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Ariel in Trouble

The detergent market in Pakistan has the following dynamics for 2012:
Total Market Size 162,211 tons. Rs.19.5 b
Unilever Rs.8.2b
P&G 2b
Colgate Palmolive 8.3b
Rest 1b
Market Shares (Volumes)
Surf 18
Rin 2
Sunlight 2
Brite 10
Bonus 13
Express 3
Ariel 6
Urban (%) 73 79
Rural 27 21
(More details attached)
Ariel-a global brand from P&G, couldnt prove a success in the local market with only 15,000 tons of the
detergent share so far. Positioned initially towards its in-direct competitor- washing soap users, the
brand targeted the lower middle class segment. Choosing the MAA concept through Sania Saeed, it
focused on mechanics, tailors and the working class giving them the Izzaat through Ariel. Positioning
was changed after a year to One washing is enough to remove stains. Target market at this stage was
also transformed to SEC A&B. The brand further widening to upper middle-class image,Sahir Lodhi was
used as the brand ambassador for a year in a local-desi association of food stains with one dholai kafi hai
USP.On Radio, the campaign maintained the old SEC B &C .Earlier the brand had experimented with
Ariel jasmine green which couldnt not turn the tables. The longest Kurta-a publicity effort- went in vein
and failed to stir the magic either. Its now positioned on benefits since then. With a 60 gm sachet for
Rs.60 for removing dirt in only one wash, the current stature seems to have gained some signs of life.
Promo spend during 2012 remained very high-Rs.600m creating mega GRPs and saliency for the Brand.
The latest change was from Sahir to Wasim Akram on the same theme.
The brand seems to be unable to touch base with its target market and a case of serious
confused positioning.
Brite has shown greater brightness in the last one year with several positioning changes to its
current stand-the magnetic pull of Brite- to remove stains. The brand equity seems to have
created higher visibility at 21,000 tons. Earlier it launched Brite-MACHINE WASH-without fading
colors for an ever growing market niche. The brand has greater awareness with a sound position.
Brand however remained subdued because of low market share.
In the second tier of the market, Unilever and Colgate Palmolive have their brands -RIN, Express and
Bonus- engaged in a war of attrition. P&G is missing from this segment altogether. Bonus on top
followed by Express and Rin which has made some grounds lately with its whitening effects positioning.
Priced between Rs.100-150/kg, Bonus and Express have made volumetric gains on prices.During
2011,Unilever introduced Sunlight at Rs.95 in this market.With effective brand positioning,Brand
created significant impact with SHAAN.Fragrance and pricing were key factors in this launch.
Surf however is still the star brand of this market with 18% share.From Dadi aik minute to its
current campaign using children and dirt, the brand has synergized the A, B & C markets very
well. It attacks both Brite and Ariel directly.
Prices were declined by all brands by 10-15% across the board in 2011.
Market is rife with the news that P&G is preparing to bring Tide in the Pakistan market soon.
Suggest a new positioning for ARIEL. Target market, USP. Logo. Price. Packaging.