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Jigsaw Puzzle and Chain game (20 Minutes)

Step 1: Pupils will be divided into 5 groups where they will be given a different jigsaw
puzzle each containing the picture of each different setting in the story
Step 2: Teacher then distributes the jigsaw puzzles to the pupils
Step 3: In a group, they will have to arrange the jigsaw puzzle and once they had
finished, they will need to arrange themselves or sit in order according to the pictures
that all of them had assembled.
Step 4: After they had arranged themselves in sequence according to the situation in
the picture, they will have to explain about the picture they had solved and they will
have to retell the story to the whole class according to the picture and goes on to the
other group until they finished retell the whole story.
#Pupils are allowed to change some element in the story: character, the setting etc
Crafting activity (Puppet) (30 minutes)
Step 1: Teacher will explain about the characters in the story and their characteristics to
the whole class
Step 2: Teacher then ask the pupils to prepare the things to make a puppet on their
respective table.( Teacher will provide buttons, scissors, glue, wool thread and used
cloth while pupils will bring their own used/old socks)
Step 3: Teacher then explains and demonstrates on how to make the puppets and
pupils then will do their own puppet according to the characters they like.
Step 4: After pupils had finished doing their puppets, teacher then ask them to tell about
their puppet and explain why they choose the character.
# (Things needed for the activities are: (used/ old socks, buttons, a piece of used cloth,
wool thread, glue and scissors))

Song and Gestures activity (Action song) 20 minutes
Step 1: Teacher will first show the lyrics to the pupils and together they will read the lyric
to make the pupils familiar with the lyrics
Step 2: After the pupils had familiar with the lyrics, teacher then ask the pupils to sing
along with the teacher and while singing, teacher will show the action for each sentence
to them.
Step 3: When pupils are able to sing together with the action, teacher then will play the
song and ask the pupils to sing along with the song together with the actions.
Step 4: Teacher will divide the pupils in group and then ask the pupils once again to
sing the song and at this time teacher will point to each group randomly to sing the
song. For example, when the teacher point to group A, group A will sing and do the
action and after each paragraph teacher will point group C to sing and so on with group
Word Search activity (15 minutes)
Step 1: Teacher will first demonstrates or teach about word class (e.g.: Verb, adjectives)
that can be found in the text.
Step 2: Teacher then paste a mahjong paper with a word class that had been taught at
the white/black board.
Step 3: Teacher will call out the pupils to randomly or if there are pupils who
volunteered to try search the word in the paper and circle it.
Step 4: After that, teacher will distributes a worksheets of word search which is different
from the 1
activity they had done to each pupils.
Step 5: Pupils will be given 5 minutes to search the word and whoever finishes first will
get a reward.
# The answer for word search worksheet are in the form of adjectives where pupils
need to guess the meaning of the word that describes it. (refer appendix)