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Arpafo, Joseph Vergil

Oquendo, Jessie Jones

LLB.1 Manresa
Legal Writing 5-6pm TF
Atty. Pilariza Racho-Baldovino
September 26, 2014

The bank accounts and the mansions are not sufficient to prove the allegations.
Personal accounts are supposed to be exclusive. The mansions were not listed in the assets and
liabilities because it was established in late 2000.
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My client, Maria sent me a letter with regards to her complaint. She wanted you to
adress her complaint and give her the proper remedy. She made the letter to give force and
effect to the said complaint.

According to the Family Code of the Philippines , marriage is a special contract of
permanent union of a man and a woman for establishment of conjugal and family life. It is an
inviolable social institution. There are requisites for contracting marriage. First, the contracting
parties must be a man and a woman of legal age. Second, a ceremony must be celebrated by a
priests, pastors, airplane pilots and ship captains.

If I was the judge, I would grant the petition of Charlie. He procured the license prior to
the opening of the establishment and paid the corresponding fees. The approval of the said
license allowed him to open a beerhouse in that area.

In behalf of my client Maria, I am here as her legal counsel. She came to me to ask for
legal advise inorder for you to answer her request regarding to the apartment you owned where
she lives. She constantly talked to you about the toilet which is not functioning well. If you will
not make a proper action to this matter within this month, Im going to file a proper charge
against you.

My client is requesting you to take action with regard to this matter, otherwise we will
sue you for violating the one(1 ) year contract. The said contract is still existing and it is your
obligation as the owner to answer the difficulties and maintenance of the said apartment.

However, as held in the Grino case, it is sufficient to determine a boundary by technical
description. The determination of the territory or land area by means of metes and bounds in
not a condition sine qua non in the local government.

Q: Did you pull or draw your bolo?
A: Yes, I drew the bolo inorder to defend myself.
xxx xxx
Q: Why were you running?
A: Because I was shocked and scared for what I have done.

In this case, as a lawyer, I will make an arragnement to the policemen who arrested my
client. They did it so that they can extort money. The arrangement is made to give remedy to
my client. The arrangement is not about the confession of guilt but it is for the case not to
elevate to the courts.

In this case, I will charge my client. I will base those charges on their family income. If
their family is wealthy, i will charge him twenty to fifty thousand because there are many people
to consider and to ask for favor thats why it is expensive. Example payment for the police,
donuts, coffee, etc.

Emotional Phenomena this is a situation where the interviewer cannot conduct the
interview properly because of the attraction made by the interviewee especially if the
interviewee is beautiful or handsome.

With regards to the letter that you have sent to me, I can picture out your situation right
now. As your legal counsel, I will assure you that the court will grant the annulment on this case
and the child will be in your custody. In your testimony, it is clear that your child did not receive
any support from your husband. This is a ground for psychological incapacity.