed and i n
flames. Over and over, for days and days the entire worl d re-experi-
enced this horrific disaster. Who can ever forget thoseterrifying and
gruesome images? Nay, who wi l l ever forget them? The main point is
that the attacks and resulting destruction were viewed by the entire
worl d - precisely as described i n Oral Torah.
12. Paraphrased from Zohar I I I , 212b; ibid., I I , 8a-8b.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
My dear reader, here we have experienced events where a signifi-
cant number of very specific and unique details were provided i n ad-
vance. We saw the actual unfolding of a prophecy wi th our very own
eyes. Seeing the fulfillment of all these prophecies - just reflecting upon
all these prophecies should cause our hearts to race wi th excitement.
But this is not a unique and singular experience. The worl d has been
experiencing the fulfillment of many other prophecies throughout the
September 11
t h
is definitely a prophecy come-true, but
this day would also mark the dawning of a prophetically ordained se-
quence of events. On September 11
t h
, another prophecy woul d begin to
unfold - the launching of the first episode i n a sequence of events. Dif-
ferent than most, the next prophecy describes a chain of events, occur-
ring one after the other, that are triggered by the disasters of that dreadful
day - a sequence, the magnitude of which woul d reverberate through-
out the worl d and change the face of the planet forever.
13. There still remain several very exciting prophecies that wil l be actualized very soon.
Chapter 13
T H E W A R O N T E R R O R I S M : W H O W R O T E T H E S C R I P T ?
Without Oral Torah, the Bible can never be ful l y understood because
it is Oral Torah that provides the powerful details that supplement the
Bible's quick sketch:

Therefore, my loins are full of anguish; pains have gripped me like
the pains of a woman in childbirth; my hearing is distorted; I am
afraid to look. I have become disoriented; panic has terrified me. He
has transformed festivity into horror.. }
It will be a period of such great troubles - the likes of which were
never-before experienced.
For I am arousing and raising up against Babylonia a large coalition
of nations for battle against her.. .
What are the circumstances behind the terror that is described i n the
Bible? Wel l , Oral Torah provides the details. Referring to the just-cited
versefromIsaiah, Oral Torah informs us:
[... ... ]

[Because of threats emanating from Iran and Arab countries,]
all the nations will be overcome with terror and panic and pain and
the Jews will be similarly overcome and will scream-out, "How can
we escape this nightmare?"
1. Isaiah 21:3-4
2. Daniel 12:1
3. Jeremiah 50:9
4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
... .
. .
Tlie Muslims will gather to destroy the Christians who will entertain
no hope of surviving... Fortunate is the person who shall not live at
that time [and who will be spared horrific fears and dread]. People of
the world will walk around in a dazed state.

Muslims will initiate three wars of terror...and one in a large city
that will be the most severe.
For the next twelve months, the leaders will take counsel together

... ....
Muslims will launch violent wars throughout the world and the
Christian people will rise up together and travel great distances in
order to attack the Muslims.

A powerful leader will raise himself over all the other rulers (i.e., he
will rise to the occasion). He will open up wars on two fronts and he
will overpower the enemy.
5. Zohar I I , 8b
6. Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29
7. Zohar II, 8b
8. Ibid., I I , 32a
9. Ibid., I ll, 212a
The War On Terrorism: Who Wrote the Script?
The main points i n these selections are:
*The Muslims wi l l create such extreme panic that no people wi l l
feel safe - not those at sea, not even those i n the deserts. This wi l l
not be a war of the conventional type, but an enormous war of
terror is prophesied - one that engulfs the entire world.
*People worldwide wi l l be overcome wi th fear to the extent that
they wi l l be preoccupied wi th basic safety and security concerns.
*Surprisingly, the worl d wi l l suffer the terror i n silence, but, even-
tually, a most powerful ruler wi l l create a coalition that wi l l over-
power the enemy.
*A fter a year of consultations, this powerful ruler wi l l be able to
form a coalition of nations and hewi l l , together wi th his coalition,
travel great distances i n order to attack the enemy.
Well, President Bush di d just that; the President unknowingly fol-
lowed the written script as prescribed i n Torah - naturally. Could it be
any different? A fter the 9/11 tragedy, President Bush and his emissar-
ies had countless meetings wi th dozens of nations throughout the world
i n order to garner support for the "war on terrorism". He eventually
organized a coalition of forces to attack Osama bin Laden and his sol-
diers i n order to prevent themfrom ever harming others again. Then
the President went after Saddam Hussein - again, after scurrying
throughout the worl d i n search of nations who woul d support his at-
tack on Iraq - a continuation of the war on terrorism. A fter twelve
months of negotiations and intense cajoling, President Bush di d even-
tually gain the UN's approval, and, as wi th bin Laden, the President
did assemble a coalition to attack Saddam - just as delineated i n this
prophecy. Yea! Finally! It looks like Christendomwi l l now begin to
fight back and stop the evil Muslim terrorists "i n their tracks". A s Oral
Torah envisages, these defensive battles produce a very decisive and
stunning victory - as we shall soon see. But, unfortunately, the twelve
months of behind-the-scene negotiations were also utilized to prepare
another agenda - one that was less-than-honorable, to say the least.
Chapter 14
C H R I S T I A N S & M U S L I M S C A N A C T U A L L Y C O O P E R A T E
T O G E T H E R - A G A I NS T I S R A E L
So, it appears that the events of September 11
t h
are the events that
di d trigger aforceful response to Musl i m terror and bloodshed. But at
this time, it is still too soon to determine whether the September 11
t h
tragedy is actually the "straw that broke the camel's back", whether the
reactions to the tragedy wi l l actually lead to the envisaged programfor
the total eradication of Musl i mevil from the entire worl d; wewi l l have
to wait and see. But after September 11
t h
, one thing is clear: America
did act - finally. They attacked bin Laden and afterwards America struck
SaddamHussein. And for this alone, all people are indebted to Presi-
dent Bush for the courage he displayed - especially i n light of the abuse
to which he has been subjected, both at home and abroad. But if this
foray wi l l be just l imited to these two countries, as presently apparent,
and the Western allies wi l l not "connect the dots" and fight the worl d-
wide Musl i m scourge of evil , then Musl i m massacres wi l l continue
unabated. And Oral Torah captures the pervasiveness of the terror.
People wi l l not be safe - nowhere: not i n I srael and not i n the worl d.

Three times will the Muslims wage terrifying wars against the Jews
of Israel in the End of Days.

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time
[i.e., in the pre-Messianic eraj.
As a result of these tragic and horrific events, the worl d wi l l be over-
come by a feeling of helplessness, terror, and extreme vulnerability.
1. Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 506; Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29.
2. Zohar I I , 32a
Christians & Muslims Can Actually Cooperate Together - AGAINST ISRAEL
Tlxerefore, my loins are full of anguish, pains have gripped me.. .1 am
disoriented; I am terrorized by panic .. .
I srael, too, wi l l be paralyzed wi th fear:


All the nations will be overcome with terror and panic and pain and
the Jews will be similarly overcome and will scream out: 'How can
we escape this nightmare'?
It will be a period of such great troubles - the likes of which were
never-before experienced.
Many people have curtailed travel. Those who do travel, do so wi th
trepidation and wi th fear for their safety. More and more stringent
security measures are being implemented worl d-wide. I n some areas
of the West and at certain times, a war-like posture can be detected.
Research reveals that great numbers of Americans (including children)
are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
But, clearly, resolve is still lacking. Whil e Musl i matrocities con-
tinue unabated throughout the worl d and whil e the non-Musl imworl d
is under siege and non-Muslims are being murdered by Muslims, the
Western nations disregard their own security issues. What can be more
critical than rooting out the evil terrorists? Wel l , during the 12 months
fol l owing 9/11, Western leaders began planning a strategy. They actu-
ally began anew wi th their irrepressible, compulsive-like efforts to pla-
cate the Muslims terrorist-soldiers who live along the borders of I srael.
3. Isaiah 21:3-4. Oral Torah associates the circumstances with the Muslim threats, ter-
rorism, and wars. For more information, see: P'sikta Rabati 36:3; Zohar I I , 8b; and
Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 506.
4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3
5. Daniel 12:1
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
[ ]
! .
[Wlrile these war-like events are occurring after the fall of the Towers
and instead of totally focusing on the global threat of terrorism that
is required by the circumstances,] leaders will conspire to compel
Israel to comply with directives that will only serve to harm Israel
[and these leaders will appear to be experiencing success in these
Can you believe this? I n the midst of ki l l i ng each other i n different
parts of the worl d, Christian and Musl i m nations lay aside their deadly
conflict and cooperatewi th each other, united i n their shared obsession
to dismantle tiny I srael - one of the smallest countries i n the worl d.
And, yes, the Muslims are spearheading the movement to dismantle
the J ewish State. But, of course, this, too, is a prophecy - both i n Wri t-
ten and Oral Torah.

The Muslims will try to prevent the Jews from living in Israel.

All the nations of the world shall gather against Jerusalem.
I will gather all the nations of the world to Jerusalem for war.

The Muslims will arouse the nations of the world to join them in
coming up against Jerusalem.
For the fulfillment of these prophecies, one only has to look at the
actions of the United Nations. As a body, the UN has officially rebuked
6. Zohar I I , 8b
7. Ibid., 32a
8. Z'charyah 12:3
9. Ibid., 14:2
10. Zohar 1,119a
Christians & Muslims Can Actually Cooperate Together - AGAINST ISRAEL
or condemned Israel nearly 1000 times - which is far more than all their
other condemnations combined. But the situation is much more terri-
tying. It is beyond what anyone could ever imagine.
UNRWA -administered schools in the refugee camps have been found
to be teaching hatred of Israel; classroom walls are plastered wi th post-
ers glorifying suicide attacks. UN-run facilities and encampments are
being used by A rab terrorist-soldiers for meeting-grounds, as well as
for storage of weapons; snipers shoot from these UN schools and bombs
are being manufactured inside. Dozens of UNRWA employees have
been arrested for terrorist activities.
Indeed, the United Nations Relief and Works A gency (UNRWA ) is
deeply intertwined wi th A rab terrorism. This is even borne out by
UNRWA 's Commissioner-General who freely admitted that A rab ter-
rorist-soldiers are on the A gency's payroll. " I don't see that as a crime",
he added.
These statements are not to be taken lightly as they are
official statements from the chief administrator of a supposedly neutral
body that has a mandate to maintain peace. A nd because of the seri-
ousness of the Commissioner-General's admissions, documentation wi l l
be presented i n the form of a sampling of but a few incidents.
11. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's interview of Peter Hansen (October 2,2004).
12. The reader interested in more detailed information is directed to UNRWA Terrorist
Activity Under-Reported, (October 6, 2004) and UN Ambulances
Caught Red-Handed, ibid. (May 16,2004). For additional examples of such activity,
the reader is referred to, www. zoa. org. and
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Taking advantage of the freedom of movement they enjoy as "diplo-
mats", UNRWA employees ferry terrorist-soldiers throughout the land
i n UN ambulances wi th much of this activity captured on videotape.
*A senior official of UNRWA i n Gaza, Nahd A ttala, admitted that
he had regularly used his UNRWA car to transport explosives, as
well as armed Fatah members on their way to carry out missile
attacks against Jewish communities.
*A n UNRWA employee, Nidal Nazzal, was nabbed while trans-
porting weapons and explosives i n a UN ambulance.
*A la Muhammad A l i Hassan confessed to sniper shootings from
an UNRWA school near Nablus/Shechem. He also admitted that
bombs were being manufactured inside the building.
*In September 2003, an Israeli military court convicted 3 other
UNRWA employees of terrorist activities and detained 16 others
for various security-related matters.
*The UN is covertly funding Muslim terrorist organizations.
*The incident familiar to many people involves two Israelis who
were murdered i n October 2000 after being abducted i n UN ve-
hides by terrorist-soldiers who were actually PA policemen.
the most revolting and reprehensible aspect was that their actual
abduction was witnessed by much of the UN force who are as-
signed to protect lives and keep peace on the Israel-Lebanon bor-
der. Instead, they chose to officially videotape the incident instead
of protecting the innocent. Initially, UNI FI L denied possessing such
tapes. Under tremendous public pressure, the UN finally agreed
to allow Israeli authorities to view an edited version of the tape -
edited i n such a way that made it impossible to identify the terror-
ist-soldiers. The UN attempted to justify their censorship actions
13. The salaries of UNRWA workers are paid through contributions from America,
despite the fact that the use of taxpayer funds for acts of terrorism is totally irratio-
nal, in addition to being illegal under amended Section 301(c) of the 1961 Foreign
Assistance Act.
14. See Dore Gold' s article "The UN at Work", The Wall Street Journal (19 January 2005)
15. (29 June 2005)
Christians & Muslims Can Actually Cooperate Together - AGAINST ISRAEL
by claiming that not protecting the identity of these Arabs woul d
compromise UN neutrality. Such concern for legalities, ethics, and
morality. Yuk! You can throw up from such inverted "sensitivity"!
But, you know what? Al l of these developments should come as no
surprise to the student of Torah, because these incidents are the ele-
ments of the prophecy which states:

The Muslims will arouse the nations of the world to join them in
coming up against Jerusalem}
16. Zohar 1,119a
Chapter 15
The approximate size of New Jersey, the entire country of Israel has
a population equal to that of Madrid. Can you imagine: 6 mi l l i on Jews
are surrounded by nearly 400,000,000 A rabs, the overwhelming major-
ity of whom support the murdering of Jews?! To describe the situation
as unbearable is to speak euphemistically. The Land of Israel totals
approximately 7,000 square miles, while adjacent Muslim territory con-
sists of more than 6,700,000 square miles. Take a look at the map below,
where A rab/Musl i m countries are shaded. Can you find Israel?
A magnifying glass is needed.)
1. A rather appropriate caption for this map could be: END TH E UNJUST J EWISH
J Th United Stat*
Obviously, Peace Depends Upon Israeli Borders
Presented as a mathematical proportion: compared to the huge A rab
empire, Israel is a tiny playing card engulfed by a huge football field
inhabited by Muslims. A s if A rab territory isn't more than adequate i n
size, it is now demanded that the "football field" be enlarged at the
expense of the "card-sized area". Israel is 1/1000 the size of the 22 A rab
countries i n their immediate neighborhood and the intent is to make
tiny Israel even smaller because, it is claimed, the surrounding region is
not adequate i n size to accommodate those who are commonly referred
to as "Palestinian refugees". It should also be noted that the "Palestin-
ians" are actually indigenous to the "football field" region - and not the
"card-sized" area.
Moreover, the UN had already expropriated 80% of
Israeli territory i n order to create a homeland for the "Palestinian" A r-
abs and this land was given the name Jordan.
There is now a strong
movement afoot to create a second homeland for the very same "Pales-
tinian" A rabs. This movement is supported by the nations of the world -
including some Israelis. The "Palestinian" A rabs should be granted still
another country? Does any of this make sense? But as we saw earlier,
it is the prophecy that Israel's right to exist wi l l be challenged!
"His Majesty's Government view wi th favour the establishment i n
Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and wi l l use their
best efforts to facilitate the achievement of this object..." Wi th these
opening words of the Balfour Declaration, the Brit-
ish formally committed themselves, already i n - y
1917, to create a Jewish State i n the whole of Pales-
tine. I n fact, Great Britain stipulated that it would
"facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable con-
ditions and shall encourage close settlement by
Jews on the land". I n 1922, the League of Nations
endorsed the British intentions and awarded the
Jews the entire area known as Palestine.
No territorial restrictions were placed on the Jewish National Home -
not to the east, not to the west, not to the north, and not to the south.
2. Almost all of the so-called 'Palestinian refugees' only migrated to Israel during the
18 years before 1948 (from elsewhere in the region).
3. The original name was Transjordan thus implying that the homeland for the Jews
was the entire other side of the Jordan River - including the West Bank of the River.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
The total area for the Jewish State consisted of 43,075 square miles and
encompassed territory on both sides of the Jordan River. A s a matter of
fact, Israel has a right to make afull land claim under this League of
Nations Mandate.
Great Britain was mandated wi th the responsibility for assisting the
Jews towards the goal of establishing an independent and viable coun-
try i n accordance wi th this map's demarcations. But wi thi n months of
their being given this responsibility, Britain di d the unthinkable by
unilaterally lopping off 32,460 square miles. First they divided Pales-
tine into two administrative districts wi th Jews permitted only i n the
region west of the Jordan River. Then, to the east, the British installed a
Hashemite as ruler i n what became known as "Transjordan". By mak-
ing this division, the British effectively reduced the area available for
the Jewish National Home to only 22% of the original award - the en-
tire area of Palestine as designated by the League of
A s if losing 78% of their land wasn't bad enough,
the Jews woul d suffer still another insult. I n 1947, the UN proposed a
further partitioning of the land wi th a reduction of the Jewish share to
5,560 square miles, a mere 13% of the original allotment. The A rabs
were offered the West Bank and Gaza, i n addition to the previous alio-
cation of Transjordan. Proposed borders were totally indefensible and
75% of the revised allocation consisted of desert land. I f you think that
was bad, look at the proposed configuration of the land. The Jewish
State woul d have the shape of three distinct countries.
4. Israel has a legal claim to the territory called Jordan, because Great Britain, without
permission of the League of Nations, illegally lopped off 80% of the land allocated
for the Jews by this world body.
5. For the text of Bevlin's address to the UN, see The New York Times (Jan. 18,1946). It
is clear from his remarks that the British were intent on creating the Palestinian state
for the Arabs - in Jordan.
By granting Transjordan its independence, Great
Britain had partitioned Palestine wi th the intention
of creating an I NDEPENDENT PA L ESTI NI A N
STA TE FOR A RA BS east of the Jordan River.
Jordan is the Palestinian State for A rabs by design!
Obviously, Peace Depends Upon Israeli Borders
Surprisingly, the Jews accepted the "crumbs" from
the UN. But the Plan was rejected by the A rabs, de-
spite the fact that the A rabs were being offered the
West Bank and Gaza i n addition to 80% of Jewish Pal-
estine - the entire area east of the Jordan River. The
A rabs rejected the offer and THE WEST BA NK A ND
i n accordance wi th the 1946 demarcation.
Di d the A rabs reject the plan because they felt an
injustice had occurred i n that they were now being
granted most of the Jewish allotment and that their
share of Palestine was too large, or that they had al-
ready been granted 22 countries while the Jews only
received one? Or did the A rabs reject the offer of the
West Bank and Gaza because they had already been granted a Palestin-
ian homeland in Transjordan as announced earlier in the UN by Bevlin?
The answer to the question was broadcast for all to hear when the
A rabs promised to wage a war of extermination and momentous mas-
sacre which woul d be spoken of "like the Mongolian massacres and the
It was not an issue of how much territory woul d be i n the
hands of the A rabs. The issue was an existential one, not a territorial
one. The issue was then (and still is): There would be no Jewish State.
A nd so the A rab nations invaded.
Today A rabs are clamoring for possession of the West Bank and Gaza.
Today they blame the suicide-homicide bombings on the "desperation
of occupation". When the A rabs were preparing to invade Israel i n
1967, what were they thinking then? A t that point i n time, when they
were already forcibly and illegally occupying the West Bank and East
Jerusalem (under Jordanian rule) and Gaza (under Egyptian rule) - at
that point i n time, why di d they want to attack Israel (when they al-
ready had the land which they are now demanding i n the year 2006)?!
6. The Arab delegates declared Partition invalid as described in The New York Times
(Nov. 30, 1947). AH Arab governments declared their opposition to Partition as
reported in the same newspaper over the course of the subsequent two days.
7. BBC broadcast (May 15,1948)
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
A dditionally, i n 1948 the A rabs possessed even more land than they
controlled in 1967; so what was their purpose in invading Israel i n 1948?
What did the A rabs want in 1948 when they were being awarded nearly
the entire Jewish Palestine including Gaza and the West Bank? Lastly,
consider this: The PLO was created at an A rab Summit meeting i n 1964.
This date is significant because i n 1964 Jordan controlled the disputed
West Bank and Gaza territories and not a single Jew lived there, as a
result. Interestingly, in the original PLO Charter of that year, A rticle 24
explicitly stated:
This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the
West Bank... or the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah area.
I n other words, the PLO effectively announced to the worl d that they
did not consider these lands to be Palestinian lands. (It was only after
1967 that the PLO 'accidentally discovered' that these areas were Pales-
tinian lands from time immemorial. The PLO Charter was then revised
to reflect the 'newly discovered' information.)
A Lebanese activist summed it up beautifully:
They blame suicide bombing on "desperation of occupation". Let me tell
you the truth. The first major terror bombing committed by Arabs against
the Jewish state occurred ten weeks before Israel even became indepen-
dent. On Sunday morning, February 22,1948, in anticipation of Israel's
independence, a triple truck bomb was detonated by Arab terrorists on
Ben Yehudah Street in what was then the Jewish section of Jerusalem.
Fifty-four people were killed and hundreds were wounded. Thus, it is
obvious that Arab terrorism is caused not by the "desperation" or "occu-
pation", but by the VERY THOUGHT of a Jewish state.
Even more succinctly:
I t's not that I srael is bei ng very provocative to the A rabs;
But to the A rabs, Israel's very being is provocative.
Consider the Hebron and Gaza massacres of 1929, for example. A rab
attacks against the Jews of Israel began long before there was even a
8. Brigitte Gabriel in remarks delivered at Duke University (October 14, 2004)
9. Adapted from an observation of George Wil l in "Mapping Survival", Washington
Post (April 18, 2004).
Obviously, Peace Depends Upon Israeli Borders
Jewish State and, so, A rab warfarewi l l not be dissipated by a return to
some previous border. Massacres of Jews were rampant even before
there was a State of Israel.
Under present conditions, the Jews of Israel are living wi th fear of
daily bombings. I f this is not serious enough, the Jews of Israel are
paralyzed wi th fear trying to envision what it wi l l be like living on a
very narrow strip of land surrounded by a 23
sovereign Muslim state
bent on its destruction. There are more than one bi l l i on two hundred
fifty mi l l i on Muslims in the worl d and they are already the majority i n
nearly 60 countries. There are about 15 mi l l i on Jews dispersed through-
out the worl d and they are a majority i n only one country; i n Israel they
number 6 million souls. The last time that Jewish lives were threat-
ened, 80% of them were massacred.
Now the Jews are openly threat-
ened again and they are already under attack - and no country wants
them to defend themselves.
I n negotiations i n the year 2001, the then-Prime Minister of Israel,
Ehud Barak, offered A rafat 98% of exactly the territory that A rafat had
demanded and 98% is certainly an extraordinary offer. I f the basis for
the conflict were territorial i n nature, then A rafat should have either
accepted the offer or presented a counteroffer. But Barak's offer also
called for a permanent cessation of hostilities. No more murdering of
Jews. A s expected, A rafat rejected the offer outright and walked out of
the meeting and returned to devote himself to leading the murderers.
Instead of continuing the negotiations, he intensified the Oslo War.
A t noon on every May 18
, sirens wail across PA -controlled terri-
tory as A rabs stand for a minute of silence to mourn Israel's creation.
The PL O/PA refer to this day as Nakba, the day of the catastrophe when
Israel declared its independence. They don't mourn Israel's reacquir-
ing the West Bank and Gaza. They mourn the State of Israel that, after
the moment of its creation i n 1948, di d not possess Gaza or the West
Bank (which had just then been conquered by Egypt and Jordan, re-
spectively). I t is not Gaza and the West Bank that they seek. They
mourn because Israel exists. A nd they plan to destroy the people and
10. See Lucy Dawidowicz' s The War Against the Jews for documentation. Essentially,
there were 7.5 million Jews living west of Russia before 1940, of whom 6 million
were massacred.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
the Land (even though only 18% of Mandated Palestine is Jewish).
A nd that, dear reader, is because the A rab position vis-^-vis Israel is
no more a territorial conflict than was al-Qaeda's when it struck A merica
on September 11
t h
I t's not that I srael is bei ng very provocative to the A rabs;
But to the A rabs, Israel's very being is provocative.
A rabs and Muslims demand another Palestinian state - a position
that is supported by most of the world. However, there are two very
critical question that must be answered in so far as the A rabs and Mus-
lims are concerned.
1. Is their objective a state alongside Israel or
is their objective a state instead of Israel?
2. Is the issue at hand revolving around the size of Israel or
is the issue revolving about the existence of Israel?
Obviously, if the second option i n each of these two questions is
true, then Israeli concessions are to be avoided at all cost.
This line of attack is best summed up by one of the PLO's esteemed
leaders, an executive committee member:
The Palestinian people does not exist. We take pains to emphasize
our Palestinian identity only for tactical purposes. The creation of a Pal-
estinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the
state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference
between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese. Only for po-
litical and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Pal-
estinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the
existence of a distinct "Palestinian" people to oppose Zionism. The estab-
lishment of a separate Palestinian state is a new tool in the con-
tinuing struggle against I srael.
Tor tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined
borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian,
lean undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. After
Obviously, Peace Depends Upon Israeli Borders
having obtained all our rights in every bit of Palestine - we will not
postpone for a single moment the re-unification of Jordan and
I n short, the "Palestinian" A rabs admit that they have no rights or
claims as a group to any country or region of their own. A nd they
further admit that the proposed Palestinian statewi l l be utilized as a
means to destroy Israel. So, what is the purpose for negotiations? Pray
tell, what possible positive objectives can be achieved through negotia-
tions? The "Palestinians" are waging a war of annihilation against Is-
rael and A merica pretends that both parties are participating i n a peace
process and following the roadmap to peace.
A pologists for the PA "suicide bombers" describe them as part of
the cycle of violence which woul d stop if only Israel woul d properly
address their grievances. Sure. Certainly. Their grievance is the plain
and simple existence of Jews in the region. A rab terrorism against the
Jews began before there was a State of Israel, wi th terrible massacres i n
the early part of the 20
Century. A rab terror began i n the early 1900s
and has never stopped.
The results of a recent poll indicate that only 15% of A rabs feel that
they should stop murdering Jews.
But even these results are very mis-
leading. It should be noted that the position of most of the respondents
from this "15%" group - their opposition to Muslim-perpetrated mas-
sacres - was not related to a real desire for peace and harmony. Most of
the "15%" group wanted the killings to stop because they felt that the
Muslim program of violence was backfiring for either one of two rea-
sons - either that continued violence was eroding worl d support for
their 'cause' or that Israel's economic and military counter-terror re-
sponses were truly effective. Indeed, after all is said and done, very
few Muslims are truly moderate. Or as a prim-and-proper British Mus-
11. See for a transcript of the interview with the late
PLO Military Department Director, Z ahir Muhsein in the Dutch newspaper, Trouw
(March 31,1977).
12. April 2003 poll undertaken by an Arab organization, Jerusalem Media and Com-
munication Centre,
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
l i m summed it up: "Behind closed doors there are no moderate Mus-
A nd the Mid-East conflict can no more be resolved by a "road map
to peace" than al-Qaeda's anti-A merican position can be mollified by
ceding it part of the U.S. To make things worse: is there any normal
thinking A merican who woul d offer al-Qaeda this territory to enable
them to better continue their agenda from this newly created country
on our border? What the Jews of Israel face is an existential struggle
wi th neighbors who, time and again, clearly indicate that their overrid-
ing objective is to destroy the Jewish State - evenif this is to be achieved
in phases over a period of time.
So, there have been periods when acts of terrorism were more fre-
quent; there have been periods when terrorism was less frequent. But
the war against Israel has never stopped - whether conducted by an
A rab or Muslim country or whether conducted by the Palestinian A u-
thority or its predecessor, the PLO.
Some people are convinced that the root cause of ongoing violence
i n the Middle East is the mere presence of Israel. These people claim
that if it were not for Israel, peace would prevail there and even world-
wide terror woul d cease. Yet, a cursory review of history reveals the
fact that violence and war are endemic to A rab society and history. Is-
rael was not involved i n the two earlier attempts by Muslims to con-
quer the worl d (in the year 732 and i n 1529). I n the past hundred years,
almost every A rab or Muslim country has been involved i n intra-Mus-
l i m or intra-A rab violence of great proportions. Israel was not involved
i n the deaths of the millions who were killed i n the Iran-Iraq war i n the
1980s. Nor was Israel involved while Muslims were killing more than
two million Black Christians and animists i n Sudan. The thousands
whom A ssad of Syria slaughtered i n Hama had no connection to Israel.
13. "Terror on the Dole", Evening Standard (April 20,2004). Also, see Yashiko Sagamori's
well-written essay, "The Mythical Moderate Muslim" at
The same exact observation was shared by Dr. Tawfik Hamid, on Talkline Radio
(August 7,2005). Dr. Hamid should know the truth because he worked closely in a
terrorist network that was founded by al-Z awahiri, the same al-Z awahiri who is
now bin Laden' s associate. See also
Obviously, Peace Depends Upon Israeli Borders
Nor di d Egypt invade Yemen and gas its people because of Israel.
Saddam did not torture, rape, and murder two million of his own people
because of Israel. Nor di d he invade Kuwait to punish Israel. It was
not because of Israel that the Lebanese suffered a terrible civil war where
thousands upon thousands were killed.
Chapter 16
J U S T I C E F O R A L L O R J U S T I C E F O R S O M E :
Do you want to hear something really ludicrous? Listen to this:
While the West refused to negotiate wi th Osama bin Laden and Saddam
Hussein after A fghanistan and Iraq were attacked by our troops, West-
ern nations still demand that:
* Israel should negotiate wi th enemies who are warring against
her and who are relentless i n their massacring of Jews.
* Israel should create a terrorist state on its borders which wi l l
serve as a haven and base of operations for its implacable enemies.
A s grave as the situation might be, on June 18, 2003, A merica's Na-
tional Security A dvisor, went so far as to tell an Israeli delegation that
Israel had better be more sensitive and cease and desist from targeted
killings of the commanders of these butchers of Jews. She essentially
stated that these commanders do not actually murder Jews; they only
issue the orders to murder. Do you believe this? So, now, terrorist
commanders are considered as "upstanding gentlemen"; now they are
being depicted as corporate planners and executives - and this position
is being promulgated despite the fact that A merica attempted to ki l l
Libya's Qaddafi i n 1986, Somalia's A i di d i n 1993, bin Laden i n 2002,
and Saddam Hussein i n 1991 and then again i n 2003. What a perver-
During the same week, a "deeply troubled" President Bush also made
it known that he di d not think that targeted killings of terrorist com-
manders improved Israel's situation. These strikes, he maintains, un-
dermine his efforts to resolve the A rab-Israeli conflict. I n essence, Bush
said that terrorist murderers are not the problem; it is the Israelis crying
from pain that must stop; Jews trying to survive - this must stop. Pre-
emptive strikes and defensive measures like building protective barri-
ers and fences around Jewish areas - these interfere wi th the peace
process, too, and they must stop. Searching A rabs at check-points for
Justice for All or Justice for Some: DOUBLE STANDARDS
hidden weapons and explosives as they enter Israel - these Israeli ac-
tions also interfere wi th peace efforts. Israel must cease and desist
immediately from protecting its citizenry, because protecting Jewish
lives wi l l prevent the "road map to peace" from taking root.
Do these presidential directives appear logical to you? The attacks
of September 11* should have taught the President something. I f Iraq's
infraction was that it disobeyed A merica's wishes and if A merica felt
duty-bound to strike Saddam Hussein and he was only a remote threat
to A merica from thousands of miles away, then it certainly follows logi-
cally that Israel must be allowed to intercept those who are on the way
to physically murder Jews. I t follows logically that Israel must be per-
mitted to stop her enemies who live within the country proper and along
its borders and who are actually massacring Jews - and who are not
merely verbally threatening others from afar, like Saddam Hussein.
I n November 2003, A merican forces began leveling houses and build-
ings used by suspected Iraqi "forces to plan attacks, produce weapons,
or harbor insurgents". A n A merican general said in a briefing, "When
we identify positively an enemy target, we're going to go ahead and
take it out wi th every means available". I n order to be i n a position to
continue criticizing Israel, "Pentagon officials rejected any comparison
to similar Israeli military tactics.. .saying U.S. actions are aimed at elimi-
nating military targets [in contrast to Israeli intentions]".
A merica blows
up buildings in Iraq as "a preventative measure". Israel blows up a
building in Shechem and they are condemned by the worl d for escalat-
ing "the cycle of violence". Dear reader, aren't these also Israeli objec-
tives when they, as A merica, demolish buildings where the evil ones
take refuge and hatch their heinous plans and build bombs? But it is
clear that people wi th a bias are able to 'see' events differently than the
average person. Talk about a double standard! I n fact, "The morally/
strategically justifiable demolition of terror regimes in Iraq and A fghani-
stan is inconsistent wi th the creation/bolstering of a terror regime i n
Gaza, Judea, and Samaria."
But it goes from bad to worse: Not only must Israel give away from
1. See Jamie Mcl nyre' s article U.S. Levels Houses of Suspected Iraqi Insurgents at (November 19, 2003).
2. Read into the Congressional Record by Congressman Dan Burton (20 June 2005).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
its miniscule amount of land, but now the nations of the worl d wi l l not
even allow I srael to defend itself against its enemies. So what should
I srael do? Hug the commanders of the murderers? I s it really improper
to protect J ewish lives by targeting those who plan to murder Jews?
Pray tell, is there a nation anywhere who feels that J ewish lives have
any value? The Jews cry out i n pain because there are no nations who
support their right to live. Wi th the realization that all their crying is i n
vain and that no nation is wi l l i ng to support their efforts at self-de-
fense - now, fear is transformed into despair. And so, waiting for this
ticking time-bomb to explode, Heaven forbid, the Jews of I srael obsess:
'How wi l l we ever survive this peril? Al l our peace overtures have
failed. Wi l l we ever be able to extricate ourselves from this terrifying
situation?' I sraeli fear changes to paralyzing despair - i n accordance
wi th the prophetic statements:

Therefore, my loins are full of anguish; pains have gripped me like
the pains of a woman in childbirth; my hearing is distorted; I am
afraid to look. I have become disoriented; panic has terrified me. He
has transformed festivity into horror...

The panicked and dazed Jews shout while in pain, "There is no escap-
ingfor us".*
The prophecy is that the Jews of I srael wi l l despair of ever being
extricated from their life-threatening situation, one that appears to be
personally terrifying and interminable. The enemy attempts to slaugh-
ter our people on adaily basis. The attacks are frequent. We are trapped.
We are overcomewi th despair because no people wish to support our
cause, no people respect our lives. Not only are there no nations wi l l -
ing to help us, but it also appears that many non-Musl im countries are
i n collusion wi th the Arab nations, all bent on destroying I srael.
3. Isaiah 21:3-4
4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3. A similar idea is expressed in Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 499.
Justice for All or Justice for Some: DOUBLE STANDARDS

Tlie Muslims will arouse the nations of the world to join them in
coming up against Jerusalem.
[. ...

[In the aftermath of the towers'falling, when people are frightened of
being murdered] during the ensuing twelve months, all the rulers
will conspire to compel Israel to comply with directives which only
serve to harm the Jews of Israel. The nations will appear to be expe-
riencing success in these efforts.
I nstead of recognizing the ghastly dangers posed by Musl ims
throughout the worl d, Western nations respond by pressuring I srael to
allocate from their miniscule territory to placatethe Arabs who already
rule over 6,700,000 square miles, equivalent to 99.9% of al l the Mi d-
East territory. I srael controls but 1/1000 of the Mid-East region. Nor
do the nations of the worl d allow I srael to defend itself against the ter-
rorist-soldiers. Fortunately or unfortunately, it sounds like another
prophecy being fulfilled.
The Jews are so overwhelmed wi th panic and despair. Finding them-
selves caught i n such a life-threatening predicament and wi th the worl d
so against us,
. ?
[It is so obvious that, during this very perilous period] we can rely on
only One - our Father in heaven.
5. Zohar 1,119a
6. Ibid., I I , 8b
7. Babylonian Talmud, Sotah 49b
Chapter 17
I f the nations do not care that Jews are being murdered, they should
at least take note that the same Muslim entities are murdering Chris-
tians. The worl d should also pay attention to the public announce-
ments of Muslim leaders. A rafat had said many times, "First we wi l l
ki l l the Saturday people, then wewi l l ki l l the Sunday people".
A rafat's
buddy, Osama bin Laden started to make good on that promise.
For the nearly four years since 9/11, there have been more than 2400
terrorist attacks committed by Muslims throughout the worl d - exclud-
ing Israel. Instead of recognizing that the same attackers are also mur-
dering Christians, and instead of recognizing that the Palestinian A uthority
is a terrorist organization that orders its terrorist-soldiers to massacre
others, and instead of continuing the war on terror to all their other
addresses (as President Bush announced that he woul d do) - instead of
doing what is logical, Christendom is forcing Israel to negotiate a treaty
wi th murderers - wi th A rabs who have never repealed their PLO Cov-
enant which calls for murdering all the Jews of Israel. Take a look at
two excerpts from a second document, the PLO Phased Plan:
The [Palestine] Liberation Organization will employ all means, and first
and foremost armed struggle, to liberate Palestinian territory and to es-
tablish the independent combatant national authority...over every part
of Palestinian territory that is liberated... Any step taken towards libera-
Hon is a step towards the realization of the Liberation Organization's
strategy of establishing the democratic Palestinian state...Once it is es-
tablished, the Palestinian national authority will strive to achieve... com-
pleting the liberation of all Palestinian territory...
1. After signing a peace treaty with Israel, the spokesman for the Palestinian Author-
ity shouted these words for the first time in Bethlehem in the third week of Decern-
ber 1995, shortly before receiving the Nobel Prize for promoting peace. A Nobel
Peace Prize for a history of murders and for unabated threats of more murders?
Perhaps, the world should have awarded Hitler the same prize after he signed an
agreement with Chamberlain in 1939. What a sick joke!!
Sheep, Wolves and Leopard Spots
This document declares that the first step towards this objective (of
conquering I srael) is to acquire as much land as possible through "al l
means" - even through negotiations then to use this newl y acquired
land as a spring-board for a massive invasion of I srael. Palestinian
Authority leaders remain steadfast i n their resolve to ful fil l the objec-
tives of the PLO Covenant and its Phased Plan.
I n promoting this strat-
egy, PA-owned television broadcasts a video clip depicting an I srael
which is destroyed through bloody violence. This scene is then fol -
l owed by the PLO flag covering and fl ying above al l of present-day
I srael.
I t is beyond belief: whil e America invaded I raq when it was only
verbal l y threatening Americafrom thousands of miles away, Jews are
different and Jews must not do battlewi th those who actually massa-
ere J ews. Those who persist i n murdering Jews should be forgiven, but
I raq that merely annoyed Americafrom 6000 miles away - I raq can be
attacked and its regime dismantled. America just "doesn't get i t".
I nstead of focusing on all-out efforts to protect itself from further
terrorist attacks and instead of taking seriously the continued threats
against America emanating fromMusl i m leaders - instead of doing what
is logical, the Western worl d obsesses about the rights of "Palestinian"
murderers. Now, the West is renewing efforts to create a "state" for
these murderers. The PLO Covenant and the Phased Plan proclaim
that a "Palestinian State" is a necessary first stage i n order to develop a
basefromwhich to invade I srael and massacre the Jews (Heaven for-
bid). So, are these PLO fiends really different from "normal " terrorist-
murderers? Yet, i n some circles, they are even referred to as "militants"
or "political activists". Suddenly, PLO ogres are being characterized as
'reformed'; they are now peaceful; they distance themselves from the
murder of J ews; and they are now known as the Palestinian Authority
and they love peace - so we are repeatedly tol d. Western countries
2. See the Appendix for the text of these two vile - but revealing - documents. These
are critical documents that must be read if one wishes to understand the real basis
for the never-ending Arab-Israeli conflict.
3 new/ tv/ part7. The website of Palestinian Media Watch is an
excellent source for discovering what is being promoted by the P L O / P A in the Arab
language media.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
shout gratefully that "The leopard has changed its spots". We are ad-
vised that the PLO or Palestinian A uthority (PA ) now distance them-
selves from war and that, magically, Tanzim, A l-A ksa Brigade, and Fatah
have transformed themselves from "terrorist murderers" into "politi-
cal activists". We are also being advised that many of the terrorist mur-
derers are "independent contractors" and are no longer controlled by
the leader of the PA - so the West maintains. Dear reader, if the Pales-
tinian A uthority is working towards achieving peace, then who is pro-
viding the 'renegade' terrorist armies wi th their orders and who provides
themwi th the hefty sums necessary for the purchase of expensive mi l i -
tary weaponry? A nd who distributes large sums of money to the fami-
lies of the homicide bombers who blow themselves up? Seized by Israeli
Police, documents wi th A rafat's signature provide evidence that the
PL O/PA President is the Master of the Terrorists. The West woul d
have us believe that the PA A rmy is the only military force i n the world
that operates without a commander-in-chief.
PA policemen are assisting terrorists. Worse: as reported i n Newsweek,
terrorists are on the PA payroll "working" i n municipal posts and as
policemen. Many of these workers are active as PL O/PA bombers.
The leaders may change, but official PL O/PA policy remains the same.
Consider but one more incident (because there are many) - the Is-
raeli capture of the Palestinian A uthority ship, Karin-A , wi th its $100
million worth of weaponry aboard. Documents captured from the ship
and from Palestinian A uthority Headquarters prove that this was a
Palestinian A uthority ship laden wi th enough explosives and weap-
onry to destroy the entire State of Israel. The documents had A rafat's
signature affixed to them. That was i n January of 2002. The following
year, the Israeli government released documents that they subsequently
uncovered i n other offices of the Palestinian A uthority which prove
that the PA had been the real director of terrorism against Israel for all
4. The reader is directed to for references to documentation that ex-
poses: the PLO/ PA' s role in directing the terrorist war against Israel and that the
various terrorist groups are actually the military forces of the PLO / PA under the
direct command of their president. Especially noteworthy is the News Release of 13
February 2003.
5. Newsweek Magazine (10 January 2005); as another example, see also
(4 December 2003 and 20 May 2005).
Sheep, Wolves and Leopard Spots
these years and that they continue to be the authority and command
seat for Tanzim, Fatah, al-Aksa Brigade and all those other murderer
organizations. This involvement is so deep that major Arab leaders
from other countries have been implicated, as wel l . The PA has been
manufacturing weapons illegally, issuing the orders to murder and
bomb, and this quasi-government has been funding the terrorist orga-
nizations wi th the funny names that make themsound like they are
independent of the PA. I t is a clever ruse and, as usual, very deceitful.
I t is not radically different from the situation found i n the mil itary of
every country. The marines and army and navy and air force all have
different names but they are stil l mil itary units of the same entity -
even though they oftentimes operate independently of each other. These
terrorist groups are all under complete control of the Palestinian Au
thority because they are, i n fact, the mil itary forces of the Palestinian
Authority. Documents seized by I sraeli police i n araid on the Orient
House i n the summer of 2001 prove that terrorists are under formal and
direct control of the Palestinian Authority and that the PA funds these
terrorists. But the worl d woul d rather have us believe that thesemi l i -
tary units are the only armies i n the worl d that operate without a com-
Nor have the Arabs fulfilled any of the prerequisites that President
Bush set forth before Americawoul d support the creation of a PA State.
While Musl i m leaders claim that only renegades are responsible for the
massacres of innocent Jews, i t is clear that PA security forces and po-
licemen are operating as terrorist-murderers. The PA's National Secu-
rity Advisor admitted publicly to The Mideast Press Cl ub that most
Arab terrorist attacks are committed by PA policemen.
Even without
this information, it is also clear that these terrorist-policemen must re-
ceive their orders from someone! These terrorist-policemen must ac-
quire bombs from someone!
So what was America's magical response to the disclosure about the
Karin-A and the other revelations of Arab duplicity? Replace the Arab
leader and then, you'l l see, the Authority and all the Muslims i n the
region wi l l act peacefully. So, the Palestinian Authority is ready for
6. The Media Line (28 June 2005)
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
peace? So, now, the Palestinian A uthority has a new Prime Minister
and a new President and now...?
World opinion was that a replacement for A rafat woul d bring wi th
hi m a voice of moderation and, sure enough, upon A rafat's death, the
world welcomed his 'moderate' successor. This was a change without
a change, because he is quoted as saying:
It is our duty to implement the principles ofYasir Arafat.
This was a change without a change, because, true to the PLO colors,
the night following his election i n January 2005, A bbas publicly pro-
claimed that he woul d intensify the war against Israel: "The little jihad
[under A rafat] had ended, and now the big jihad is beginning".
everyone wants to ignore these types of remarks and Israel is pressured
to give up more and more land - not for peace, but only as confidence
building measures, to show the "Palestinian" people that their leader is
able to gain more and more territory for themwi th 'no strings attached',
that they should have confidence i n him, that Israel wi l l be whittled
down by him, little by little - according to the doctrine of The PLO
Phased Plan.
A nd four months later i n a televised speech, on the occa-
sion of Israel's Independence Day, this "moderate" leader described
the 1948 creation of the State of Israel as an unprecedented historic crime
and vowed his unwavering refusal to ever "accept this injustice".
We will celebrate once we reach our goals and establish a Palestinian state
with Jerusalem as its capital... Jerusalem is closer than ever. We promise you,
Arafat.. .we will continue to follow your path and carry out your promise that
Palestinian girls and boys will wave the Palestinian flag above the walls of
Jerusalem, its mosques and churches. We will continue until victory.
Our forces...are ready to free the entire homeland.
While "peace negotiations" continue, so do the murders and massa-
cres. You know what? Fewer Jews died i n the A rab-Israel wars than
7. Ha'aretz Daily (3 January 2005)
8. The Jerusalem Post (11 January 2005); (10 January 2005)
9. See the Appendix for a look at this vile document.
10. (August 4, 2005)
11. ibid. (July 27, 2005)
Sheep, Wolves and Leopard Spots
during these "peace" negotiations that are a sham and a disgrace and a
real tragedy because the massacres could really have been averted.
Never i n the history of the worl d has a political process produced as
much bloodshed as has the Oslo process whose stated objective is the
creation of the Palestinian A uthority (PA ) and the subsequent estab-
lishment of a Palestinian state i n place of the Jewish State - i n its en-
A nd after a period of mass murders, there is always a respite at which
point the West invariably announces that "Now, the leopard has
changed its spots". Essentially, they are stating that now, this time
around, the A rabs can really be trusted to sign a peace treaty. This is
the umpteenth time since 1992 that we have heard the same announce-
ment - that the A rabs are interested i n making peace wi th the Jews of
The situation is beyond the point of 'ridiculous'. Think of it i n more
familiar terms. Suppose you were a landlord of a tenant who is not
paying his rent. Suppose, also, that he has repeatedly broken his prom-
ise to pay his overdue rent. How many more times woul d you allow
hi m to break his word and not pay the arrears? Once? Twice? Cer-
tainly, not more. How long woul d you allow the situation to continue?
For whatever the reason, suppose that months pass and promises con-
tinue to be broken (and the rent remains unpaid and the arrears i n-
crease as the months pass). Now, you file papers wi th the court i n
order to have hi m evicted, he is served wi th papers, and now he an-
nounces that hewi l l pay the rent i n two weeks. Would you trust hi m
another time - i n view of his history of non-performance? Is it realistic
to trust someone who has repeatedly lied? He sounds like a dead-beat
who definitely should be evicted. A s a matter of fact, the serious land-
lord begins eviction proceedings at the first sign of inability or dishon-
esty and continues wi th his legal redress until that tenant is evicted.
Well, why should Israel negotiate wi th one who is a repeat-offender,
wi th one who not only breaks agreements, but is also a murderer who
continues to murder Jews?
The leopard has not changed its spots after all. I n reality, the citizens
of the worl d should shout out to their leaders to be careful because
now: "The wolves are wearing sheep's clothing".
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
A nd for Muslims to believe that their god desires the massacring of
children - well, if this is their philosophy, then, the followers of the PA
or the PLO or al-Qaeda cannot be rehabilitated. Never! Hitler could
not be reformed, nor Saddam Hussein, nor Osama bin Laden. They are
thoroughly evil and their regimes are evil regimes that must be com-
pletely dismantled and obliterated. To give the PA a sovereign state
would be tantamount to creating another terrorist regime, at a time when
President Bush had pledged to put an end to terrorist states. A demo-
cratic and peaceful 'Palestinian-A rab' state and a secure Israel - even
this concept is an oxymoron. The two concepts cannot exist side-by-
side for they are mutually exclusive. I t is true that both entities are
determined to achieve their goals - the one to do anything i n order to
create a peaceful region, while the other entity does everything pos-
sible i n order to murder Jews. This is not a discussion about table man-
ners or about what constitutes proper attire; this is a fight to stop
murderers before they are able to act on their plans. But why are so
many Muslims filled wi th hate? Why are so many obsessed wi th the
murdering of Jews and Christians and all other non-Muslims?
Chapter 18
There is another aspect to this total farce. While being threatened by
various Muslim entities and while responding forcefully to a select few,
A merica is desperately attempting to avoid being accused of anti-Mus-
Hm behavior (by the Muslims). So, after having attacked Muslim coun-
tries like L ibya, Somalia, A fghanistan, and Iraq, A merica is now
attempting to pander to the Muslims of the world.
To "score points" and to demonstrate that they are not anti-Muslim,
the Christian nations wi l l do the bidding of the Muslims even if inter-
national agreements have to be violated. So, now the worl d wi l l sup-
Port the Palestinian A uthority i n their quest to appropriate sovereign
Israeli territory for another Palestinian state. Why "another Palestinian
state"? Because, if you recall, Jordan was created by the United Na-
tions i n the 1940's for one purpose: Jordan was designated as the home-
land for the A rabs of Palestine (and Israel for the Jews of Palestine). I n
so doing, the UN declared i n 1946 that the so-called "Palestinian" A r-
abs wi l l now have a state of their own - i n the eastern region of Jewish
Palestine, on the eastern side of the Jordan River. The UN then took
away 80% of what was allocated by the League of Nations for the Jew-
ish state - the UN assigned that 80% of Palestine to the A rabs of Pales-
tine and to that 80% was given the name Jordan. A nd the Jews were
left wi th only 20% of their original allotment. Today, as a result, the
population of Jordan is comprised mostly of "Palestinian" A rabs. To-
day, when "Palestinian" A rabs cry out for their homeland, the worl d
should be adamant i n responding that there is a Palestinian homeland
already and that "Palestinian" A rabs should go home to Jordan, the
land designated by the UN for the "Palestinian" A rabs. The worl d (and
the Jews of Israel) should demand that A rabs leave Israel alone. That
should be the end of the story.
1. Towards this goal, in June 2004, the United States issued first class postal stamps
honoring the Eid Musl im holiday.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
A merica deludes itself into believing that Muslims wi l l befriend them.
How haplessly obtuse! To sucker A merica deeper into a trap, following
the recent Iraq War, A mr Moussa, the A rab League secretary-general,
announced that A rab states are interested i n improving relations wi th
the United States - after Muslims publicly expressed sentiments which
were anti-A merican and pro-Saddam and after the worl d witnessed
Muslims celebrating the thousands of A merican deaths on 9/11. Moussa
admitted, "The [Iraq] war opened a Pandora's box".
But he announced
that now the A rabs want to be on friendly terms wi th A merica. The
West wants to believe that Islam is a peace-loving religion and that the
terrorists and homicide bombers are the exceptions. I n fact, it is the
other way around: the moderate Muslims are a very tiny minority and
two recent polls indicate that the moderates are truly the exceptions.
One study reveals that only 15% of A rabs believe that Muslims should
stop murdering the Jews. But as pointed out earlier, most of the "15%"
group are not supportive of peace wi th Israel. They are only against
the murdering of Jews now because they feel that continued killings
erode worl d support for their "cause". A dditionally, Israeli economic
and military counterterror responses have proven to be most effective.
Most of the "fifteen percenters" are not against the killing of Jews; they
are just against the murdering of Jews now. These Muslims who
responded wi th qualifications - when these Muslims are excluded from
the "15%" group, what remains of this "15%" group is but a very tiny
percentage of Muslims who can truly be described as peaceably disposed
towards Jews. Or as a prim-and-proper British Muslim summed it up:
"Behind closed doors there are no moderate Muslims".
A merica is not faring wel l wi th the Musl i m worl d, either. How
unsurprising. A recent survey explored Muslim thinking i n many A rab
Ninety-two percent (92%) hate A merica. The survey re-
2. (June 23, 2003)
3. Ibid., {December 18,2002) and by an Arab-controlled entity: {April
2003). Another opinion poll by a Muslim group disclosed that 87.5% of 'Palestin-
ians' want the terrorist-martyrdom operations to continue until the entire land of
Palestine is liberated ( - 25 March 2002).
4. "Terror on the Dole", Evening Standard (April 20, 2004)
5. Pew Global Attitudes Project (May 2003) with a website at
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
vealed that the overwhelming majority of Middle East Muslims feel that
Islam is "under serious threat today" and they "expressed fears that the
United States could become a military threat to their country". Dear
reader, wi th so much Muslim-initiated violence permeating the worl d
(and wi th the resultant invasions of Somalia, Libya, A fghanistan, and
I r
aq), is it really surprising that so many Muslims fear a strong military
response from A merica?
These three research studies woul d explain why it is rare to see a
prominent Muslim figure publicly opposing violence or why there are
no Muslim peace movements. Worse, di d you notice how many Mus-
l i m dignitaries voluntarily denounced the 9/11 perpetrators (without
being pressured by A merica)? Who can ever forget the repulsive Mus-
l i m crowds - both here and abroad - who reveled i n the streets when
they learned of the ghastly September 11
t h
PA leadership
openly rejoiced upon hearing of the 9/11 bombings. These same PA
leaders whom successive A merican presidents have supported - these
same leaders expressed gloom when they learned of Saddam Hussein's
capture i n December 2003 and then, i n support of Saddam, promptly
organized anti-A merican demonstrations.
Consider also that i n "mod-
erate" Saudi A rabia, 95% of her educated citizens between the age of 25
and 41 support bin Laden's goal to destroy A merica.
Sadly, the voices
of Western political leaders are still heard claiming that Islam is a reli-
gion of peace.
So that I not be accused of unfounded bias against Muslims, I woul d
like to share, what was for me, an eye-opening experience. Some twenty
years ago, I attempted to read the Koran. Over a period of 2 months, I
attempted to read this book many times; they were only attempts, be-
cause each time I began to read, I had to stop. I could never complete
the task. I woul d read a little, then I woul d have to stop. Several years
6. Muslims celebrated the July 7th bombings in London, too. See "While London
reeled under attack, the teachers of extremism were celebrating", an undercover
journalist's chilling account in Sunday Times of London (August 7,2005).
7. These are the same PA leaders who sent their soldiers to spearhead Saddam' s in-
vasion of Kuwait in 1990.
8. A study cited by Martin Peretz in The New Republic (February 11, 2002)
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
passed; again, I attempted but each time that I picked up the book, I
read sentences like these:
Believers, take neither Jew nor Christian for your friends.
Fight the unbelievers.
Chop off their heads and chop off their fingertips.
Fight and slay those who don't convert wherever you find them...
ambush them.
Those who follow Mohammad are ruthless to the unbelievers.
Wlien you meet the unbelievers, chop off their heads.
Truly, god loves those who fight.
Fight them until Islam reigns supreme [throughout the world].
Not only are these frightening and dangerous pronouncements, but
A llah also threatens wi th death the Muslim who does not make war on
the unbeliever.
And the Jews...and the Christians...may Allah destroy them... Fight the
infidels all together... If you do not go forth, He will chastise you with a
painful chastisement and bring in your place a people other than you...
Who woul d want to even read such a text? Nay, who could even
skim the contents of such a venal book, a book that teaches hate and
torture and killing?! A s a matter of fact, more than 60% of the text is
devoted to polemics against Jewish and Christian unbelievers and infi-
dels and the justification for oppressing them or murdering them.
9. Surah 5:51,9:123,8:12,9:5,47:4,41:4. Depending upon the translator, 'unbelievers'
is synonymous with 'infidels' and either term refers to Christians and/ or Jews, as
is obvious from many references in Koran (e.g. Surah 59:2,11; 61:5; 98:1,6; 2:193).
10. Ibid., 9:30-39
11. For an insider's description of Muslim behavior in this domain, one should attend
the lectures or read the writings of such Muslims & Arabs as Walid Shoebat, Irshad
Manji (The Trouble with Islam) and Brigitte Gabriel (The Threat of Islam to Western
Civilization and her website Please also visit
the website, where Ms. Darwish discusses her being raised
for jihad. She describes the inner workings of Islam's militant entities and the
experiences of her earlier years with these organizations. She lectures and writes
in order to warn Americans of Muslim plans and strategies.
Will the Real KoranPlease Stand?!
From where di d modern-day Musl i m murderers learn their barbaric
behaviors? Why are so many non-Muslims being tortured? Why are
Muslims beheading non-Muslims? Besides setting the tone through
the written word, Mohammed actually set the example where, on one
afternoon alone, he had 50 leaders beheaded one-byone as their dis-
fraught families were forced to watch.
Torture, dismemberment, and murder - these areall acceptable tools
of normative I slami n every region of the worl d. The Taliban hung the
infidels from construction cranes, decapitations (I raq), gassings and
destruction of entire towns (Syria), and wi ri ng their children wi th bombs
(I srael). Commuter trains, buses, schools, hotels. This is atraditionally
"legitimate" expression of their religion. I slamnurtures the expression
of raw evil.
Are these the passages that contain the principles of interfaith har-
mony that, we are told, are found i n theKoran? Are these the principles
of a beautiful and peace-loving people that the worl d posits? How could
anyone read a book that teaches such disgusting, reprehensible, and per-
verted principles? Raw evil at its worst.
I was able to stop reading
those hate-filled pages, but consider this: most Muslims do not have the
ability to l imit their exposure to hate; most Musl im congregants, begin-
ning from their early youth, involuntarily ingest a weekly dose of venom
directed against the infidels - the Jews, the Americans, the Christians,
and all other non-Muslims. Even where they are welcomed immigrants,
even i n America their imams exhort the congregants to destroy the very
country that is hosting them.
I mpressionable youngsters are exhorted
constantly to take up arms against the infidels. Muslims are exposed to
virulent, vitriolic, inciting hate sermons bidding themto "take over the
godless society". The constant hate-filled sermons, school texts, and les-
sons demand that Muslims murder all nonbelievers who do not convert
to I slam. Exposed to such constant venomous hatred, these children (and
adults) "know" whom they must hate and murder. I ndeed, instead of
enjoying age-appropriate games and activities, hundreds of pre-teen
12. It is certain that the non-Muslim, self-proclaimed defenders of Islam have never
even read the Koran.
13. One must read Steven Emerson's American Jihad tor the details.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Arab/Musl i mchildren have been involved i n acts of terrorismand have
been arrested by I sraeli forces during the four years ending December
2004. Tragically, these revolting and horrendous tactics enjoy broad public
approval amongst ordinary "Palestinian-Arabs". These are the "beauti-
ful " teachings of the "hol y" Koran\ They are not ashamed at all; these are
their teachings i n American schools, too. How 'beautiful' is it to say "I n
the name of my god, I wi l l blow myself up together wi th this bus filled
wi th little J ewish children and their parents"?!
Using television and religious rul ing known asfatwa, one of the most
influential clerics i n Sunni I slam speaks often of the imminent Musl i m
conquest of Christendom.
The imamfor 'our Saudi friends' posted
the fol l owing on his website:
"We will control the Christian countries
and introduce Islam in it.
Yes, the Christians who carve crosses on the breasts of the Muslims in
Kosovo - and before them in Bosnia, and before them in many places in
the world - will yet pay us the Jiziya in humiliation or they will convert
to Islam..."
Another statement of his:
"The Muslims conquered Persia...Byzantium... The Muslims attacked
India and Allah conquered it for us, until they reached tlte borders of China.
The Muslims conquered Constantinople.. .and in the future a mighty king
will arise for the Muslims.. .and tlte Christian countries will be conquered."
Remember, we are being tol d, the Palestinian Authority is seeking
peace now. And so, wi th the approval of their leaders, official Pales-
tinian Authority television and radio broadcast live sermons regularly
and on 21 March 2003, a PA-appointed sheikh prayed wi th the
congregants and radio audience:
14. I n addition, for their killings of Jews and Christians, the murderers are magically
transformed into martyrs who are promised heavenly benefits.
15. See Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi s website:
16. Literally: Rome. In Muslim literature, based on Torah language, Christianity is
always referred to as Rome.
17. Al-'Arifi is the imam at the mosque of King Fahd Defense Academy. For more
quotations from other official Musli m spokesman, visit or
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
"O Allah., .defeat the infidels and help us triumph over them... Kill them
all and leave none alive."
On the same day, but on official Palestinian A uthority TV, another
sheikh preached,
Allah is stronger than the United States, Britain, and Israel... America
will drown in our seas. It will face death in our skies and lands. America
and all tyrants will drown in their blood in our land.
Or on another occasion:
The day will come and we shall rule America. The day will come and we
shall rule Britain.
Referring to A merica and England, a prayer was offered on PA tele-
vision by a PA -appointed cleric. It called for the extermination of every
single Brit and A merican.
Break up their unity... Allah, kill them to the last one and don't even
leave one.
On official Palestinian A uthority radio and television, every sermon
includes a similar refrain: "O A llah, defeat the United States and its
allies" (or something similar about Israel).
I n A l-A zhar University, the most prestigious institution of Islamic
learning, the leading religious scholars publicly and regularly announce
support for the terrorist murders of Jews - on moral and religious
While it is true that the sermons calling for the destruction of A merica
have the PA stamp of approval, the relentless diatribe of hate and
"prayers" of violence is not limited to their clergy. Remember, it was
A rafat who had shouted many times,
18. News release of the Z ionist Organization of America (March 26, 2003).
19. Mudayris on PA TV (May 13, 2005). Excerpts can be seen on /
asx/ pmw MudayrisMayl 3.
20. Al-Satari on PA TV (July 8,2005). Excerpts can be seen on / asx/
pmw Sermon080705.asx .
21. And this is in a so-called 'moderate' Musl im country, Egypt, which has a "peace"
treaty with Israel
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
First we will kill the Saturday people, then we will kill the Sunday people.
What "Sunday people" could he be referring to? Since very few
"Sunday people" live i n Israel, which "Sunday people" could be his
next victims? Where do these Christians live? A s a matter of fact, he
already made good on that promise to "ki l l the Sunday people". Docu-
ments found by authorities (following a raid i n a London apartment)
indicate that British-Muslim terrorists were being trained by Palestin-
ian A uthority forces - even before 9/11.
A rafat actually began mur-
dering "Sunday people" as early as 1973 when he ordered the murders
of A merican diplomats i n Sudan. Even philanthropically-minded
A mericans who were distributing college scholarships to A rabs i n Gaza
i n 2003 - even these diplomats have been murdered. Most importantly,
evidence links hi m to the planning of the World Trade Center bombing
i n February 1993.
On a global level, there have been more than 2,400 terrorist attacks
perpetrated by Muslims against Westerners throughout the worl d dur-
ing the 45 months since 9/11.
No, the clergy are not the only ones
who regularly spew forth hate.
I f you want to hear an example of unabashed arrogance and the
epitome of ungratefulness, listen to this. Towards the end of the 15
Century, Spain forbade the practice of all non-Catholic religions and
closed all those houses of worship. A fter rescinding this 500 year-old
law, Spain officially permitted the opening of the first mosque i n July
2003. You woul d think that the Muslims of Spain woul d express appre-
ciation to the Spanish government for being granted this opportunity,
for the freedom to worship and to observe. Not a chance! A t the offi-
cial opening of that mosque i n Granada, the non-cleric keynote speaker
called on Muslims to destroy Spain. This is gratitude? This is a religion
of peace and brotherhood? A s a matter of fact, the participants were
22. The spokesman for the Palestinian Authority shouted these words for the first time
in Bethlehem in the third week of December 1995, shortly before receiving the Nobel
Prize for promoting peace.
23. (August 8, 2004)
24. Arafat Was Connected With First WTC Bombing, (September 12,
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
also told that Muslim aims i n Europe were to cause an economic col-
lapse of the Western economies that would dwarf the 1929 crash, that
the financial ruin of 1929 would look like a minor event by comparison.
But it isn't arrogance nor is it ingratitude that we are hearing; it is being
faithful to their principles. Being a professor at Yale, Zaid Shakir was a
bit more discreet and sophisticated i n his public declarations. Refer-
ring to democracy and A merican values, he stated, "Muslims cannot
accept the legitimacy of the existing system". So, what is the full i mpl i -
cation of this statement?
Is anybody out there listening? MUSL I MS A RE PL A NNI NG THE
is planning another attempt to conquer Europe, as a step towards worl d
I f Muslim entities believe that they are i n the beginning
stages of a European conquest, we should believe no differently.
It is the same i n other countries, too. CA IR, A merica's largest Mus-
l i m "civil rights" group, is considered a moderate and mainstream or-
ganization that is regularly invited to the White House and that works
together wi th elected officials - even such a "moderate" group as CA IR
espouses the traditional Muslim goal of worl d domination, even while
living in their host country. I n better times, even before the invasion of
Iraq, at an Islamic conference i n Fremont (CA ), the chairman of CA IR's
Board of Directors stated publicly that Islam isn' t i n A mericato be
equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran...should
be the highest authority i n A merica and I slam the only accepted reli-
gion on earth
. But they stooped real low when, on their website, they
ostensibly solicited donations for the victims of 9/11 (NY /DC Emer-
gency Relief Fund); instead they directed people to unknowingly fund
terrorism through donations to the Holy Land and Global Relief Foun-
26. Islam Will Invade Europe and America, news/ articIe.asp7ARTICLE
ID=36914: articles by Mark McCal l um, 0ulyl2,2003) and Caroline
Glick, (July 20, 2003).
27. San Ramon Valley Herald and The Argus (July 4,1998); "Muslims Condemn Terror
Attacks? Really?" at "Should Muslim Q uran
be USA' s Top Authority?" at (May 1, 2003); especially
noteworthy is Steven Emerson' s testimony: "Foreign Terrorists in America: Five
Years After the World Trade Center Bombing", Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on
Terrorism, Technology and Government Information (February 24,1998).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
dations, two organizations which have since been closed down because
they, i n fact, raised money to fund terrorism.
Jihad wars have been waged continuously for nearly 1V2 millennia.
The aim is nothing less than khilafah - the Islamic domination of the
world. The 9/11 Commission alluded to the mainstream practice of
jihad, a main tenet of traditional Islam,
and the 9/11 Commission had
the courage to state what had to be emphasized (and which the media
'inadvertently' failed to report). I n its final report, the Commission
emphasized that Islamic terrorism is the "catastrophic threat" facing
the United States today and that the "hostility toward limitless"
wi th Islam's stated goal: to ri d the worl d of all other religions and po-
litical systems. This Muslim ideology "wi l l menace A mericans and
A merican interests long after Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are killed
or captured." The Commission continued: "The United States has to
help defeat an ideology, not just a group of people."
Truly, Commis-
sion members acted courageously by speaking out but, unfortunately,
the media ignored this section of the report. By doing so, the media
missed a golden opportunity to educate the worl d about the true es-
sence of Islam: normative Muslim ideology is at the root of the warfare
that is presently engulfing mankind.
Most people have bought the line that the enemy is terror. I n truth,
the Commission was correct i n stating that terror is merely a tactic of
the real enemy, Islam, which seeks to dominate and subjugate the en-
tire planet. I n case there are some who still have difficulty accepting
the Commission's conclusion and warning, let us examine testimony
from several unlikely sources.
Finally, after A merica suffered through decades of killings includ-
ing 9/11, the Pentagon has initiated a new strategy i n dealing wi th the
threats from Islamic terrorists. A little-known intelligence agency, Coun-
terintelligence Field A ctivity, wi l l begin combating terrorism through
28. The CAIR-Terror Connection, (April 29, 2004). For more
information about CAIR' s ties to terrorism, see the September 2003 proceedings
and testimony at the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology,
and Homeland Security. Please, also refer to
29. See Surah 2:214-5; 4:76-9; 8:39-42; 9:5, 6, 29
30. 9/11 Commission Report, Barnes and Noble Books, undated, especially Chapter 12.
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
informational warfare. Towards this goal, agents wi l l begin studying
the Koran because they have just discovered that the terrorist-soldiers
are following a war-fighting doctrine articulated i n the Koran. "Islam is
an ideological engine of war." "Islam is radical by nature" and "West-
ern leaders can no longer afford to overlook the cultural characteristics
of Islam."
The "moderate" Palestinian A uthority just approved a law that wi l l
provide the families of all 'martyred' suicide bombers wi th funds total-
ing $100,000,000.
Several years ago, i n the second issue of a biweekly internet maga-
zine, an article was published by a high-ranking Muslim terrorist leader.
The article must be read i n its entirety i n order to really gain a compre-
hensive understanding of the military strategy of the current Muslim
warrior-terrorists, but several important excerpts are highlighted:
I n 1989, some A merican military experts predicted a fundamen-
tal change in the form of warfare during the21
Century. They
go on to explain that three main stages of warfare developed
after the Industrial Revolution. The strategy of the first type of
warfare was based on a multitude of soldiers. The next type of
warfare that developed was based on exhausting the enemy's
economy and damaging as many forces as possible (e.g., Worl d
War I ). The third generation included tactics like surrounding
the enemy wi th a formation of tanks and airplanes from the rear
instead of from the front lines (e.g., World War I I ).
31. Pentagon briefing paper cited by Paul Sperry in The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Ta-
boo, (December 14, 2005)
32. Tom Gross' Yasser Abbas in The Wall Street Journal (December 22,2005). Do Ameri-
cans want their tax dollars utilized to encourage more killings of Jews? So, then
we need to contact governmental leaders!!
33. Al-Ansar: For the Struggle Against the Crusader War. See
and (message #344, dated February 10,2002) for more informa-
Hon and to read the article in its entirety in an English translation. The Muslim
leader's article refers to two articles in Marine Corps Gazette: "The Changing Face of
War: Into the Fourth Generation" (October 1989) and "The Evolution of War: The
Fourth Generation" (September 1994). To keep the text smooth and flowing, no
indications are noted where phrases, sentences, or paragraphs are skipped. For
the same reason, some of the text is paraphrased.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Fourth-generation warfare, the experts said, is a new type of
war i n which fighting wi l l be mostly scattered i n different lo-
cales. A dditionally, the battles wi l l not be limited to destroying
military targets and regular forces, but wi l l also seek to destroy
popular support for the fighters wi thi n the enemy's society wi th
television news becoming a more powerful weapon than ar-
mored divisions, wi th the media influencing public opinion and,
through it, the ruling elite. These wars would, tactically, be small
scale, emerging i n various regions across the planet against an
enemy that, like a ghost, appears and disappears. I n other words,
this type of warfarewi l l not involve masses of soldiers; this type
of warfarewi l l also include the use of the media to influence its
outcome. A dvanced military technology wi l l not be of value
for the powerful, regular forces.
I n this type of war, the superiority of the theoretically weaker
party has already been proven. A fghanistan triumphed against
a worl d power. A single Somali tribe humiliated A merica and
the Chechens defeated the Russian bear. A fter that, Hizbullah
expelled the Zionist army from Southern Lebanon. Technology
did not help these great armies. The Mujahideen have already
proven their superiority i n fourth-generation warfare. It is also
very difficult to launch a successful preventive strike at an orga-
nization that maneuvers and moves quickly and has no perma-
nent bases. I n addition, until now there was an assumption that
the two sides fighting seek to survive; this principle of deter-
rence is completely eliminated when dealing wi th people who
thirst for martyrdom. Perhaps the best example is the phenom-
enon of the intifada, wi th its suicide bombers, that wiped out
the Zionist military's mighty superiority over the Muslim Pal-
estinian people.
These are but a few excerpts. Yes, the enemy is weaker and inferior
to us i n many traditional aspects, but we should not ever think that
they're no match for us. This is an actual war, and using the term terror
or terrorists misses the point and lulls the populace into a false sense of
security, thinking that wewi l l easily prevail over such a puny enemy.
We are not facing a banana republic wi th no military plan. This is re-
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
ally a war of the "fourth-generation warfare" vintage. We miss the
point and do not sense the gravity of the situation when we allow Mus-
l i m combatants to be referred to as militants or terrorists or say that we
are fighting against terror. This is war, the outcome of which wi l l shape
the future of this planet - forever. This form of warfare has already
been utilized successfully i n several regions and it is a type of war that
allows those who are considered few and weak to vanquish techno-
logically superior forces. I n mil itary jargon, this type of clash is re-
ferred to as "asymmetrical warfare".
I t should also be noted that the threat to civilization fromevil Mus-
l i m soldiers is no more obviated because they are aminority than by
stating that we di d not have to fear Germany i n the 1940s because the
majority of Germans di d not fight i n the German Army. The fact that
only a handful of Saudis bombed us on 9/11 doesn't obviate the need
to protect ourselves from possible, future attacks. We are not saying
that the Arabs are more evil or less evil than the Nazis. What is being
said is that WE ARE UNDER SI EGE.
We are i n the midst of a very violent worl d-war that is being waged
i n a nontraditional manner on many battlefields throughout the worl d,
a war which, i n its early stage, is already so very, very deadly - just as
Oral Torah predicts.

Muslims will wage violent wars all over the world.
Most people persist i n thinking that the enemy is terror. I n truth,
terror is merely a tactic of the real enemy, I slam, which seeks to domi-
nate and subjugate the entire planet. Knowingl y or not, the reality is
that we are i n a battle for our very existence - probably the greatest war
we have ever faced - and unless we are wi l l i ng to face this reality
squarely, we might as wel l now turn over the keys to our homes and
our country. Doing nothing (which is stil l a conscious decision) woul d
be a tragedy because the catastrophewi l l have been self-inflicted - a
real tragedy because the destruction could really have been averted. I f
34. Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a radio interview on WABC, early October 2004.
35. Zohar I I , 32a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Musl i m/A rab entities and countries believe that they are at war wi th
us, we should believe no less - and act appropriately.
How can Western politicians be so obtuse and continue to delude them-
selves into believing that a Muslim leader would ever abandon the die-
tates of the "holy" Koran and its religious teachings? Who is really ready
to believe that a committed Muslim would violate an Islamic principle of
faith i n order to embrace Christians and Jews? Muslims take the teach-
ings of the Koran very seriously and (as suicide bombers, for example)
they are even willing to give up their lives i n order to obey its directives.
Murder, bombings, dismemberment, and torture - these are all accept-
able tools of normative Islam i n every Muslim region of the world. The
Taliban hung the infidels from construction cranes. Decapitations (Iraq).
Gassings and destruction of entire cities (Syria). Commuter trains. Buses.
Hotels. Schools. The A rabs near Israel wire children wi th bombs and,
indeed, hundreds of pre-teens have been arrested for terrorist activities.
Tragically, these revolting and horrendous tactics enjoy broad public ap-
proval amongst ordinary " Palestinian-A rabs". Truly, they believe that these
are traditional and 'legitimate' expressions of their religion.
But Muslim violence is not limited to the Mideast. During the year
2004, two hundred official Saudi publications were examined.
were publications generated by the government of Saudi A rabia for dis-
tribution amongst newly arrived immigrant Muslims (in A merica). These
were publications wi th benign-sounding titles like: Greetings from the
[Saudi] Cultural Attache in Washington, D.C. Yet, as but one example, this
monograph provides the reader wi th detailed instructions on how to hate
Christians and Jews, after positing that it is a religious obligation for Mus-
lims to do so. The immigrant is reminded that those who advocate toler-
ance of non-Muslims are branded as infidels and deserving of death. The
Muslim immigrant is also being told that living i n satanic A merica can
only be justified when the immigrant proselytizes infidels or acquires
specialized education and training that can be later employed i n jihad
action against A mericans. Yet, we constantly hear analysts and journal-
ists refer to the Saudis as our Muslim allies. A bsurd, is it not?
36. Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques,
(28 June 2M5).
Will the Real Koran Please Stand?!
I n short, 90% of the examined Saudi publications were vile and hate-
filled, designed to incite Muslims to commit acts of violence against
A mericans. I t should, therefore, come as no surprise to the informed
public that legislation is finally being proposed (SenateBill 1171 and
House Resolution 2037) indicting Saudi A rabia for her many years of
deep involvement i n terror on many levels including that of being the
"epicenter" of global terror financing. The legislation calls for sane-
tions to be imposed upon Saudi A rabia for continued involvement wi th
incitement and terror.
A t the UN, however, international efforts to write a global anti-ter-
ror treaty have been at an impasse since 1996. Is 'terrorism' a term that
is that difficult to define or is it, rather, that the nations have a compel-
ling reason to resist condemning the real terrorists?
Wake up, worl d. Islam is not a political problem that can be man-
aged through discussion; Islam is an implacable enemy, a radical evil
that is the true basis for the murdering of non-Muslims and for attempts
at destroying Western Civilization. How can an intelligent Christian
or Jew be so obtuse and believe otherwise?
37. The proposed legislation is based upon the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of
Chapter 19
To emphasize the point that hate should never be allowed to dissi-
pate and that a "believing" Musl i m should be driven to murder the
unbelievers, the infidels, and all those who refuse to convert to I slam-
theKoran records that Mohammed signed a ten-year peace agreement
wi th the Quraish people i n Mecca (in the year 628) when he discovered
that he was unable to convert themor vanquish themon the battlefield.
He sued for "peace" and signed the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah - but only
as a strategy for ultimately vanquishing them. For their part, the people
of Mecca signed a "peace" treaty and, thus, had no need to be battle-
ready. They trusted Mohammed - after all, he signed a peace treaty
wi th them. So whi l e the people of Mecca were l i vi ng "securely",
Mohammed was busily preparing for his next attack. Mohammed spent
the next 1V2 years strengthening his forces. After completing this enor-
mous task, he marched into Mecca, caught its citizenry "off guard",
captured the city, and promptl y massacred the Quraish people.
Mohammed's purposeful deceit has become a principle i n I slam
known as takiya. Takiya is a strategy whereby the Musl i m feigns peace-
ful intentions when he is weak, but only until such time as he is strength-
ened. A treaty lasts for only as long as it is expedient. Takiya is a
strategy of l ying to non-Muslims and/or stalling until one becomes more
powerful - stalling for the sole purpose of ultimately defeating the en-
emy when the enemy is 'off guard' and mil itaril y unprepared. I t is
tantamount to stating: "We can't ki l l you now; we'l l get you later."
Arafat publicly referred to the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah several times,
the first of which was right after signing a 'peace' document on the
White House l awn i n September 1993. He stated, for all to hear, that he
woul d regard this agreement wi th I srael i n the same way that
Mohammed uphel d his treaty wi th the Quraish people i n Mecca.
Mohammed woul d be Arafat's role model and Arafat publ icl y an-
nounced that he woul d treat his agreement i n the same way that
Mohammed maintained the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah. Wi th this premise
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
i n mind, he woul d sign the "peace treaty" wi th Israel but only until such
time as he and his followers have the advantage; then they wi l l set out
to massacre the Jews of Israel or "drive them into the Sea". One does
not need to be a "rocket scientist" i n order to fathom the depths of
A rafat's references to the historic Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah and the sub-
sequent Quraish massacre. The PA spokesman had revealed A rab battle
plans; what else do we need to know?
However, the worl d wanted to be fooled by A rafat so they an-
nounced that "The leopard has changed his spots". I n unison, the
worl d announced that A rafat di d not really champion these declara-
tions and that he was merely attempting to pacify the many militant
A rabs who di d not want peace wi th Israel. But, again i n unison, the
worl d announced that A rafat and the Palestinian A uthority really
desire peace.
Yes, many people claim that this bellicose position has since been
abandoned and more recently replaced by an earnest desire for peace.
A nd beginning i n 1993, A rafat became Israel's partner i n pursuing
peace - after all, he had signed the Declaration of Principles on the White
House lawn wi th Rabin and Carter, and, after all, he di d speak of pur-
suing the "peace of the brave" wi th Rabin. The signing of this agree-
ment was heralded by most people as the first step towards a permanent
peace between the two parties. A rafat was seeking peace, we were told
countless times. Furthermore, they continued, look at all the treaties he
has signed wi th Israel; he must be really intent on making peace i n
order to sign so many different agreements.
Well, it should be noted, on that same day, even before the ink had
dried on the "peace agreement", A rafat had this to say i n a pre-recorded
speech - a speech i n A rabic that was broadcast to his brethren on Jorda-
nian TV, a speech wherein he also stated that he woul d follow the ex-
ample of Mohammed wi th the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah:
1. Jordan Television Network (September 13,1993). He spoke similarly in an inter-
view on PA television 0anuary1,1995) and in Al-Quds (May 10,1998). For similar
statements, see Daniel Pipes and Alexander Stillman, "Two-Faced Yasser", The
Weekly Standard (Sep. 25,1995). See also Daniel Pipes, "Lessons from the Prophet
Muhammad' s Diplomacy", Middle East Quarterly, (Sep. 1999) and Yehoshua Porath's
article in The New Republic (July 8,1996).
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we will do it in stages. We take any
and every territory that we can get of Palestine and establish a sover-
eignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. Wlten the time
comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against
I n that same address, immediately after signing the accords, A rafat
talked to the entire A rabic-speaking worl d and told them that the just-
signed Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles was, i n actuality, the
i ni ti al installment i n the implementation of the 1974 PLO Phased Plan
which calls for the destruction of Israel i n phases - as noted by these
few relevant excerpts:
The Liberation Organization will employ ...armed struggle to
liberate...every part of Palestinian territory... Any step taken towards
liberation is a step towards the realization of.. .establishing the democratic
Palestinian state... Once it is established, the Palestinian national au-
thority will strive...with aim of completing the liberation of all Palestin-
ian territory...
I n that same address, A rafat continued:
Do not forget that our Palestinian National Council accepted the decision
[i.e., the Phased Plan] in 1974. It called for the establishment of a na-
tional authority on any part of Palestinian land that is liberated or from
which the Israeli withdrew. This is the fruit of your struggle, your sacri-
fices, and your jihad... This is the moment of return, the moment of gain-
ing a foothold on the first liberated Palestinian land... Long live Palestine,
liberated and Arab.
A "liberated and A rab" Palestine is a phrase describing a Palestine
without Jews. These statements were conveyed i n A rabic. Notsurpris-
ing, the Palestine A uthority has deleted all references to Israel i n their
official maps of the region; the entire Holy Land is labeled Palestine.
But i n English, A rafat spoke of "my partner Yitzhak Rabin" and "the
peace of the brave". A nd, sadly, the world wanted to be fooled by A rafat.
2. The FLO'S Phased Plan, Articles 2,4, and 8.
3. See the displayed maps at their website,
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
A rafat had years earlier defined his strategic objective as "the trans-
fer of all resistance bases" into the West Bank and Gaza "so that the
resistance may be gradually transformed into a popular armed revolu-
tion" which would prevent [Jewish] immigration and encourage emi-
gration..." destroying tourism... weakening the Israeli economy and
diverting the greater part of it to security requirements...creating and
maintaining an atmosphere of strain and anxiety that wi l l force the Zi -
onists to realize that it is impossible for them to live in Israel".
A nd he
had not deviated one iota from his strategy. He was "on track", for
A lways described as the most moderate of all the Palestinian leaders
and a likely successor to A rafat, Faisal Husseini was just as blunt:
Realistically, whatever can be obtained now should be accepted [in the
hope that] subsequent events, perhaps in the next fifteen or twenty years,
would present us with an opportunity to realize the just boundaries of
On another occasion, after comparing the Oslo A ccords to the Tro-
jan Horse, the "moderate" leader stated:
Had the US and Israel realized before Oslo that all that was left of the
Palestinian National movement and the Pan-Arab movement was a wooden
horse called Arafat or the PLO, they would never have opened their forti-
fied gates and let it inside their walls...
Tfiey have opened their fortified gates and let it inside their walls... This
means that we are ambushing the Israelis. ..Our ultimate goal is to liber-
ate all of Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.
I t is not surprising that there is no country called Israel on official
PA maps of the Middle-East; those boundaries encompass an area which
is labeled Palestine and is entirely A rabic.
4. Al-Anwar (Beirut), August 2,1968
5. Focus, Syrian television (September 9,1996); (September 9,1996);
The Jerusalem Post (September 10,1996)
6. In a 24 June 2001 interview in Al-Arabi (Egyptian daily). An English translation is
available at and
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
A rafat's strategy and intentions remained unchanged throughout the
years. From these statements alone, it is obvious that he had not re-
jected the official PLO position; he was following the Phased Plan 'to a
tee'. A nd so, after another signing ceremony and on his way to Gaza,
and true to his colors, A rafat told an exclusively Muslim audience i n
Johannesburg that he viewed the Oslo A ccords as "a despicable truce"
which he said he woul d be able to break as soon as he was ready just as
his prophet Mohammed broke his treaty wi th the Quraish people.
battle plans are being revealed.
A nd so, A rafat went on his merry way, and upon returning to Gaza,
he immediately began building the military machine needed to launch
the terror-war against the Jews of Israel from the very territories he was
given - just as he said he woul d do i n that address in September of
1993. Nearly 26,000 Jewish casualties i n the ensuing 12 years - never i n
the history of the worl d has a political process produced as much blood-
shed as has the Oslo process whose stated objective is the creation of
the Palestinian A uthority (PA ) and the subsequent establishment of a
Palestinian state. A rafat was more a partner of bin Laden and al Qaeda,
but never a true partner for any peace program.
The Phased Plan has never been repealed - as its predecessor, the
PLO Covenant - and both documents call for the total destruction of
the Jewish State. Strategies are revealed i n these official documents
which are being strictly followed by all PA leaders.
I n view of the above, it is not surprising that this 1993 agreement
brings forth no peace. A nd since this 1993 agreement does not lead to
peace, another agreement wi l l be created. A nd since that second agree-
ment accomplishes nothing, another agreement wi l l be executed. A nd
since the third agreement does not bring peace i n its wake, a fourth
agreement wi l l be formulated. A nd since that agreement, too, does not
advance the cause of peace...
A nd so the story continues. Three successive A merican administra-
tions have sought to broker a peace. A l l three have wanted to believe
7. The speech in its entirety may be seen as a video that can be purchased from the
online store at
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
very desperately that the Arabs had abandoned their goal of destroying
I srael and were prepared to live peacefully wi th their J ewish neighbors.
1 President after president and administration after administration had
worked feverishly to entice Arafat into adopting the principles of peace-
ful coexistence. He had reneged on every single agreement. I n their
bl ind and obsessive belief that peace can be forced onto a terrorist army,
America clings to exploded illusions about how peace is achieved. They
gnore facts and reality by maintaining (despite the many broken trea-
ties and despite the ever escalating casualty rate) that as long as the
combatants are talking, something is being accomplished - even though
everything Arafat said was an obvious lie, even though he always prom-
lsed what, we already knew, he never intended to ful fil l . And so, since
1993 Arafat had signed many treaties and agreements and memos of
understandings - to name just a few: Madrid, Camp David I , Camp
David I I , Oslo, Taba, and Wye Plantation. Each time that he reneged,
the next agreement promised hi mincreasing amounts of control over
more J ewish territory - i f he woul d only sign an agreement to stop the
terrorist war. So he woul d always sign.
I n March 2003, the Bush administration presented I srael and the
Palestinian Authority wi th a "road map to peace". The very first item
called for the "Palestinian" leadership to state that I srael has aright to
exist and that the Palestinian Authority wi l l stop murdering Jews. Wel l ,
as everyone knows (or should know) - neither wi l l the Arab leadership
forswear the murdering of Jews nor do they want I srael to exist. So,
neither of these two prerequisites has been fulfilled. Nor have Arab
countries stopped their funding of anti-I srael terrorist groups. Nor have
the PA leadership wi th their loyal soldiers done anything to convince
people to believe that the PA/PLO was interested i n peace. They have
said much; they have done horrors. Terrorismwas invented by Arafat
and has, since, been exported worl dwide.
I n addition, what the PLO could not achieve mil itaril y, America is
helping themattain through a "peace treaty". I n fact, the Oslo accords
enabled the PLO to achieve, i n one fell swoop, what the entire Arab/
Musl i mworl d had failed to attain through many years of terrorismand
conventional war - namely: the diminution of the State of I srael and its
slow and painful demise (Heaven forbid) and, what appears to be, the
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
creation of a hostile A rab/Musl i m state i n Israel's very backyard. A nd
here we also have "great" Israeli leaders helping the PLO establish a
military presence right i n the heart of the Holy Land - and, mind you,
arming them, also. A rabs have been following the script; they plan to
perservere until Israel is destroyed - again, in accordance wi th the much
publicized plans which are spelled out clearly i n the PLO Phased Plan.
The Phased Plan, as the PLO Covenant, has never been repealed and
both documents call for the total destruction of the Jewish State. Strat-
egies are revealed in these official documents - and they are being strictly
followed by the PA and their cronies. Take a look at a few excerpts
from the documents and you wi l l note that the battle plans are spelled
out very clearly.
The Phased Plan Resolution states quite clearly:
It is impossible for a permanent and just peace to be established.. .unless
our Palestinian people recover all their national rights and, first and fore-
most, their rights to return...on the whole of the soil of their
homeland...The [Palestine] Liberation Organization will employ all
means, and first and foremost, armed struggle to liberate...every part
of Palestinian territory... [and] will struggle against any proposal for a
Palestinian entity the price of which is recognition [of Israel], peace, se-
cure borders...
Reacting to Chamberlain's Munich Pact wi th Hitler, Churchill ad-
dressed Parliament:
You have to consider the character of the Nazi movement and the rule
which it implies... There can never be friendship between the British
democracy and the Nazi power...which vaunts the spirit of aggression
and conquest, which derives strength and perverted pleasure from perse-
cution, and uses, with pitiless brutality, the threat of murderous force.
That power can never be a trusted friend of British democracy.
These characteristics are shared by the PL O/PA and their terrorist-
soldiers. One can not negotiate wi th a power that is pitiless, brutal, and
sadistic. Worl d War I I proved Churchill correct.
8. See the Appendix for the complete text.
9. October 1938
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
The PLO/PA dispatched more than 18,000 of its terrorist-soldiers on
missions to murder Jews, and, as a result, I srael has suffered 25,375
attacks and nearly 14,000 casualties - just during the 45 months since
October 2000.
This translates to 20 attacks and10 casualties daily.
The PLO/PA is at war wi th I srael and I srael's response is to negotiate.
The PLO/PA wants every Jew dead and I srael's response is "Please
add alittle more territory to what we've already given you. Wi l l you be
our friends now?" I t's like trying to placate bin Laden by offering hi m
some American real estate i f he woul d only abandon his life's goal of
destroying America, i f he woul d substitute friendship for hate.
I srael does recognize that the PA has declared war on the J ewish
State. I srael even refers to this domestic situation as the Oslo War, but
the war is one-sided and the same scene is played-out daily: The PLO/
PA soldiers attack and I srael threatens reprisals. For nearly 20 years,
the same scenario has unfolded almost daily. Arabs attack again and
gai n, and I srael issues hol l ow threats again and again.
I t is beyond reason that
*A sovereign nation can allow mil itary attacks to go unchecked for
so long.
* A sovereign nation can allow the casualty figures to increase daily.
* A sovereign nation does nothing substantial to protect its inno-
cent citizens from harm.
* A sovereign nation can allow itself to be controlled by foreign pow-
ers who, i n a perverted way of thinking, demand I sraeli restraint
i n the face of attacks.
The I sraeli government's behavior is preposterous; it defies all logic.
Woul d America or, for that matter, woul d any sovereign country have
sat there and done nothing whil e it suffered mil itary incursions on a
daily basis? Woul d any country have allowed itself so many casual-
10. Report from Shin Bet's Director to Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee,
"Shin Bet Chief Reveals Some Painful Facts of the Oslo War",
Guly20, 2005). See also (August 8, 2004). On August 1, 2005,
the same source reported the same alarming frequency for the month of July 2005
with its nearly 500 terrorist attacks.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
ties? Would A merica have continued to negotiate wi th an implacable
enemy who vows to ki l l every A merican, and who actually attempts to
do so uninterruptedly - even while negotiating? A t the very least, the
thinking of Israeli leaders is misguided and allowing for continued de-
struction and death.
Since the Madrid agreement, the PL O/PA has signed dozens of agree-
ments - all of which were promptly violated. Unfortunately, as Churchill
postulated wi th a similar foe, there is no possibility for a political solu-
tion to the "Palestinian" A rab problem. I n fact, countries facing terror-
ists have discovered that the only effective solution to the terrorist
problem is the military solution as evidenced by Germany (against
Baader Meinhoff), Italy (against Red Brigade), Turkey (against PKK),
France (against A ction Direct), and Egypt (against Muslim Brotherhood).
A fter numerous political attempts, even A merica has discovered that
the military option is very effective i n halting the threats of terrorist
violence (as wi th the Taliban and i n Iraq). Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and
Lebanon discovered the effectiveness of this approach when they had
to deal wi th A rafat on their soil.
What's going on here? Where are the brains of our leaders? Twenty-
six thousand Jewish casualties since 1993 demonstrate very clearly that
the Palestinian A uthority is focusing on the jugular vein and their army
wi l l not stop until they have achieved the goals and principles of the
PLO Covenant and the Phased Plan. It makes absolutely no difference
the leader - the goal is the same: nothing short of the complete destruc-
tion of the State of Israel and the total annihilation of its citizenry.
Whenever Muslims announce a hudnah, the western worl d clap their
hands wi th excitement and declare that peace is "around the corner".
Dear reader, a hudnah is not a cease-fire - not at all. The meaning and
use of this term is very clear to those familiar wi th Muslim history and
the A rabic language. Hudnah is a status that a Muslim declares i n order
to execute the strategy of takiya. A group declares a hudnah only if it is
i n that group's best interest, like when one is losing a war or when one
needs to regroup or rearmitself i n order to launch the next onslaught.
A hudnah is declared, but once the declarant is i n a stronger position,
then that entity can "naturally" and "ethically" attack the other party.
A hudnah is a tactic which is part of an overall strategy of deceit, a strat-
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
egy that is utilized to wi n a war. A hudnah is not a step i n the process
towards peace. A hudnah is a definite strategy used against one's en-
emy. Mohammed declared a hudnah i n Mecca; A rafat, following suit,
had declared a hudnah many time since 1993, and after reinforcing and
rearming his troops, he had always then resumed his program of war-
fare. For the A rab, truth is seen as an irrelevant category. There is
only that whi ch serves A rab purposes and goals and that which does
not. It appears that we have overestimated the level of intelligence of
our leaders and a courageous individual needs to come forward and
familiarize the worl d wi th the real nature of Islam - a 'holy' religion
that promotes dishonesty, hypocrisy, war, and death. Jihad, takiya,
hudnah, beheadings, and massacres are not aberrations to them; these
actions are firmly rooted i n Islamic doctrine and culture.
Unti l now, military incursions by the West into Libya, Somalia,
Bosnia, A fghanistan, and Iraq are not seen as related to each other. These
five situations, for example, are seen as separate and distinct issues.
Christendom maintains that all Muslims and A rabs are fine gentlemen
- that Libya and Qaddafi were exceptions. Muslims are peace-loving,
but bin Laden was an exception. He was a bad man. A ssad of Syria -
he, too, was an exception. Then came Saddam Hussein. He, too, was
an exception, they noted. Then came the Palestinian A uthority; A rafat
was the exception. Then came Iran wi th its nuclear threat. They, too,
are an exception. Then came Hamas. Then came Hizbullah. They, too,
are exceptions. Thousands upon thousands of rioters who destroy
churches and massacre Christians - they are exceptions, too. Every
Musl i m murderer is an exception and every rogue regime, too. For
whatever the reason, Christendom is just not ready to "connect the dots";
the West refuses to acknowledge the global pattern of anti-Christian
hatred and violence. They refuse to see the well-orchestrated Muslim
plan. The West refuses to recognize the fact that, today, Muslims are
regularly murdering non-Muslims i n more than 40 countries on a near-
daily basis and i n nearly 60 more i n a sporadic manner. Forty coun-
tries! Sixty more countries! The West offers one of two explanations.
Western spokesman either interpret all these attacks as isolated inci-
dents initiated by the exceptions, or they announce that Islam is really a
religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few militants. It is as if
President Roosevelt would have announced that 'Nazism is an ideol-
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
ogy of peace, but that it has been hijacked or perverted by a few mi l i -
tants." A bbas, A rafat, bin Laden, and all their terrorist-soldiers i n
truth, they have all heeded, not hijacked, Islam.
I f it is true that the main teachings of the Koran proclaim brother-
hood and tolerance and respect for all non-Muslims, then we should be
able to see where these teachings are dominant themes of the Koran.
We should also be hearing statements from popular A rab and Muslim
leaders subscribing to this principle. Wewi l l never be provided wi th
"chapter and verse," nor wi l l we ever hear popular Muslim teachers or
leaders espousing these principles - because theirs is not a religion of
peace!! Islam, as a term, means "submission" - non-Muslims adopting
the Muslim way of life or else the sword.
Tens of thousands of Muslims have been attacking the Christian sectors
of Nigeria, for example, and have massacred thousands of Christians. The
Islamists believe that their religious laws should be violently imposed upon
others. The Muslims know that Islam preaches violence and huge mobs
have already burned 500 churches i n Indonesia where here, too, thousands
of Muslims have taken part in these riots. "Thousands" are not a minority.
Thousands of girls and women have been kidnapped by Muslims and
repeatedly raped. Little boys, too. Most victims are raped and tortured
and eventually murdered. The lucky ones are murdered right away. Salima
A mina Zenagui is one of the few survivors; she speaks on behalf of thou-
sands of unfortunate women who were brutally murdered and she tells
their stories - because they cannot." Most of the women are subjected to a
form of repeated rape which is called zawaj al mutaa, having to do wi th
"pleasure". "Pleasure"? Uch! You can throw up from disgust. What a
perversion! I n the midst of sadistically attacking the women captives, while
i n the actual act of raping and torturing and murdering, the Muslim men
simultaneously worship, study the Koran, and listen to "inspirational" tapes
about Mohammed. The vast majority of the captives wi l l eventually have
their throats slit. This is religion?! Where is the world's revulsion to this
wickedness? This is heinous, psychopathic, and barbaric behavior that
defies linguistic description. A nd we are supposed to believe that this is a
peaceful movement, a religion that preaches brotherhood.
11. The Toronto Star, November 2,1997
A s another example, the media is so horrified by the extensive mas-
sacres and wholesale devastation that has occurred i n Sudan over a
period of ten years; yet, during these ten years not one word of protest
was ever heard. A s a matter of fact, on 24 November 2004, the UN
defeated a proposed resolution condemning the massacres.
guilty for not having exposed the massacres years earlier and for not
having done anything to prevent this genocide from occurring, the only
aspect that the mediawi l l periodically and briefly discuss are theki l l -
ings of Blacks i n one small area, Darfur. A nd this topic, the massacres
in Darfur, only began to appear i n the media during the summer of
2004. But, here, the coverage is limited to a spotty mention of:
30,000 who have been massacred i n Darfur, and massacres being
committed by an armed militia from the north.
I t is a program of massacres "that is, by most measures, the worst
humanitarian disaster i n the worl d today".
A nd, mind you, this is
only the reaction to the 30,000 who were recently massacred i n the
Darfur region. The discussions never, ever consider the entire south-
em region where 2 mi l l i on Blacks have been ruthlessly slaughtered,
nor is it being addressed that 5 mi l l i on others have been sold into
slavery or uprooted and forcibly displaced. But even i n these articles,
which are few i n number - even here one has to search methodically
to discover that the northern militiamen are, i n fact, Muslim. What a
surprise!! Two mi l l i on Sudanese Blacks were murdered and millions
more uprooted and sold into slavery - this is raw evil at its worst!
12. It should be noted that on that very, same day, UN delegates also saw "clearly" to
adopt nine resolutions condemning Israel.
13. New York Newsday, (July 27, 2004, page A5)
14. Francis Bok, one of the few survivors, has been attempting to motivate the En-
glish-speaking world to act quickly on behalf of the Sudanese Blacks - before they
are all murdered. His book, Escape From Slavery, is an eye-witness account and
should be read by everyone, in addition to a First Person account in Ladies Home
Journal (February 2002), 51-53. New York Newsday (ibid.) devoted much space to the
slaughter, but even they did not discuss the pervasiveness and full extent of the
massacres. Some details were disclosed in testimony before the Committee on
Foreign Relations (June 15, 2004) by Roger Winter, an Assistant Administrator in
the U.S. Agency for International Development ( press/ speeches/
2004/tv040615 l.htmlV
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Isn't it enough already?! It is totally irrelevant and a big waste of
time to debate whether Islam is a peace-loving religion or not. The
issue is not related to theory; the issue is not the essence of an abstrac-
tion. The barbaric PL O/PA and their crazed followers, the insurgents
i n Iraq, the leaders of Iran, the Taliban, al Qaeda, the suicide bombers
i n Madrid, London, & New York, and the many other groups - they
all believe that they are at war wi th us; we should believe no less.
The real issue is hard facts and demonstrated behavior: Throughout
the worl d millions are dead because of wicked Muslims. We are i n
the midst of an existential struggle between good and evil. End of
Islam has divided the entire worl d into two domains: Dar al-Harb
and Dar al-Islatn. Dar al-Islam is that region where all the lands and all
the people have been conquered by Musl i m forces; Dar al-Harb are
those lands and peoples that need to be conquered. Jihad is that nor-
mal state of war between Muslims and the Dar al-Harb, and from the
Musl i m perspective, a war that wi l l only end when Islam reigns su-
preme throughout the worl d, when the entire worl d wi l l be Dar al-
Islam. "Holy war" is a normal state of affairs, because from its inception,
Islam has been a most bloody "religion" that has attempted to subju-
gate nations. Muslims have never blushed at the use of terror or war.
On the contrary, Muslims have glorified murder as the wi l l of their
god, which is why Muslims do not traditionally apologize for commit-
ting violence. Islam is not associated wi th peace; as a matter of fact, as
a term, "Islam" means "submission".
From their vantage point, the
entire worl d must submit to Islam. The alternative is death; "Islam or
the sword" has been their motto throughout the 1400 years of their
Since the 7th Century, Muslim actions have always been unrelated to
Israel's existence or Israel's policies. Muslims have already acted upon
their belief that the worl d must be Dar al-Islam. They attempted to
conquer the world; they came very, very close but were finally defeated
15. For more information, see In this area, the
books of Bat Ye' or must be read - especially: The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under
Islam and Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide - both published by
Farleigh Dickinson University Press, 2003.
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
by the armies of Charles Martel i n the year 732 i n what was described as
one of the greatest events i n the history of the world. The outcome of
this battle woul d determine whether Islamwould prevail throughout
Europe. The Muslims lost badly and were promptly expelled from all
of Europe. The Europeans of that era were quick to recognize the ne-
farious Muslim plans. Dormant for a while, Muslims attempted their
conquest of the worl d again. A fter conquering more than half of Eu-
rope, they were finally stopped at the outskirts of Vienna i n 1529. Dor-
mant for a while, Muslims have recently returned to fulfilling their "holy"
Today, there are more than forty "hot spots". But, unfortunately,
the West still "doesn't get it"; they stubbornly refuse to recognize that
these are not isolated incidents. A s a matter of fact, Islamic terrorism
has targeted A merica despite the fact that, six times i n ten years, A merica
went i n harm's way to defend A rabs and/or Muslims: i n Kuwait, i n
Northern Iraq (the Kurds), Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo. My friends,
forty countries that are plagued wi th Muslim insurgency, violence, and
war - forty "hot spots" are not the characteristics of a peace-loving
people. Forty "hot spots" simultaneously cropping up - forty "hot spots"
do not occur by coincidence; forty 'hot spots' indicate a collaborative
effort. A nd these forty "hot spots" do not include countries where Mus-
lims attack sporadically like i n England, Spain, or Italy, or Germany or
A merica or (in other regions) against the citizens of those countries.
A s an example of the Musl i m/A rab collaboration i n different re-
gions: A rafat was actively connected to al Qaeda, as he was to Saddam
Hussein. I n a book written by the former Director of the U.S. Congres-
sional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, it is docu-
mented that besides trai ni ng al Qaeda troops, Saddam trai ned
Palestinian A uthority terrorist-soldiers to attack A merican soldiers.
A s another example, on 13 September 2002, Israeli Special Forces cap-
tured a three-man squad who were trained i n Baghdad and who were
trying to slip into Israel on a murderous mission. During the interroga-
tion process, they implicated cohorts who were already well entrenched
i n Paris, London, Spain, and Italy - coreligionists who were subsequently
captured, as a result of the provided information. They were all trained
by Saddamwi th methods and strategies to ki l l Westerners and Israelis.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Al l these terrorist monsters received elaborate training wi th chemical
weapons and poisons, incl uding the extremely potent ricin.
A third example: as pointed out earlier, documents found by au-
thorities (following araid i n a London apartment) indicate that British-
Musl i m terrorists were being trained by Palestinian Authority forces -
even before 9/11.
Finally, PA soldiers murdered American diplomats
i n Sudan and i n Gaza. As a matter of fact, Palestinian Arabs have been
murdering Americans since the early 1970s wi th impunity. Hundreds
upon hundreds of Americans have been murdered.
This is the third time that Muslim-initiated warfare has engulfed the
worl d. On the previous two occasions, i n the years 732 and 1529, Charles
Martel and Richard the Lionhearted each stood up to the Muslims and
handled the challenges correctly, aggressively, and effectively. And,
so, on those two occasions, the Muslims were defeated mil itaril y and
their attempts to control the worl d were thwarted.
There should have been action taken decades ago to uproot this ki nd
of evil everywhere and anywhere. Finally, after 9/11, President Bush
di d so courageously declare war against terrorists, "whatever their ad-
dress". The President di d make the declaration; he has begun to re-
spond, but a sensible commitment has yet to be demonstrated. As a
case i n point, Musl i mimmigration into America remains unchecked
(relative to security clearances) and Muslims, who are known illegal
immigrants, roamfreely through the streets of American cities. Some
day, however, the Western nations wi l l "get i t" and they wi l l then put a
stop to theevil being perpetrated by the Muslims of the worl d - "what-
ever their address". After too many non-Muslims wi l l have been mur-
dered - at that point i n time, Christendomwi l l finally acknowledge
16. Bodansky, Y. The Secret History of the Iraq War, Harper-Collins, 2004, Chapter 3. See
also Charles Duelfers 1000 page report to the C I A and Richard Spertzel's state-
ment before the House Armed Services Committee. Both men had earlier been
engaged by the U N and they both reported about the chemical and biological agents
that were discovered in Iraq and about the weapons of mass destruction that were
inventoried in 1998 by U N inspectors. See also Rowan Scarborough's "Saddam
Agents on Syria Border Helped Move Banned Materials", The Washington Times
(Aug. 16, 2004).
17. (August 8, 2004)
Hudnah: "Peace" Is Really A Tactic
that the Musl i m objective is the obliteration of all non-Muslims - if not
through conversion, then through death. At that point, the West wi l l
recognize that, fortunately, they have been granted one last chance and
they had better not "bl ow i t" (at that time). Churchill's words chil l -
ingly ring true that there can never be friendship between a democracy
and those who vaunt the spirit of aggression and conquest and who,
wi th pitiless brutality, use murderous force.
This process of acknowledging the I slamic objective and then up-
rooting it - evidently, this is a most torturous process for the West to
undertake; instead, the West's approach can best be described as 'edu-
cation through murders'. When the evidence can no longer be pur-
posely ignored or misinterpreted or denied, the nations of the worl d
wi l l be forced to publicly admit that they had been 'l yi ng through their
teeth' about the Muslims - throughout the worl d, incl uding the Middl e

Finally, they will be disgraced, all of them who are against you...
18. Isaiah 41:11. Literally: "All who were angry with you shall be disgraced and humili-
ated; they, who struggle with you, shall become as nothing and shall perish."
Chapter 20
The non-Musl imworl d wi l l eventually fight back. But, when? They
wi l l , at some point, finally acknowledge the fact that their very survival
is being threatened by many Muslims. So motivated, the non-Musl im
worl d wi l l unite to finally eliminate the scourge of raw evil from their
midst. This, too, is a prophecy where, i n both Written and Oral Torah,
the Al mighty reveals that a coalition of nations shall invade a Musl i m
region i n response to a series of unprovoked attacks by these Muslims.
Oral Torah provides the antecedents - Musl i m terror and wars:

. .
Muslims will wage violent wars all over the world at that time [i.e.,
in the pre-Messianic era]. At that time, a nation from afar will be
aroused and will gather together a coalition to bring about the defeat
of the Muslim fighters. The coalition will consist of Christian coun-
tries from throughout the world.
Christendomwi l l respond wi th might against the murderous Mus-
lims - wherever and whatever their address. This forthcoming rooting
out of evil wi l l cause great destruction and wi l l involve a coalition of
Christian nations. This responsewi l l actually evolve into a major worl d-
wide confrontation of Christendom against Musl i mevil - but it must
have a beginning somewhere. Just where does it begin and when? What
is that first response (in a series of actions) that leads to the complete
eradication of Musl i m wickedness from the world? The Bible is clear i n
this regard and the Al mighty alludes to a series of events:
1. Zohar I I , 32a
2. Bamidbar 24:14, 23-24
The Confrontation Begins
.- . ...
In the period right before the adven t of Mashiach... [Faced wi th ter-
ribl y life-threatening situations, the Jews of I srael wi l l cry out
i n great distress], "O! Wlw can ever survive what the Almighty
has placed upon us"? [The Al mi ghty responds: "Don't worry,
My children, you wi l l know you are about to be rescued when]
Craft from Ki ti mwill come to crush Ashur and to crush the other
side until they, too, are eliminated [and the Jews wi l l be relieved
because the threats to their very survival wi l l , thus, be re-
Kitim is the Biblical name for the areathat woul d eventually become
known as Rome and the Roman Empire.
Additional l y, i n the language
of Biblical prophecy, Edom/Eisav (Esau) is also the nom de plume for
Christendomor Rome - and not merely because it now houses the seat
of the Church.
You can also understand this association through the
study of history, because the Church was the direct successor to the
Roman Empire and the latter descending from Eisav/Edom. After 330
C.E., Christianity became the official religion of Rome and that's why
the religion became known as the Roman Catholic Church. Now the
Church wi l l become synonymous wi th Rome and the name of the re-
gion wi l l be changed to The Hol y Roman Empire for this very reason.
So we see that it is perfectly logical for Torah prophecies to associate
Rome wi th Christian regions because, i n actual life, that is exactly what
3. In accordance with the explanation of Oral Torah in Midrash B 'reishit 37:3, the trans-
lations of Unklis, Y'rushalmi, and Reb Yonathan ben Uziel identify Kitim as Rome.
4. This is so because the descendants of Eisav or Edom (Esau) were Rome's earliest
settlers. The West is represented in the Bible by Edom because the West is heir to the
Roman Empire which was peopled by the descendants of Edom, also known as Eisav
the same Roman Empire which would eventually house the focal point of Chris-
tianity. Eisav's descendants originally lived in Edom (Idumea) and were forcibly
transferred to what is now called Italy. Interestingly, Muslims also refer to the
Christian world as Rome, as we see in their religious pronouncements. The War
Scroll, one of the Dead Seas Scrolls, identifies Rome as the biblical Kitim. Also, Jim
Long researched many ancient, non-biblical records - all of which described how
the descendants of Esau/ Edom founded Rome. For detailed information, see The
Researcher, Vendyl Jones Research Institutes, June 2001,13-25.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
did eventually occur. Translating from the Hebrew, therefore, the verse
can be understood as follows:
Craft from Christendom/ Kitim will come to crush Ashur and the other
side. So, now, where is Ashur or A ssyria?
A s can be seen from the maps, the A ssyrian Empire stretched from
an area east of Israel until just west of India. Interestingly and impor-
tantly, on the modern-day map, this entire region is a Muslim region
and the territory of Ashur woul d definitely include the land of Iraq. So
far, then, we have Christians attacking A ssyria, an area populated by
modern-day Iraq. Translating from the Hebrew, therefore, the verse
can be understood as follows:
Craft from Christendom will come to attack Iraq and the other side.
I n the just-quoted verse, Kitim attack both Ashur and "the other side".
The meaning of the latter phrase is not clear at this time. "The other
side" is elliptical for an area which could be either on "the other side"
of Iraq (A fghanistan or Iran to the east or Syria to the west or Saudi
A rabia to the south) or this Biblical phrase may be referring to the other
side of Israel (to the west or to the east). The phrase may also be refer-
ring to "the other side" of the Euphrates. One fact is clear, however:
another Muslim region wi l l be invaded, i n addition to Iraq. Only time
wi l l tell which areas are marked for invasion.
The prophecy, then, is of a massive attack against Muslim countries.
A s Oral Torah proclaims: the war of Christians against Muslims is dif-
ferent from other wars.
The Confrontation Begins
. .
Muslims will wage violent wars all over the world at that time. At
that time, a nation from afar will be aroused and will gather together
a coalition to bring about the defeat of the Muslims at sea, on dry
land, and in the environs of Jerusalem.
I n this war, there are many battlefields, i n many countries of the
worl d - as many as there are regions where violent Musl i m entities are
detected. I n this war, I srael is also targeted; i n this war, the entire worl d
is the battlefield. Because of the many Muslim-inspired wars through-
out the worl d, non-Muslims wi l l have to fight back. This confrontation
is the battle against theevil Muslims wherever they are found - whether
"at sea, on dry land, or i n the environs of J erusalem".
The coalition wi l l consist of Christian countries from throughout the
worl d. Similarly, the Bible describes the bloodshed that woul d be oc-
curring during this era i n Basra, acity that woul d capture the attention
of the worl d at that time.
The Almighty's sword is bloodied...because of the fierce fighting in
Basra and because of a great slaughter in a Christian country...
There is so much bloodshed in Basra because of the battles waged by
Basra is one of the largest cities i n modern-day I raq. I n the Bible we
are tol d that Basrawi l l capture the attention of the worl d as a result of
the blood that wi l l be shed there i n battle someday. The reference to
Basracertainly appears associated wi th the prophecy of the many battles
5. Zohar I I , 32a.
6. Isaiah 34:6. Literally: "in the land of Edom".
7. Ibid., 63:1-3. Literally: Who is this coming from Edom, with sullied garments from Basra?
Why is there red on your clothing?... Their blood spurted out on My garments...
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
of Christendomagainst I slam. I n light of these two prophecies, is it
really surprising that Basra was the scene of very heavy fighting during
both invasions of I raq, i n 1991 and again i n 2003? Coul d it be that the
wars i n Afghanistan and I raq are actually heralding the process of that
mighty confrontation to stop this rampant terrorism-war once-and-for-
More than any other tragedy that had been ignored by the West -
and there have been many - September 11
t h
was that one singular event
that should have served as the wake-up call for the West. But it looks
like the non-Musl im countries, unfortunately, still need to be attacked
and attacked unti l they become so enraged that they wi l l finally re-
spond - forcefully and globally.
Despite the recent incursions into Libya, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghani-
stan, and I raq and despite the 40 "hot spots" of the worl d, the West is
not yet fathoming the pervasiveness of the Musl i m cancer i n our midst.
Christendomwants to believe that I slam teaches the principles of inter-
faith harmony. But "i t just ain't so"! The West wants to believe that all
Muslims share Western values, paramount of which is a general re-
spect for life. But "that ain't so" either. The West cannot continue to
bl indl y deny reality as Musl i m atrocities increase i n frequency and i n-
tensity. The Western countries wi l l eventually "connect the dots" -
but, it seems, this wi l l happen only after they become so incensed by
Musl i m atrocities that they wi l l no longer be able to ignore or deny the
danger. As Oral Torah states:
Muslims will wage violent wars all over the world at that time [i.e.,
in the pre-Messianic era] -at sea, on dry land, and in the environs of
Jerusalem. At that time, a nation from afar will be aroused and
will gather together a coalition to bring about the defeat of
the Muslims. The coalition will consist of many Christian coun-
tries from throughout the world.
8. Zohar I I , 32a
The Confrontation Begins
When the West accepts the premise that brutal and ruthless Muslim
violence has engulfed the entire world - at that time Christendomwi l l
really 'get it'. The enemy wi l l be sought - no matter the address. The
enemy wi l l be stopped wherever the enemy is found - whether "at sea,
on land, or i n the environs of Jerusalem". The armies of the West wi l l
travel great distances to fight the Muslims. The barbaric and evil Mus-
lims wi l l finally be stopped - once and for all. So far, it looks like the
"Postman" has already delivered to two addresses - A fghanistan and
Iraq. May the "Postman" continue on His rounds unhindered, may
this prophecy soon unfold i n its entirety, and may the A lmighty protect
3U good people from further harm!
Chapter 21
Written and Oral Torah contain many, many prophecies. They are
all so exciting and most people woul d love to know, i n advance, when
a particular Biblical prophecy wi l l be actualized. Essentially, this is the
same request that the Prophet Z'charyah had expressed after being pro-
vided wi th so many prophecies. He wanted to be able to recognize the
period when prophecies woul d begin unfol ding and he anxiously
awaited the Al mighty's response that came i n the form of the fol l owing
... ...
I see that there is a golden candelabrum...its seven lamps are upon
it... There are two olive to the right.. .and one to the
left... [and remember that wars are won] not because of the num-
ber of soldiers or the degree of military strength, but because ofDi-
vine Providence..}
I nstead of providing a verbal response to the inquisitive prophet,
the Al mighty provides hi mwi th avision of a seven-branched candela-
brum surrounded by two olive branches, one on each side.
How does this vision satisfy the prophet's desire for information?
Furthermore, what is the trend of thought i n the verse that also associ-
ates mil itary victory wi th the candelabrum? How does this vision iden-
tify the period when prophecies wi l l be actualized? Finally, how wi l l
the average student of the Bible be able to understand or recognize this
image? After all, on one level, the Books of the Prophets were written
i n order to help us identify the period when prophecies wi l l unfold.
1. Z'charyah 4:2,3,6. Literally: Not through an army and not through strength, but through
My spirit. In addition, the term can also refer to a branch from the olive tree, as
indicated in Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 35b.
A Candelabrum Tells Us the Time
Secondly, the Bible was given to average people like us, to enable us to
understand important issues - incl uding this symbol and the message
about victories.
The average person must be able to understand the
Al mighty's message; otherwise, what purpose is served by "communi-
eating" information that wi l l remain largely unintelligible? Communi-
cation, by definition, requires a modicumof comprehension by the
receiver of the message; there is no real communication otherwise. Why
write a message that wi l l forever remain indecipherable? This approach
is to be avoided and the Al mighty cautions the prophets to take this
into account when they commit a prophecy to writing:
Tfie message must be written in language that can be understood by
the average person.
So, we are left wi th the image of a seven-branched candelabrumsur-
rounded by two olive branches, one on each side. The Al mighty's non-
verbal response must mean something like this:
When this vision is no longer avision, when people are able to
physically behold this unique image and recognize that it is
associated wi th an era or a major event, then you wi l l know
that the period has arrived for Biblical prophecies to unfold.
At that point i n time, you wi l l also see that the wi nni ng of
wars is not dependent upon logic, statistics, or military strength.
At that time, it wi l l become clear to all people that wars are
always won i n accordance wi th the Al mighty's plan - wi th
Divine Providence - and that the mighty are no longer guar-
anteed mil itary victory.
Logically, then, prophetic events wi l l unfold at a time when the pub-
lie wi l l be able to identify the icon of the seven-branched candelabrum
surrounded by an olive branch on each side. Additionally, this wi l l also
be a time when the mighty are no longer guaranteed military victory.
2. Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 34b and M'gilah 14a; Zohar, Introduction.
3. Isaiah 8:1. Literally: Take a large scroll and write on it with the stylus of an average person.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Is it possible for Z'charyah's prophetic vision to have looked like
Well, dear reader, this is a reproduction of the official seal of the
modern State of Israel - a candelabrumwi th an olive branch on each
side, and the seal appears to resemble the elements i n Z'charyah's vi -
sion. The A lmighty provides Z'charyah wi th many prophecies while
pictorially declaring that the prophecies wi l l only occur after the worl d
is formally introduced to the icon of the candelabrum and olive branches.
The prophecies wi l l not be fulfilled until after this symbol wi l l have
attained wide-spread recognition. Thus, Bible prophecies begin un-
folding after 1948, after the symbol is introduced by the State of Israel
as its official emblem. This is also that point in time when the average
person wi l l be able to decipher prophetic messages more easily. The
A lmighty answered Z'charyah's question by providing, i n reality, an
icon that would be rather easily recognized by us, the people of the 20
and 21
A nd so, after the icon is introduced, we also see that the outcome of
the A rab-Israeli wars is not based on logic or probability. A lthough
vastly outnumbered and militarily weaker, the Jews of Israel are mi -
raculously victorious i n the three A rab wars of 1948,1967, and 1973 -
because wars are won on the basis of the A lmighty's plan and not be-
cause of military strength, so declares the A lmighty i n this prophetic
vision. A nd so the prophecies of the Bible are all being actualized dur-
ing the era of the seven-branched candelabrum that is surrounded by
two olive branches - during the period that begins around 1948. The
A lmighty's message seems to be: I f you want to see the militarily few
A Candelabrum Tells Us the Time
vanquishing the powerful many, look for the period where the candela-
brum and olive branches gain prominence; look to modern Israel. I f
you want to identify the era for the unfolding of Biblical prophecy - the
A lmighty provides this information. I f you want the precursors - the
A lmighty provides this, too. We have seen them both.
Because the candelabrum can be identified and because this symbol
is now associated wi th the unfolding of prophecy, people are now en-
abled to appreciate prophecies and their fulfillment and to know wi th
certitude that:
* The worl d definitely has a Creator.
* Only the Creator can provide advance
information about future events.
* The Creator actively controls worl d affairs.
* Written and Oral Torah are books of truth.
Chapter 22
The subject of prophecies gets more exciting becausewe have been
provided much more information. There's a very interesting dialogue
that is recorded i n Oral Torah which elucidates several terse verses i n
the Bible.

. .
"... ,
"... ...?
The Jews approach the Prophet Daniel: "Our teacher, Daniel, all the
dreadful and harsh prophecies of Jeremiah have already been real-
ized, but the one good prophecy dealing with the fall of Babylonia
upon completing its 70
year and the return of Jews from the
Diaspora - these two events have not yet occurred despite the fact
that the 70 years of Babylonian ascendancy has already been real-
ized". The prophet does not disagree with the people, but he does
request a copy of the Book of Isaiah and reads them aloud about vio-
lent storms that will yet hit Babylonia. Through the chapter in
Isaiah, Daniel emphasizes that one more event still needs to occur:
storms. Right after the completion of its 70
year, violent storms
will bring about Babylonia's downfall; then the Jews will return from
all the countries of their dispersion}
Let's review this dialogue. The Jews want to know when Babylonia
wi l l fall from power, no longer a threat to others. They quotefrom the
1. Paraphrased from Shir HaShirim Rabbah 3:4. The quoted Biblical passages are, in
order, from Jeremiah 29:10 and Isaiah 21:1-4.
Babylonia Returns

Babylonia will fall upon the completion of 70 years; then masses of
Jews will return to Israel from all the countries of their dispersion.
The Jews know of the Al mighty's decree that Babyloniawoul d exist
for only 70 years - not 71 or 72 years, and not 68 years. But the Jews
indicate that Babylonia has just reached its allotted 70 years and that
country stil l stands as a threat - an apparent contradiction to the
Al mighty's dictum. The prophet does not arguewi th them; he agrees
wi th themthat Babylonia has just reached its 70
birthday, but he re-
sponds by providing themwi th more information from another biblical
verse. After completing its 70
year - the prophet indicates that one
more event wi l l occur before the71
birthday and then Babyloniawi l l
There is no contradiction between the prophecy and real life. The
prophet agrees wi th the Jews that Babylonia had just celebrated the
completion of its 70
year. But he tells themto 'hol d on for alittle bit
longer' because Babyloniawi l l soon fall from power - before that par-
ticular year is completed. He then concludes by encouraging the Jews
not to lose hope, no matter how intense the fear. Jews should not lose
hope because Babyloniawi l l soon fall; i na few more months shewi l l be
hit by "storms". Then, we are assured, two more events are soon to fol -
low: masses of Jewswi l l return to I srael from all the countries of their
dispersion and shortly thereafter peacewi l l reign throughout the worl d.
This conversation is not what you think, because there is much more
here than what initial l y meets the eye. I n this discussion the Jews men-
tion that Babylonia was i n existence for 70 years. The prophet agrees.
Dear reader, this discussion could not have been referring to an event
i n the Prophet's day, at the time when this discussion is assumed to
have occurred. That's becauseBiblical Babylonia di d not last 70 years.
2. Jeremiah 29:10,14. Literally: I will remember you after Babylonia's completion of 70 years.. .1
will return your exiles and I will gather them from all the nations and from all the places
where I dispersed them, states the Almighty. I will return them to the place from where I
exiled them.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Babylonia fell from power before its 70
The prophet's answer
that Babyloniawi l l exist for "a little bi t longer" than 70 years - again,
for the same reason, this response cannot be referring to Biblical
Babylonia, an entity which lasted for less than 70 years. Furthermore,
when this discussion is purported to have occurred, Babylonia was no
longer a threat - having already been conquered by the Medes. No
longer threatened, these Jews would never be asking the prophet to
reassure them that they wi l l not be attacked by a country that is totally
decimated and impotent. Consequently, this verbal exchange cannot
pertain to Biblical Babylonia.
Finally, the previous Biblical quote fromJeremiah refers to Jews re-
turning from the many lands of their dispersion. This condition did
not exist during Daniel's time because, at that time, Jews had only been
exiled to one country, Babylonia. Furthermore, when granted the op-
portunity, only 42,360 Jews returned to Israel from Babylonia - nothing
like the situation i n the just-quoted passage that describes a massive
return to Israel from the many countries of their dispersion. Thus, this
discussion could never have been referring to Biblical Babylonia.
So, if the discussion is not referring to the Babylonia of the Bible,
then it must be referring to another Babylonia, a Babylonia that woul d
first appear sometime after Daniel's day; we call this a prophecy about
the future. I f the discussion wi th the prophet does not pertain to Bibli-
cal Babylonia, then the discussion must involve another people that
3. See Daniel 9:2 and Babylonian Talmud, Ta'anit 12a together with Rashi's elaboration in
both places. Encyclopedia Britannica, similarly, traces 68 years of Babylonian su-
premacy beginning with the ascendancy of N' vuchadnetzar II until the fall of the
Babylonia Returns
woul d eventually dwel l on the land that was once called Babylonia.
Looking at the map of Biblical Babylonia, we should be able to see that
there is a nation that sits on that land today but the nation is, of course,
not called Babylonia.
One can easily see that modern-day I raq sits on the territory of Bibl i-
cal Babylonia. And so it woul d not be surprising to discover that the
discussion between the Jews and the Prophet is referring to events sur-
rounding today's I raq. This is certainly logical because after the de-
struction of Biblical Babylonia, there was never an independent state i n
that area- that is, not until the 20
Century wi th the creation of I raq.
Let us, therefore, test out the hypothesis that this is a prophetic pas-
sage rather than a grossly inaccurate reference to a past event. Wewi l l
examine the details. I f what is being described i n Oral Torah is similar
to that which involves modern-day I raq, then this Oral Torah passage
must be a prophecy about I raq. You know, "I f it looks like a duck and
it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck".
So, i n the dialogue recorded i n the just-cited Oral Torah selection, let's
substitute "I raq" for every "Babylonia" and let's substitute "21
s t
tury J ews" for those i n Daniel's time.
At some point, 21
Century Jewswi l l want to know why the menac-
ing Iraq has not fallen despite the fact that it had already exceeded its
allotted 70 years. The Jews are exhorted not to become despondent,
becauseIraq wi l l definitely fall from power. The Jews are tol d that one
more event wi l l occur wi thi n a few months, before the year is com-
Pleted; one major event wi l l occur beforeIraq's 71
birthday. The Bible
mentions that event and Oral Torah emphasizes that event: violent
storms have to hit Iraq. ThenIraq wi l l be rendered impotent.
Another prophet proclaims the same event:
Therefore, said the Almighty, I will cause...storms to break out... [i n
order to put a stop to the threats and evil emanating from
4. Similarly, examining other prophecies about Babylonia will provide us with even
more details about Iraq.
5. Ezekiel 13:13
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
I n other words, if our hypothesis is correct, then this dialogue is ac-
tually a prophecy. Out of fear and despair, modern-day Jewswi l l want
to know how much longer they wi l l be subjected to threats emanating
fromI raq. I n studying the Bible, they wi l l think it proclaimed that I raq
wi l l fall from power exactly upon the completion of 70 years. The Jews
wi l l want to know why I raq survives and still continues to threaten
others - even beyond its 70
birthday. Daniel reassures the Jews that
I raqwi l l fall just "alittle bit" after its 70
birthday - but before its 71

Babylonia (i.e., Iraq) will fall upon the completion of 70 years [of
As the prophet Daniel points out, after the completion of its 70 years
(but before its 71
birthday), I raqwi l l be hit by violent storms that wi l l
break apart the kingdom.
Dear reader, consider this. I t is trul y amazing! The borders of I raq
were created by the League of Nations. After Turkey fell to the Allies
during Worl d War I , the huge Ottoman Empire was dismantled. Where
once there was but a huge, faceless expanse of land, there woul d now
be two dozen countries. I n the beginning of the 20
Century, there was
not even one Arab nation. Onl y families existed and loosely affiliated
tribal connections. There was no national identity. As a matter of fact,
most Arabs had no roots: one day they l ived i n one area, at another
time they woul d migrate elsewhere i n this huge territory.
The Middl e
East was one large unit of the Ottoman Empire for the 400 years of its
control; during this era, there were never any countries. However, af-
ter Worl d War I , the Ottoman Empire was carved up into chunks. One
area became Egypt and another, Syria. Yet another was to be labeled
Palestine. One parcel, I raq, was formally created on October 13,1932.
Now, pleasefollow this simple calculation. Created on 13 October 1932,
I raq's seventieth birthday was on 13 October 2002. As the Bible pro-
claims, modern-day I raq woul d fall after its 70
year but before its
6. Jeremiah 29:10
7. This issue was discussed earlier in Chapter 6.
Babylonia Returns
year. The prophecy is that 21
Century Jewswi l l wonder (begin-
ning on 14 October 2002) why I raq still stands beyond its 70
beyond 13 October 2002. The prophecy is that soon after 13 October
2002, well-versed people wi l l wonder why I raq had not yet fallen - i n
accordancewi th what is recorded i n the Bible. The prophet reassures
themwhen he says just 'alittle bit longer' and the evil kingdomof I raq
wi l l be toppled - before its 71
year, which means before October 2003.
Sure enough, 5 months after October 2002, I raq was plummeted by
America. I raq fell from power i n March 2003 - five months after its 70
birthday, and wel l before its 71
Modern-day I raq fulfills the descriptions that are utilized i n the lan-
guage of the Bible. I ndeed, I raq is the 'Biblical Babylonia'. As we all
know, alittle bit' after its 70
birthday, I raq was attacked by an Ameri-
can-led coalition - and, as we have just noted, another prophecy was
fulfilled. As breathtaking as this development might be, wait ti l l you
see what follows i n the next chapter.
Chapter 23
D E S E R T S T O R M : W H O R E A L L Y S E L E C T E D T H E T E R M ?

The deceiver continues not keeping his word and the oppressor con-
tinues to be violent.
Besides being an aggressor, Babyloniais also described as being deceitful
becauseit is not honest and it does not abideby agreements. For nearly 12
long years, I raq woul d not abideby its agreement to allow inspection of its
weapons production facilities. I raq is also a sourceof terror.
My loins are full of anguish; pains have gripped me; my hearing is
distorted; I am afraid to look. I have become disoriented; panic has
terrified me. He has transformed festivity into horror... Babylonia..}

[During the period of I raq's ascendancy] Israel will be overcome
by panic and fear and they will cry out: "We have no chance of ever
escaping this never-ending nightmare".
The Jews wi l l be i n a stateof abject despair, having no hopeof sur-
vival . When the Jews are i n a stateof panic, as just cited - it is at this
point i n time that the Al mi ghty declares that storms wi l l break out:

A harsh prophecy: Desert storms from the west...will be launched
by apowerful nation... [against] the onewho is violent and does not
1. Isaiah 21:2
2. Ibid., 3,4,9
3. Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 499.
Desert Storm: Who Really Selected the Term?
keep his a time when ...panic has terrified me... And the
lookout announced, "It has fallen; Babylonia has really fallen".*
We saw the prophet Daniel citing proof from the Book of Isaiah that
one more event woul d occur before Babyloniawoul d fall - right after
completing its 70
year of existence. That event is depicted as a storm.
But, let me ask you: what ki nd of stormhas the power to overthrow a
regime? What kinds of storms are launched by apowerful nation? The
Bible is obviously not referring to an ordinary stormof nature.
I n the first sentence of the just-quoted passage, the Al mighty pro-
claims that Babyloniawi l l finally be attacked and subdued by
What kinds of storms topple an empire? Certainly not the custom-
ary storms. What types of storms are launched by apowerful nation?
I t must be that the Al mi ghty is describing amil itary action and, as ev-
eryone knows, the American-led mil itary action against I raq was code-
named "Desert Storm" a termthought to have been selected by
Pentagon strategists, but actually foretold i n the just-quoted verse. The
Al mi ghty declares that "DESERT STORMS FROM THE WEST" wi l l
bring about the downfall of I raq.
Magnificent!! Prophecy even foretells the name that woul d eventu-
ally be selected for this military operation and that it woul d be launched
by apowerful country from the West. So, you tell me, who really pro-
duced the name for this mil itary operation?
As breathtaking as this might be - that Desert Stormwas dubbed
and predicted thousands of years ago - it becomes even more magnifi-
cent because the Al mi ghty does not refer to one Desert Storm. Take a
look at the just-cited quote. The Al mighty refers to "Desert Storms" -
the termis i n the plural, meaning that therewi l l be more than one Desert
4. Isaiah 21:1-9
5 In the Bible, "the Sea is synonymous for the westerly direction, just as "the [Medi-
terranean] Sea" is west of Israel.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Storm; at least two invasions of Iraq are envisioned. Iraq wi l l fall after
completing 70 years of independence and after at least two Desert
Storms - so states the Prophet Isaiah and so does Oral Torah emphasize
i n the prophetic exchange between the Jews and the Prophet Daniel.
A nd so it was - naturally. The first Desert Storm of 1991 was followed
by a second military action i n 2003. A nd Iraq falls after the second
Desert Storm. Don't criticize the first President Bush for not 'finishing
off Saddam i n 1991. Iraq could not fall i n 1991 after Desert Storm I ,
because Desert Storm I occurred during Iraq's 59
l h
year and the proph-
ecy called for Iraq's downfall only after it completes 70 years.
I f you think this is impressive (which it is), well, "you ain't seen
nothing yet", because there is a very important relationship between
both military incursions into Iraq. I n 1991, Desert Storm I ended on 28
February, and on 17 March 2003, twelve years later, a second President
Bush declared war on Iraq. On that day, President George W. Bush
addressed the Iraqi people i n a broadcast to the worl d i n which he for-
mally declared war against Saddam Hussein:
We will tear down the apparatus of more wars against
your more poison factories, no more
more torture chambers and rape rooms. The tyrant will soon begone.
The day of your liberation is near.
I f you look at the Jewish calendar, the relationship between 28 Feb-
ruary 1991 and 17 March 2003 becomes apparent, as does the relation-
ship between both wars. Begun on January 16
, the first Desert Storm
ended on 28 February 1991 which corresponds to 14 Adar, the day when
Saddam completely withdrew his forces from Kuwait - as demanded
by A merica. A nd then on the exact same date, 14 Adar, but twelve years
later, like a chapter that follows directly from the previous one, a sec-
ond war was declared - this time by the second President Bush. On 14
Adar 5763, corresponding to 17 March 2003 and broadcast around the
worl d, the younger President Bush formally declared war against
Saddam Hussein. The ending of the first Desert Storm and the announc-
ing of the second invasion of Iraq, both on the exact same day - this
suggests continuity from the Divine perspective, that both military in-
cursions are but two different phases of the same war and that the
A merican invasion i n March 2003 was a continuation of Desert StormI .
Desert Storm: Who Really Selected the Term ?
On another level, this concept of continuity is totally logical, because
what the first President Bush had begun remained for his son, George
W. Bush, to complete. I n human terms, on 17 March 2003, President
George W. Bush declares a new war against I raq. I n the Divine scheme
of history, however, this is but the second phase of the operation to
permanently remove the I raqi threat from our midst. And so after a
brief hiatus, the announcement was made on 14Adar 5763 to resume
the war - twelve years to the day that the first phase of the war ended;
it is just like "picking up where we left off".
People assume that nations decide for themselves whether to invade
another country and when to do so. People assume that it was America
that code-named the mil itary action as "Desert Storm". I n fact, as we
just saw, the name of the mil itary action was pre-selected by the Al -
mighty and already recorded for posterity thousands of years ago:
You wi l l also note that the Al mi ghty states that apowerful nation
from the West wi l l invade Babylonia i n at least two mil itary campaigns.
You wi l l agree that, i n the year 2003, there is no nation more powerful
than America - the same America that also led the coalition forces against
I raq i n 1991. Two Desert Storms, indeed.
Similarly, there is a prophecy that:

A powerful leader will raise himself over all the other rulers (i.e., he
will rise to the occasion). He will open up wars on two fronts and he
will overpower the enemy.
Wel l , they don't make leaders more powerful than the President of
the United States - i n this case George W. Bush. And, indeed, President
6. Isaiah 21:1
7. Zohar I I I , 212a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Bush initiated two invasions - that of A fghanistan and that of Iraq.
You know, we hypothesized that both military campaigns were part
of one grand Divine plan. A nd this approach appears logical as well,
because after Saddam was defeated i n 1991, the UN Security Council
authorization to use "all necessary force" against Iraq was suspended.
But authorization was not rescinded because the international commu-
nity wanted to first make certain that Saddamwoul d have no means to
massacre more of his people, threaten the world, or start other wars - as
he had already done wi th biochemical weapons i n Iran and, at home, i n
Iraq. For the next twelve years, Saddam ignored eleven additional UN
resolutions that essentially reiterated his 1991 obligation to allow un-
fettered access to all sites and that woul d have publicly demonstrated
that he no longer possessed weapons of mass destruction (or that would
lead to their confiscation). He continued to frustrate the UN's efforts
and continued to breach these resolutions and agreements. When it
became overwhelmingly clear that this arrogant despot would continue
to hamper the inspectors, the original Desert Storm authority was reac-
tivated. The authority was reactivated, because authorization to launch
the war against Iraq was never rescinded; it was only suspended to
allow for inspections. But the authority to initiate military action i n 2003
was derived from the UN resolution which authorized Desert Storm i n
the first place (back i n 1991). On this level, Desert StormI I was but a
reactivation or continuation of Desert StormI .
But more importantly, we are justified i n our approach, because Oral
Torah considers both invasions of Iraq as one unit, that 'both' military
campaigns are part of the same grand Divine plan. A re you ready for
Desert Storm I began on January 16
and ended 47 days later on 3
March 1991, corresponding to 14 Adar. Twelve years later, on 14 Adar,
corresponding to March 20
, A merica resumes the military campaign;
43 days later, on May 1
, President George W. Bush announces an end
to the offensive drive because A merica's military objectives were
8. See George Shultz' report in The Wall Street Journal (March 29, 2004).
Desert Storm: Who Really Selected the Term?
Presented i n avisually crisp manner:
Desert StormI began J anuary 16,1991
and formally ended on March 3
r d
=47 days of amil itary offensive
Desert StormI I began on March 20, 2003
and formally ended on May 1
s t
=43 days of amil itary offensive
Since it is being hypothesized that both wars are but two phases of
the same operation, then both phases can be combined and the total
amount of time spent i n formal combat can be written as one unit. Es-
sentially, after all is said and done, wi th both phases of the war l umped
together, America spent atotal of 90 days i n formal combat against the
I raqi regular mil itary forces.
By now you must be able to guess the general content of the proph-
ecy to be cited next.

... .
At a time when Muslims are launching harsh wars in the world -
during that period of time, a coalition of Christian nations will travel
great distances in order to war against the Muslims for a period of
three months.
Three months. Of course, as expected and exactly as foretold, the
formal fighting against the I raqi Army lasted for precisely 90 days. What
more is there to say except WOW!
Saddamwas finally eliminated as a threat - to his people, to I srael,
and to the worl d. No more scuds crashing into I srael. No more train-
ing of terrorist-murderers for missions against Westerners. No more
threats from weapons of mass destruction. The three months of combat
9. Even though Iraq fell and the war had formally ended, now acts of Muslim terror
plague our troops, as they do worldwide. The proof for this position can be found
in the identity of the insurgents in Iraq. Nearly 70% of the insurgents are Saudi
nationals, with another 25% comprised of Syrians and Kuwaitis. Fewer than 10%
are Iraqis. See Mia Bloom's "Grim Saudi Export - Suicide Bombers", Los Angeles
Times (July 17, 2005)
10. Zohar I I , 32a
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
were divided into two phases, but essentially atotal of 90 "worki ng"
days were spent i n trying to ri d the worl d of the regime of the evil
incarnate that was Saddam. The first installment lasted 47 days under
the presidency of George H. W. Bush, the father. The second and final
installment lasted 43 days - this time under the leadership of President
George W. Bush, the son. Altogether, formal mil itary fighting lasted
for exactly three months - as predicted, of course. I ndeed, Desert StormI I
is a continuation of Desert StormI .
Only the Al mighty can be so precise - all the time, naturally. I n-

So shall all that I proclaim be fulfilled.

From all that the Almighty has said, not even one utterance
will go unfulfilled.
11. Isaiah 55:11
12. Babylonian Talmud, Sofrim 13:11
Chapter 24
F O U R S T U N N I N G P R O P H E C I E S :
A R R O WS , A S P E E C H , BI R D S , A ND H A I L S T O NE S
We reviewed several prophecies presumed to be associated wi th
Biblical Babylonia and we saw that these passages are actually prophe-
cies about modern-day I raq. But there is more - relating to stunning
features of the forceful mil itary response to I raq. The Prophet states:

For behold, I am arousing and raising up against Iraq a coalition of
great nations... They will array themselves for battle against her;
from there she will be captured. His arrows are like a smart con-
; they shall not return empty-handed.
Babyloniawi l l be attacked by acoalition of nations whose arrows
are like a smart conqueror; the arrows wi l l not return empty-handed,
because they strike their targets wi th precision. I n the description of
the skilled archers who attack I raq, why is the term"smart" utilized
and not a termthat is more germane to the skills of archery? Why are
these projectiles associated wi th concepts like "smart" and "conqueror"?
Secondly, i n the prophetic description of this military confrontation wi th
I raq, the weaponry includes arrows that never miss their mark. Weap-
onry fly through the air and hit their targets wi th pinpoint accuracy.
What ki nd of airborne weaponry is so precise that it never misses its
Wel l , interestingly, America refers to its new generation of weapons
as "smart bombs" - just as the Bible associates precision-guided weap-
ons wi th smartness and conquest. The nation that rained "smart bombs"
upon I raq - that nation can certainly be described as the conqueror of
1. Jeremiah 50:9. Literal reference is made to 'Babylonia', but as we noted in the previ-
ous chapter, Iraq is the actual subject.
2. Literally, "smart" from the root .
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
I raq and the liberator of its people. Like well-aimed arrows, modern-
day missiles and bombs soar through the air and hit their targets wi th
pinpoint accuracy. Whil e modern-day "arrows" are aimed at targets
which are far away - even hundreds of miles away, these weapons are
so technologically advanced that they can even be programmed to fly
through an open wi ndow and hit the intended indoor target without
destroying the entire buil ding. I ndeed, the modern-day arrow di d not
miss its mark - not i n Afghanistan nor i n I raq. Today's precision-guided
projectiles are like arrows that are not wasted, because, as conquerors,
"smart bombs" always hit their marks wi th tremendous force and pre-
cision - i n accordance wi th the Bible's description.
"The day of your l iberation is near." So declared President George
W. Bush i n the closing statement of his March 17
l h
address to the I raqi
people, to the Ameri can people, and to the worl d-at-l arge. The
President's statement is most i ntri gui ng because the Al mi ghty an-
nounces that this phraseology wi l l be used to comfort the J ewish people
when they wi l l bel i vi ng i n a state of panic (as a result of Musl i m war-
fare). The entire worl d is frightened and the Jews are depicted as de-
spairing of ever surviving thesehorrific conditions:

The nations of the world are painfully frightened of its mere presence.


During this period of panic, the Almighty comforts the Jewish people
and says to them: "My children, fear not...The time of your lib-
eration has arrived". [You shall be threatened no l onger.]
This statement regarding liberation wi l l be pronounced during a
period of Muslim-initiated violence, when the very existence of the J ew-
ish people is at stake. What specific events wi l l herald their liberation?
3. P'sikta Rabati 36:3
4. Ibid. A similar quote can be found in Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 499.
Four Stunning Prophecies: Arrows, A Speech, Birds, and Hailstones

There is so much bloodshed in Basra because of the battles waged by
Christendom .. .a time of vengeance. The time of your liberation
is arriving.
The Al mi ghty proclaims that these words of comfort wi l l be heard
around the time when Basrais attacked by a Christian coalition; that is
when wewi l l hear the words, "The time of your liberation has arrived".
So declares the Al mighty and, naturally and to be expected, so declared
President George W. Bush. The Al mighty proclaims that the liberation
of the J ewish people wi l l be completed soon after the fighting i n Basra.
So, how di d President Bush come to recite the words, "The day of your
liberation is near"? Who really wrote that speech?
We have seen glorious prophecies that provide very specific details.
To learn about these prophecies, to witness themunfolding, to experi-
ence them, and to realize that these events were foreseen thousands of
years ago render us speechless. I t is extremely difficult to describe my
feelings and emotional reactions to these experiences. I can't even stop
to "catch my breath" as I write these words. There are so many beauti-
ful aspects to Torah and Torah life - so much to write, so much more to
study. We have been discussing just one component - that of prophe-
cies. Even i n this one domain, there are just too many prophecies to be
included i n one book - even i n two books. I have only scratched the
surface, but I woul d like to discuss two more prophecies before closing
this section of the book - both associated wi th post-9/11 events and
wi th the war against I raq.

! !
A bird will exercise power over the world [at a time when Israel's
enemies will appear to be enjoying a degree of success].
5. Isaiah 63:1-4. Literally: Who is this coming from Edom (i.e., the Christian part of the
world), with sullied garments from Basra ?...For a day of vengeance is in My heart and the
time of My liberation is arriving.
6. Zohar I I I , 212b
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
"A bird wi l l exercise power..."? Pray tell, what kind of airborne
body is able to control people and provinces and events? On the other
hand, this powerful capacity is also very easily recognized - by merely
reviewing our knowledge of current events and recent history. You
see, this war wi th its A I WA C radar aircraft, satellites, and computer-
fitted planes - this war demonstrated very clearly how a war could be
conducted from the air and from outer space. A s i n the 1991 Desert
Storm, the foot soldiers easily entered the heart of Iraq i n March 2003
and met virtually no organized military resistance, because the major
part of the Iraqi forces, defense systems, and military infrastructure had
already been destroyed from the air: by satellites, flying A I WA Cs, and
airplanes - wi th their computer-controlled weaponry systems and from
their "arrows" that never miss their mark.
How else could you describe planes and satellites 2500 years ago
when there was not yet even the concept of air travel? During biblical
times, how else could the A lmighty present a prophecy about modern
inventions when the words and concepts were not yet created? Think
back for a moment to a time 100-150 years ago. How di d people re-
spond the first time they saw a locomotive or a plane - before they
learned the newly created names? Didn't they refer to them as "iron
horses" and "iron birds"?! Well, just as i n more modern times, people
initially referred to airplanes as 'birds', so, too, does Oral Torah refer to
these airborne craft as "birds".
Indeed, "birds":
monitored events
provided information
conducted the war
guided movements
restricted travel and activity
I n fact, we saw that "birds" exercised great power over an entire
A t a time when "birds" control the worl d and i n the midst of Mus-
7. For more information, the reader is directed to the Popular Science (September 2002)
cover story, " TAKING THE WAR TO SPACE: How the U.S. wil l use its superpower
technology to rule the last frontier".
Four Stunning Prophecies: Arrows, A Speech, Birds, and Hailstones
l i m violence against non-Muslims, wi th Christians beginning to fight
back - i n the midst of such great conflict, events invol ving I srael still
dominate the news. At a time when the enemy woul d like nothing
better than to destroy I srael and at a time when nations deceive the
Jews - when these nations feign peaceful intentions wi th I srael, the
Al mi ghty states:

TJie mountains will be broken apart and the towers will fall... I will
punish him with pestilence, blood, torrential rains, and with rocks of
elgavishwill I rain down upon him, on his followers, and upon the
many nations that support him.
After "towers fal l ", the Al mighty states that the enemy wi l l be pun-
ished and among their punishments for their evil deeds, "rocks of elgavish "
wi l l rain down upon them. Most translators substitute the word "hail "
for "rocks of elgavish". But that is not what the phrase means. After all,
what kind of severe punishment is a hailstorm? Hail is certainly not a
particularly destructive force - even for those caught wal king outdoors
i n the midst of a hailstorm. Certainly, large buildings are not even af-
fected by hail, nor does a country fall from power as a result of a hail-
storm. Hail is but a minor irritant. On a level of pure intuition, we can
see that such a translation is not accurate. I n fact, the Bible states that this
phenomenon of 'rocks of elgavish' is not the typical hail of nature.

There was hail, and fire flaming amid the hail.
Both Written and Oral Torah
describeBiblical 'hail ' as containing
intense internal heat that is encapsulated by an external surface that is
freezing cold. What technologically advanced creation is being described
8. Ezekiel 38:20-22, according to the translations of Reb Yonathan ben Uziel, Reb Yosef
Kara, and Rashi.
9. Exodus 9:24. Otzar Midrashim, Va'yosha 8; P'sikta D'Rav Kahana 7:12; Midrash Thilim
18:14; Zohar 1,119a; Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 54b.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Well, at an altitude of 3-5 miles, air temperature is about -50 Fahren-
heit and an object at that altitude woul d also have a surface tempera-
ture of -50 Fahrenheit. I f an object is being transported at such a high
altitude, its external surface would be freezing-cold. What about the
incendiary interior substance, the encapsulated heat and energy? I n
that regard, at an altitude of 3-5 miles, missiles and bombs are like "rocks
of elgavish" - a potentially flammable and explosive substance, sur-
rounded by a hard, external surface that is freezing cold. Dear reader,
what other terminology could have been used 2500 years ago to pro-
phetically describe bombs and missiles that contain fiery and explosive
potential encapsulated by metal whose surface temperature is freez-
ing? The language at the time of the prophets did not contain concepts
like "explosives" or "bombs". These modern terms could not be used
then, but the prophecy of missiles had to be stated - before the words or
concepts woul d be created by people. Oral Torah provides two charac-
teristics of the Biblical "rocks of elgavish": a potential for incineration
encased by a cold outer surface which is solid like a rock. Sure enough,
the enemy was plummeted wi th missiles; the regime of the evil Saddam
was overturned by the "rocks of elgavish ". The A mericans rained bombs
upon the enemy and another prophecy was fulfilled, the prophecy of
"rocks of elgavish".
"A bit more" than seventy years after its creation, A merica plum-
meted Iraq - exactly as the prophet described. Within days of the i ni -
tial, forceful attack of Desert StormI I , I raq lost its power and its
destructive potential. There was a total of 90 days of an A merican mi l i -
tary offensive. "Smart Bombs". Powerful airborne bodies. "Rocks of
elgavish." Iraq lost its power 70 years and 5 months after its founding
and, thus, another series of prophecies were fulfilled.
Were I learning this material for the first time and not conversant
wi th Torah, I woul d surely want to learn more i n order to become a
part of this inspirational way of life. No question about it - there defi-
nitely is a Creator of the worl d who controls history and who wrote
Torah and provided the details found i n Oral Torah. There definitely is
10. For more information about Iraq and Saddam Hussein, please see Rabbi Novick' s
Fascinating Torah Prophecies Currently Unfolding, Chapter 26.
Four Stunning Prophecies: Arrows, A Speech, Birds, and Hailstones
a Creator who wants us to follow a masterplan for a beautiful life. Hope-
fully, we wi l l become motivated to learn more and study more every
day and to recognize the real priorities i n life and maintain focus upon
them- the priorities as advanced by Torah.
Who can imagine anything more inspiring than what we have been
discussing? But, my dear reader, these prophecies pale i n comparison
to the beauty of theentire Torah and its prescriptions for alife of mean-
ing and harmony. These prophecies also pale i n light of the even greater
and mightier prophecies that await discussion and that await actual-

Fortunate is the person who is living in our generation [and who will
experience even greater and mightier prophecies and miracles].
Fortunate is the person who is discerning. Our reactions to unfold-
ing prophecies are captured by the Biblical verse

Open my eyes to enable me to see the wonders of Your Torah.
You know, there is nothing more that can be added to the statement
that Torah is a magnificent treasure. Trul y, when our eyes are open
and we have Torah knowledge, we are able to see the great marvels of
Torah and the beauty of this worl d. Wi th opened eyes, we are able to
see that only the Al mighty could provide the information i n both Wri t-
ten and Oral Torah. Trul y, we pray that our eyes be opened constantly
to the magnificent wonders of Torah.
11. ZoharII, 8b
12. T'hilim 119:18
Chapter 25
T O M O R R O W ' S H E A D L I N E S :
We have seen that Torah refers to Muslim violence many times. We
have all witnessed this raw evil. Unfortunately, one person too many
has experienced these horrors. Based on country of origin, is there re-
ally any major difference i n the nature of the violence? Is it really ratio-
nal to believe that the Muslim bombers living i n or near Israel differ i n
any way from their vicious and evil co-religionists who struck A merica
on 9/11 or London on 7/7? Do Palestinian A uthority murderers who
blow up restaurants and school buses i n Israel - do they actually differ
from those Muslims who struck the Spanish commuter trains, or those
who blew up the Bali nightclub, or those who blow up churches wi th
people inside them? A re the Palestinian A uthority bombers more mod-
erate than Muslim beheaders? I n truth, violence is violence and brutal
massacres prevail.
Yet the worl d does apply a double standard to violence. The worl d
acts, and reacts, more rationally when they, themselves, are confronted
by Muslim threats to life, but they apply different standards when Is-
rael is confronted by the very same perils.
The fact is that i n July 2004, the International Court of Justice i n The
Hague di d officially rule that Israel has no right of self-defense and that
Jews cannot eliminate their warring enemies, nor can Israel build a bar-
rier to prevent these murdering monsters from sneaking into the Holy
Land to do their dirty work.
A rticle 51 of the UN Charter states that
1. See Anne Bayefsky's analysis "The U.N. handicaps Israel, along with the rest of us", Q uly 17, 2004)
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
every sovereign state has a right of self-defense - evidently, this provi-
sion holds true for every state, except for Israel. The Court stated that a
barrier between terrorist-soldiers and their Jewish targets is illegal. I t is
a complete inversion of justice when a worl d body condemns a non-
violent response to terror rather than condemning the cause - Islam
and its physical manifestation known as Muslim terrorism.
For the 4 years beginning September 2000, but before most of the
fence was erected, Israel had suffered a staggering 11,356 casualties.
For the 5 years ending July 2005, there were 25,375 terror attacks com-
nutted by Muslim terrorist-soldiers - this is not a typing error and the
printed number is correct: 25,375 attacks. Israel di d not respond i n the
most effective manner, but Israel did eventually respond. Israel finally
reacted to a brutal terrorist-war i n an unusual manner. Instead of esca-
lating the fighting, Israel built a barrier. Moreover, i n those areas where
long stretches of the fence have been completed (e.g. i n northern Is-
rael), terrorist infiltrations have been virtually eliminated. I n other ar-
eas, the partially completed barrier has played a crucial role i n the 75%
decline i n suicide-homicide attacks since the first half of 2004. It's not
that these terrorist-soldiers haven't tried to murder Jews; it's just that
they are being intercepted and apprehended on a daily basis as a result
of the fence. I n that area where construction of the fence has not yet
begun - the southern part of the West Bank, for example - no decrease
i n the number of terrorist attacks has been noted. The obstacle to peace
is not the fence - but A rabs who have yet to abandon terror tactics,
whose stated goal is the destruction of the entire State of Israel.
The A rabs complain that because of the fence, their children are in-
convenienced daily; the children have to take detours and must pass
through check-points. A rabs complain that their children's arrivals i n
school are sometimes delayed because of the fence and the check-points.
Tsk, tsk. How sad that some A rab children are sometimes inconve-
nienced - especially when so many Jewish children wi l l never get to
school because they were blown to pieces by Palestinian A uthority
2 8 August 2004. In early November 2004, the University of Haifa's
Center for National Securities Studies released the results of a research study re-
porting that more than one out of five Israelis had lost a loved one in the Palestinian
terror war - just during the four years beginning September 2000.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
murderers who passed into Israel where there was no fence. The con-
struction of a security barrier in order to save lives is (according to
international law, the Geneva Convention, and the Torah) a right and an
obligation of every sovereign state. Had the PA acted to stop Musl i m/
A rab terror and not to promote it, as they promised so many times al-
ready, there woul d be no need for the anti-terror barrier i n the first
place. The obstacle to peace is not the fence but the Koran and A rab and
Muslim leaders who preach genocide.
A s a side issue, but no less important, under international law the
fence is not being built on territory that can be called A rab land. No
one talks about it and no one publicizes the information, but Jordan
invaded Israel and seized the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem i n 1948.
Until that time, those regions were Jewish-controlled. Jordan conquered
these territories and continued to be the OCCUPIER until Israel re-
claimed these territories i n 1967, after Jordan invaded Israel a second
time - again, without justification. Jordan subsequently lost all the ar-
eas it acquired by force from the Jews i n 1948. These are the so-called
"occupied territories" and the fence is being built on this land - and not
on A rab land. The fence is being built on land that Jordan belligerently
seized from the Jews i n 1948. That land is now back i n Jewish hands.
The fact that the fence is constructed on land belonging to Jews was of
no consequence for this kangaroo court that proclaimed: "There is no
need for any enquiry into the precise prior status of those territories".
Ownership of the land under the fence was irrelevant to the court.
The security barrier has already proven itself an essential deterrent
by virtually putting a halt to the murderous incursions. Yet, this kan-
garoo court ruled that the Israeli-constructed barrier had to be dis-
mantled because it limits A rab "freedom of movement" - to bomb Jews.
A nd then predictably, just like clockwork, on the first business day
after the rendering of this perverted and shameful judgment, along
comes the UN to endorse this "sage" court decision. Unabashed, one
hundred fifty hate-filled nations voted to support the violent attacks
against Israel. That the UN should condemn a non-violent response to
terror rather than censure the terrorist murderers and their quasi gov-
ernments - the entire scenario is not to be believed. But thank G-d for
the likes of Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands; they were three
Tomorrow's Headlines: Tlte Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
of the only five countries i n the world that had the courage to face up to
the entire UN and vote rationally and without prejudice.
Do you be-
lieve this is happening? Only five countries i n this entire planet? The
truth is that only five countries refused to condemn Israel for protect-
ing itself - the only five countries that had the courage to stand up against
a perverted and polluted worl d and publicly identify the worldwide
Muslim danger.
The Court ruled that Israel may not build a security barrier and the
UN endorsed the ruling. Perhaps we are missing some information. I t
might be worthwhile to look at some pictures i n order to better under-
stand the nature of a security fence.
Picture #3
3. Australia and America were the other two countries in this 'powerful' voice.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Picture #7
Now that you have had an opportunity to look at the structure of a
security fence, what is your opinion about these protective barriers?
But, dear reader, there is an aspect to these pictures that you prob-
ably di d not realize. These seven pictures are of fences i n seven differ-
ent countries - none of which is Israel!
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
Picture #1 is of an A merican fence. Even though millions of Mexi-
cans are here illegally, even though Mexicans do not bomb A mericans,
and even though A merican lives were never i n danger, A merica has
still erected a fence to stem the flow of illegal Mexican immigration on
part of its southern border.
Picture #2 is of the fence between North and South Korea, designed
to prevent hostile movement across the border.
Picture #3 - The fence between Cyprus and Turkey was designed to
keep these two people apart and, mind you, the current climate is gen-
erally calm.
Picture #4 is of the fence i n Northern Ireland and is intended to keep
the Catholics and Protestants from murdering each other.
Picture #5 is of a Dutch fence designed to prevent illegal immigra-
Picture #6 is of a barrier to keep Pakistani Muslims from invading
Picture #7 is of a security fence that Spain erected i n Ceuta, i n order
to prevent illegal workers from entering the country and, mind you,
these workers are peaceful and never carry bombs.
Saudi A rabia has a fence on its border wi th Yemen, Botswana has a
fence wi th Zimbabwe, and Morocco has a fence on its border wi th West-
ern Sahara. A fence also separates Kyrgyzstan from Uzbekistan, India
from Bangladesh, and Thailand from Malaysia. Kuwait has a fence on
its border wi th Iraq and Turkey also has a fence to protect it from Iraq.
Security fences are common throughout the worl d and, i n this regard,
Israel is like many other countries i n the worl d - except that only Israel
has been condemned by the UN for its security barrier.
A nd, mind
4. For more information, see Jonathan Snow's article (February 23,2004) Security Fences
Around the World on and Abigail Cutler' s
"Security Fences" in Atlantic Monthly (March 2005), which can also be accessed at The reader is also directed to / engl ish/
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
you, 94% of the fence resembles the traditional, electronic wire fence;
only where the barrier must protect densely populated areas is it built
as a concrete wall.
I f this is not disturbing, listen to this. The European Union that spear-
headed the campaign to condemn Israel in the UN for its security fence -
well, you may not believe this, but this very same Union has solicited
bids from several companies to build a fence that woul d prevent the
free movement of migrants seeking to enter Poland and Hungary (from
Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine).
A nd whom did the European Union
contact to do the construction? Interestingly, the contacted companies
specialize i n the construction of security structures and they are the
very same Israeli-owned companies that are i n the midst of construct-
ing the fence to protect the Israelis - not from migrant workers, but
from murderers. No more need be said!!
Meanwhile, on another front, the countries of the worl d press ahead
for a terrorist state to be created wi thi n the heart of Israel. The coun-
tries of the worl d interfere constantly wi th Israeli sovereignty. Israel
has been condemned nearly 1000 times by the UN General A ssembly
and Security Council - the bulk of this body's hateful agenda since
Not only does the UN constantly vilify and demonize and libel Is-
rael wi th obsessive-like malice and not only does the UN legitimize
and encourage the Palestinian A uthority "armed struggle" against the
Jews of Israel, but the UN also intentionally provides cover for the
Muslim snipers, as well as ambulances and vehicles (with UN mark-
ings) for transporting bombs and bombers to murder Jews - as we have
seen already. UNRWA employees are frequently arrested by Israel for
terrorist activities. A nd, finally, documents indicate that the UN has
been directly and knowingly funding terrorist organizations. The UN
also funds elementary schools wi th names such as "The Martyrs of the
A l-A qsa Intifada".
5. This is in sharp contrast to the minefields that surround the fences of some Arab
6., (August 12, 2004)
7. Dore Gold' s article "The UN at Work", The Wall Street Journal (19 January 2005)
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
The solution to the Mid-East conflict wi l l never be found i n the halls
of the UN where Musl i m forces receive physical and financial support.
The solution to the Mid-East conflict wi l l never be found i n the halls of
the UN where some UN employees are, i n fact, terrorist-soldiers. Nor
wi l l the solution be heard i n the stern lectures of the leaders of France,
Belgium, or other European countries - the very same ones that cooper-
ated wi th the Nazis to murder Jews i n the 1940s. Clearly, the solution
to the Mid-East conflict lies i n places like Ramallah, and Gaza, and Syria,
and I ran, and Saudi Arabia where the terror forces receive their train-
ing and/or orders.
Furthermore, the worl d does not yet realize that I srael wi l l "not go
away". No matter what the worl d does, and despite the fact that some
UN employees are murdering Jews, and despite the fact that the UN
supports the dismantling of the J ewish State and the deportation of its
J ewish residents (which are really acts of "ethnic cleansing" and apart-
heid), the worl d does not yet realize that they are trul y powerless i n
this area; I srael wi l l never go away. I srael is "here to stay" - because,
simply stated, it is a prophecy:

J will plant them in their land and they will never again be uprooted
from their Land that I have given them.
When all is said and done, it is clear that the state of affairs is not
about Jews being attacked i n I srael - nor is it about Hindus i n Kashmir
nor is it about the Christians i n Lebanon. Nor is it about the Orthodox
Serbs i n Kosovo or the Christians i n Sudan. Nor is it only about Span-
iards and Londoners being bl own up whil e riding the commuter trains.
Nor is it about New Yorkers who were attacked i n the Worl d Trade
Center. Nor is it l imited to the people of I raq or Afghanistan.
Everyday the Worl d Trade Center massacre is reenacted on a smaller
scale somewhere i n the worl d - I sraeli citizens, beheadings i n the Philip-
pines, massacres i n the churches of Pakistan. The bottomline is that we
are all targets for the Musl im terrorist-soldiers. Jews and I srael are only
the barometers for the worl d. The determination of our enemies to mur-
8. Amos 9:15
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
der as many of us as possible remains a menacing threat to all Western
societies. The nations of the worl d need to support I srael (not the terror-
ist-soldiers) and the worl d needs to support America's efforts to defeat
her enemies. We are al l invol ved and as Benjamin Franklin stated: "Ei-
ther wewi l l hang together, or surely we shall all hang separately".
To be pragmatic and realistic (and objective), the West should now
focus on two extremely serious issues because their actual survival de-
pends upon critical decisions that wi l l have to be made, relative to these
two areas.
Musl im murderers wi l l continue their dirty work until such time as the
nations of the worl d commit themselves to wipe out this scourge of evil -
whatever the address. We have seen this point discussed i n Oral Torah.
At that time, Muslims will continue launching violent wars through-
out the world... until Christian nations gather togetherfrom all parts
of the world to do battle with them.
The West can cut its losses by acting quickly and resolutely. I t wi l l
be done someday. I t wi l l have to be done - just, the sooner the better.
The second issue, at this point i n time, relates to surviving this major
and pervasive Musl i mmil itary assault. Who wi l l emergefrom this con-
frontation relatively intact? Written Torah asks this question and to-
gether wi th Oral Torah, a very clear answer is provided.
. -
01 Who will survive what the Almighty metes out? [during the
period when] Craft will come from the West to crush Iraq
9. Zohar I I , 32a
10. Numbers 24:23-24 explained by Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 106a. See Rashi's com-
mentary, too. The passage in Hebrew form contains several elliptical phrases.
This translation attempts to make it readable for those who are unfamiliar with the
style and language of Oral Torah.
11. Literally: Kitim and Assyria (as was discussed earlier in Chapter 20).
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
Woe to the people that are present when the Almighty is redeeming
His children and bringing them back to Israel. It is similar to some-
one who interposes a garment between a lion and lioness in order to
prevent that union as they're about to mate. [To put it mildly, such
a person is 'not long for this world'. Similarly, woe to those nations
who attempt to prevent the bonding of the Almighty and the Jewish
people in the Holy Land. Woe to those who interfere with the Jewish
return to Israel and their bonding with the Almighty; catastrophic
consequences await them. Tlxey, too, are 'not long for this world'.]
During that era, craft will come from Kitim - the meaning of which
is as Rav taught: soldiers from Christendom will attack Iraq in craft.
We noted earlier, i n Chapter 20, that the first of these described events
involves Desert Storm. The prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.
There is no doubt that all the other prophecies wi l l be fulfilled includ-
ing: Woe to those who interfere wi th Jewish settlement i n the Holy Land,
who attempt to interfere wi th the bonding between the A lmighty and
the Jewish people through the medium of the Holy Land.
To wit: just hours before the first 1948 ceasefire went into effect on
January 7th, four British Spitfires were shot down by the Israelis and, it
is crucial to note, these Spitfires were manned by British pilots. Presi-
dent Truman was l i vi d when it became known that the British were
actively warring against the Jews. A dditionally, the British were offi-
daily providing the officers for the Jordanian Legion. A s if this were
not dastardly enough, the British took advantage of ceasefires as a means
of preparing the A rabs for their next onslaught against the Jews. Dur-
ing that January 'ceasefire', Britain undertook to supply A rab soldiers
wi th 50,000 automatic weapons to be utilized when the war woul d be
resumed against the Jews of Israel. Under the terms of its January 15
Portsmouth Treaty, the dastardly British offered the Iraqi military all
its strategically-located positions throughout the whole of Palestine. Iraqi
soldiers, who were warring wi th Israel, would be permitted a bloodless
invasion when they would replace the withdrawing British soldiers i n
all their positions - thus empowering and enabling the Iraqi forces to
destroy the nascent Jewish State even before it could stand on its own.
Finally, the commander of the Jordanian Legion submitted his battle
plans to Great Britain for its approval before he woul d invade the West
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Bank and Jerusalem
lies the basis for the "Palestinian" A rab connection to the West Bank:
A rabs maintain that the West Bank and Jerusalem were once controlled
by A rabs and, thus, are to be regarded as A rab territories. Only, A rabs
do not tell you that these regions became A rab territories because Jor-
dan invaded parts of Israel and forcibly occupied them (in 1948) and
made themJudenrein by killings, imprisonments, and forced deporta-
tions of its Jewish residents
- just like Egypt did to Gaza and its Jews
when they invaded and captured Gaza during that very same period.
Torah states: Woe to those who interfere wi th Jewish attempts to
settle the Holy Land. It wi l l not go well for those who interfere wi th the
bonding of the Jewish people and the A lmighty through the mediumof
the Holy Land. We know what happened to the British Empire; it lost
its vast empire because it actively hindered the process. Great Britain
lost its greatness after it tried to prevent the establishment of the State
of Israel during the first half of the 20
l h
We also saw what happened to the Soviet Union after it actively
supported Israel's enemies and supplied themwi th billions of dollars
of military hardware i n the latter half of that century. That empire is
now called the Former Soviet Union and it has since disintegrated.
A s much as they try, the worl d powers wi l l never destroy Israel.
Independent of each other, Britain and Russia could not do it. A s a
matter of fact, not only were they unable to destroy Israel, they them-
selves have begun to disintegrate; they are no longer an Empire or a
12. Information provided by the commander of the Jordanian Legion, J. B. Glubb, in A
Soldier with the Arabs (London, 1957) pages 63-66.
13. It is inaccurate and misleading to refer to that half of the city as "Arab East Jerusa-
lem", thus creating an impression of a historic Arab connection. In all the years
before 1948, Jews were the majority in East Jerusalem, as well as in West Jerusa-
lem. East Jerusalem is mostly Arab today because, when they captured the eastern
part of Jerusalem, Jordan forcibly deported all the city's Jewish residents. Hordes
of Arabs then descended upon that section of the City and moved into the thou-
sands of vacated Jewish homes and businesses.
14. What poetic justice that Israel's standard of living already exceeds that of England.
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
I srael is also the defining moral issue of our day. Not because the
situation is the worst i n the worl d - as terrible as it really is - but be-
cause the way the worl d is treating I srael exemplifies a global moral
decay i n which truth and terror victims are disregarded and condemned,
whil e lies and Musl i m terrorist-soldiers are endorsed and supported.
When governments commit atrocities on their own citizens, when gov-
ernments commit genocide and the perpetrators go unchallenged and,
instead, are awarded seats on the Security Council or on the Human
Rights Commission without even a whimper of protest from any na
tion - this demonstrates that the entire worl d order is bankrupt. I raq
was even president of the Security Council up until the war. When Jew-
ish victims of terror atrocities are depicted as villains i n order to protect
the real villains, then we have seen moral decay at its worst.
We are assured by Written and Oral Torah that very grave conse-
quences await all who interfere wi th J ewish efforts to settle the whole
of the Land. We are witnesses, too. Torah presents this concept i n a
very crisp fashion:

Tliose who curse you will be cursed and those who bless you will be
Those who wish the Jews harmwi l l themselves suffer harm. Those
who seek good for the Jews shall enjoy good. There are those who
encourage Jews to live i n the Land, but woe to those who attempt to
strip the Jews of their land. Which nations wi l l emerge relatively intact
after this period of Musl i m violence? Certainly not those who interfere
actively or passively wi th the J ewish settlement of I srael.
Those who attempt - they can only attempt, but they wi l l not sue-
ceed because we know the end of the story - their efforts wi l l be i n vain.
As a consequence, they wi l l suffer exactly what they had intended for
the Jews.
Shall we remain inactive whil e others plan ways to deprive the Jews
of their land or shall we actively support J ewish sovereignty i n I srael?
15. Genesis 27:29
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
"Who wi l l survive?", asks Written and Oral Torah. Folks, it's a "no
brainer". The choice is ours.
This chapter is coming to a close. This book is coming to an end.
Those who harmI srael wi l l receive their due, but

They will dwell in the land in security and build houses and plant
vineyards... when I execute judgment upon those who conspire
against them.
I srael survives and wi l l continue to survive the constant pressure
from the West - incl uding the racismof "ethnic cleansing" that is dem-
onstrated by constant calls for the deportation of Jews from parts of
their Land. And I srael wi l l survive, regardless of the ever-present evil
intentions of the Musl i m murderers and their international supporters.

I will plant them in their land and they will never again be uprooted
from their Land that I have given them.
I n the past, we had seen how nations had designed the demise of
I srael and now we are witnessing others planning anew. We have also
seen that the destiny of I srael is i n the hands of the Al mighty.
Nations may devise a [nefarious] plan, but that will be annulled;
they may threaten, but their threats will never materialize because
the Almighty is with us.
Thank G-d that the fate of I srael (and the J ewish people) is not de-
cided i n the "den of thieves" known as the UN.
Those nations who attempt to prevent Jews frombuil ding and plant-
ing, those who torment the Jews - those peoplewi l l suffer the Al mighty's
16. Ezekiel 28:26
17. Amos 9:15
18. Isaiah 8:10
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast

They shall dwell upon it securely and they shall build houses and
plant vineyards and dwell securely while I shall execute judgments
against all who conspire against them...
Oral Torah provides some details.

When the people of Israel suffer, when their lives are in jeopardy, the
Almighty marshals the forces of nature and unleashes them and these
are rumbling turbulences (e.g. earthquakes, thunder, tornadoes).
When nations attempt to dismantle I srael and expose Jews to dan-
ger, at that point the Al mi ghty unleashes the forces of nature against
I srael's would-be oppressors, against those who woul d jeopardize Jew-
ish lives.
These Laws of History that are being mentioned here - these laws

Those who torment Israel will fall.
We have seen the disintegration of the Former Soviet Union and
the waning of Great Britain's empire. These Laws of History are no-
ticeable, i n that other nations are also being effected. I n particular, a
review of recent cataclysmic events wi l l help illustrate how America
is beginning to experience the application of these principles of his-
October 30.1991 The first President Bush opened the Madri d Con-
ference, the intended purpose of which was to strip I srael of its land (in
exchange for "peace" wi th the Palestinian Arabs). Such an approach
19. Ezekiel 28:26
20. Paraphrased from Babylonian Talmud, B'rachot 59a according to Maharsha, ad loc.
21. Isaiah 54:15
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
places Jewish lives i n danger.
On that very day an extremely rare
storm formed on the coast of Nova Scotia, a stormwhich was eventu-
ally named "The Perfect Storm" and which was the focus of a book and
a movie by the same name. Record-setting 100-foot waves pounded
the New England coast, even causing heavy damage to the President's
home i n Kennebunkport, Maine.
A ugust 23,1992: Ten months later, the Madrid Conference moved
to Washington, D.C. wi th the same agenda of attempting to wrest land
from a sovereign country, and which would, by its very nature, create a
state of homelessness for thousands of Jews. On that very same day
Hurricane A ndrew produced an estimated $30 billion i n damage, leav-
ing 180,000 Floridians homeless i n the worst natural disaster to hit
A merica (up until that time).
Tanuary 16,1994: President Clinton meets wi th the Syrian President
i n order to develop a strategy that woul d force Israel to give up the
Golan Heights. Less than 24 hours later, a powerful 6.9 earthquake
rocks southern California. Countless A mericans are rendered homeless
i n the second most destructive natural disaster to ever hit A merica, sec-
ond only to the previous Hurricane A ndrew.
March 1, 1997: A rafat begins a one-month tour of A merica and
Clinton publicly rebukes Israel for not surrendering land for 'peace'.
On the very day that A rafat lands i n A merica, powerful tornadoes dev-
astate huge sections of the country while ripping across Texas, A rkan-
sas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Days later, storms hit the
Dakotas, causing the worst flooding of the century. Weeks of major
storms rage throughout the Midwest. A s A rafat completes his tour and
leaves the U.S., the storms "suddenly" stop.
January 21, 1998: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets wi th
Clinton and is coldly received. Clinton and A lbright refuse to lunch
wi th him. Hours later on that very day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal
erupts and wi l l consume the major portion of Clinton's time for the
remainder of his tenure.
22. As has already been noted, Jews have suffered more casualties during the period
of "peace" negotiations than during all their wars with the Arabs and Muslims.
Tomorrow's Headlines: Vie Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
September 24-28,1998: Secretary of State A lbright is completing a
draft of an agreement whereby Israel wi l l be forced to surrender 13% of
its territory (in Gaza and the West Bank). On that very same day, Hur-
ricane Georges slams into the Gulf Coast wi th gusts up to 175 miles per
hour and wi th 90 mph winds that rage for more than 10 hours. While
the hurricane is causing an estimated $6 billion i n damages, A rafat is
addressing the UN, announcing his plans to declare an independent
Palestinian state by May 1999. A t the very moment that A rafat departs
the US, the storm begins to dissipate.
October 17-22.1998: The Wye River Plantation talks are merely a
continuation of the earlier failed attempts to force Israel to surrender
13% of its territory. On October 17
violent rains and tornadoes plague
southern Texas, wi th San A ntonio deluged by 20 inches of rain i n a
single day. The powerful rains continue until October 22
wi th the
flood waters ravaging 25% of Texas.
May 3.1999: The day that A rafat planned to declare a Palestinian
state (wi th Jerusalem as its capital) is the day that Clinton encour-
ages A rafat to perservere unti l he achieves statehood for his people.
Clinton also writes that the Palestinian A rabs have a right to "deter-
mine their own future on their own land" (which is called Israel)
and that they deserve to "live free, today, tomorrow, and forever".
On that very same day, the most powerful tornado storm system to
ever hit A merica sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas, wi th winds
clocked at 316 mph, the fastest wi nd speed ever recorded on earth.
A ugust-September 2001: President Bush and the Saudi Crown Prince
were completing a new plan that would force Israel to expel Jews from
the Holy Land. A s the PL O/PA intensify their Oslo War against Israel
wi th shootings and bombings that cause many, many Jewish casualties
on a daily basis, A merica pressures Israel not to defend itself and not to
root out the lurking terrorist-soldiers. The State Department had just
finished criticizing Israel for its preemptive strikes against wanted ter-
rorists (before they could attack again). The Israel Defense Forces had
just reported an average of 20 terrorist attacks per day for the previous
11 months - just i n the West Bank and Gaza.
A poll was just released
23. IDF Figures on Palestinian Attacks, (September 3, 2001)
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
that found that 81% of the "Palestinian" population support suicide
bombing attacks.
By denouncing Israel as being "provocative" and
"too aggressive", A merica tacitly gives its approval to the military ac-
tions of the PL O/PA . President Bush also criticizes Israel for not doing
enough to end the fighting. Then comes 9/11 and suddenly the ground-
rules for national self-defense change: President Bush declares war on
all terrorists "whatever their address" (that is, war on all terrorists -
except for the ones lurking near Israel).
A n additional issue: while it is true that between 10 to 20 hurricanes
strike A merica annually - to the extent that there is even a season for
these natural events - these nine events are only a sampling of the di -
sasters that have been truly unusual by virtue of their intensity. The list
contains only the events of tragic proportions.
While hurricanes and tornadoes do occur regularly, A merica has been
recently experiencing natural disasters i n record numbers. Besides the
significant increase i n these numbers, i n the wake of these "natural"
events, hundreds of thousands have become homeless each year. I f
this is not serious enough, excluding the 9/11 tragedy, these "natural"
disasters have ravaged A merica and eight of them alone have caused
damage totaling more than $400,000,000,000 - a staggering sum that
also impacted adversely upon the national economy.
But there is an even more somber aspect - as if their record numbers
and destructive effects are not cause for alarm. The real danger lies i n
another domain. These catastrophes appear to strike whenever A merica
attempts to pressure Israel to abandon sovereign territory or adopt a
policy that woul d jeopardize the lives of its citizens.
What follows is a list of all the major 'natural' disasters that struck
A merica between October 1991 and October 2004 and they include 10
of the 11 largest insurance events and 10 of the top 11 FEMA events i n
U.S. history. A gain, they occurred while, simultaneously, other devel-
opments involved Israel.
24. Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (August 29, 2001)
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
Q ct20 Oakl and Firestorm Bush administration announces the Madrid con-
ference demanding that Israel give away its Holy Land ("land for peace").
Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Perfect Storm President Bush cancels loan guarantee pro-
gram for Israel and, announcing that "territorial compromise is essential for
peace", opens the Madrid conference.
Aug. 23-24 Hurricane Andrew Middle East peace talks are reconvened on
A merican soil, the goal being to strip Israel of its territory.
Feb. 26 Worl d Trade Center Bombing Clinton sends his Secretary of State
to 8 A rab/ Muslim countries to develop a strategy against Israel.
Mar. 12-15 Storm of the Century On the eve of Rabin's visit to America, the
Secretary of State announces a determination to 'force' Israel "to achieve a com-
prehensive settlement based upon UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and
338", equivalent to giving away its Land.
May-September The Great Midwest Flood* Intense negotiations to estab-
lish a Palestinian Interim Self-Government A uthority, culminating in a public
signing on the White House South Lawn on September 13
*Major flooding during these 5 months and ranked as one of the greatest natural disasters to
ever hit America.
Ian. 16 Northridge Earthquake Clinton and Assad demand that Israel turn
the Golan Heights over to Syria.
Oct. 17-21 Texas Flooding Clinton witnesses the signing of an Israeli-Jor-
danian 'peace treaty'.
Sep. 27-Oct. 5 Hurricane Opal Signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Interim
Agreement in Washington, DC. A fterwards, a summit is called to accelerate
the pace of stripping Israel of more territory.
Mar. 1-2 Mississippi &: Ohio Val l ev Flooding & Tornadoes A rafat de-
mands that Clinton prevent Israel from building housing units in the Jerusalem
neighborhood of Har Homa and Clinton rebukes Israel for not surrendering
"land for peace".
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Apr. 1-May 14 Northern Plains Flooding Clinton attempts to revive the
stalled Mideast peace talks (with Netanyahu).
Tan. 4-9 Northeast Ice Storm More US pressure on Israel through Dennis
Ross, the Special Middle East Coordinator.
Sep. 24-28 Hurricane Georges Clinton announces his intention to force Is-
rael to give away 13% of her territory (Wye Plantation).
Oct. 17-22 Texas Floods & Tornadoes Continuation of Wye Plantation talks
to force Israel to give away 13% of her territory.
May 3-4 85Tornadoes Clinton encourages A rafat to perservere until he
achieves statehood.
Aug. 24-Sep. 7 Hurricane Dennis A lbright witnesses the signing of the
Sharm El-Sheikh accords and applies pressure on Israel to give up 13% of its
territory in accordance with the Wye Plantation agreement.
Sep. 7-17 Hurricane Fl oyd Clinton pressures Israeli Foreign Minister and
an Arafat deputy to agree on the "final status", Israel's exchanging territory for
Oct. 14-15 Hurricane Irene & Hector Mine Earthquake Jewish 'settlers' be-
ing evicted, in accordance with Clinton's directive.
Tan. 3-9 Major Drought & the most destructive Fire Season in history Clinton
continues to pressure Israel with Syrian demands, as well as with Arafat's de-
Tuly & August Drought. Wildfires, & Heat Wave Clinton organizes Camp
David Summit, with its proverbial pressure on Israel.
Jun. 5-13 Tropical Storm Al l ison A fter the Jordanian King solicits sup-
port for the "land for peace" initiative (Mar. 31-Apr. 11), after Bush & Powell
endorse the Mitchell Plan (May 21-24), and after the CIA Director tries to
stop Israel from defending itself (Jun. 6
9/11 Majority of work completed (Sep. 10
) on a new plan to force Jews out
of parts of Israel and Secretary of State Powell preparing to present this plan
before the UN two weeks later. America demands that Israel not defend it-
self against A rab attacks.
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
Apr. 30 Ravaging Tornadoes Bush negotiates Arafat's release from Israeli
Jun. 8 Havman Fire (Colorado) Bush & Mubarek call for a Palestinian State
and for Jews to leave their Land.
Jun. 18-26 Rodeo & Chediski Fires (Arizona) Bush presents his plan for
a new Middle East, based upon Israel's surrendering more territory.
Oct.2-31 Hurricane Li l i The President refuses to move the A merican Em-
bassy to Jerusalem and refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital.
Nov. 6-13 88 Tornadoes (after the season) Bush sends an emissary to ap-
ply pressure on Israel.
Pec. 5 Ice Storm (North Carolina) Sharon accepts the US Road Map for .
peace that will give Arabs territory and a state of their own.
May 1-10 412 Tornadoes A merican pressure for immediate implementa-
tion of the Road Map, which includes giving up the Golan Heights.
Tuly 15 Hurricane Claudette A merican pressure to stop building the secu-
rity fence.
Sep. 6-19 Hurricane Isabel A merica prevents the capture of Arafat and
threatens to harm Israel financially if Israel builds new cities in Judea/Samaria
or continues with the security fence.
Oct. 24-Nov. 4 Wildfires (California) Many Solar Flares President Bush
rebukes Israel publicly that construction must stop on the security fence, as
with housing construction in Judea/Samaria.
Aug. 9-17 Hurricane Charl ey America demands cessation of new hous-
ing construction, removal of security checkpoints, and dismantling of com-
munities (while A merican communities are abandoned because of the
Aug. 24-Sep. 6 Hurricane Frances Sharon yields to A merican pressure
and agrees to expel the Jews from Gaza.
Sep. 3-18 Hurricane Ivan More A merican pressure to expel Jews from "un-
authorized settlements".
Sep. 13-27 Hurricane Jeanne Bush addresses the UN and states that Israel
must impose a settlement freeze, dismantle unauthorized communities, and
remove all security checkpoints.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
One last point: August 2005 was the month when Sharon expelled
the Jews of Gazafrom their homes. The forced evacuation was euphe-
mistically termed "disengagement"; basically, the Jews of Gaza were
made homeless, i n accordancewi th the demands of the American Presi-
dent and his Secretary of State. 10,000 Jews became homeless (out of a
J ewish population of 6 mil l ion). On August 29
, as the Gazaoperation
was being concluded, on that very day, America was hit by the worst
natural disaster to have ever occurred i n America. I n the New Orleans
area, 500,000 people were made homeless (in a country wi th a popula-
tion of 300,000,000). These numbers as a fraction -
5 0 0
3 0 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0
0 0 0
/ is
equivalent to .00167. The number of Jews rendered homeless i n Gaza
as afraction of the total I sraeli population is
10 0 0 0
/ 6,000,000, and this frac-
tion is equivalent to .00167. The percentage of Americans rendered
homeless by Hurricane Katrina is 0.167% - the exact same percentageof
I sraeli Jews rendered homeless i n Gazaas a result of the demands of
the President and the State Department. The exact percentage - this
cannot be a randomoccurrence.
I n helping us understand J ewish history, the Prophets state that it is
very wrong to expropriate territory from the Hol y Land and that those
who torment I srael shall fall. Oral Torah amplifies this concept: natural
disasters strike at those who woul d put J ewish lives i n harm's way.
The Al mi ghty also proclaims that the nations wi l l be held accountable
for what they do to the Hol y Land, when they take away territory from
the Jews of I srael.
I will execute judgment upon them for what they did to my people...
by partitioning My land.
We have reviewed dozens of paired events wi th regard to America
and I srael and it has been noted that America has been continually pres-
suring I srael to undertake actions that are reckless and life-threatening.
America is beginning to suffer more than its usual share of hurricanes
and other natural disasters. Are these two issues related? I s there a
25. Joel 4:2. There are other places in Torah where this behavior is proscribed.
Tomorrow's Headlines: The Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
significant correlation between these two issues and the just-cited prin-
ciples of Jewish history?
There are two possibilities - either there is a correlation or there is no
correlation. From a statistical perspective, there are 4 possible combi-
nations wi th three very different outcomes.
Correlation between Events
If American
in America &in Israel Intervenina
continued or worsening pattern
return to normalcy
I f there is no correlation between events i n A merica and i n Israel,
then A merica's future is independent of its activity vis-a-vis Israel and
A merica need not be alarmed about the nature of its continued involve-
ment i n Israeli affairs, vis-a-vis natural disasters i n A merica. But who
can be so nonchalant in maintaining this position where the possibility
definitely exists that what occurs i n A merica is somehow connected to
her deep involvement i n Israeli affairs. I f A merica's treatment of Israel
carries consequences back home i n A merica - i f this is true, then A meri-
cans need to do all that is i n their power to break the cycle that leads to
disasters by 'nature' and we need to demand that our leaders stop their
pressuring of Israel, that they stop meddling i n the affairs of the sover-
eign State of Israel. Utilizing the principles of "game theory" (i.e., from
a pragmatic point of view), we should assume the worst: there is a con-
nection between events i n Israel and what occurs back i n A merica. The
danger is too great to risk a wrong assumption - especially after taking
note of so many parallel events that do appear to be related, at least,
time-wise. I t is certainly i n A merica's best interest to act cautiously i n
the face of dangers of such monstrous proportion. A cting upon this
hypothesis, we need to demand that our leaders stop pressuring Israel to
give up land. It isour prayer that life i n A mericawi l l return to normal.
There appears to be a connection between each of these paired events.
What affects A merica is related to the events involving Israel. Why
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
these disasters are occurring i n A merica can be detected by those wi th
clear vision. The prophecies are clear: judgment against those whose
efforts may harm Israel i n some way, the forces of nature, the weaken-
ing of powerful countries. A merica can still reverse its course i n the
Middle East and avoid added tragedy. The prophecies are unfolding
and no one wants to experience further destruction of lives and prop-
erty - not in A merica and not i n Israel.
A fter everything that the Jewish people have been through, after all
the suffering, we must now endure this unrelenting assault on our very
existence. Despite the evil decrees that are designed by many, we know
the end of the story: Israel survives, never again to be uprooted. Only
we don't know which individuals wi l l also survive and which nations
wi l l remain intact. We are foretold their characteristics. Each of us
must decide. Shall we join wi th the majority of the world's nations and
attempt to prevent Jewish settlement of the entire Holy Land i n the
interest of 'peace' or whatever the stated plan, or however the at-
tempts are to justify the dismantling of Jewish Israel? Shall we be indif-
ferent? Shall we attempt to justify why Israel should trade "territory
for peace"? Shall we suffer what is i n store for those who are not ac-
tively supporting the Jews of Israel or for those who are planning its
destruction? Or shall we actively enjoy life - as, we are assured, wi l l be
the portion for those who support the settling of Israel? Should we not
be actively supporting Jewish rights to a state wi th borders that were
established by the A lmighty from Gaza to the Golan and from the
Jordan River to the Mediterranean?
It is clear what should be done; it is also clear which behaviors should
be avoided.
I t is time to heed the wake-up call that is so evident from the actual-
ization of the just-cited prophecies. Those who wish to actually enjoy
life should
*** Stop bashing Israel i n an indiscriminate fashion.
*** Stop demanding the dismantling of Jewish land.
*** Promote Jewish sovereignty over the entire Holy Land.
*** Contact their representatives i n government requesting that they,
too, support Israel's sovereignty and its right to exist. [The President's
message center is (202) 456-1414 and his e-mail address is
Tomorrow's Headlines: Tlte Almighty's Guaranteed Forecast
president@whitehouse. gov. Please leave messages that are very short
and clear and respectful. One's senators and congressman should be
contacted, as wel l . A list of postal mail ing and e-mail addresses and
phone numbers can be found at or
One may also call (202) 225-3121 for a congressman's phone number
and (202) 224-3121 for ways of contacting a particular senator.]
People i n all countries need to contact their leaders. I sraelis, too.
Most importantly, we all need to motivate others to become more
Let our voices be heard and let our voices guide our leaders and
The choice is ours. Let us choose wisely, because this is a real chance
for life - ours and I srael's!
The nations of the worl d wi l l soon understand that I srael's rebirth i n
their Land is also for the good of the worl d, and not to harmany nation
or nations. I srael can be and wi l l be a"Light unto the nations". Just as
wi th the nations' motivations earlier i n the 20
Century wi th the Balfour
Declaration, the nations wi l l soon accept the fact that I srael's return to
its Biblical borders wi l l bring blessing, light, and goodness to all of hu-
mankind. The nations wi l l soon understand that through I srael wi l l be
fulfilled the Divine promise:

All the nations of the world will he blessed through your descendants?
26. Genesis 28:14
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Our Father i n heaven, please have mercy upon us, accept our
prayers, and may weall witness the transformation of the worl d
into a place where al l people are caring and where all people
live i n harmony wi th each other - individuals, families, groups,
communities, and nations. May Jews learn Torah properly and
observe themitzvot wi th enthusiasm. May we live to see the
rebuilding of the Land as aHol y Land, a country that follows
the principles of Torah J udaism. As a"l ight unto the nations",
may Jews act as role models i n order to fi l l the worl d wi th
harmony - for individuals, families, communities, and nations.
May all non-J ews follow the Noahide way of life wi th abelief
i n the Al mi ghty who bids us to behave i n acivilized fashion.
May the remaining prophecies befulfilled speedily and i n our
days. May we live to be part of the generation that merits the
rebuilding of the Hol y Templei n J erusalemand may we merit
to escort Mashiach to his rightful position of leadership.

May our heartfelt prayers be answered by the Almighty - the authentic
and quintessential Protector and Liberator. (Psalm 19:15)

27. The Noahide way of life is what the Almighty prescribes as the alternative to the
moral bankruptcy in the world - the alternative for those who wish to remain non-
Jewish. Several important books about this way of life are available: The Seven
Colors of the Rainbow by Y. Bindman; The Seven Commandments by M. Dallen; The
Path of the Righteous Gentile by Clorfene & Rogalsk. A book of a woman's path from
Christianity to Noahide: Turning to Torah by K. Hanke. A very advanced text is The
Seven Laws of Noah by A. Lichtenstein. Vendyl Jones is one of the foremost archae-
ologists today and his website, is a source of information
in many areas including the Noahide laws. In addition, Root & Branch has an
important website, which provides much information about this
way of life.
Appendiz A
Article 1: Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is
an indivisible part of the A rab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an
integral part of the A rab nation. [As in Article 2, Palestine includes the entire
British Mandate area and it includes the entire State of Israel]
Article 2: Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate,
is an indivisible territorial unit. [Israel belongs to Arabs.]
Article 3: The Palestinian A rab people possess the legal right to their home-
land and have the right to determine their destiny after achieving thelibera-
tion of their country in accordance with their wishes and entirely of their own
accord and will. [Plans are to "liberate" the State of Israel]
Article 4: The Palestinian identity is a genuine, essential, and inherent char-
acteristic; it is transmitted from parents to children. TheZ ionist occupation
and the dispersal of the Palestinian A rab people, through the disasters which
befell them, do not make them lose their Palestinian identity and their mem-
bership in the Palestinian community, nor do they negate them.
Article 5: The Palestinians are those A rab nationals who, until 1947, nor-
mally resided in Palestine regardless of whether they were evicted from it or
have stayed there. A nyone born, after that date, of a Palestinian father - whether
inside Palestine or outsideit - is also a Palestinian. [In 1947, about 600,000 Arabs
were categorized as recent emigres. They are to be considered as Palestinian - even
1. Also known as The Palestinian National Charter or The Palestinian Covenant. This is a
series of "Resolutions of the Palestine National Council, July 1-17,1968. The Char-
ter is a revision of an earlier document written in 1964. The text is the authorized
Engl i sh transl ation from the Pal estinian National Authority website
( It should be noted, however, that their official translation was
made more palatable for Western readers by ignoring the original Arabic. One
such example is Article 15, which is correctly translated now. The bold print is
added for emphasis and editorial comments are enclosed in brackets.
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
though they had just recently emigrated there. Any children born to that person
shall also be considered Palestinian.]
Article 6: The Jews who had normally resided in Palestine until the begin-
ning of the Zionist invasion will be considered Palestinians. [But for Jews to be
considered Palestinian with rights to the land, they would have to have been "nor-
mal' residents of the land before 1900.]
Article 7: That there is a Palestinian community and that it has material,
spiritual, and historical connection with Palestine are indisputable facts. It is a
national duty to bring up individual Palestiniansin an Arab revolutionary
manner. A ll means of information and education must be adopted in order to
acquaint the Palestinian with his country in the most profound manner, both
spiritual and material, that is possible. He must be prepared for the armed
struggle and ready to sacrifice his wealth and his life in order to win back his
homeland and bring about its liberation. [Arab children must be trained to die
because armed struggle is the method to be used to gain control of the territory.]
Article 8: The phase in their history, through which the Palestinian people
are now living, is that of national struggle for the liberation of Palestine. Thus
the conflicts among the Palestinian national forces are secondary, and should
be ended for the sake of the basic conflict that exists between the forces of Zion-
ism and of imperialism on the one hand, and the Palestinian A rab people on
the other. On this basis the Palestinian masses, regardless of whether they are
residing in the national homeland or in diaspora constitute - both their organi-
zations and the individuals - one national front working for the retrieval of
Palestine and its liberation through armed struggle.
Article 9: Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. Thus it is
the overall strategy, not merely a tactical phase. The Palestinian A rab people
assert their absolute determination and firm resolution to continue their armed
struggle and to work for an armed popular revolution for the liberation of
their country and their return to it. They also assert their right to normal life in
Palestine and to exercise their right to self-determination and sovereignty over
Article 10: Commando action constitutes the nucleus of the Palestinian popular
liberation war. This requires its escalation, comprehensiveness, and the mobili-
zation of all the Palestinian popular and educational efforts and their organiza-
tion and involvement in the armed Palestinian revolution. It also requires the
achieving of unity for the national struggle among the different groupings of
PLO Charter
the Palestinian people, and between the Palestinian people and the A rab masses,
so as to secure the continuation of the revolution, its escalation, and victory.
Article 11: The Palestinians will have three mottoes: national unity, na-
tional mobilization, and liberation.
Article 12: The Palestinian people believe in A rab unity. In order to con-
tribute their share toward the attainment of that objective, however, they
must, at the present stage of their struggle, safeguard their Palestinian iden-
tity and develop their consciousness of that identity, and oppose any plan
that may dissolve or impair it.
Article 13: A rab unity and the liberation of Palestine are two complemen-
tary objectives, the attainment of either of which facilitates the attainment of
the other. Thus, A rab unity leads to the liberation of Palestine, the liberation of
Palestine leads to A rab unity; and work toward the realization of one objective
proceeds side by side with work toward the realization of the other.
Article 14: The destiny of the A rab nation, and indeed A rab existence itself,
depend upon the destiny of the Palestine cause. From this interdependence
springs the A rab nation's pursuit of, and striving for, the liberation of Pales-
tine. The people of Palestine play the role of the vanguard in the realization of
this sacred goal.
Article 15: Theliberation of Palestine, from an A rab viewpoint, is ana-
tional duty and it attempts to repel the Zionist and imperialist aggression against
the A rab homeland, and aims at the liquidation of the Z ionist presence [i.e.,
the State of I srael].
A bsolute responsibility for this falls upon the A rab nation
- peoples and governments - with the A rab people of Palestine in the van-
guard. A ccordingly, the A rab nation must mobilize all its military, human,
moral, and spiritual capabilities to participate actively with the Palestinian
people in the liberation of Palestine. It must, particularly in the phase of the
armed Palestinian revolution, offer and furnish the Palestinian people with all
possible help, and material and human support, and make available to them
the means and opportunities that will enable them to continue to carry out
their leading role in the armed revolution, until they liberate their homeland.
[The goal is to "get rid" of all the Jews with the assistance of Arab nations.]
2. This is the correct translation from the Arabic. To make the position more palat-
able to the non-Muslim reader, the PLO 'translates' the phrase as "the elimination
of Zionism".
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Article 16: Theliberation of Palestine, from a spiritual point of view, will
provide the Holy Land with an atmosphere of safety and tranquility, which in
turn will safeguard the country's religious sanctuaries and guarantee freedom
of worship and of visit to all, without discrimination of race, color, language, or
religion. A ccordingly, the people of Palestine look to all spiritual forces in the
world for support. [Wlien tfie Holy Land is liberated, tranquility will prevail, as will
religious freedom for all. Sure! And if you believe this, the Arabs would also like to sell
you the Brooklyn Bridge.]
Article 17: Theliberation of Palestine, from a human point of view, will
restore to the Palestinian individual his dignity, pride, and freedom. A ccord-
ingly the Palestinian A rab people look forward to the support of all those who
believe in the dignity of man and his freedom in the world.
Article 18: Theliberation of Palestine, from an international point of view,
is adefensive action necessitated by the demands of self-defense. A ccordingly
the Palestinian people, desirous as they are of the friendship of all people, look
to freedom-loving, and peace-loving states for support in order to restore their
legitimate rights in Palestine, to re-establish peace and security in the country,
and to enable its people to exercise national sovereignty and freedom. [It is the
fault of the Jews; non-Muslim support is needed in order to expel them or conquer
Article 19: Thepartition of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of the
state of Israel are entirely illegal, regardless of the passage of time, because
they were contrary to the wil l of the Palestinian people and to their natural
right in their homeland, and inconsistent with the principles embodied in the
Charter of the United Nations, particularly the right to self-determination. [I s-
rael is an illegal creation and has no right to exist.]
Article 20: TheBalfour Declaration, the Mandate for Palestine, and every-
thing that has been based upon them, are deemed nul l and void. Cl aims of
historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the
facts of history and the true conception of what constitutes statehood. Juda-
ism, beinga religion, is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute
a single nation with an identity of its own; they are citizens of the states to
which they belong. [There is absolutely no connection between the Jews and
the Land. There never was a connection.]
Article 21: The A rab Palestinian people, expressing themselves by the armed
Palestinian revolution, reject all solutions which are substitutes for thetotal
PLO Charter
liberationof Palestine and reject all proposals aiming at the liquidation of the
Palestinian problem, or its internationalization. ["Total liberation" means that
every inch of the land must be "liberated".]
Article 22: Zionism is apolitical movement organically associated with
international imperialismand antagonistic to all action for liberation and to
progressive movements in the world. I t is racist and fanatic in its nature, ag-
gressive, expansionist, and colonial in its aims, and fascist in its methods.
I srael is the instrument of the Zionist movement, and geographical base for
world imperialism placed strategically in the midst of the Arab homeland to
combat the hopes of the Arab nation for liberation, unity, and progress. I srael
is a constant source of threat vis-a-vis peacein the Middle East and the whole
world. Sincethe liberationof Palestinewi ll destroy the Zionist and imperi-
alist presence and wi ll contributeto the establishmentof peace in the Middle
East, the Palestinian people look for the support of all the progressive and
peaceful forces and urge themall, irrespective of their affiliations and beliefs,
to offer the Palestinian peopleall aid and support in their just struggle for the
liberation of their homeland. [Israel is the greatest threat to mankind and it must
be destroyed - with the participation of the entire world.]
Article 23: The demand of security and peace, as well as the demand of
right and justice, requireall states toconsider Zionism an illegitimate move-
ment, to outlaw its existence, and to ban its operations, in order that friendly
relations among peoples may be preserved, and the loyalty of citizens to their
respective homelands safeguarded. [The world must destroy Israel through legal
Article 24: The Palestinian people believe in the principles of justice,
freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, human dignity, and in the right of
all peoples to exercise them, ["all peoples , as long as they are not Jews who seek to
exercise these principles.]
Article 25: For the realization of the goals of this Charter and its principles,
the Palestine Liberation Organization wil l performits role in the liberation of
Palestine in accordancewith the Constitution of this Organization.
Article26: The Palestine Liberation Organization, representativeof the Pales-
tinian revolutionary forces, is responsible for the Palestinian Arab people's move-
ment in its struggle - to retrieve its homeland, liberate and return to it and
exercise the right to self-determination in it - in all military, political, and fi-
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
nancial fields and also for whatever may be required by the Palestine case on
the inter-Arab and international levels.
A rticle 27: The Palestine Liberation Organization shall cooperate with all
A rab states, each according to its potentialities; and will adopt a neutral policy
among them in the light of the requirements of the war of liberation; and on
this basis it shall not interfere in the internal affairs of any A rab state. [PLO
promises not to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab states - which they promptly
violated when they attempted to take over Jordan and Lebanon. Some Arab countries
deny entry and/or citizenship to 'Palestinian Arabs'. Wliy is that so?'.]
A rticle 28: The Palestinian A rab people assert the genuineness and inde-
pendence of their national revolution and reject all forms of intervention, trust-
eeship, and subordination.
A rticle 29: The Palestinian people possess the fundamental and genuine
legal right to liberate and retrieve their homeland. The Palestinian people de-
termine their attitude toward all states and forces on the basis of the stands
they adopt vis-^-vis to the Palestinian revolution to fulfill the aims of the Pales-
tinian people.
A rticle 30: Fighters and carriers of arms in the war of liberation are the
nucleus of the popular army which will be the protective force for the gains of
the Palestinian A rab people.
A rticle 31: The Organization shall have a flag, an oath of allegiance, and an
anthem. A ll this shall be decided upon in accordance with a special regulation.
A rticle 32: Regulations, which shall be known as the Constitution of the
Palestinian Liberation Organization, shall be annexed to this Charter. It will lay
down the manner in which the Organization, and its organs and institutions,
shall be constituted; the respective competence of each; and the requirements
of its obligation under the Charter.
A rticle 33: This Charter shall not be amended save by [voteof] a majority of
two-thirds of the total membership of the National Congress of the Palestine
Liberation Organization [taken] at a special session convened for that purpose.
Appendix B
Adopted at the 12th Session of the Palestinian National Coun-
cil Cairo, June 9,1974
On the basis of the Palestinian National Charter and the Political
Programme drawn up at the eleventh session, held from January 6-12, 1973;
and from its belief that it is impossible for a permanent and just peace to be
established in the area unless our Palestinian people recover all their national
rights and, first and foremost, their rights to return and to self-determination
on the whole of the soil of their homeland; and in the light of a study of the
new political circumstances that have come into existence in the period be-
tween the Council's last and present sessions, resolves the following:
1. To reaffirm the Palestine Liberation Organization's previous attitude to
Resolution 242, which obliterates the national right of our people and deals
with the cause of our people as a problem of refugees. The Council therefore
refuses to have anything to do with this resolution at any level, A rab or inter-
national, including the Geneva Conference.
2. The Liberation Organization will employ all means, and first and fore-
most armed struggle, to liberate Palestinian territory and to establish the inde-
pendent combatant national authority for the people over every part of
Palestinian territory that is liberated. This will require further changes being
effected in the balance of power in favour of our people and their struggle.
3. The Liberation Organization will struggle against any proposal for a Pal-
estinian entity the price of which is recognition, peace, secure frontiers, renun-
ciation of national rights and the deprival of our people of their right to return
and their right to self-determination on the soil of their homeland.
4. A ny step taken towards liberation is a step towards the realization of the
Prophecies for The Era of Muslim Terror
Liberation Organization's strategy of establishing the democratic Palestin-
ian state specified in the resolutions of previous Palestinian National Coun-
5. Struggle along with the Jordanian national forces to establish a Jorda-
nian-Palestinian national front whose aimwill be to set up in Jordan a demo-
cratic national authority in close contact with the Palestinian entity that is
established through the struggle.
6. The Liberation Organization will struggle to establish unity in struggle
between thetwo peoples and between all the forces of the A rab liberation move-
ment that are in agreement on this programme.
7. In the light of this programme, the Liberation Organization will struggle
to strengthen national unity and to raise it to the level where it will be able to
perform its national duties and tasks.
8. Once it is established, the Palestinian national authority will strive to
achieve a union of the confrontation countries, with the aim of completing the
liberation of all Palestinian territory, and as a step along the road to compre-
hensive A rab unity.
9. The Liberation Organization will strive to strengthen its solidarity with
the socialist countries, and with forces of liberation and progress throughout
the world, with the aim of frustrating all the schemes of Zionism, reaction and
10. In light of this programme, the leadership of the revolution will deter-
mine the tactics which will serve and make possible the realization of these
The Executive Committeeof the Palestine Liberation Organization will make
every effort to implement this programme, and should a situation arise affect-
ing the destiny and the future of the Palestinian people, the National Assembly
will be convened in extraordinary session.
Appendix C
Translating the Palestinian Media
Dail y News From Israel
Media Bias Alerts
Anal ysis of Issues
Musl im Terrorism Reports
Chief Rabbi of Rehovol
I srael


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