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174. Registration of certain persons.

Every person , including a person liable to pay the duty of excise under rule 7AA, who cures,
produces, anufactures, carries on trade, deals as a bro!er or coission agent, holds private
store-roo or warehouse or otherwise uses excisable goods, or a person who issues invoice or
invoices under rule "7AE, shall get registered and shall not engage in the curing, production,
anufacture, trade, dealing as bro!er or coission agent, storing in private store roo or
warehouse or use excisable goods without having applied for such registration to the
#urisdictional range officer or such officer in such fors as ay be specified by the $oard.
Explanation.- %n the case of a person liable to pay the duty of excise under rule 7AA, other than
the #ob wor!er who has been authori&ed to pay the duty of excise, the preises for registration
shall be the private store-roo or warehouse where the inputs re'uired for the anufacture of the
goods specified in the said rule are received and distributed to the #ob wor!er and the said goods
are received fro the #ob wor!er for further distribution or sale.
(he )entral $oard of Excise and )ustos, ay, by notification in the *fficial +a&ette, and
sub#ect to such conditions or liitations as ay be specified in such notification, specify person
or class of persons fro aongst the persons specified in sub-rule ,1- who need not obtain such
%f there are ore than one preises re'uiring registration he shall obtain separate registration
certificate for each of the preises.
Every registration certificate granted shall be in the specified for and shall be valid only for the
preises specified in such certificate.
.here a registered person transfers his business to another person the transferee shall obtain a
fresh certificate.
.here a registered person is a fir or a copany or association of persons, any change in the
constitution of such a fir, copany or association of persons, shall be intiated to the )entral
Excise *fficer within thirty days of such a change for incorporation in the certificate.
%n case a registered person desires to anufacture a new product, he shall get the product
endorsed on his registration certificate.
Every registered person, who ceases to carry out the operation or operations he is registered for,
shall surrender his registration certificate iediately.
(he proper officer shall proceed to grant a Registration )ertificate under this rule within thirty
days of the receipt of an application. %f registration certificate is not granted within the said
period, the registration applied for shall be deeed to have been granted.
Every registered person shall exhibit his registration certificate ,or a certified copy thereof- in a
conspicuous part of the registered preises.
Any registration certificate granted under this rule ay be revo!ed or suspended by the proper
officer,if the holder or any person in his eploy,is found to have coitted a breach of any
conditions of the Act or these rules or has been convicted of an offence under section 1/1,read
with section 101 or with section 11/ of the %ndian 2enal )ode ,4" of %3/0-.
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