By Samuel J. White

From quirky teen drama to cannibalistic thriller, Beeson releases exciting new short.
Released -December 18th Certificate -15 Director -Helena Beeson Cast - Ash Caton, Jennifer Austin, Jess Owen. Screenwriter -Helena Beeson Running time -5mins Plot -Young Chris Parks finally makes some progress with his affections for a nameless girl at school, but discovers there’s more to dating than he first imagined.
Director Helena Beeson works on the editing.

Actors Ash Caton and Jennifer Austin read through the script

Beeson is breaking away from joint productions. Though many have expressed concerns that this new production may be flawed, Beeson insisted on writing, directing and editing this new project. Her lead, Ash ally believe? I still love creating Caton [Conversations with Apocafeel-good films, but I think it’s lypse, Twis’hite], was a gamble, time I let my inner teenager out being relatively unknown to the on more frightening subjects.” film industry, but the risk apJess Owen, playing Sopears to have paid off. phie (best friend turned canniMasque walked away with 3 bal) said “We have a good workawards at the FSN Awards last ing relationship on night, including set; we have a laugh Relaxing in a warm hotel Best Male Lead “ I still love creat- but we make sure we and Best room before the most prestigious Screenplay. Jen- ing feel-good films, get it done. Helena short film awards ceremony in [Beeson] is very slick but I think it’s nifer Austin, the industry seems like an apfemale lead, told time I let my inner and makes sure we propriate place to meet the diget maximum effime “I couldn’t rector of Masque. A darkly exteenager out” ciency.” be happier! citing story of teen romance Though taking a brief [Beeson] turned cannibalism, Masque is break to “kick up my worked so hard to write her first nothing like Beeson’s previous horror short, and the dedication heels,” Beeson plans to return to productions. Best known for her the short film circuit in the she put in really shows through. light-hearted yet hard hitting summer with her next producIt was such a relaxed set, easily films that tackle particularly the most enjoyable film I’ve ever tion “Demons On Guard” airing teenage issues, Beeson sees on SHORTS TV, sky 342. ! been involved with!” Any worMasque as a rite of passage to ries about this new, darker solo producsubjects. “ It was such a tion were Helena Beeson, relaxed set, easily quashed bealthough having the most enjoyable yond doubt worked on collast night, and laborations with film I’ve ever been many critics involved with!” such names as are eagerly Holly Davy awaiting Bee[The Defector] son’s next production, a and Saskia Adams [Deception], story of demonic children taking over London. When asked about this sudden dramatic change of genre preference, Beeson said “There are so many unrealistic horror films out there, but how many of the do you actu-

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December 17 2009