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Max. Capacity: 1000 lbs.

You will need the manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly
instructions, parts list and diagram. Keep this manual in a safe and dry place for future

WARNING: Read all instructions before using this product!

1. A plank or platform exposed to excessive heat, as in the case of fire, should be
immediately removed from service and destroyed due to loss of structural strength.
2. Do not permit oil, grease, or slippery material to accumulate on climbing or
gripping surfaces.
3. Do not use the product if the decking surface is damaged or has deteriorated.
Periodically coat wood decking and rails with a transparent wood preservative. Do
not paint.
4. Do not overload! Planks and stages are designed with rated working loads of
500lbs. the total combined weight of each worker and all materials should not
exceed the rated working load.
5. Erect the plank or platform so that the working or standing surface is level.
6. Support plank or platform ends by stirrups, scaffold bearer members, trusses, or
other equipment intended for this purpose.
7. Use guard rails, midrails, and toeboards as required by local, state and federal
regulations. Their use is recommended in all cases.
8. Do not allow unstable objects, such as barrels, boxes, loose brick, tools and debris
to accumulate on the work surface.
9. Do not use a ladder or other device on a plank or platform to gain greater heights.
10. Never climb onto a stage from a ladder unless both the stage and the ladder are
secured from movement in all directions.
11. Do not ride on a moving plank or platform. Tools, materials, and equipment should
not be stored on planks or platforms that are being moved.
12. Do not apply impact loads to a plank or platform.
13. Do not use acids or other corrosive substances on a plank or platform without
consulting the plank or platform manufacturer for specific instructions.
14. Scaffolds and tools shall not be allowed to contact unprotected, energized electrical
lines or equipment. Maintain a minimum safe distance of at least 10ft. (3 m).
Consult the power company to shut off power or insulate/relocate the line if
working closer than 10ft.

To avoid contact and shock hazard, scaffolds and tools shall not be
used in the vicinity of energized power lines or electrical lines.
A. Before using, refer to manufacturers instructions.
B. Use only appropriate duty-rated ladders when using planks or
platforms with ladder jacks.
C. Never attempt to straighten a deformed side rail or decking member.
D. Each end of platform unit shall extend over its support centerline not
less than 6 inches nor more than 18 inches. Users shall not stand on the
cantilevered portion of platforms.


No Description Quantity
1 Horizontal Frame 2
2 Adjustable Square Pole 2
3 Plywood 66-21/64L x28-35/64Wx19/32H 1
4 Pin 4
5 5 Swivel Wheels w/Brake 4

(1) (2)

1- Assemble the horizontal frame on to the adjustable square tube
2- Assemble each of swivel wheels with brake onto the frame and fixed by
3- Put the plywood on the frame and fixed by spring pin.
4- Check all of the pins and see if they were inserted well.