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10/8/2014 THE INNER VOICE 1/2
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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Posted by Varun Ranjan at 3:33 AM 1 comment:
Civil Services Exam Simplified and Demystified - IV
Current Affairs form a large chunk of syllabus and questions at Prelims as well as Mains. People suggest reading a
number of newspapers and magazines. Some of their list contain newspaper Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times
and magazines Yojana, Frontline, World Focus, Economic and Political Weekly, Economist, Kurukshetra , Chronicle,
Civil Services Times and Civil Services Mentor and many more. A normal aspirant like me will leave the preparation just
hearing the names of these. Is reading all these required? No. If you are a normal human being, you cannot digest what all
you learn in them.
I personally, never read any newspaper not even Hindu. But, I followed quite a few things.
1. My Facebook page, serves as daily newspaper for me. I am lucky to have a network of well informed friends and
colleagues who keep sharing good articles, important news on the facebook feed. The best part was that it was
filtered material. Best articles on different topics were shared by them so I got to read news from variety of
sources right from Times of India to Guardian to Wall Street Journal
2. I never read any newspaper, especially Hindu as I found it wastage of time. Instead, I used to refer
where they have Todays Important News. They select some 10-12 important news from Hindu daily and
publish it. I used to just read these 10-12 news articles, sometimes even 5-6 items as per what I perceive to be
3. Read Monthly Policy Review (a must do it is a Goldmine) and Bill Summary from It will
consume 15 hours per month of your time.
4. I found Current Affairs booklet of VisionIas published at the end of every month very useful. You can finish it in
maximum 15-20 hours per month.
5. While you are eating or relaxing, you can watch some episodes of Rajya Sabha TV panel discussion. Avoid watch
CNN IBN or Times Now, they create only noise and are of little use in terms of content.
6. You may choose to read some magazine , but I do not see any need, if you have followed above mentioned things
quite well.
Newspaper Debate
I never read Hindu, dint like it. But surely, it cannot be avoided. As mentioned in point 2, I did selective newspaper
reading. But is it effective? My calculation shows a normal aspirant spending at least 2.5-3 hours daily which is around
90 hours per month on Hindu itself. Using Point 2, you spend 30 minutes daily, so effectively 15 hours per month. PRS
Monthly Policy Review and Vision IAS document you spend another 30 hours. So, things can be done in a better manner
covering more number of topics in just 45 hours rather than just wasting your 90 hours reading just Hindu.
Studying Current Affairs
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