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Fasting & Juicing

Fasting is an advanced spiritual discipline that purifies the physical body, and creates increased
awareness of the subtle spiritual force. This spiritual force is always present in varying degrees. Through
the process of fasting, we re focus the cellular consciousness of the body, and increase the life-force
streaming within us. This increased light-flow brings a feeling of great bliss, lightness, and connection to
sacred source. When done in the context of living the enlightened life, fasting speeds spiritual evolution,
and ultimately shows us the truth of immortal life.
The fasts described below are for healthy people who are seeking to live the enlightened life, and who have sufficient self-discipline and self-
responsibility to undertake fasting in a mature, self-aware manner without professional supervision. If you have health concerns, or do not
have good insight into your mental and emotional nature, you should not attempt the fasts given here, but you should consider undertaking a
fast in a professionally supervised environment. heck your local resources for retreat centres offering supervised !uice fasts, and residential
programs offering living food programs. "lso see the many resources listed in #iving Food.
$very day, and especially during a fast, it is very important to drink lots of fresh living water %i.e., spring water & not distilled, tap, or other
'dead' waters(. In addition to the foods and !uices in the following fasts, consume at least ) litres %or more( of water daily. *uring the first )+
to ,) hours of a fast you may experience symptoms of detoxification. These may include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and aching muscles and
!oints. It is important to rest and take it easy during this time. These symptoms are normal and will subside in a few days. The first days of
fasting should be devoted to extra meditation, naps, and reading spiritually inspiring material. It is highly recommended that you drink a cup
of herbal laxative tea on the second or third day to help the detoxification process. Toxins being broken up through the fasting process are
dumped out rapidly into the colon where they can be re absorbed. onsuming herbal laxatives greatly aids the process, and reduces
detoxification symptoms. -ou may also feel cold during a fast, so be sure to wear warm clothing and socks if needed.
.y the third or fourth day you will be ama/ed as how healthy and clear you will begin to feel. "t this point, you may begin to do yoga and
exercise, which should continue for the rest of the fast & and the rest of your life0 .e sure to follow the recommendations for breaking each
fast, and returning to an enlightened diet.
" word about !uicing1 not all !uicers are alike. For the greatest concentration of en/ymes and life-force energy, you really need a triturating
!uicer. This type of !uicer does not create excessive heat, and therefore preserves all of the live en/ymes, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which
are the vital essence of the plant. 2o !uice compares to the richness and intensity of !uice from a triturating machine. " masticating !uicer is
also useful, but it does create heat and some en/ymes are destroyed. entrifugal !uicers should be completely avoided as they destroy nearly
all the en/ymes with excessive heat, and waste a large amount of the produce in the process. -ou can see some 3.4. !uicers
at In "ustralia, check out 5uicers" For $urope and other locations, try " $nlightened #ife
4anctuary is located in 2ew 7ealand, and we use and recommend the fabulous 2ow you are ready to begin to build the
enlightened body0
Fasts should be done in the following se8uence1
Phase One Fast
6ver the course of one to two weeks, gradually reduce the amount of cooked food you eat each day. -ou may begin by eating only a large raw
salad at midday or evening. 2ext, replace your morning meal with all fruit, followed by the addition of raw vegetables for the remaining meal.
-ou may also drink fresh organic !uices. When you have eaten raw food solely for three days, substitute a glass of freshly !uiced organic
vegetable !uice for the midday salad. The next day, have fruit !uice in the morning, drink vegetable !uice at midday, and have the raw salad at
night. -ou can also eat a little raw fruit or vegetables between meal times if you feel you need it. Finally, replace the evening salad with
another glass of freshly !uiced vegetable !uice. "t this point, you can take three to five glasses of !uice daily. It is recommended that the
ma!ority of !uice be vegetable, with smaller amounts of fruit !uice being taken in the morning. *on9t forget to continue drinking pure living
water too0 -ou may also drink organic herbal teas. :editate as much as possible & this is important every day, but especially during any type
of fasting.
When you have taken only !uices for three days, you may return to a combination of !uice and raw foods. "s you begin to add small amounts
of cooked food, keep at least ;<= of your diet raw, living food. From this time on, choose one day a week as a !uice fast day.
Phase Two Fast
"fter you have completed >hase 6ne, and have maintained a ;<= raw food diet and one day a week !uice fast for six months, begin >hase
Two by continuing to drink only !uices following your weekly !uice fast day. onsume ? to ; glasses of fresh organic fruit and vegetable !uice
for five to seven days. *rink lots of water and meditate every day. To end the fast, add raw fruit, followed by raw vegetables. "fter a few
days, slowly add cooked food, again keeping the diet ;<= living food, and fasting on !uices once a week. @epeat this fast in three to six
months, or whenever you desire. >hase Two can be extended for up to )A days when you feel you are ready to try it. "lways listen to your
body9s own wisdom.
Phase Three Fast
.egin >hase Three during your third or fourth >hase Two Fast. Fast on !uice for two days, on the third day, skip the morning !uice. In the next
day or two, reduce your intake to one !uice a day %plus water & always drink lots of water0(. Then eliminate the !uice, and drink only water for
one to three days. :editate every day. .reak the fast by drinking fresh apple or pear !uice, then adding all !uices, then raw food, and back to
the ;<= living food diet. @epeat this fast once a year, or whenever you desire. >hase Three can be expanded to as much as seven to ten days
when you are sure you are ready to try it. "gain, listen to your body and don9t go beyond your personal limits. 4ome advanced adepts fast on
water for as much as forty days at a time, though this is not recommended until complete enlightenment has been attained0