Mindset with an Attitude

No one has just one personality trait. But when it comes to describing the people around us – we usually rely on one predominant trait to sum up that person in just one word. We are all familiar with those solitary words that say it all: egoistic, pugnacious, spontaneous, assertive, narcissistic, amiable, dogmatist etc. In order to do justice to these complex set of traits that are intertwined to create our personalities - it is first important to understand the fundamental definition of personality: “…the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual; organized pattern of behavioural characteristics of the individual.” [Source: Dictionary.com] When it comes describing our personalities, we habitually presuppose that in order to do justice to our integrity we should depict ourselves as others want to perceive us. Interestingly, we try to lull ourselves into thinking that no number of words can possibly describe us entirely. You’d be remarkably surprised that it only takes 20 personality traits to fully describe every person in the world! Mass-targeting has been one of the largest and most recognised tendencies for marketing on the web. Online ad marketing agencies are exploiting and confounding the Internet today with mass-targeting strategies and appeal. On the other side of the marketing spectrum, there is micro-targeting with more effective strategies and payoffs that are principally overlooked. Which is exactly why brand advertisers have been conducting vast amounts of research to gain insight into their buyers mindset (personality traits), and understand what makes them tick, what speaks to them, and what they are interested in. This type of marketing efforts are translating research results into what is known as psychographic profiling – which have been powerful and proven predictive models for buyer behaviour.

Based on large representative sampling, Mindset Media has conducted research that demonstrates a strong statistical correlation between personality traits and predicting buyer behaviour. Here are some interesting facts based on Mindset Media research:

People with high self-esteem are 48% more likely to drink premium coffee at Starbucks Deliberate people pay off their credit cards more regularly. Highly open people buy organic foods at nearly forty three the rate of the general population. Assertive people are 58% more likely to read more than 3 magazines regularly.

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This research can provide insight into how your personal brand does matter in your evolving understanding of who you really are. Even as individuals, we need to understand how to better brand ourselves on the Internet, to be true to our essence as a person while still maintaining the highest levels of integrity related to our reputation online. That’s why at LookupPage.com we take the most extensive efforts to ensure that you are always on top – and always one step ahead of the game so that you can harness the full power of your personal brand.