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Subject: Guidelines in the Implementation of the Philippine TVET Qualification

and Certification System Promulgated through TES! "oard #esolution

$o% &''()'*
Section + , "ac-ground
1.1 The qualification and certification system is in keeping with the provisions of RA
7796 !ec. 1" #.$ authori%ing the agency &to design innovate and adopt
processes and methodologies along skills standards assessment and
1.$ The (hilippine T)*T +ualifications ,ramework -(T+,. is a reiteration
enhancement and rationali%ation of the T*!/A 0ccupation +ualification and
1ertification !ystem -T0+1!. and defines a national comprehensive and fle2i#le
qualification framework for technical and vocational education and training
1.3 The T*!/A 4 5ndustry (artnership is in keeping with government6s role of
recogni%ing the capa#ility and initiative of the private sector to undertake the skills
standardi%ation assessment and certification of the country7s skilled workforce.
1." The competency requirements as defined in the relevant Training Regulations
shall #e the take4off point of all corresponding qualifications assessments and
certifications in all sectors.
1.8 The Training Regulations shall #e the #asis in the registration of Training
(rograms offered #y all T)*T providers.
These implementing guidelines shall govern the operation of the (hilippine T)*T
+ualification and 1ertification !ystem -(T+1!..
Section & , Title. Co/erage and efinition of Terms
$.1 This shall #e officially known as the (hilippine T)*T +ualification and 1ertification
!ystem or (T+1!.
$.$ The guidelines include the policies rules and regulations for the implementation of
the (T+1! specifically9
2.2.1 Accreditation process
2.2.2 Assessment and certification processes
2.2.3 (rogram monitoring and reporting
$.3 The following terms shall mean9
2.3.1 Accreditation is the process of recogni%ing and:or empowering an entity to
perform certain roles or responsi#ilities on #ehalf of the T*!/A organi%ation.
2.3.2 Accredited Assessor ; is an individual accredited #y TR5< and confirmed #y
T*!/A to assess competencies of a candidate for certification.
(age 1 of =
2.3.3 Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) ; is an esta#lishment officially authori%ed #y
TR5< and confirmed #y T*!/A to manage the assessment of candidates and to
serve as #ooking office.
2.3.4 aims ; is the acronym for assessment information management system.
2.3.5 Designated Assessment Venue (DAV) is a physically separated or enclosed
appropriately equipped area within a company an organi%ation or a training center
where the actual assessments are taking place.
2.3.6 Assessment Moderation is the process of esta#lishing compara#ility of
>udgments of standards of candidate performance across different accredited
competency assessors and assessment centers in order to ensure that
assessment is valid relia#le and fair.
2.3.7 Assessment Verification ; is the process of reviewing assessment procedures
instruments and records for certification or post4appeal.
2.3. Candidate is the individual seeking recognition of his:her competencies to
acquire a certification.
2.3.! Com"etenc# $ is the possession and application of knowledge skills and attitudes
to the standard of performance required in the workplace.
2.3.1% Com"etenc# &tandard is the document that defines the knowledge skills and
values required for competent performance in the industry.
2.3.11 Com"etenc# Assessment is the process of collecting evidence and making
>udgments on whatever competency has #een achieved.
2.3.12 Com"'iance Audit is a systematic and documented process for o#taining
evidence to determine whether implementation of the (T+1! is compliant with
the quality standards and procedure manuals.
2.3.13 Certificate of Com"etenc# (CoC) is a certificate issued to individuals who are
assessed as competent in a single unit or cluster of related units of competency.
2.3.14 (ationa' Certificate ((C) is a certificate issued to individuals who achieved all
the required units of competency of a national qualification defined under the
Training Regulations. ?1s are aligned to specific levels within the (T+,.
2.3.15 )ecognition of *rior +earning ()*+) and )ecognition of Current Com"etenc#
()CC) is the acknowledgement of an individual7s currently held skills
knowledge and attitudes acquired through previous training work or life
2.3.16 ,ua'ification is a defined set or group of units of competency identified #y
industry which meets whole work roles.
Section 0 ) General Principles
The implementation of (T+1! shall #e governed #y the following principles9
3.1 1ompetency standards are the #enchmark for training assessment and
certification in the (hilippine T)*T system.
3.$ The (T+, defines the qualification level of a person in a trade or occupation.
3.3 The !ystem provides that a qualification may #e attained through9
(age $ of =
Accumulation of achieved units of competency towards a ?ational
+ualification over a period of time
/irectly undertaking assessment towards a ?ational +ualification
3." 5t also provides for Recognition of (rior @earning : Recognition of 1urrent
1ompetencies -R(@:R11.. Aence any person who #elieves they are competent
resulting from work or life e2periences or relevant education or training may
undergo competency assessment.
3.8 The Assessment process is #ased on evidence or information gathered to prove
possession of competencies. *vidence is acquired through a range of evidence4
gathering methods or approaches. The process of gathering evidence may #e
applied to9
a single unit of competency
groups of units of competency or
the entire +ualification
3.8The !ystem recogni%es industry groups:associations to manage and implement skills
standardi%ation accreditation and assessment activities. The recognition entails
T*!/A to have the industry #odies assume responsi#ility for a range of
operational functions currently performed #y T*!/A. This arrangement is affirmed
#y a Bemorandum of Agreement -B0A..
Section 1 , 2rgani3ational and 4unctional #elationship
The (T+1! shall #e implemented through the following ;
".1 T*!/A
Approve priority qualifications and maintain registry of national T)*T
(rovide policy and guidelines
(romulgate training regulations
(rovide capa#ility #uild4up programs
Bonitor and evaluate performance of TR5<
Bonitor sectoral assessment activities
1onfirm local industry arrangements
Banage and maintain assessment information management system -aims)
5ssue ?ational 1ertificate -?1. and 1ertificate of 1ompetency -101.
,acilitate assessment moderations
1onduct compliance audits
(u#lish ?ational Registry of 1ertified Corkers
Aandle complaints forwarded #y TR5<
".$ TR5<
(age 3 of =
5dentify and endorse priority qualifications
/evelop training regulations which include 1ompetency !tandards Training
!tandards and Assessment Arrangements
(repare operations plan including accreditation and assessment activities
(repare quality procedures manual on development of training regulations
accreditation and competency assessment
/evelop assessment tools
Accredit assessment centers
Train and accredit competency assessors
Advocate assessment and certification
Recommend assessment fees
5mplement sectoral assessment
1onduct assessment moderation
Dpload data in the aims set up #y T*!/A
Aandle complaints filed #y clients
1onduct compliance audit
".3 Regional: (rovincial 1ompetency Assessment 1ommittees -R1A1:(1A1.
(erforms the function of @ocal 5ndustry <ody in the a#sence of TR5< in the
regions or provinces.
Section ( , !ccreditation Process
8.1 The procedures manual shall #e developed #y the TR5< to regulate the process of
accrediting assessment centers and competency assessors under the (T+1!.
8.$ The TR5<s shall #e responsi#le for the accreditation of assessment centers and
competency assessors in their area of >urisdiction as defined in the procedures
manual and the performance contracts.
8.3 The TR5< shall provide registry:roster of accredited assessment centers and
competency assessors to T*!/A.
8." All e2isting competency assessors must apply for re4accreditation under (T+1!.
8.8 All accredited competency assessors shall #e required to o#serve T*!/A 1ode of
1onduct for Assessors and non compliance shall #e a #asis for revocation of the
8.6 Accreditation of assessment centers and competency assessors shall #e #ased on
the minimum requirements and performance standard set #y T*!/A.
8.7 The requirements for accreditation as a competency assessor shall #e the
(age " of =
8.7.1 Bust #e a practitioner of the occupation:trade or a teacher:instructor:
trainer on the area for at least two -$. yearsE
8.7.$ Bust #e a national certificate or 1o1 holder -same title. one
certification level higher -if e2isting.E
8.7.3 !uccessfully completed the 1ompetency Assessors 1ourse #oth the
#asic and enhancement courses conducted #y T*!/A or its
authori%ed partnersE and
8.7." Aave assisted in the conduct of actual assessment to at least two -$.
8.= The minimum requirements for accreditation as assessment center shall #e the
8.=.1 with legal personality and have secured other relevant documents as
identified in the procedures manual for this purposeE
8.=.$ with designated assessment venues.
8.=.3 with organi%ational structure to support the following functions9
Accepting candidates for assessment
1ollecting assessment fees
Assigning competency assessors
!cheduling conduct of assessment
(aying honoraria of competency assessors
!u#mitting assessment reports to TR5< and T*!/A
8.9 Assessment centers: esta#lishments or institutions shall #e accredited only in the
units of competency or qualifications that are supported #y their designated A)s or
8.1F AA1s shall #e allowed to esta#lish linkages with relevant industry sectors to
conduct workplace assessment at on4site venues. AA1s may furthermore
esta#lish linkages with relevant training providers or other AA1s to e2tend their
overall area of operation #y partly utili%ing : mutually sharing their availa#le facilities
for assessment as long as these are done officially and has due clearance with
8.11 All venue linkages of AA1s with industry training providers and other AA1s and
any changes therein should #e #ased on contractual agreements #etween the
involved parties and an official clearance from the respective TR5<.
8.1$ The authori%ation of designated A)s shall #e regulated through the procedures
manual for the accreditation of assessment centers and shall apply to institutions or
esta#lishments that have the required assessment facilities tools equipment and
materials needed for the conduct of assessment.
(age 8 of =
8.13 5nterested esta#lishments or institutions shall #e designated as A)s only in the
specified units of competency or qualifications that are supported #y their facilities.
8.1" AA1s and designated A)s shall grant unlimited access to T*!/A:TR5< 4
appointed personnel with respect to the conduct of inspections monitoring and
auditing visits and investigations in case of alleged anomalous acts or
8.18 The accreditation certificate for assessment centers and competency assessors
shall #ear the name of the 1hairperson of the TR5<.
8.16 The period of validity of the accreditation certificate for assessment centers and
competency assessors shall #e for two -$. years. The TR5< shall determine
accreditation fees for assessment centers and competency assessors. The fees
shall #e paya#le to the TR5<s prior to the issuance of the accreditation certificates.
8.17 Accredited assessment centers shall assume full responsi#ility for ensuring the
o#>ectivity and validity of assessment conducted in the center or designated
venues and #y the assessors
8.1= The accreditation of assessment centers and competency assessors and the
authori%ation of A1s shall #e revoked:suspended in case of any of the following
8.1=.1,ailure to maintain compliance with the requirements of accreditation.
8.1=.$)iolation of any defined provisions in the Affidavit of Dndertaking or
(erformance Agreement
8.1=.3,alsification of the requisite documents and:or false statement in
connection with the application for accreditation
8.1=.",ailure to notify the TR5< of any changes that directly or indirectly
affects the assessment conditions #ased on the originally 4 o#tained
A1 accreditation
Section 5 , !ssessment and Certification Process
6.1 The implementation of competency4 #ased assessment and certification shall
follow the policies and guidelines developed #y T*!/A for this purpose.
6.$ 0nly accredited assessment centers and competency assessors are authori%ed to
manage and conduct assessment activities. A representative of the TR5< and:or
T*!/A may oversee:monitor the conduct of any assessment activity at any center
and designated assessment venue.
6.3 0nly T*!/A approved 1ompetency !tandards reviewed Assessment Tools and
endorsed (rocedures Banual shall #e used in the conduct of assessment.
6." The Accredited 1ompetency Assessors shall #e allowed to use their prepared
evidence gathering tools only after following the approved standard format and
#ased on the relevant unit-s. of competency.
(age 6 of =
6.8 A candidate found not yet competent may apply for re4assessment only after one
-1. month from the release of result of the previous assessment. 5n case of
pro>ect4type assessment covering multiple units of competency reassessment will
#e focused on the specific area where the candidate has #een found to #e &not yet
6.6 TR5< shall #e allowed to collect only T*!/A4approved assessment fees.
6.7 Assessment shall #e conducted only in an accredited assessment center or
designated assessment venue.
6.= Assessment moderation and verification arrangements shall #e implemented as
defined in the respective procedures manual.
6.9 A ?ational 1ertificate shall #e issued once the full requirements for a qualification
as specified in the Training Regulations have #een met. Chile a 1o1 shall #e
issued in the achievement of a single unit or cluster of related units of competency
that does not satisfy the requirements of a full qualification and as identified in the
relevant assessment guidelines.
6.1F The issuance of the ?ational 1ertificate and 1o1 shall #e under the e2clusive
concern and power of T*!/A #y virtue of its overall functions.
6.11The national certificate and 1o1 shall #e signed #y the T*!/A /irector General with
initials of the T*!/A Regional and (rovincial /irectors.
6.1$ The num#ering of the national certificate shall follow the system contained in the
procedures manual.
6.13 The validity period of ?1s and 1o1s shall #e five -8. years.
6.1" Renewal of the ?1 shall follow the procedures manual developed #y T*!/A.
(rocedures for the authentication re4issuance replacement and renewal shall #e
defined in the same manual.
Section * ,4ees
Assessment fees shall #e #ased on the cost of supplies and materials as well as
administrative e2penses including assessor7s honoraria power and utilities depreciation4
and maintenance costs etc. A separate circular shall #e issued for this purpose. ,ees
shall #e su#>ect to change to allow for any possi#le ad>ustments due to costs increases.
A standard certification fee of (1FF shall #e collected #y T*!/A prior to the issuance of
the ?ational 1ertificate or 1o1. This fee is su#>ect to change if necessary.
Section 6 , Program !uditing. #e/ie7 and #eporting
=.1 The AA1s TR5<s and the concerned T*!/A offices shall enter into and access
required information from the 1entral /ata#ase in accordance with the rights and
o#ligations stated in the procedures manual.
=.$The T*!/A shall conduct regular audits and reviews of the program implementation.
Recommendations for corrective actions shall #e provided to the TR5< and AA1 to
further improve the program.
(age 7 of =
=.3The TR5< shall su#mit all requisite reports to T*!/A.
Section 8, Complaints and !ppeals
The AA1s the TR5<s and T*!/A offices involved shall implement complaints and
appeals mechanisms in accordance with the requirements stated in the procedures
Section +' , Sanctions
5ndividual availing of certification shall su#mit pertinent documents and provide the
necessary personal information. Any willful misrepresentation falsification or
perpetuation of fraud on the part of the applicant shall #e ground for cancellation of
certification and dis#arment from taking future similar competency assessment.
Section ++ , Effecti/ity
This 1ircular shall take effect immediately. All pertinent T*!/A issuances inconsistent
with the provisions of this 1ircular are deemed repealed or amended accordingly.
(age = of =