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Vampire Notes

Gary is in horrible shape, even more than in our real world. The city
is in a terrible state of decay- a perfect place for vampires to
hunt. Few notice any more how many people disappear each year.
Industry has completely fled the area, leaving a desolate patch
called the Wasteland.
Chicago is nown for the vehement and subtle intrigue of its
inhabitants. The !yhad is constantly in motion there, and some
whisper that an "ncient is active in the city.
Gary is ruled by a prince who is something less than a prince.
$odius, %rince of Gary is the arch-rival of &odin, %rince of Chicago.
"t one time they were evenly matched- $odius controlled the unions
and &odin controlled big business. 'owever, &odin purposely destroyed
the steel industry in order to destroy $odius(s power base. 'e was so
successful that $odius lost almost all of his power. Today he is only
a pale reflection of his formerly combative self. &odin has won their
war, hands down. The success of &odin peaed when &odin was able to
win away a Camarilla Conclave. )* years ago, in a last-ditch attempt
to defeat &odin, $odius convinced the Toreador !usticar to call a
Conclave to be held in Gary. It ended abysmally, and was reconvened
in Chicago the ne+t day.
&odin has banned the creation of ,eonates -new vampires. for the last
/0 years in an effort to gain more control over the anarchs. 'owever,
this has simply led to the vampires of Chicago bringing their neonates
to Gary to release them, because $odius is nown to welcome newcomers.
'owever, he does not allow the creation of neonates here
without his permission -liely given.
1nown, non-neonate vampires in Gary right now2
$odius, "llicia, &ucian, !uggler, an anarch, 3 his childe 4velyn -both #ru5ah., $ichael,
"le+ander 6anov, "le+ander Colt, &uc Colbert
7ebecca 8mith -!ay.- " Gangrel in undeath and a detective in life
$arshall $iller -4ric %.- " toreador in undeath, and an architect in life.
,aima Trueblood -Tina.- " Tremere in undeath, and a ,ative "merican shaman in life.
&uc Colbert -#ry. - " #ru5ah in undeath and a cat burglar in life
Chi -The %rince of Chichester. -,%C.- " $alavian who too it upon himself to teach $arshall,
before attempting to slay him
$odius, the %rince of Gary. 'e(s a Toreador and loos to be in his
early 9:(s, but is considerably older- well over ):: years. 'e is
slightly less than average height, but of above average build. 'e
loos a bit lie "lbert 4instein, only he wears nicer clothing and
has a more stately bearing. 'is hair is usually about the same
"llicia, is $odius(s progeny. 8he(s also a Toreador, obviously. 8he(s
a dar-haired beauty of apparently mi+ed 4uropean heritage. 8he is
short and of average build, but has wide, full eyes that are a sharp
near-emerald green that shines against her pale sin. 8he has
noticeably thin lips, but a wide, easy smile. 8he wears old-fashioned
clothing, seemingly more suitable to an older woman, and nearly
always wears a lace shawl. 8he loos to be in her late ):(s, but was
4mbraced about 0: years ago. 8he also has not spoen in the last 0:
&ucian, a Gangrel elder who controls the docs is a tall, powerfully
built man. 'e(s broad-shouldered, with s;uare, rugged features. 'is
hair is blac, specled with grey, and worn short. 'e has rich, dar
brown eyes, and a deep, commanding voice. 'e loos to be in his late
9:(s, but is said to be millennia old. 'e(s also said to have illed
his own sire.
$ichael, a $alavian who lives in a graveyard. 'e(s shy, and mentally
deficient, but immensely strong. 'e(s tall and has stringy brown hair
worn nearly to his shoulders. 'is eyes are wide and brown, while his
teeth are broen and crooed. 'e wals with a limp on his left side,
which gives him a distinct lurching appearance. 'e loos to be in his
late teens. It(s unnown when he was 4mbraced, but most figure it was
within the last ): years.
"le+ander 6anov, a ,osferatu wanderer. Tall with an average build for
his height, he has a wide face with deep-set grey eyes. 'e has
coarse, crinled sin, a twisted, contoured face, and only a few
tufts of hair remaining. If you had to guess, you(d say he(d loo to
be in his early *:(s, but is probably considerably older.
Chi, a $alavian who moved here with 7ebecca. 'e(s of average height
and of somewhat slender build. While he loos to be in his early
):(s, it(s unnown how long he(s been a vampire. $ost people guess
about /: years or so.
Modius Place
%rince $odius lives in an old decaying mansion in the center of Gary. <nce
the home of a steel baron, it was built in the most illustrious
neighborhood of the growing city. 'owever times have changed and most
of the mansions have been divided into apartments. <nly $odius(s
mansion is left, and it has apparently sheltered $odius for ;uite a while.
The mansion is guarded by four large tough-looing men armed with revolvers and truncheons.
They(re dressed in 5eans, wor boots and either flannel or blue wor shirts. They do not
spea to you= they 5ust chec your identity before allowing you to enter into the foyer of
the mansion.
The mansion is a large structure, with over ): rooms. $ost of them
are furnished in what once would have been considered the height of
fashion- divans, chandeliers, grand piano, and leather armchairs- but
now they are moth-eaten and decayed nearly beyond use. <n the main
floor are the parlor, living room, dining room, itchen, $odius(s
office, and $odius(s art studio.
The passage of time has begun to affect the structure, indeed the
roof is near the point of collapse. 8now has gathered on the roof,
and now water drips through holes in the ceilings and is collected in
bucets that must be constantly emptied and moved by servants.
The reactions to $odius> toast are as follows2
"llicia seems concerned.
$ichael seems distraught, but he(s been that way for a while now.
6anov is doing the same as Colt, seeing how everyone else is reacting to this.
&ucian is giving the smallest hint of a smile.
Chi cocs his head to the side and loos a bit pu??led.
7ebecca and &uc both seem nonplussed.
Lucian is ignoring the shouts. He seems neither taken aback nor surprised, but from what little you'e seen so far,
!olt guesses he's "ust brutally pragmatic# this simply does not inole him and he doesn't wish to be inoled.
Michael is holding his head and rocking himself. $llicia is stroking his hair, apparently trying to keep him calm.
%ano is doing the same thing you are# looking at eeryone's reactions. &hen your ga'es meet, he gies you a wry
(ebecca isn't reacting at all. She might not hae een noticed the noise.
Luc is completely motionless. )ou wonder if he's sinking into torpor*+
!hi is complaining he neer knows what's going on, and is asking $llicia and (ebecca if they're currently dating
Colt, you didn>t hear a lot of the conversation, but you hear such things as @intolerable>,
@never>, @ultimatum>, @no position to(, and @&odin>. Aou don>t thin it>s staged, and while
your clan doesn>t have a lot of respect for the Camarilla, you reali?e $odius is a %rince,
and is thus probably a master of deception. 8till, your gut feeling is that he>s genuinely
incensed at something right now.
Lucian speaks ,uietly to (ebecca. He doesn't get to say much when Modius interenes. -.he Succubus !lub is
nothing but the hangout for the dregs of our kind. /t is for those who wish to pretend they hae spirit, when in truth,
they do not.-
&erewoles seem to take the mere e1istence of a ampire as an affront to eerything, and inariably try to messily
end the life of said ampire. %ang powerful creatures too. /t's said some 2angrels hae met and worked out an
3understanding' with them, but few people hae eer met a 2angrel who claims to hae done so.
#lood #ound - " bond that causes a vampire to be bound to another,
usually older, vampire. 8ome e;uate it to the bond between lovers=
other to the bonds of servitude. The one who controls the bond is the
7egent= the one controlled is the Thrall. The #ond is created when the
Thrall drins the 7egent(s blood on three separate occasions. The
amount is unimportant. <nce #onded they cannot be bonded to another
Bampire. The #ond can weaen over time and must be re-strengthened by
fresh blood. It is rumored that only a weaened bond may be broen,
perhaps with intense hatred. The bond is 4motional power over the
Thrall. The Thrall view the 7egent as the central power of their
lives. 8ometimes the #lood #ond is referred to as a #lood <ath.

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