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20/5/2014 Tornado Chase - Quiz 1/2
Tornado Chase
Read the paragraph and answer the questions.
(1) Carsten Peter is a photographer with a very unusual interest. (2) When he's not photographing people or
buildings or landscapes, he travels with a group of tornado chasers and takes photographs, putting himself
directly in the path of a tornado. (3) Some of the photos are taken from a car traveling between 60 and 80
miles per hour, just ahead of a storm. (4) One can imagine that it is very difficult to take good pictures under
those conditions. (5) In addition to the photos taken from the car, Peter also attempts to make visual records
of storms using a photographic probe. (6) The probe is placed on the ground directly in the path of the storm
to take pictures of the inside of the storm as it passes over. (7) Recently, Peter and Samaras placed both a
weather probe and a photographic probe in the path of a tornado in South Dakota. (8) The weather probe
performed as it was supposed to, but the photographic probe caught only images of the edge of the storm.
(9) Although this was disappointing, Peter says that the closer he gets to his goal, the more interesting it is.
(10) He seems to have faith that they will get the results they want the next time.
In Manchester, the photographic probe _____________.
took pictures of the center of the storm
is used in a moving car
didn't work the way it was supposed to
didn't take any pictures at all
The writer thinks that _____________.
it's dangerous to use a photographic probe
it isn't easy to take pictures from a car
Samaras and Peter are close friends
the weather probe was better designed than the photographic probe
The purpose of the reading is to _____________.
explain why it's difficult to photograph tornadoes
tell how tornado chasers locate storms
explain how a photographic probe works
describe how Peter works with the tornado chasers
Peter was disappointed because _____________.
the photographic probe failed to work at all
the probe didn't photograph the storm's center
the storm didn't reach the probe
he has had no success
The word this in sentence 9 refers to _____________.
placing two probes in the storm's path
having problems with the probe
not getting the photos they wanted
20/5/2014 Tornado Chase - Quiz 2/2
the weather probe not working
Where does this sentence go?
Having a photographer remain in place would be much too dangerous.
After sentence 2
After sentence 6
After sentence 7
After sentence 9
When workers use a probe, they _____________ it.
The part of the United States _____________ is the Midwest.
,that gets the most tornadoes
,that gets the most tornadoes,
that gets the most tornadoes
that gets the most tornadoes,
An object that measures air pressure is a _____________.
Which underlined part of the sentence is incorrect?
Setting up two probes directly in the path of the tornado which sometimes takes several minutes to do,
makes the team nervous.
directly in
tornado which
sometimes takes
do, makes
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