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Parenting List

Revised 2014
Springfield Town Library
43 Main Street, Springfield, Vermont, 05156, 802-885-3108

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Call numbers are given after each title with prefixes that indicate the location of the item
in the library:

jPS = Parenting Shelf in Childrens Room
j = Childrens Room
jYA = Young Adult Loft
no prefix = Adult Nonfiction Collection

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Topics listed:
Raising Children
Grief and Loss
Medical, Psychiatric, and Emotional Problems
The New Baby
Toilet Training
Raising Children
Borba, Michelle, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions jPS 649 BOR
Brenner, Mark L, Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles, and Thumbs jPS 305.231 BRE
Bronson, Po, Nurtureshock 305.231 BRO
Eisenberg, Arlene, What to Expect the First Year 649.122 EIS
Eisenberg, Arlene, What to Expect the Toddler Years 649.1 EIS
Ellington, Sara, The Must-Have Mom Manual 649.1
Faber, Adele, How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk 649.1 FAB
Fisher, Ellie Slott, Mom, Theres a Man in the Kitchen and Hes Wearing Your Robe: the Single
Mothers Guide to Dating Well without Parenting Poorly 646.7 FIS
Greenberg, Gary, Be Prepared: a Practical Handbook for New Dads jPS 306.874 GRE
Guare, Richard, Smart but Scattered Teens jPS 306.874 GUA
Hamilton, Emma Walton, Raising Bookworms j649 HAM
Hammond, Michael, Decisive Parenting jPS 649 HAM
Healy, Jane M., Your Childs Growing Mind jPS 155.4 HEA
Heineman, Meme, Parenting with Positive Behavior Support 649 HIE
Hilling, Hogan, The Modern Moms Guide to Dads 155.6 HIL
Hoerner, Thomas, The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father 306.85 HOE
Holinger, Paul C., What Babies Say Before They Can Talk jPS 155.42 HOL
Jackins, Tim, How Parents Can Counsel their Children jPS 649 JAC
Karp, Harvey, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep jPS 618.92 KAR
Kastner, Laura S., Getting to Calm: Cool-Headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens + Teens jPS 649 KAS
Kelly, Paula, ed., First Year Baby Care 649.122 FIR
Kolari, Jennifer, Connected Parenting 649.64 KOL
Lanza, Mike, Playborhood jPS796.5 LAN
Lillard, Paula Polk, Montessori from the Start j371.39 LIL
Lombardi, Kate Stone The Mamas Boy Myth jPS 306.874 LOM
Louv, Richard, Last Child in the Woods 155.4 LOU
McGown, Dale, et al., Raising Freethinkers: a Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief jPS 649.7 RAI
Marx, Susan, Help Me Get Ready to Read jPS 649.58 MAR
Medina, John, Brain Rules for Baby jPS 649.1 MED
Meeker, Meg, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters 306.874 MEE
Meeker, Meg, The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers jPS 646 MEE
Murkoff, Heidi, What to Expect the Second Year jPS 649.122 MUR
Payne, Kim John, Simplicity Parenting jPS 649 PAY
Phelan, Thomas W., 1-2-3 Magic!: Effective Discipline for Children jPS 649 PHE
Pope, Lillie, Teach Anyone to Read jPS 372.43 POP
Popkin, Michael, Taming the Spirited Child 649.64 POP
Riekerk, Marjon, How to Give Children an Emotional Head Start jPS 649 RIE
Runkel, Hal Edward, Screamfree Parenting 649.64 RUN
Samalin, Nancy, Loving Without Spoiling 649.1 SAM
Smoll, Frank L., Parenting Young Athletes, jPS796.083 SMO
Sobel, David, Wild Play jPS 796.5 SOB
Valellly, Sarah Wood, Sensational Meditation for Children jPS 158.1 VAL
Wipfler, Patty, Listening Effectively to Children jPS 649 WIP
Wolf, Anthony, Get Out of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall? 306.84 WOL
Wolfberg, Adam, Fragile Beginnings jPS 618.92 WOL

DVDs Book on CD
Being Dad jPS DVD Parenting BEI Siegel, Bernie S., Love, Magic, and Mudpies
Digital Nation DVD Parenting DIG jPS C.Disc Spoken SIE
Discipline: Teaching Limits with Love jPS DVD Parenting DIS
Growing up Online DVD Parenting GRO
Raising Cain DVD Parenting RAI
Ten Things a Child Needs for the Best Start in Life jPS DVD Parenting TEN
Bode, Janet, For Better, for Worse: a Guide to Surviving Divorce for Preteens and their Families
j306.89 BOD
Emery, Robert E., The Truth about Children and Divorce 306.89 EME
James, John W., When Children Grieve: for Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and
Other Losses jPS 155.9 JAM
Price, Margaret, Divorce and the Special Needs Child 346.7301 PRI
Stahl, Philip M., Parenting After Divorce jPS 306.89 STA
Wallerstein, Judith S., What about the Kids? jPS 306.89 WAL

For Children
Bingman, Jane, Why Do Families Break Up? J306.89 BIN
Brown, Laura Krasny, Dinosaurs Divorce j306.89 BRO
Cochran, Bill, My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts about Me E C
Coffelt, Nancy, Fred Stays with Me E C
Daly, Cathleen Emilys Blue Period E D
Levins, Sandra, Was it the Chocolate Pudding? j306.89 LEV
Masurel, Claire, Two Homes E M
Shreeve, Elizabeth, Oliver at the Window E S
Rogers, Fred, Stepfamilies j306.874 ROG
Spelman, Cornelia Maude, Mama and Daddy Bears Divorce E S
Stanton, Karen, Monday, Wednesday and Every Other Weekend E S

For Teens and Tweens
MacGregor, Cynthia, Jigsaw Puzzle Family jYA 306.874
Youngerman, Barry, The Truth about Divorce jYA 306.89 YOU

Keefer, Betsy, Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child jPS 155.4 KEE
Lancaster, Kathy, Keys to Parenting an Adopted Child 362.734 LAN
MacLeod, Jean, Adoption Parenting 649.145 ADO
Whitten, Kathleen, Labor of the Heart jPS 362 WHI

For Children
Curtis, Jamie Lee, Tell Me Again about the Night I was Born E C
DePaola, Tomie, A New Barker in the House E D
Lewis, Rose, I Love You Like Crazy Cakes E L
Mora, Pat, Pablos Tree E M
Rotner, Shelley, Im Adopted j362.734 ROT
Thomas, Eliza, The Red Blanket E T
Young, Ed, My Mei Mei E Y

For Teens and Tweens
Lanchon, Ann, Adoption: How to Deal with the Questions of Your Past jYA 649 LAN

Grief and Loss
Goldman, Linda, Children Also Grieve j155.9 GOL
James, John W., When Children Grieve: for Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and
Other Losses jPS 155.9 JAM

Explaining Death
Boritzer, Etan, What is Death? j155.9 BOR
Maddern, Eric, Death in a Nutshell E M
Mellonie, Bryan, Lifetimes j574.2 MEL
Simon, Norma, The Saddest Time j155.9 SIM
Thornhill, Jan, I Found a Dead Bird: the Kids Guide to the Cycle of Life and Death j306.9 THO

For Children
Bley, Anette, And What Come After a Thousand? E B
Brisson, Pat, I Remember Miss Perry E B
Brown, Laurie Krasny, When Dinosaurs Die j155.9 BRO
Carlstrom, Nancy White, Blow me a Kiss, Miss Lilly E C
Cobb, Rebecca, Missing Mommy E C
DePaolo, Tomie, Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs E D
Henkes, Kevin, Sun & Spoon E H
Hesse, Karen, Poppys Chair E H
Maddern, Eric, Death in a Nut E M
Moundlic, Charlotte, The Scar E M
Park, Barbara, Mick Hart was Here jFIC PAR
Penn, Audrey, Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories E P
Ruiz, Ruth Ann, Coping with the Death of a Brother or Sister j155.9 RUI
Shriver, Maria, Whats Heaven? E S
Staake, Bob, Bluebird E S
Varley, Susan, Badgers Parting Gifts E V
Wiles, Deborah, Each Little Bird that Sings, jFIC WIL

For Teens and Tweens
Gootman, Marilyn, When a Friend Dies jYA 155.9 GOO
Hughes, Lynn, You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk about Life After the Loss of a Parent jYA 155.9 HUG
Myers, Edward, When Will I Stop Hurting? jYA 155.9 MYE
Peacock, Carol Antoinette, Death and Dying jYA 155.9 PEA

Pet LossFor Children
Chichester, Emma Clark, Up in Heaven E C
Demas, Corinne, Saying Goodbye to Lulu E D
Fox, Mem, Tough Boris E M
Keller, Holly, Goodbye Max E K
Rogers, Fred, When a Pet Dies j155.9 ROG
Viorst, Judith, The Tenth Good Thing about Barney E V
Walsh, Barbara, Sammy in the Sky E S
Wild, Margaret, Harry & Hopper E W

Medical, Psychiatric, and Emotional Problems
Ashley, Susan, The ADD & ADHD Answer Book jPS 618.92 ASH
Eaton, Alicia, Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days jPS 618.92 EAT
Ehrlich, Paul, Asthma Allergies Children jPS 618.92 EHR
Gold, Milton (editor), Complete Kids Allergy & Asthma Guide jPS 618.92 COM
Hallowell, Edward M., Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with
Attention Deficit Disorder 618.9 HAL
Kutscher, Martin, Kids in the Syndrome of ADHD, LD, Aspergers, Yourettes, Bipolar, and More! 618.92 KUT
Monastra, Vincent J., Parenting Children with ADHD: 10 Lessons that Medicine
Cannot Teach jPS 616.85 MON
Notbohm, Ellen, 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching & Raising Children with Autism or Aspergers 618.92 NOT
Skowron, Jared M., 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child 618.92 SKO
Whitney, Rondalyn Varney, Nonverbal Learning Disorder: Understanding and
Coping with NLD and Asperger's jPS 618.92 WHI
Winner, Michelle Garcia: You Are a Social Detective!: Explaining Social Thinking to Kids jPS 618.92 WIN

For Children
Buron, Kari Dunn, When My Worries Get Too Big j618.92 BUR
Bjorklund, Ruth, Asthma j616.2 BJO
Chissick, Michael, Frogs Breathtaking Speech jPS E C
Guanci, Anne Marie, David and the Worry Beast j616.89 GUA
Holmes, Margaret M., A Terrible Thing Happened E H
Kroll, Virginia. Brianna Breathes Easy E K
Little, Jean, Emmas Strange Pet. ER L
Niekerk, Clarabelle van, Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome E N
Tourville, Amanda Doering, My Friend has ADHD E T
Veenendall, Jennifer, Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? j618.92 VEE

For Teens and Tweens
Denkmire, Heather, The Truth About Fear and Depression jYA616.85 DEN
Rosaler, Maxine, Coping with Asperger Syndrome jYA 616.89 ROS
Zeigler Dendy, Chris A., A Birds-eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD: Advice from Young
Survivors jYA 618.92 ZEI
Zucker, Faye, Depression YA 616.85 ZUC

Alexander, Jenny, When Your Child is Being Bullied 649.64 ALE
Coloraso, Barbara, The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander jPS 371.7 COL
Ogden, Sarah Northway, Words will Never Hurt Me jPS 371.7 OGD
Pickert, Carl E., Why Good Kids Act Cruel jPS 155.42 PIC

Stop Bullying Now! jDVD Misc STO

For Children
DePaola, Tomie, Trouble in Barkers Class E D
Dewdney, Anna, Llama Llama and the Bully Goat E D
Kilodavis, Cheryl, My Princess Boy E K
Krool, Steven, Jungle Bullies E K
Levert, Mireille, Eddy Longpants E L
McCain, Becky, Nobody Knew What to Do E M
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro, Bully E S

For Teens and Tweens
Burton, Bonnie, Girls Against Girls jYA 305.235 BUR
Winkler, Kathleen, Bullying: How to Deal with the Taunting, Teasing, and Tormenting jYa 371.5 WIN

For Children
Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers E B
Bothell, Joan, Henry and Fred Learn about Lead j615.9 BOT
Calmenson, Stephanie, May I Pet Your Dog? E C
Cuyler, Margery, Please Play Safe E C
Cuyler, Margery, Stop Drop and Roll E C
Kleven, Sandy, The Right Touch j362.7 KLE
Miller, Edward, Fireboy to the Rescue! J363.37 MIL
Pendziwol, Jean, A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me: Water Safety for Kids j797.2 PEN
Schulson, Rachel Ellenberg, Guns: What You Should Know j363.33 SCH
Starishevsky, My Body Belongs to Me j362.76 STA
Thomas, Pat, I can be Safe j362.8 THO

Internet Safety jDVD Film INT
Stranger Safety jDVD Film STR

Teens and Tweens
Gerdes, Louise I., Teen Driving jYA 629.28 TEE
Haley, John, The Truth about Abuse jYA 362.82 HAL

The New Baby
For Children
Anholt, Laurence, Sophie and the New Baby E A
Blackall, Sophie, The Baby Tree E B
Bond, Rebecca, Just Like a Baby E B
Broach, Elise, What the No Good Baby is Good For E B
Brown, Marc, Arthurs Baby E B
Burningham, John, Theres Going to be a Baby E B
Cole, Joanna, Im a Big Brother E C
Cole, Joanna, Im a Big Sister E C
Corey, Dorothy, Will There Be a Lap for Me? E C
Cote, Nancy, Its All About Me E C
DePaola, Tomie, The Baby Sister E D
Frazee, Marla, The Boss Baby E F
Fuller, Rachel, Waiting for Baby E F (board book)
Harris, Robie H., Whats in There? J612.6 HAR
Henkes, Kevin, Julius, the Baby of the World E H
Henson, Heather, Angel Coming E H
Keats, Ezra Jack, Peters Chair E K
Keller, Holly, Geraldines Baby Brother E K
Kubler, Annie, My New Baby E K (board book)
Lloyd-Jones, Sally, How to Be a Baby By Me, the Big Sister E L
Long, Melinda, Pirates Dont Change Diapers E L
Rockwell, Liz, Hello Baby E R
Rodman, Mary Ann, Surprise Soup E R
Rogers, Fred, The New Baby j155.4 ROG
Root, Phyllis, What Baby Wants E R
Schaefer, Lola M. One Special Day E S
Sullivan, Sarah, Once Upon a Baby Brother E S
Shipton, Jonathan, Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah! E S
Shulman, Dee, Our New Baby E S (board book)
Waddell, Martin, Rosies Babies E W
Waddell, Martin, When the Teddy Bears Came E B
Walter, Mildred Pitts, My Mama Needs Me E P
Wells, Rosemay, McDuff and the Baby E M
Woodson, Jaqueline, Pecan Pie Baby E W

Toilet Training
Sonna, Linda, Early-Start Potty Training 649.62 SON DVDs
Cole, Joanna, Your New Potty j649.62 COL Once Upon a Potty for Her jDVD Film ONC
Once Upon a Potty for Him jDVD Film ONC
For Children
Falwell, Cathryn, P. J. and the Puppy E F
Genechten, Guido van, Potty Time E G
Rogers, Fred, Going to the Potty j649.62 ROG
Sanschagrin, Joceline, Caillou Potty Time E S
Verdick, Elizabeth, Diapers are Not Forever E V (board book)
Vestergaard, Hope, Potty Animals E V
Willems, Mo, Time to Pee! j649.62 WIL
James, John W., When Children Grieve: for Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss,
Moving, and Other Losses jPS 155.9 JAM

For Children
Anno, Mitsumasa, Annos Counting House E A
Ballard, Lisa, Trick or Treat on Milton Street E B
Civardi, Anne, Moving House E C
Krensky, Stephen, We Just Moved! ER K
Rostoker-Gruber, Karen, Bandit E R
Rylant, Cynthia, Henry and Mudge and Annies Good Move ER R
Norton, Juster, Neville E S
Underwood, Deborah, Bad Bye, Good Bye E U
Viorst, Judith, Alexander Whos Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move E V
Yolen, Jane, Elsies Bird E Y
Zolotow, Charlotte, A Tiger Called Thomas E Z

Dolgoff, Joanna, Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right jPS 613.2083 DOL
Lunden, Joan, Growing Up Healthy 649 LUN
Satter, Ellyn, Your Childs Weight jPS 613.2083 SAT
Seinfeld, Jessica, Deceptively Delicious jPS 641.55 SEI
Weight Watchers Eat, Move, Play! 649 WEI

For Children
Child, Lauren, I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato E C
Durant, Alan, Burger Boy E D
Leedy, Loren, The Edible Pyramid. J613.2 LEE
Miller, Edward, The Monster Health Book j613.2 MIL
Priceman, Marjorie, Princess Picky E P
Waber, Bernard, Fast Food! Gulp! Gulp! E W