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901 Portage St.

, Kalamazoo MI 49001
269.488.2617 /
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901 Portage St.
Kalamazoo MI, 49001
Call us
Administration: 269.488.2617
Need Food line: 343.3663
Donation Information: 488.2617 x 206
Volunteer Information: 488.2617 x 209
Food Drive Information: 488.2617 x 224
Email us for general inquires to join our fght
against hunger
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Ofering a Place at the
Table Since 1982
How You Can Help Feed Them
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes relies on the
support of the community.
You can help with donations of:
Nearly three-quarters of our
funding comes from donations.
With just $1, KLF can feed an
individual breakfast, lunch and
dinner for a day.
KLF is always in need of nutritious foods,
like high-protein items and canned fruits or
vegetables. Find out more about holding your
own food collection on our website, or let us do
the shopping for you. KLF can stretch dollars
further than the average consumer.
KLF relies on about
450 volunteers
each week in our
warehouse, call-center,
pantry locations, at
events, and more.
To fnd out how you
can help, contact us
through one of the
options on the back.
1 in 5 people in Kalamazoo County live at or below the poverty level
We Help Feed Them in 5 Ways
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes (KLF) mission is
to promote the ability of hungry people to feed
themselves and engage our community in the
fght to end hunger.
Grocery Pantry Program:
Jessica, seen
shopping here
for her family,
can pick out
groceries at one
of our many
pantry sites.
Food assistance
is available for
any household
in Kalamazoo County. Grocery Pantry sites
are located in strategic parts of the County, to
be most accessible to the most people. Tere
are no income eligibility guidelines to receive
food. Last year KLF fed more than 126,000
individuals through this program.
Food items are provided according to the
USDAs nutrition guidelines, so families
receive a nutritionally balanced food order
when they get help at KLF.
Mobile Food Initiative (MFI):
Te MFI is another way for people to receive
in need.
food items,
like bread
and fresh
produce, are available on a frst come frst
served basis at scheduled sites through a
partnership with the Food Bank of South
Central Michigan.
Commodity Supplemental Food
Income eligible
local seniors
and mothers
with young
children can
access additional
groceries through
this federally-
funded program.
Weekend Food Pack Program:
Tousands of area schoolchildren spend the
weekends and summers hungry when they
dont have access to free and reduced-price
lunches at school.
KLF provides
food items to
hundreds of area
kids to help get
them through
the weekend through a partnership with
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo.
Meal Support Program:
KLF also supplies food to local programs that
provide hot ready-to-eat meals.
Agencies we distribute food to include the
YWCA Domestic Assault Shelter, Ministry
with Community, and more.
People in need of food assistance are
encouraged to use any or all of our programs.
Te food we provide supports people when
they fnd themselves with empty cupboards at