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The 214 Traditional Radicals and Their Meanings

(arranged by stroke number)

one, horizontal stroke !]

vertical stroke J(]
dot (/
diagonal sweeping stroke [!],v(D/]\)
the second {()
hook {,\[\
Vertical stroke with a hook [{]

lid, top /^,J,J!/D/]\
person U
person /^/
person UD|,U\{
human legs /,U3|
to enter !,!\D|
eight []D|)
to enclose D;,J!D;
cover, crown |D/]\
ice @!
table ,<;
wind D|D/]\
container, open box D/(),J[.
knife, sword DJ/
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knife, sword \
power ]D,\<\
to wrap 7D;
spoon U,|
box [.D;
to conceal, hide D<|D;
ten |)
oracle ]<
stamp, seal ,|<\,|\,
cliff D/{1
private, Katakana Mu ]
again, right hand J

mouth <](^/)
border, territorial boundaries <D;
earth ](^/)
man, scholar, samurai ]!(D/]\)
to follow vJ(D/]\),]D/]\
to go slowly @!,/3|
evening U^,U
large, big {!(D/]\),{!D|
woman {//(^/)
child, son .(^/)
roof, house D/]\
inch, (2.25 cm) @/(<\)
small |(D/]\),]!!
lame leg {!vJ3|
corpse, awning |D[{(D/]\)
sprout <v9,(
mountain \(^/),\D/]\
winding river D\D|
river /]/D|
work, carpenter, skill J<7(^/),.
self {v1
cloth [[(^/)
to dry, shield D/,!]|)
young, slight !D|,@
slanting roof {1
to move, stretch ;/,!/
folded hands |)3|,
javelin !<7,|D;
bow (in archery) U7(^/)
pigs head J!(D|)
hair-style, light rays /<\,JD\
step, stride, street, to go /^/
grass <D/]\,.
road, walk, to advance |/,|/)
village, country, city {{ (on the right)
hill, mound . (on the left)
heart, mind, spirit ..
heart, mind, spirit \|/^/
heart, mind, spirit |J..
spear, weapon {.(<\),{.D;
door ({1),D/]\
hand (
hand (^/
branch |(),;{
activity, to strike, hit ]<,]<<\
literature, letters ,/()
big dipper, ladle, (18.039 lit) @,@<\
ax {v<\
direction, flag {(^/),DJ^/
not ](),/|
sun, day, time U(^/),]^/
to say UU,!|<
moon, month, period (^/)
meat, flesh <
tree, wood (^/)
to lack, yawn 3<U,J/<\
to stop 9
death & dying, to decompose D(^/),D[{^/
lance shaft, action J,{.<\
not, mother /D1,[[vD/
to compare <^,/UU
hair J
family, clan |
steam, air D;
water 7@
water /@!
water |J7@
fire U(^/)
fire 1D,1/D
claw, nail 9,
claw, nail 9D/]\,9D|
father ]]
to mix .
split wood |^/ (on the left)
split wood DJ(^/)
fang, canine tooth [(^/)
cow |(^/)
dog !
beast J(v^/

darkness J/
jewelry J
jewelry, jeweled king J(^/),{^/
melon \
tile D|
sweet 3!,D/
birth, to be born, live 1,|!
to use (]!,@
rice paddy J(^/)
roll of cloth U
sickness \!{1
outspread legs, departure [D|
white |,[<^/
skin, hide JD|,UvD|
plate, bowl
eye 9(^/)
eye @.9
halberd {.(^/)
arrow \(^/)
stone !|(^/)
altar, festival , religious service |9@(^/)
altar, festival , religious service |9@^/
footprint |)v3|
grain v(^/)
hole, cave 3/(D/]\)
to stand J(^/)
bamboo JJ(D/]\)
rice .9(^/)
thread !(^/)
earthen jar {(^/) ,7@D9
net 37D|,379
sheep U|(^/)
sheep U|
feather, wing [{
old, old-age {!(D/]\),{!D|
and also |.|(
plow !@,@^/
ear 77(^/)
writing brush ,(<\,!
flesh, meat <
retainer, minister |/,{7
self 7@D
to arrive, reach !J(^/)
mortar, quern @
tongue |J
contrary, to err !3|
ship, boat ,{(^/)
boundary ./(<\)
color !
grass, plant <
tiger D|,D/]\
worm, insect, bug ]|(^/)
blood ]
to go UD;,D;
clothing .(
clothing .(^/
cover, west 3D|,|
to see 7
horn, corner v(^/)
words, to speak, say J/,./^/
valley J(^/)
bean 9(^/)
pig !v.(^/)
badger, reptile ]|/^/
shell, property, wealth D!(^/)
red 3D
to run ,[|
foot, leg 3|(^/)
foot, leg 3|^/
body 7(^/)
vehicle, wheel, car <(^/)
bitter D!,|/
(fifth zodiac sign), 7 9 A.M. |/vJ
to advance, move ahead |/),|/
community {{,]
sake jar, bird U@7v\,\^/
to separate v.9(^/)
village, (3.93 km) (^/)
metal, gold, mineral D{(^/)
long /D!
gate, door (/(D;)
hill {D,.^/
to capture 1!<\
small bird ,\
rain 39(D/]\)
blue, green 3{
wrong, non- 3@
face, surface 9/
leather <\D|,D<vD|
leather /9|D|
sound, noise {
head, page {{D!
wind D|
to fly ,
food, to eat |<(^/)
food, to eat |<^/
head <U
scent D{\

horse (^/)
bone {{(^/)
high JD!
long hair D7D/]\,D7D|
fighting JJD!D;,D;
herbs {!J,]
tripod 1,D/;
demon {,

fish {(^/) ,D/^/

bird \(^/) ,\<\
salt |{
deer |D
wheat ],[<
hemp 3(D/]\)

millet U
black <
embroider !\

frog D;,^/3|
tripod D/;
drum 7
rat, mouse {@7
nose [/
alike |!

tooth [
dragon \)
turtle D9
flute \<
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