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It has been estimated that 30-50% of energy and water that

fows into North American buildings is thrown away or wasted.

This hospitals HVAC supply line leaked thousands of gallons
of water per day, while the county and state suffered from a
drought. Nu Flow was able to provide a nondestructive, cost-
effective solution for the customer that kept the air conditioning
Project: Use Nu Drain to rehabilitate an underground HVAC
line without causing disruptions to the hospital.
Customer: Sonora Regional Medical Center has more than
150 beds and is located in Sonora, California. The building
was constructed in 1961 and has since been renovated. This
hospital is part of a faith-based, not-for-proft integrated health
care delivery system, called Adventist Health.
Site: In the basement of the three-story medical facility.
System: The HVAC supply line that feeds the air conditioning
and heating systems for the entire hospital. This 10" diameter
iron and plastic pipe system is located underground, with
access points at the chiller and in the basement.
Problem: After investigating, the previous contractor did not
install this pipeline correctly. As a result, the pipe was leaking
many gallons of water per minute.
Circumvention: If the customer had chosen a pipe replacement,
the air conditioning system would not be operational for several
weeks (this project took place during the summer, when the
temperature rose above 100 degrees F). The existing pipeline
would be dug up and torn out, causing a lot of destruction. This
traditional method would be very expensive, time-consuming
and disruptive.
Solution: Nu Flow saved this customer thousands of dollars, thanks to the Nu Drain system. Existing access points
were used to clean and line the pipe without causing any destruction. A bypass system was set up to keep the air
conditioning operational during our work. Nu Flows structural liner was saturated with our special High-Temp epoxy,
and then was installed using our patented Pull-in-Place technology. This created a new, protective, seamless pipe
within the original pipe. This High-Temp epoxy can withstand constant water temperatures up to 180 degrees F for
the HVAC system during the colder months. This pipe lining project was completed in four days and prevented the
need to turn off the air conditioning system while the! daytime temperature went above 100 degrees F. The Nu Drain
system established a feasible, long-term solution for the customer that was also cost-effective.
This hospital was losing gallons of
clean water per minute due to a
pipeline that was installed incorrectly.
The Nu Drain System created a new,
seamless pipe within the existing
pipe that will prevent leaks and other
Nu Flow Stops Severe Water Leaks in Hospital During Drought
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