The NYC Flavored e-Liquid Ban Toolkit

Here is what everyone can do to stop this horrible legislation in its tracks. Below you will find
five action items.

Int 0488-2014 was introduced today in NYC. If it passes, it will be illegal to sell flavored e-liquid
in NYC. This will likely prohibit the sale of all e-liquid except Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco
flavors. (Actually, the way it is worded ALL flavors would be banned, but they will probably
amend the bill to exempt tobacco and menthol flavors.)

The bill has been referred to the Health Committee and will likely be discussed at the next
scheduled meeting which is on October 23rd.

Action Item #1: CASAA has provided us with a tool to help fight this ban with just a few
clicks of a mouse. This takes all of 15 seconds to complete. Here it is, get clicking and
when you are done with that, here are some other things that you can do that go above and
beyond to make a difference.

Action Item #2: TBD

The Health Committee will NOT be covering the flavor ban legislation on October 23rd. It is
NOT necessary to attend the meeting.

When the Health Committee calendar is updated and the flavor ban appears on an agenda, this
document will be updated. At that point, spread the word.

Action Item #3: Use phone, email, and social media to contact Health Committee

We have an opportunity to kill this legislation while it is in front of the Health Committee. This
would prevent the bill from passing into the NYC Council for vote. This is our best opportunity to
stop this legislation in its tracks, and the time for action is right now.

Here are the members of the health committee, along with their phone numbers, email
addresses, and facebook/twitter information.

When you contact the committee members, tell them that you OPPOSE 0488-2014.

Tell them that you quit smoking cigarettes by using flavored e-liquid (fruit, candy, bakery,
whatever it is that worked for you). For example: “I quit smoking tobacco by using watermelon
flavored e-liquid.”

Tell them that this law will only restrict flavored e-cigarettes and e-liquid to adults as it is already
illegal to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under 21 years of age in NYC.

Tell them that you vote, and that you will vote against anyone who supports this
senseless legislation.

If you are a B&M owner or employee, tell them how this legislation would have disastrous
consequences for your business/job.

Health Committee Members:

Corey Johnson (Chair)
phone: 212-564-7757

Robert Cornegy
phone: 718-919-0740

Rafael Espinal
phone: 718-642-8664

Inez Barron
phone: 718-649-9495
email: none found
twitter: none found

Peter Koo
phone: 718-888-8747
twitter: (seems inactive)

Rosie Mendez
phone: 212-677-1077

Mathieu Eugene
phone: 718-287-8762
facebook (both seem inactive):
Eugene/110397895674886 and

Jimmy Van Bramer
phone: 718-383-9566

Maria Del Carmen Arroyo
phone: 718-402-6130
facebook: none
twitter: none

Action Item #4: If you live in NYC, find your representative and contact them.

You can use this link to find your representative. Just put in your street address and borough
and you will find the contact information for your representative.

Call/email/facebook/twitter them and tell them that you OPPOSE 0488-2014. See Action Item
#2 for more information on what to say to them.

Despite the fact that we lost two key battles last year, we have a vibrant vaping community in
NYC. This legislation is not only a threat to our rights as consumers and business owners, it is
a threat to our community.

The only places where you can vape indoors in NYC is in a private residence or in a Vape B&M.
Banning the sale of flavored e-liquid would be a burden that would be difficult, perhaps
impossible to bear for NYC vape shops. This is a direct threat to the vitality of the vaping
community in NYC.

Vapers in NYC take note: many times in matters of public health, as NYC goes, so goes the
nation. Please help us!

Action Item #5: Share this document on social media. If you are a B&M owner, please
consider offering a discount to your customers for completing these Action Items. Let your
customers know about this and encourage them to get involved, as they will be affected too.

Thank you!