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Seven stories of lotto winners who went on to use their newfound wealth wisely.

They say a big lottery

win is actually a curse. And such has surely been the case for countless jackpot recipients:
A Pennsylvania man who cashed in $!." million now lives on food stamps# a fella in $ichigan
s%uandered $&. million in only two years on a divorce and crack cocaine# a "''" Powerball winner(
despite his $&) million payout( fell into gambling and alcohol addictions and was blamed for his
granddaughter*s drug overdose death two years later.
+et( while jackpot wins can bring hard times , about one in three lotto winners are -in serious
financial trouble or ... bankrupt within five years(- according to the .onsumerist , they can*t all be
bad. /act is( often a fat lottery payout can be used for good ... we just never hear about it. $S0
presents seven stories of lotto success where the winners were able to turn their newfound fortunes into
much more.
1ottery winner story
2t*s like a bad 3ugh 4rant movie( this story. 3aving been spurned before by women taking advantage
of his wealth( a 5.6. man went to great lengths to hide it when he began dating a new woman in "'''.
That year( 7oe 7ohnson wore ratty clothes( drove a heap of a car and gave his new flame( 1isa( a cheap(
unremarkable ring for .hristmas in a bid to test her love for him. 8nly when the two were engaged
months later and 7oe was satisfied with 1isa*s intentions , -2 could see 9he: didn*t have a lot of
money(- 1isa told the Daily Mail( -so for him to spend what little he had on such a thoughtful gift was
lovely. 2t meant the world to me ; it still does.- , did the love;struck 7oe divulge his secret to his new
fianc<e. 7ohnson was hiding a $!." million lottery fortune he had won in ==> that he had turned into
a booming investment portfolio and a string of lu?ury properties. -2t was the only way 2 could ever tell
that 2 was truly loved for who 2 was( not because of the money(- 7oe would later say of his elaborate
1ottery winner story "
$ost every jackpot winner seems to go through the motions after their win. They give money to family(
donate some to charity and announce their desire to become a better person. @ut at some point after
collecting their grand priAe( few people actually stick with the organiAations they supported at the
outset of their new well;off lives. 1es Bobins( ( a junior high school teacher who cashed in on a then
record $ million Powerball jackpot in ==&( is an e?ception to this rule. Bobins founded .amp
Cinnegator( a day camp in Cisconsin that hosts local kids on the ""! acres the newfound millionaire
bought with his winnings. According to one media report( Bobins , who also works as a volunteer
basketball coach , can still be seen patrolling the campgrounds in his decades;old 7eep( keeping an
eye on the kids and counsellors who enjoy the benefits of his philanthropy.
1ottery winner story &
Too often unsuspecting lotto winners waste their fortunes through poor investing and hapless money
management. So one way to keep this from happening is to break things down , as in( meticulously
break things down. 2n "'')( @rad Duke( a &E;year;old 2daho gym owner( struck a $"") million
Powerball jackpot. After taking a lump sum payout of around $>) million( Duke hired a team of
financial advisors to help him reach one lofty goal: become a billionaire. The lotto winner developed a
simple( yet ambitious strategy to reach his target but( perhaps more importantly( he stayed smart with
his nest egg. According to /ortune magaAine( Duke put $E) million of his winnings into safe( low;risk
investments and bonds( $&) million into more aggressive investments such as oil and real estate and
paid off the $")(''' mortgage for his modest 2daho home. 3e also laid out a plan to give each of his
family members around $"(''' annually( the highest possible be%uest without a state ta? conse%uence.
-2 9was: looking at statistics where 9lottery winners: in ten years have nothing(- Duke said. -2n ten
years( 2 wanted to be worth about ten times as much.-
1ottery winner story E
$ost lotto winners on this list have cashed in Powerball;type victories( winning them tens of millions
and seemingly limitless possibilities. @ut a 0ew Fealand woman( who at the age of > collected a
modest Gby comparisonH =>> jackpot of just $")'('''( has been able to turn her mini;payout into a
vast fortune with a string of solid investments. Along with her partner( 7ason( smart market plays now
allow Angela Cilliams to boast an estate with eight houses and a ';acre block of land in rural 0ew
Fealand. The pair has recently invested big money into 3ydrodol( a popular hangover pill that
suppresses the effects of a night out drinking. Cilliams has said business is strong but she e?pects a big
boom ne?t year( of course( when the "' Bugby Corld .up is played in her native country.
1ottery winner story )
/ourteen years is certainly enough time for someone to blow $).! million Gsee: $otors( 4eneral and
3ammer( $...H( but for one 2rish lotto winner it was enough time to establish himself as a legitimate
entrepreneur. /ormer bus driver Peter 1avery scored his I'." million Gabout $".> millionH jackpot in
==! and %uickly set up a trust in memory of his deceased parents and raised money for local charities
and hospitals. @ut 1avery has always had a taste for business( and despite some ventures which failed
, his three;story @elfast theme bar opened to a blaAe of publicity in 2reland before being shuttered
shortly after its debut , he would find his calling. 1avery partnered with Danny @oy Premium @lend
whiskey last year in the hopes of building the brand. .urrently( the whiskey is served across Jurope
and in many 0orth American bars.
1ottery winner story !
1otto winners often promise that their lives won*t change due to their sudden wealth. 7ack Chittaker(
whose tragic tale was mentioned in this feature*s intro( said just this in "''" after he pocketed a record
$&) million Powerball jackpot. .onsidering what he would soon lose , millions to divorce and
addiction and his K;year;old granddaughter Gwho overdosed on drugsH , his comments at his priAe
acceptance press conference are %uite depressing looking back: -2*ve been blessed my whole life(- he
said as he accepted his che%ue eight years ago. -2f 2 can help it( nothing is going to change. 2*m
content.- +et( while Chittaker has become the poster boy for troubled lotto winners( his initial dream of
maintaining a simple life has served others well. $ike Terpstra( a 0ebraska man( vowed the same thing
Chittaker did after splitting a $&!) million jackpot with seven co;workers in "''!. Difference was(
Terpstra , who settled for a lump sum payment of $).) million , was able to pull it off. 8ne year
after winning the grand priAe( the former sanitation supervisor was %uoted in the 8maha Corld;3erald
as boasting( -2*m still me(- after revealing that his most e?travagant purchase since the win was an
unassuming $EK'(''' home in southeast 1incoln( 0eb.
1ottery winner story K
BealiAing a dream is supposed to be a satisfying e?perience , think an 8lympic medalist collapsing
across the finish line after a gruelling race. /or lottery winners( though( untold millions can allow you
to reach any goal you*ve desired and still leave you feeling flat. @ut one .hicago man was able to avoid
such a fate earlier this year when his lotto win enabled him to fulfill a lifelong dream that also
happened to involve a sound investment. According to the Jight /orty;Jight show on .hicago Public
Badio( newfound millionaire +ancy 3icks took the $ million he won in "''> and bought a Subway
franchise( which he said has long been his -dream to own.- After working at a $cDonald*s for "!
years( 3icks says he only splurged on a new red .orvette after his jackpot win and kept most of his
cash for a play in the fast food industry he*d learned well. 0ot much else( for better or worse( has
changed for the former hamburger flipper. -91ife*s: a little different being a millionaire(- he said( noting
he still hangs with all the same crew. -2f they*re friends in the beginning( they*re your friends in the
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