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APRIL 2008

Message from ifc
A Modern Olympiad
The year began with a momentous start when ‘A Symphony of Lights - New Year Countdown’ transformed Hong Kong’s iconic Two ifc into a brilliant tower of light with a pyrotechnic display that ashed across the world’s media. This signature event lifted Hong Kong to join the ranks of international cities such as New York, London, Paris and Sydney and will hopefully become a permanent xture in the years to come. The media spotlight will be in full force over the next few months as the Olympic Torch passes through Hong Kong in early May and the start of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing draws ever nearer. Just as the modern games are de ned by their pursuit of perfection, ifc mall continues to reach ever higher levels of achievement with its world class mix of retail, entertainment and dining so join us and see why ifc will always be the winner.

Walter Kwok

Joint Chairman ifc Development Limited

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ifc mall Celebrated Lunar New Year 2008 with Handcrafted Wooden Calligraphy

Fresh on the heels of the success of the magni cent oating Christmas tree, ifc mall celebrated the start of the Lunar New Year with dragon and lion dancers and the traditional eye-dotting ceremony. Eight giant handcrafted wooden Chinese sculptures, designed to bring luck and good fortune to visitors to ifc, were commissioned as part of ifc mall’s signature blend of ‘East meets West’. Dating back to the 7th century, the “Kai Shu” (楷 書) characters represented di erent festive

blessings and all featured intricately carved seasonal owers, shes and birds. Each delicately handcrafted sculpture was 12 feet high, weighed 300 pounds and took a team of 20 artists more than one month to prepare. The sculptures were made from boxwood, a durable delicate wood that is traditionally used for wood carving. The wood was more than a century old and was recycled from houses that were being demolished for urban renewal which gave a new lease of life to something so special.

Karim Azar of ifc Management Co Ltd, Karen Lee Wai Kwan of Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd and Lo King Wai of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (from left to right)




The Dragon and Lions Awake
Prosperity, good luck and fortune were in abundance when Karim Azar, Assistant General Manager, Retail Leasing - International Finance Centre Management Co. Ltd, Karen Lee Wai Kwan, Assistant General Manager, Portfolio Leasing Department - Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd and Lo King Wai, Deputy General Manager, O ce Leasing Department - Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Ltd performed the centuries-old eye-dotting ceremony at the Oval Atrium on 12 February. An excited audience watched as the sleeping dragon and slumbering lions were brought to life, moving in a blaze of colour and sound before setting o to spread their good fortune to the stores and shoppers throughout ifc mall.

U.S. Seventh Fleet Naval Band
Founded in 1943 with the establishment of the United States Seventh Fleet, the band has performed their special brand of American music to millions of people in the Western Paci c. The band made their rst public performance in Hong Kong on 30 January under the giant peach blossom at ifc mall, when 21 musicians gave a performance to remember.

Redemption with Style
Shoppers at ifc mall were rewarded with traditional “Lai See” packets and a stylish redemption gift of a set of wooden chopsticks in a lined presentation case.


Pyrotechnic Extravaganza Welcomes 2008
The dazzling pyrotechnic reworks display that heralded the arrival of 2008 made Two ifc a global media icon as images ashed across the world’s news networks.

Kam Kwok Leung, Eunis Chan (from left to right)

D&G Boutique Launch
Hong Kong joined New York, London, Milan and Barcelona as D&G opened their third mono brand boutique at ifc mall in December.

Christmas 2007 Lucky Draw
Ms Connie Tang, the winner of ifc mall’s Christmas lucky draw, received the keys to a Jaguar X-Type Sport at a prize presentation on 11 February from Alan Ing, General Manager Inchcape Motors Limited and Karim Azar, Assistant General Manager, Retail Leasing - International Finance Centre Management Co Ltd.

The interior design concept re ected the D&G message of glamour with theatrical lighting showcasing the men’s and women’s wear collections against a background of glass, mirrors and steel structures. Invited guests to the exclusive launch party included Eunis Chan and Kathy Chow.

Kathy Chow, Carla Buzzi, Laura Bernes (from left to right)


Michel Gonzalez, Fabrizio Cardinali, Clement Kwan (from left to right)

Fashion! Style! Elegance!
ifc mall was the place to be as the leading international fashion houses launched their Spring/Summer 2008 collections with a series of store openings, exclusive fashion shows, cocktail parties and celebrity studded events in February and March. Take a trip down the catwalk and see what’s hot this season with our rundown of events, fashions and accessories.

Bonita Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Zing and Shirley Harilela (from left to right)

Lane Crawford


Jennifer Woo, President of Lane Crawford and acclaimed actress Maggie Cheung unveiled a groundbreaking showcase of portraits of Chinese personalities as they celebrated the launch of the Lane Crawford Spring/Summer 2008 season in March. The TrANSITIONs exhibition featured work from renowned photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and aimed to celebrate the transforming power of fashion and individual expressions of style.

Maggie Cheung introduced the exhibition and gave her experiences about working on the campaign and shared thoughts on her own personal sense of style. The event concluded with an exclusive cocktail reception where invited guests included designers Alan Chan and Dennis Chan, singers Prudence Liew, Vincy Chan and Nikki Chow and makeup artist Zing.




Bally unveiled its Spring/Summer 2008 collection at ifc mall when a selection of ready-to-wear, shoes and bags were modeled to invited guests at an exclusive in-store event. The women’s collection o ered sophistication with a bohemian edge and elegance with powerful femininity. Feather-light fabrics and natural materials combined with careful detailing for light summer style. The soft colours and ne fabrics in the men’s collection evoked a sunlight drive down the Californian Coast and a 1930’s elegance.

Ann Klein New York
Anne Klein New York presented their Spring/ Summer 2008 collection at the newly opened ifc mall boutique. The clean lines and modern furnishings of the store complemented the modern e ortless elegance of the ready-to-wear line. This season is all about exploring new silhouettes, fabrics and proportions while maintaining the brand’s heritage. Dresses and separates were streamlined, ladylike and attering to the body while outerwear featured pu ed sleeves, oversized anoraks and tunics.

Lynn Xiong




Pal Zileri
Pal Zileri, luxury Italian menswear brand, opened the doors to its new agship store at ifc mall with the presentation of its new Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Award-winning actor Moses Chan was invited to model the ‘Colours of Spring Splendour’ collection at an exclusive preview presentation. Pal Zileri’s timeless tradition was evident from the palette of summer shades and subtle details that fused tradition with modernity. The design themes of this season’s collection were re ected in the new store design where elements of the sand and the sea were used to create a serene environment.
Award-winning actor Moses Chan showcased Pal Zileri’s O shore series

Joan & David
A Joan & David Spring/Summer 2008 collection presentation was held at the boutique in ifc mall. Inspiration for the collection was ‘romantic city chic’ and re ects Joan & David’s modern international sensibilities. Showcased on three models during the show, the key themes of the season included tribal-inspired prints, greys and silver, tonal neutrals, oral prints and bright dresses.

International Media and Press Relations Director of Pal Zileri Lorenzo Della Croce, Moses Chan and Global Marketing Director of Pal Zileri Manuela Miola (from left to right)



Agnès b.

Spring is in the air. From peonies to daisies, the trend is to irt with vibrant owers and vivid orals.






Tissue-thin fabrics are this season’s answer to layering.


Joan & David



It might be safer to wear navy or black, but now is the time to perk up that palette with ashes of bold colour.

Guess Jeans

KENZO roberto cavalli


Juicy Couture





Make it easy and light for Spring. Little e ort is needed when muted grey or faded pastels are paired with white.

Ermenegildo Zegna

BOSS Hugo Boss





Bags of Style
Luxurious leathers and exotic exteriors combined with detailing to die for make the ultimate tote for around town.



YSL from Lane Crawford

Anya Hindmarch



PRADA Salvatore Ferragamo







Mandarin Orange Sherbet (mixed with Japanese Saga Mandarin Orange 日本產佐賀蜜柑)

Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Cake (made with French chocolate and Japanese strawberry)

White and Black Sesame Cheese Cake (mixed with Japanese Kinu Tofu 日本產絹豆腐)


Rachel Ngai is the ‘magician’ responsible for producing the sumptuous selection of dessert items o ered to patrons of Inagiku. With over 7 years of experience she is well placed to o er some insights on what makes a dessert deliciously di erent.

No compromises are made in the selection of the ingredients which includes chestnut, tofu, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Attention to detail must be perfect, right down to the seasonal leaves imported from Japan that adorn each creation. The drive for healthy eating has required a few changes here and there to reduce sugar levels and the most popular request from diners is her cheesecake. Rachel receives many compliments that the smooth and fresh cake base is impossible to nd anywhere else in Hong Kong. For a real treat, Rachel recommends the wagashi confectionary even though it is one of the most challenging items that she has to produce in the kitchen. The mochi, azuki bean paste and fruit varieties are a well established part of the Japanese tea cermony and a perfect way to spend some time with friends.

There are few better ways to spend time than relaxing in comfort and indulging in your favourite desserts while you catch up with friends or family. We took time out at two of ifc mall’s restaurants to see just what is required to satisfy Hong Kong’s sweet tooth.

Rachel Ngai, Pastry Chef

A typical working day begins just before noon when the nal touches are added to the items that will be served up during lunchtime. As soon as the mid-day rush has subsided Rachel begins preparing items for dinner, with the ocassional need to rustle up a birthday cake or special recipe to meet a customer request. Once tomorrow’s menus are prepared it is usually well past midnight before she can hang up her pastry hat and head home.




Executive Chef Gianni Caprioli is well known for his typically Italian menus and has a reputation that keeps guests coming back time after time. A combination of comfortable simplicity and a focus on avour is always his top priority as is a belief that dishes should be made with as little preparation as possible so as to preserve the inherent tastes and textures.
Gianni Caprioli Executive Chef

menu where his chocolate of choice is award winning Amedei Black from the renowned Amedei chocolatier in Tuscany, Italy. There can be no better escape from reality than to enjoy breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour on the outdoor terrace and indulge in the harmony of avours which can be found in his AMEDEI BLACK chocolate hot pudding or the silkily divine mousse. The next time you feel like pampering your palate with decadently smooth luxury you will nd a sensation experience at ISOLA.

The basic ingredients make the dish and over the last four years Gianni has built up a network of contacts and importers that allows him to select the best seasonal produce available. This is particularly evident from the dessert

Mousse di cioccolato AMEDEI BLACK con salsa al rum e panna AMEDEI BLACK chocolate mousse, cocoa and rum sauce and whipped cream

Tiramisu Lavazza Tiramisu Lavazza

Timballo caldo di cioccolato AMEDEI BLACK e gelato Mocka AMEDEI BLACK chocolate hot pudding with mocha ice cream




Jeanne at Flannel Flowers, located in the heart of ifc mall, knows just what a di erence the sight and smell of fresh cut owers can have on a person’s mood. Driven by the creative inspiration of Masami Kuroda and named after the Australian wild ower of the same name, the brand was established 11 years ago. A talented bunch of orists now o ers customers the chance to deliver a message to a loved one straight from the heart with a bespoke bouquet or an artistic arrangement. Depending on the season, the talented team typically have a ‘palette’ of around 200

owers to work with. Blooms are imported from Japan, Holland, New Zealand and Ecuador with roses, peonies and hydrangeas being perennially popular choices. The orists will assist you in choosing a combination of colour, size and fragrance that meets the increasingly sophisticated demands of today’s customers, where the quality of a bouquet is no longer measured by its size or expense. The designers also get to exercise their own individual talents with special arrangements that can be bought ready-to-go and are perfect for bringing a splash of colour to your o ce or home.



Expect the Unexpected

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