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Clairsentient Awakening

Levels 1-3 in this one manual.

Clairsentient Awakening opens you to the ability to feel and know the
answers to questions and to perceive information at a distance. Learn how to
put your consciousness in various places while you perceive feelings and
information from other people, places, animals and times.

Clairsentient Awakeningchanneled and manual written by:
Mariah Windsong Couture ~December 14th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved

Attention Resellers: From December 14th, through December 24th, 2010
Mariah Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell and pass
the Clairsentient Awakening.

Clairsentient Awakening energy system has a fixed resale price of
$44.99 USD each or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this
manual with any Clairsentient Awakening, fully intact, with no

Charging less than $44.99 without permission from the founder constitutes a
breech of term, conditions and copyright of this system. Simply charged the
fixed fee of $44.99 or the equivalent in your currency if you wish to sell this
energy system or completely gift this attunement and energy system,
including the manual. The manual may not be sold without also sending the
attunement out in a sacred manner to your student.

Trading of this system for another system or product, requesting an energy
exchange for it, or telling people what or who they must send energy to in
exchange for this system is strictly forbidden!!

By accepting this attunement, you agree that Clairsentient Awakening
may NEVER be traded for another system. You agree that if you pass an
attunement of Clairsentient Awakening it will either be sold by accepting
monies in currency or youll gift it if you feel so guided. Uncertified self
attunements of this awakening may be used for personal self healing, but do
not certify you as a Master or teacher of this system. Uncertified self
attunements do not provide you with a certificate, lineage or confirmation.

Rosemary Noel and Mariah Windsong are the only persons permitted to
sell Clairsentient Awakening on EBay. No one else is allowed to.
No text or any portion of this manual Clairsentient Awakening may be
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original form without any changes.

Clairsentient Awakening arrived as a result of energies that I channeled to
increase my natural clairsentient abilities. Of all the psychic type of abilities
that are generally listed in books and on the internet; the one that describes
how I work for learning the details of an energy system and when
responding to client questions is clairsentience. This ability has been greatly
enhanced by the many hours I spend consciously asking for and then
marinating in various energy streams from Eternal Sacred Source.

Anybody can awaken their clairsentient abilities. How fast this awakening
will occur and how consciously youll be able to access the information that
arrives to you is determined by your higher self and your soul.

Clairsentient comes from the French word and means clear sensing.
It was used popularly in the eighteenth century. It involves the psychic
perception of smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical sensations that
contribute to an overall psychic and intuitive impression of something.

Clairsentience is also known as paranormal feeling. It is a feeling sense that
is highly sensitized and one that can accentuate any of your regular senses
to bring you information. This information can be in response to questions
that you are asking your helping healing guardians in the Light of Eternal
Sacred Source or picked up from your environment or objects.

These perceptions may be experienced internally or externally depending
on the technique chosen. Usually in the beginning of you Clairsentient
Awakening, feelings may be sensed, though you may not have the full
meaning of those feelings revealed to you in a knowing sense.

As you work with your Clairsentient Awakening energy you will begin to
sense more than ever before. You will suddenly just know things that you
are sure you didnt think up. Information will be available to you in
response to question you ask Eternal Sacred Source. If you start asking
questions on behalf of other people, the way you receive your information
will vary greatly. You may feel how parts of their body is feeling. This can
be disconcerting if you dont know that it is their body, not yours.

Clairsentience as paranormal feeling is also called: Being a Feeler,
Clair Feeling, Clair Sensing, and Psychic Feeling.


Clairsentience is used both for paranormal feeling and paranormal knowing.

I use clairsentience as paranormal feeling in many ways. When in session for
a client and I am asked to look at their body and help them know what may
be causing them to have various physical symptoms of distress, I then
suddenly feel what it feels like to be in their body.

Then I feel if their knee hurts or if they have nausea. I then feel what their
bodys consciousness feels. This is a gift that Ive honed into a skill for use
with clients who want to work in a conscious way with their body. Not only
does the person feel various sensations of discomfort in certain body parts,
their body has a whole range of varying emotions about the same areas.
So, I must discern if the feelings are coming from how the person is feeling
their body, or how their bodys consciousness is feeling about organs.

There is also the fact that many a persons body is accustomed to trying to
communicate with their incarnated soul (soul incarnated into that body) by
means of feelings sense because the person is more likely to respond to
feeling than thought to thought information. When the body realizes that I
can also use my knowing sense of clairsentience not just feeling sense
things get easier with the communication. Then Im only feeling what the
person is physically feeling as the body will switch over to communicating
in a whole thought form informationally instead of just by feeling.

I dont know what ways your gifts will open nor what skills you will hone. I
can tell you that being very focused on putting your attention on various
feelings simultaneously to thinking about a question, will be the best way.
In that manner you will be instructing your body and being to only feel
WHILE you are holding the question in mind. Thereafter instruct your body
to clear all residual feelings that had arrived as a result of your query.

This way it clears you to be able to feel the response to your next question
and you wont have to be having body pains that arent even yours, after the
session for a person is complete.

Clairsentient Awakening is designed to awaken both additional feeling
senses and knowing senses. You are encouraged to be instructional to your
body, as it is the canvas that reveals the answers to your questions by feel.

An attunement is a dose of energy frequencies that match the energy of this
energy system in general, and each function or empowerment specifically.
Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will
recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal
Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.

Attunements can be sent long distance by means of an energy sphere, often
called a chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of Eternal
Light. It is released to you when you call it in, like a prayer to receive it.

Please spend a few minutes to invite the level 1 attunement that your
teacher sent you of Clairsentient Awakening, to release fully unto you.

Your attunement will easily arrive to you because Eternal Source is not
limited by space or time.

Simply say, out loud or in your mind: Clairsentient Awakening, Activate!
It will flow into your body and energy field, into all of who you are.

You may or may not feel any sensations, it doesnt matter if you feel these
subtle energies. They are effective no matter whether you perceive them or
not. Some people feel a warmth or tingling sensation, other notice pulses.
Paranormal feeling is the feeling of subtle energies. These can be by various
means; for example energies of a location, or animal, angel or the feelings
and emotions of people and their bodys consciousness.

Your Clairsentient Awakening, level one encourages your innate
clairsentient gifts to awaken. This may occurs over a period of weeks,
months or years. This Clairsentient Awakening attunement is an energy
stream that you can activate anytime to increase your Clairsentient abilities.

Clairsentience can be more useful for you when youve honed your gifts and
increased your ability to concentrate your awareness from various places.

Here is a list of some paranormal feeling gifts that clairsentient people have.
Each persons abilities will present in various ways. Nobody has all of these
gifts as each persons abilities will open up in the way that makes the most
sense to them. In Level 2 your Clairsentient Awakening is increased.

Not every way of feeling is appropriate for the way a person thinks and
naturally perceives their environment. So trust that the gifts which emerge
are yours and never try to reach for a gift that another person displays.

Feeling energies with the hand or other body part when you physically touch
them. Some people touch items and feel any emotions that occurred near or
in regards to that object. Sometimes it feels like you were the person that
those feelings happened to.

Feeling energies from other places and times when you are in a spiritual
journey or meditational state. This can also happen while you are watching
television or a movie or even reading a book about a different time. It can be
disorienting if you dont realize where the feelings are arriving from.
Clairsentients need to learn how to modulate the information they receive so
that they are not overwhelmed by feelings arriving from their environment
or other people.

Feeling that something is not as it seems, and by that means, discerning
when illusion is present in a situation.

Feeling colors as information. This can take some getting used to for it
requires you to learn what your legend is. If you think of it like a map, and
each map has a legend to tell you what its various symbols represent, it will
be necessary for you to determine what the various colors mean as they
bring you information in response to your questions.

Feeling nature spirits or angels and other Light Beings of Eternal Sacred
Source to know when they are near or when you send your consciousness
out to meet and greet various nature spirits.

Feeling that someone is close to dying or going through the spiritual
transition that occurs just prior to death.

Feeling other peoples feelings & emotions. Being empathic is part of this
but not all we are focusing on in this manual.

Feeling what the weather is like in other places or times.

Feeling what rocks, crystals, herbs, colors or healing modalities are best
suited for you or for other people.


Feeling that you are in a body other than your own, such as putting your
consciousness into that of an animal or bird and experiencing the
environment from their point of view.

Some people are super electro-sensitive and although this is often confused
with being sensitive to radiation from various technical devices when in
truth it is that electricity can be conduits for information. When you, not just
the technological device can interpret what these electrical signals mean, it
can be loud. You will need to learn to consciously turn down that
particular gift and ability until you actually need to use it for a purpose.

Clairsentience as paranormal knowing: This is by far my favorite gift
because it is more cognitive and is easier to sort through the information.
There isnt the intensity that the feeling senses give although my guides and
guardians to like to highlight various information with feeling so that it
gets my attention!

Clairsentience by way of the knowing sense is a great tool that you will learn
how to direct with a concentration of your consciousness to focus on the
particular question. Some people see a bulletin board in their mind that
they can then read the information that appears in response to their query.

Other people, such as myself, simply receive a full thought information
that is dropped into my mind. It is suddenly there and feels like I just
know the information. I speak it or write it or think about the information
but am not channeling the information. It is brought to me and put into my
mind. Some people designate a landing zone area for information to be put
in. Im not that organized in my mind and simply know the information is
there but is not something that I read or heard anywhere.

I like to work in a clairsentient manner with my helping healing guides and
guardians of Eternal Sacred Source and all of the Angels as well as any
animals. In this manner I can ask a question specifically of a particular
Angel or guide and their answer arrives to me in a way that I can
understand and put into verbal language to pass along to a client. Or if the
information was for me, I am able to understand it and put it into use in my
own thinking and creative pursuits. This is how information arrives when I
write manuals for various energy systems. Sometimes Ive posed the
question to a guide or angel who is not the best authority on the topic.

If no information arrives then I open up the request for whoever is the
specialist or best one within Eternal Love, Life and Light, to respond to my
question. This is a very important precaution. I speak of this because there
are many beings out there who, as soon as they become aware of the fact
that youve gained conscious communication skills such as clairsentience,
want very much to be noticed by you and have their information accepted as
truth by you! We can be used for their own agenda by many a being in the
invisible realms of spirit if we do not exercise extreme discernment.

The most secure way to know that the information you receive is not only
accurate, but safe and in your highest joyful good, is to set the standard of
within what bandwidth of energy you allow information to be given through.

To say this another way..who is the courier? Who brings you the
information that you seek? Who will you allow to bring you this
information? You must have standards that are not EVER breeched.

It doesnt matter whether you receive an answer. If no new information is
received, trust that there is no information that you or your client require at
this time that is not already known. NEVER broaden the search to allow
ones who are not completely of Eternal Sacred Source of Love, Life and
Love to bring your information. Nor shall you EVER allow yourself to
wander into the energy of such a being and retrieve information from them.

This is very important. Many psychics will send their consciousness to a
person and glean whatever impressions or information is within their aura
and any guides or guardians or other beings that are hanging around near
the person. A practitioner doing that will invariably receive such a range of
information that is NOT just truth with a capital T! They will have more
difficulty discerning what information is applicable to the question at hand.
They may even be deceived by beings near the person who would want to
cause that person to stray from their sacred path. There could be beings who
want to control people for their own use and if you havent the proper
standards in place you cause damage for that person by a wrong message.

There are beings who are not bad, and are not in a body right now. They
may seek to be of assistance to you. Even if a ghost or being is not currently
using any dark energy; if anywhere inside them, theyve left open the
possibility to use power from any source that isnt in alignment with Eternal
Sacred Source you will not be able to control the result of such an alliance.

The beauty of accepting energies, feelings and information ONLY from
beings who are completely in alignment with Eternal Sacred Source is the
impeccable promise from the energy that created you and sustains you, that
you will always ONLY communicate with beings of Eternal Sacred Source.

You need ONLY to keep your rule that ONLY beings of Eternal Sacred
Source are allowed to contact you or give you impressions to be safe.

This is SOOOOOO very wonderful, because there is such freedom in the
heights and depths of the freedom you have now that youve affirmed your
Eternal Life, Love and Light alliance. You can use any words that feel right
to you so long as you include the words Eternal, Life, Love and Light.
People have many words for God, Goddess, Source, Divinity. Here I want
you to reach higher and deeper than ever before! Claim your right to be safe
and to ONLY receive and perceive information that is in alignment with the
Source of Eternal Love, Light and Life!

Now it is totally likely that there will be times when your work or the answer
to your question will include information about beings who are not
completely in alignment with Eternal Love, Light and Life. The important
clarification here is that you will receive that information by way of a
messenger that IS in alignment with Eternal Love, Light and Life! You may
even witness or know the feelings of a being who is aligned with dark power
and control, but you will NEVER merge with it nor be controlled by it.

For example, if you are asking a question on behalf of a client, friend or
loved one: you would ask the question when you are in a quiet place and
then breathe and pause for a few minutes. Then simply ask yourself the
question one more time. Wonder, for a moment, what you know about the
topic that you asked the question about. Often, that is when you will
suddenly realize that you just know the answer. Information will be
accessible in your mind that wasnt there, just mere moments before.

This information was not remembered but it may feel similar to
remembering until your mind knows what category to bring you the
information from. This information was brought to you by your helping
healing guardians in Light, Love and Eternal Life. Some people like to use a
pendulum to determine the direction the message is taking them. This way
you can get accustomed to what information is your own opinion, and what
did indeed arrive as the message in answer to you question.

Level 2 of Clairsentient Awakening provides you with an attunement that
increases your awakening and gives you authorization to activate four
functions when working with your Clairsentience.

Please accept your Clairsentient Awakening level 2 attunement by saying:
I now fully accept my Clairsentient Awakening level 2 attunement as sent
out by (name of teacher) and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source.

Relax and receive the swirl of energy that brings you 4 energy functions.

Conscious Focus is an energy function that you can activate when you
want to have more mobility of your consciousness. Here is a meditation to
use in practice as you get accustomed to putting your consciousness in
places other than where you usually reside in your body.

Recline and relax, in silence or with meditative relaxing music.
Close your eyes and think about where you are.
Where are YOU?
Where in your body do you reside?
Is it in your head?
Do you feel like you live behind your third eye area?
Do you live in the middle of your head?
Do you live in your heart?
Spend a moment to location your point of consciousness.
Now say, out loud or in your mind:
Conscious Focus, Activate!
Intend that this function remain active for the duration of this exercise.
Put your conscious awareness in your lower belly.
This is a practice of simultaneous awareness of consciousness.
You will be in both places;
in the location of your body that you usually look out from
and also in your lower belly.
If you are not comfortable being in your lower belly,
that is alright, simply choose another area of your body.
Look out from the area of your body that youve chosen
as your second conscious anchor point.
If you dont wish to literally look out
you may open your eyes or keep them closed
while you feel what is it like to be that body area.
You are putting the focus of your conscious awareness
in that area of your body.
This Conscious Focus function and activity can take some practice
but its benefits are extraordinary for sure!
Practice daily, and preferably several times a day!
Practice if you have a rest time at work, even standing up or sitting!
By putting your conscious awareness in various body areas you are
preparing yourself to put your Conscious Focus in other people
places, times, animals, angels or elements!
You also increase your ability to focus so well on a question that your
answer arrives to you complete with all the details you could ever want!

Your Conscious Focus function will now serve you very well as you
begin to place your conscious, looking out from other places and beings.

You will do this in a way that is unobtrusive. You are an observer, nothing
more. You are not there to influence the person or animal, nor are you
bringing any energies with you for this activity. This activity is not to be
entered into lightly, nor unadvisedly. This is specifically when you seek
information on behalf of the person whom you are going to visit. You will
be gaining information from the perspective of their body or mind that they
themselves dont know how to access.

For example, if Jane has asked you to help her know if there is any
information she is unaware of that she needs in order to make a decision
whether to buy the ____________ house or not, you will put your Conscious
Focus on the question of whether there is additional information for Jane.
Make sure that it is specifically about the house purchase that you ask this
question. You may find yourself in her energies and suddenly know that
there will be a change of employment soon for her and that the house in
question would be too far of a drive from her new employment. Or you may
suddenly find yourself feeling as if you are in the new house and it may feel
warm and inviting. Your feeling and knowing senses may both be active.

Clairsentient Feeling is a energy function that will increase your ability
to feel and sense whatever is applicable to the question or purpose in the
moment. It also has a way of increasing your perceptions in general and
causing a person to have a highly sensitized feeling sense that can be helpful
or disconcerting in various situations. You can simply activate your
Clairsentient Feeling by saying: Clairsentient Feeling, Activate!

Clairsentient Knowing is another energy function of Clairsentient
Awakening energy system, in this level 2 that will increase ability to
consciously know that answers to the questions you ask Eternal Sacred
Source! This is a powerful and wonderful energy function that increases
your accuracy and spiritual self confidence with each use! Simply say,
out loud or in your mind: Clairsentient Knowing, Activate!

This energy system unlocks and prepares you to be ready to perceive more.
Each time you activate these various functions you affirm your readiness!
The Higher You and your Soul know what you are ready to perceive and
what you are not yet ready to be consciously aware of. Trust Yourself!

Selective Awareness is an energy function that assists you to hone in on
the feelings and information that is applicable to the question you are asking
or purpose of the session you are conducting. This is true whether the
seeking is for yourself or on behalf of someone else. It may appear blue in
color or you may notice another color or no color at all when you activate it.

Selective Awareness is very beneficial to activate during a seeking session
using your clairsentience or after youve completed a session.

If you activate this after a session it is important to speak directly to the
energy as you would a friend. Selective Awareness responds to your intent.
Instruct Selective Awareness what feelings you want dropped away. For
example you can say: Selective Awareness, any feelings that are not mine,
please drop away from me, Now!

Selective Awareness will only drop away feelings that are not yours and
that you instruct it to drop away. It cannot drop away information because of
how your memory works. You will need to work with your mind and ask
your Helping Healing Guides and Guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred
Source for assistance with forgetting information after a session that was
for other people. There is not a need for you to remember the details as you
would need to if the information was applicable for your own life.

Selective Awareness example use for when in a seeking session for
yourself: Selective Awareness, help me to notice any information or
feelings that are a message in response to (say your question or purpose of
your seeking here).

New areas of your mind and being are opening up and coming on line to be
functional for you in regards to your abilities to receive and perceive
information and feelings. It is important to get plenty of rest, eat healthy
food and drink plenty of water and nutritious fluids in the next weeks.

You will be using your mind in new ways. Your body will be actively giving
you sensory information that did not arrive from within it. This is a whole
new way to function and it requires upgrades along your nervous system. As
you get accustomed to locating information that has arrived into your
mind, a pendulum may help you to discern what information is there as a
message from the question you set forth and what isnt.

Ask yourself what spiritual tools work best for you. Think about the scents,
colors, music or sacred geometries or paintings that bring you the sense of
the Sacred. Work from that Space.....YOU are the OWNER of your space,
household, room, and with AUTHORITY DECLARE THAT ONLY
If you dont have to have the answer immediately if you are seeking
information for yourself ... ASK FOR COMMUNICATION...... this can
arrive to you at night in your dreams. It can arrive to you in the day in pure
thoughts immersed in the energy signature of the Eternal Divine, the Eternal
Sacred Source!
Pure thoughts, the information just suddenly being there, is indeed
Clairsentience. People think that the information will be there immediately
after they ask the question. Especially at first when you are getting used to
how to notice thoughts and information that arent yours, the thoughts may
need to be there awhile before you recognize them for what they are!
They are Divine Messages that have been given to you in response to your
question. It is important to realize that Eternal Sacred Source responds to
your questions. Questions that you may not have posed verbally or even put
words to! If you are curious about something, especially if you are curious
enough about something that there is a strong feeling of curiosity, the
question is treated as legitimate by Eternal Sacred Source!
The Pendulum: no matter your belief system, the Pendulum can bring clarity
to your life's 'yes' and 'no' questions. The Pendulum can help you discern
what direction to go in your line of questioning once youve asked one
question, and received a response. Where to go from here in your questions?
Beginners: Get a necklace, pendulum or create one from a heavy metal
button on a thread or string. You simply need something that is free
swinging that is heavy enough to hang down with gravity.
Wrap the string, or chain or thread part around your forefinger on your
dominant hand, holding it fast with your thumb.

You will want to hold your hand at about breast height and have the heavy
item that is swinging be at about navel or upper belly level, at least 4 to 6
inches away from your body so there is room for it to move around, yet it is
still close within your aura.
Now it is time to establish the parameters and to learn how your pendulum
moves for you:
What is YES for you? Clearly set your intent to ask yourself, your own
energy. Ask: "What is 'Yes', for me?"~ this is where it is important to have
gotten the pendulum started moving just a bit first.
You might want to close your eyes when you ask, and be careful not to
have a preconceived notion of what direction you think it should that you aren't moving it yourself with your consciousness.
It will move clockwise, counterclockwise, or diagonally, or back and forth
more vigorously vertically or horizontally.
Many people's 'direction' of the movement of their pendulum differ from
other people's, thus, what is a 'yes' direction of movement for one person is
not necessarily for another.
Now, ask, "What is 'no' for me?", and the pendulum will move in another
direction... you can continue this process for 'maybe', and 'it doesn't matter'.
Generally, 'maybe' is the same as the direction the pendulum swings while
'waiting' for a question to be asked...... for me that is vertically back and
forth in front of me.
The pendulum will have a nice easy movement while 'awaiting' a question to
be asked.
The KEY to receiving answers using your pendulum that are authentic, is to
truly put your mind in a state of anticipation of WHATEVER the answer is,
not presupposing what it MIGHT BE.
EXPECTION OF A PARTICULAR ANSWER....then you will receive your
answer from Eternal Sacred Source (or your Higher Self from that
perspective) rather than influence the answer with your local consciousness.
You will get good at asking yes and no questions, phrasing them just so.


You will know you have done this correctly when your answers totally
resonate, even if you don't like them!!!
Another way that works for many people instead of the pendulum, is to lay
down, and say something you know to be true for you, such as, "I love to
swim!!!", and then feel how that resonates within your body. That is a 'yes'.
Then say the same statement with gusto, substituting the word 'love' to
'hate'.... "I hate to swim!"and feel what that feels like within your body,
the untruth.... now, you have a baseline for what is yes, and what is no, the
untruth feeling.
Level 3 of Clairsentient Awakening will teach you how to do a session for
other people and give you more examples of a seeking session for yourself.
The attunement for Level 3 of Clairsentient Awakening is another
upgrade for you that awakens your clairsentience as much as is allowed by
your higher self and soul at this time. Each additional activation of this
energy continues to provide you with more and abilities being activated.
Sometimes by activating the Clairsentient Awakening energy, just by being
in the energy stream of this strong Clairsentient Awakening, you will be able
to maintain an awareness that was previously unavailable to you. It may be
quite awhile before you are able to maintain this Clairsentient Awareness
without activating the energy of Clairsentient Awakening prior to doing a
session for yourself or others. Eventually you will notice that you simply
ARE Clairsentient and you may only feel the need to activate the energy
occasionally. Everyones Clairsentient Awakening will emerge differently.

Consciously ask to receive and accept your Clairsentient Awakening, level 3
attunement from your teacher and recline, allowing the energies to arrive!

Your Clairsentient Awakening provides support for your body and energy
fields to become a message receiver. Your body will show you by means of
feeling in various areas and in various ways, exactly what the message from
Eternal Sacred Source is. Your mind is now able to not only receive
information from Source, but also to present that information to you in an
easy to recognize way! Your body becomes a canvas that momentarily will
provide the entire landscape of the answer to your questions!

Here is an affirmation that seals your attunement and clarifies your gift:

I AM an Eternal Being, born of Heaven, residing in body here on planet
Earth; I claim my Divine Birthright to perceive and Feel beyond all
limitations of physicality, time and space.

Eternal Sacred Source, grant me this day and for all my days the gifts of
discernment to accurately interpret all I feel and know.

I submit my Clairsentient gift to the authority of my helping healing guides
of Eternal Truth, Light and Love, giving them full permission to filter out
any feelings or information that is not in my highest joyful good in each now

When I ask a question, or choose to place my consciousness in a place,
being, time or body, I will ONLY receive the knowing and feelings that are
applicable to the question or purpose of the consciousness placement.

I require that all other information or feelings that are not applicable to the
question or purpose of the moment pass my by as I walk, dance and fly
through various environments and libraries of time and space.

Grant my body the confidence to relay messages of feelings in response to
my questions or quests knowing it is safe and secure and that my
consciousness continues to reside within it while simultaneously being in
other places and times.

I trust Eternal Sacred Source, my Higher Self and Soul to provide me with
exactly the right information I require to make the best decisions, live my
Divine Purpose and assist others on their sacred journeys. If at any time I
feel or know information that is not to be told to the person I witnessed it
from, I trust I will have the feeling sense that the information was only for
me to know and feel. I will bear the burden of knowing or feelings without
divulging such information to any person who is not ready for the knowing.

I ask that my Clairsentient gifts and abilities continue to increase and that I
be given constant assistance to discern what perspective to hold about all I
witness and feel. I ask for greater communication with my body so that its
perceptions can assist me and so that it knows its opinions will be considered
valid and right. Thank you for the constant support!


Now we are ready to give some examples of what might occur when you
seek an answer to one of your life questions:
Let us suppose, for a moment, that you want to know if someone is
trustworthy. You want to know if they can be left alone in your house
without stealing anything. You want to know if they would be attentive to
your children if you allowed them to watch over them for an afternoon.
You can begin with use of the pendulum to give you direction, and then we
shall move into knowing and feeling without the use of any tools.
Ask: Is (name of person) honest? If you get a yes from your pendulum
you may want to get more specific. Is (name of person) safe to leave alone
with my children? If you get a no, you may want to get more
information. That is when you move on, without the pendulum to a question
that cannot be answered with a yes, no or maybe.
Say: Why is it unsafe to leave (name of person) alone with my children?
You may suddenly get a feeling of jitteriness, as if you cant sit still. You
may feel distracted or worried about what a friend thinks of you. You begin
to wonder what will be on tv tonight and whether you have studied enough
for a test at college See how much information you received by feeling
from the perspective of the prospective babysitter?

You now know that at this time, the person you were considering to leave
alone to watch your children is so distracted by things going on in their own
life that they wouldnt be attentive enough to make sure that your children
stayed safe. You dont have to know anything else. You dont need to try
and learn future information. There is plenty of information from the
feeling sense of the state of mind and being of that person for you to make a
very educated decision against that person watching your children. Maybe at
another time, this person could once again be a viable candidate for
babysitting your children. But not this week, not this month!

You dont need to call a psychic or definitely know what might have
happened if you left your children alone with that person. You already know
that they were too distracted to put your childrens wellbeing first.

It may take some getting used to, this feeling of putting your conscious focus
into the awareness of another person. Notice how it simply happened by
asking the question. Your practice of moving your conscious focus prepared
you to receive the message however it was best for you to receive it.

If Jane has asked you to please look and see how her health is, and what is
causing her pain in her body, you can activate your Clairsentient Feeling
in addition to your Clairsentient Knowing and Conscious Focus. Now
you will focus on her question and your desire to know and feel what she
needs to be aware of to improve her health. Always seek the answers for a
reason. Your spiritual helpers will respond faster and with more
comprehensive clarity if you tell them why you want to know. Im not sure
why this is, but it works well. It has to be for a more noble reason than just
money also. If someone wants peace, or to feel better or gain health and
balance, there will be a more definitive message and response.

Focusing on her question, you may place your Conscious Focus on her body,
asking to be guided to any areas of concern and to be shown what is going
on in her body. Your own body becomes the canvas that receives the
feelings of what is happening in her body. You may suddenly feel a pain or
discomfort in whatever area of her body is causing her distress.

For example, you can ask: Where is Janes distress and what can be done
to alleviate it? This is a wise style of question because the cause of the
problem might not be in the body, thus in order to alleviate her distress,
something else in her life might need attending to. Sometimes a persons
body will give symptoms of physical distress as a prelude to the physical
disease that would settle in, if the area in her life needing healing is not
attended to. But I digress, let us now visit an example of what you might
perceive after asking such the question: Relax and allow your mind to
lightly continue to focus on the question, being curious about the answer.

You may feel a stomach ache and a knee pain, followed by your lower back
tightening up. Now is a good time to breathe and notice all the nuances of
the sensations, then direct Selective Awareness to drop away the initial wave
of feelings. See how now you can remember what those physical sensations
felt like, without needing to continue to physically feel them!

Now your attention may settle on a worry that has suddenly popped up about
the ongoing topic of arguments between you and a man, a boyfriend or
husband, yet you know it isnt really your husband! This is information
about the root cause of at least one of Janes physical discomforts. You can
now use the pendulum if you need to discern quickly, what physical ailment
is directly related to her worries about the arguments with the man. Once
you have determined the correlation, then you can confidently tell Jane.

As you can see, a simply question can have many answers! Each sensation
that you feel and information you perceive can lead to new questions! It will
be your job to discern how much to tell your client and what they will need
attend to with the people in their lives. Sometimes you client will say that
they dont know how to fix what they are worrying about. Often times you
can assure them that their body has been trying to get their attention and that
simply by hearing the message, their body may ease off of the symptoms.
This is more often true when the discomfort is simply a symptom of the
underlying issue, and not so much when the body truly has a disease or is ill.

Assure your client that not everything has to be fixed today and that being
gentle on themselves is important because stress is the leading cause of pain.

Let us now move on to an example of acquiring information by means of
your Clairsentient Knowing! What might it be like to simply have
information arrive into your mind in response to a question. When you are
asking questions for yourself, it is quite likely that the information may
arrive through your night dreams or the next day. If you are in session for a
client, there is a greater urgency to receiving the information immediately.

If Joe has asked you how to choose his college you may need more than a
feeling sense to tell him. However, some clairsentients can explain their
feeling sense well enough to pinpoint a specific geographic location.

Joe may have also asked exactly which college is best for him to attend.
Start with helping him discern for himself what college would be best for
him so that he is empowered to make the best decision for himself. Ask:
What does Joe need to know in order to choose the best college for him
This question of what college can be tricky when students are choosing what
colleges to apply and then they have to wait to know whether they have been
accepted. Many students simply want to know what colleges will accept
them, and it is rarely for us practitioners to provide that future information.

Now think upon the question with curiosity. You know that the college is
surrounded by mountains and trees that change colors in the Autumn. You
know that it is not local to where his family lives. You know that it is a fairly
new college, not one built hundreds of years ago. You know that there is a
hospital that is very old, right near it and that there is a lake within a half
hours walking distance. You then feel the scenery change and suddenly
start getting information about another college.

It is important to continue to pass along the details of each college that
presents itself to you. These will be the best opportunities for Joe. Usually
the first one you knew information on is the best one for him. However, due
to the human factor of college applications, it is nice to have more than one
location to present to Joe. You can refine your information further using the
pendulum if he does not immediately know what colleges you have noticed.

So now weve brought to your attention a few ways that you can use your
new skill of Clairsentience! The opportunities are limitless and it is going to
be a rewarding journey, as you continue along your sacred path!

I want to emphasize the importance of spiritual hygiene. Please, if you do
not already have a regular routine of clearing energy that does not belong to
you, from your energy field, learn how, and learn how quickly! Now that
you have asked for your Clairsentience to be awakened, you will likely get
information and feeling even when you are not asking a question. There are
times when youve been curious about something and all of the sudden, now
you are getting information and you didnt even consciously ask a question.

Because of your compassion for others, you may start feeling their emotions
or get impressions of details of their life, even when you dont want to!

Ive been waiting in line in a video store and suddenly start thinking about
what the lady in front of me is thinking about. List of chores to do, worries
about whether she did good enough at work, and needing to hurry up and get
home before the dog pees on the floor. You will need to learn how to shield
yourself from the ambient noise of peoples thoughts. While this energy
system is not specifically about telepathy, as a clairsentient you will be able
to know information people broadcast. That means that when someone is
thinking loudly, thinking with a lot of emotion, those thoughts are not
contained within the persons aura, they emanate out further than their aura.

Selective Awareness function will help you if you ask and then direct it to
drop away energies that carry information that is not applicable to you.
You may need to teach your Selective Awareness what is applicable and
what isnt. At first you may be so enamored of being able to know and feel
information and feelings that arent yours; that you will really want to know.
Eventually youll regard other peoples daily thoughts as unnecessary noise,
only giving attention to them if it directly affects your or others safety.

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently send all 3
levels of Clairsentient Awakening attunements in the manner of your
choosing. Please consciously include with full intention the functions of:
Conscious Focus, Selective Awareness, Clairsentient Knowing and
Clairsentient Feeling. Advise your student on the best way to receive the
attunements you have sent out. Clairsentient Awakening manual must be
included fully intact with no changes when its attunement is provided.

Clairsentient Awakening attunement may be passed if you are not a Reiki
or Seichim Master by wanting to oh so very much.
Intention is powerful and will cause Eternal Sacred Source to respond!

Please ask your energy team, your helping healing guardians in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source, to bring you a Sphere of Light.

It doesnt matter if you can see it or not. It doesnt matter if you can perceive
it or not.

Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to hold a dose of the energy
frequency of Clairsentient Awakening, levels 1-3. Please consciously
include with full intention the functions of: Conscious Focus, Selective
Awareness, Clairsentient Knowing and Clairsentient Feeling.

Activate and pray, asking for all of your helping healing ones in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source to send the Clairsentient Awakening attunement
for (name of student) into the Sphere of Eternal Light.

Ask that it be sealed and carried to (name of student).

Ask that it be securely protected by that persons guardians in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source until the person calls in their Clairsentient
Awakening . Intend that their attunement release perfectly to them at that
time. And so it is complete!

Now notify your student that their attunement is ready to be called in and
tell them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving their Clairsentient
Awakening . Instruct them to accept each levels attunement separately.

Clairsentient Awakening is an original energy system channeled by Rev.
Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT and is unlike any other person previously
or any system that may arrive in the future.

December 14th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: For Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Clairsentient Awakening
attunement/empowerments is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form
of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment
or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to
replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering
medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide
accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are
issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement in this manual
you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation,
and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage
allegedly caused. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising
this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Windsong Couture from all liabilities and
expenses including lawyers fees arising from such claims based on this manual. This manual may
contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Mariah Windsong Couture does not warrant the accuracy
or completeness of the materials or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information
displayed or linked in this manual. By purchasing this manual or receiving this empowerment or
attunement, you acknowledge that any reliance on such opinions, statements, energy or energy streams
or information shall be at your sole risk. Mariah Windsong Couture reserves the right, by her discretion
to correct any error or omission or change this manual as she sees fit, by revising the manual. It is your
duty to check and see if updates and revisions to the manual have been made.
December 14th, 2010

Some content falls under the fair use permission to copy.
All photos I own a lifetime royalty free license to use commercially.

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