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Assignment 1


I n s t i t u t e o f B u s i n e s s Ma n a g e me n t ( C i t y C a mp u s )

S u b mi t t e d t o Mr . B a b a r K h a i r i
S p r i n g 2 0 1 4

Fahad Mohiuddin Ahmed Std # 16666
Hassan Noman Std # 16646
Taha Ejaz Std # 16578
Muhammad Shayan Std # 16622
Salman Ahmad Std # 15760

MAN-401 Principles of management

About Mobilink:

Mobilink is Pakistans leading provider of voice and data services, bringing more people
together through service excellence and product innovation. With more than 36 million
subscribers, Mobilink maintains market leadership through cutting-edge, integrated
technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the
industry, a broadband carrier division providing next generation internet technology as
well as the countrys largest network with over 9,000 cell sites making everyday a better
day for its customers.
Housing Pakistans largest distribution and contact centre networks and an unparalleled
6,500 kilometers fiber optic backbone, Mobilink has already invested over US $3.9
billion in the country to date, with another USD 1 billion being invested in network
modernization. Mobilink provides uninterrupted countrywide connectivity, unmatched
customer services and international roaming in over 140 countries.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Mobilink offers a range of socially inclusive products
and services dedicated to enhance access to information. Through Mobilink Foundation,
the company passionately supports education, health and environmental initiatives and
promotes sustainable business practices.
Mobilink offers exclusive & personalized tariff plans that empower customers and cater
to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to
businessmen to corporate and multinationals.
Total Strength of Employees:

H.R 47
Director 01
Vice President 04
Line Managers 26
Overall (Total) 4500
Top Managers 75
Line Managers 3675


Human Resource
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operational
Vice President
(Customer Service)
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
(Human Resource)
Senior Manager
Customer Services
Continued Continued
Senior Manager
Indirect C.S
Service Center Manager
Frontline Operational Staff
Technical Support to Customer Service

Answer 1) People, who do similar tasks, have similar skills and/or jobs in an
organization are grouped into a functional structure. The advantages of this kind of
structure include quick decision making because the group members are able to
communicate easily with each other. In a divisional structure, the company will
coordinate inter-group relationships to create a work team that can readily meet the
needs of a certain customer or group of customers. Matrix structures are more
complex in that they group people in two different ways: by the function they perform
and by the product team they are working with.

In a matrix structure the team members are given more autonomy and expected to take
more responsibility for their work. In a project-organizational structure, the teams are
put together based on the number of members needed to produce the product or
complete the project. The best example of divisional structure can be easily seen in
large organizations like Standard Chartered and Mobilink as the management breaks
down each important function into divisions and departments.

Answer 2) The command chain doesn't happen accidentally. Organizational designers
lay it out as the last step in creating an organizational structure. Planners first consider a
companys goals since organizational structure must support strategy. Designers next
determine the tasks needed to reach the goals. Departmentalization follows as
designers decide how to group the tasks. Grouping affects resource sharing and the
ease with which people communicate and coordinate work. After departmentalizing,
designers assign authority for tasks and areas. Once authority is assigned, planners
can finally lay out the relationships between positions, thereby creating a chain of
The reporting relationships established in the final step of organizational design are
easy to see on an organizational chart, which depicts a companys structure. Starting at
the bottom, each position is connected to one above it by a line. An organizational chart
shows the way in which the chain of command works within the organization.
I should understand how the organization is structured, how it is arranged physically,
where key people are located, and to whom I report. It will also help us to boost morale,
which is likely to have a positive impact on productivity.

Answer 5) Vertical Coordination is linking of top management with the lower
management and middle management. And make sure all the decisions are made in a
proper manner and all the processes from top to bottom are being done in a
successive way. Formalization has a very important role in achieving vertical
coordination within the organization. As formalization is the degree to which rules,
procedures and job descriptions are followed. So to have strong vertical coordination in
an organization, we should make sure it is formalized and all the rules are being
followed. It creates clarity within organization, formalization makes roles of a specific
position will remain the same, no matter who inhabits the specific job position.

Work procedures are documented so that a new employee may be easily inserted
into a vacant position without changing the processes associated with the
position. One that can effect an organization in formalization is that a lower
management employee isnt allowed to make suggestion and that can affect the
motivation of an employee which can result in lesser input. To improve this thing top
management should take care that their each employee is motivated properly to
ensure that organizational function are carried out successively.

Answer 6) Span of control, refers to the number of people a manager directly manages.
In a wider span of control, a manager has many subordinates who report to him. In a
narrow span of control, a manger has fewer subordinates under him. With a wider span
of control, the organizational structure will be flatter, because lots of people will be
reporting to lots of others. But with a narrow span of control, a taller organizational
structure is required, to increase the people reporting to others. Narrow span of control
results in "Tall Organization." Here there are many managers. Each manager has to
manage only few subordinates. Wide span of control results in "Flat Organization". Here
there are few managers. Each manager has to manage many subordinates.
Downsizing can minimize company output, coz there won't be fresh talent and ideas to
be used It can also affect the culture and atmosphere within the management of an
office. People may be worried that they will be next to be downsized. The atmosphere
may be more stressful. Flat structures facilitate a greater level of communication
between employees and management. They tend to be more democratic and offer a
greater level of innovation. The flat structure revolves around qualified and competent
staff. Fully engaged, skilled work groups leads to happier workers and lower turnover.

Answer 7) The act or process of centralizing, or the state of being centralized; the act
or process of combining or reducing several parts into a whole; as, the centralization of
power in the general government; the centralization of commerce in a city.
Centralization means minimum autonomy and maximum restrictions on operations of
subunits of the organization.
The extent to which authority is delegated to lower management levels. Delegation of
decision making to the subunits of an organization is a matter of degree. The lower the
level where decisions are made, the greater is the decentralization. Decentralization is
most effective in organizations where subunits are autonomous and costs and profits
can be independently measured.

For every organization, small or big, delegation is essential. Managers and supervisors
at all levels can lessen their burden by delegating authority. Ability of sub-ordinates
increases as they are given some responsibility. Delegation of authority reduces the
work load. Hence work is done very quickly and efficiently. Delegation of authority helps
trained sub-ordinates also.

Pros and Cons of Mobilinks Organizational Structure:

The Organizational Chart of Mobilink comprises of tall organizational structure. The pros
of this structure lie in clarity and managerial control. The narrow span of control allows
for close supervision of employees. It provides clear, distinct layers with obvious lines of
responsibility and control and a clear promotion structure. Challenges begin when a
structure gets too tall. Communication begins to take too long to travel through all the
levels. These communication problems hamper decision-making and hinder progress.

Employee motivation has got a lot to do with this structure like it have many layers
through which employees have chances to advance their careers, but may become
frustrated at their relative lack of influence at lower levels within the company. Another
factor that this organization has to take care most is flexibility to take decisions.
Because one advantage a flat organizational structure has over a tall one is the level of
flexibility. Decisions can often be made and carried out more quickly in flat structures
because there are few layers of communication between the employees doing the work
and those making the decisions. Therefore, directives and feedback can be
communicated more quickly to allow for necessary changes.

Advantages (Centralization)

1) Consistent policies, greater
control and standardized

2) Quicker decision making

3) Branches are identical, so
customer knows what to expect

4) Tight financial control
Advantages (Decentralization)

1) Empower local managers

2) Local knowledge may benefit
sales and promotions targeted
more effectively

3) Reduces day to day
communication with head office

4) Business is more flexible as it is
able to sense customer
demands faster

5) Improved motivation and

The reasons why we will prefer this tall organization of Mobilink over other flat structure
is because of the following.

1. The quality of performance will improve due to close supervision.
2. Discipline will improve.
3. Superior - Subordinate relations will improve.
4. Control and Supervision will become easy and convenient.
5. The manager gets more time to plan and organize the future activities.
6. The efforts of subordinates can be easily coordinated.
7. It encourages development of staff.
8. There is mutual trust between superior and subordinates.
9. there is less pressure on managers because they have only few subordinates to