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to rollback government intrusion upon religious liberties, and their demand for identification by SSN, or biometric identifiers. Nationally respected Constitutional scholar & litigator, Herb Titus, is litigating on our behalf.


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Securing Liberty For Our Posterity

"The Social Security Act does not require a person to have a Social Security number to live and work in the United States, nor does it require a Social Security number simply for the purpose of having one." Official statement made by Charles A. Mullen, Social Security Administration, Associate Commissioner, Office of Public Inquiries in his April 11, 2003 letter. Section 666 of the United States Code, regarding Social Security, orders States to mandate everyone to confess a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to obtain a Professional, Occupational, Recreational, Driver’s or Marriage License. 42 USC §666(13)(a) The Social Security Administration’s policy is to deliberately mislead people about the option to remove their child’s name from the Social Security records. SSA Policy RM 00205.095 The REAL ID ACT that goes into effect in 2008 is designed to have every State mandate facial scans from applicants for a driver’s license. People are now scanning the marks on their right hand (thumb print) and forehead (facial & retina scans) to buy groceries and receive welfare checks.

Did you also know?
There are no religious exemptions
There are Christians in America who are convinced that confessing a SSN or rendering a biometric scan, in order to do something commonly necessary for livelihood, is tantamount to rendering the mark of the beast. Though their belief is bona fide on the basis of their interprettation of the Book of Revelation, their religious practice finds no accommodation when it conflicts with the government preference. If their ‘line-in-the-sand’ is not protected by the First Amendment, then who’s is? Freedom enjoyed by all Americans is rooted in, and founded upon, religious liberties and principles of the Christian faith. Free people charter governments to secure liberty. Brave men and women sacrifice their safety and personal security for the sake of liberty for all. The American Christian Liberty Society is formed to stand against government & business practices of prohibiting Americans from doing those things necessary in the ordinary course of life and business unless those Americans identify themselves by a universal number or provide a biometric identifier. Revelation 13:16

What We Have Done: We recovered back-pay and retirement pay for a Navy Chief Petty Officer who suffered reprisal after requesting the Navy issue a unique Navy generated ‘Service Number’ in lieu of using a SSN for his Military Personnel Identification Number. David Alan Carmichael v. United States, 298 F3d. 1367 (Aug 2002); 66 Fed. Cl. 115 (2005) The federal court ruled that E.O. 9397 (circa 1943) did not prohibit federal agencies from making exceptions to solely using the SSN as a record number. What We Are Doing: We are assisting Larry Lewis to reverse an Idaho Appeals Court ruling as we rely upon the Free Exercise of Religion Protected statute. Larry was denied a driver’s license because of his religious prohibition against identifying with an SSN. The Idaho Appeals Court decided that the federal welfare law, 42 USC § 666, supersedes Idaho’s religious freedom laws. Lewis v. State of Idaho, Dept. of Transp.ortation; Docket #31833; 2006 Opinion #56, August 17, 2006. What We Intend To Do: Establish protection in law for those who cannot identify with the government identification number on the basis of their religious convictions. We must win in State and Federal Court. We must also establish the procedure to have objectors’ names removed from Social Security records. [On the basis of U.S. Const., 1st Amend & Equal Protection; 5 USC §552a (Privacy/Free- Info. Act); 42 USC §2000bb (Religious Freedom Restoration Act); and SSA Policy RM 00205.095.]