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Negative Meal Balances

JCSC has a policy that states that

any child with a negative account
balance may NOT be served
breakfast. Any student that has
a negative balance will not be
allowed to go to breakfast-we
regret this change. Breakfast
is the most important meal
of the day-if you need assis-
tance updating your childs bal-
ance, or need to apply for free/
reduced lunches, PLEASE con-
tact us! We do not want to
turn any child away. This also
applies to extra milk or juice if
they bring their lunch.
Textbook Fees
Just a reminder that textbook
fees were due at the beginning
of school. If you have not made
the payment they are now past
due. Please remit payment
by October 1st. If you have
any questions, please call the
office at 392-2055 and ask for
Bullying Prevention
Every Monday in Oc-
tober AND especial-
ly on Monday, Octo-
ber 6, 2014 we are
asking students and
staff to participate in
TION by wearing a BLUE
SHIRT. Lets add our school to
the list of schools that are will-
ing to participate with this
movement through the month
of October. On Monday, 10-6-
14 we will gather everyone in
blue and take a photo as well as
random photos throughout the
day and submit all of them to
the Stomp Out Bullying Cam-
paign web site. Our photos will
be listed with all the other
schools who will have partici-
pated that day!
You should have received con-
firmation of your conference
scheduled for October 8th or
October 9th . We had 100%
Monday B Peanut Butter &
Jelly Graham Wafer, Fruit
Choice, Milk L Real Slice
Wedge Pizza, Mixed Green Salad
or Steamed Green Peas, Fruit
Choice, Milk
Tuesday B Power Alley Bar
Yogurt Cup, Fruit Choice, Milk L
Popcorn Chicken, Baked Curly
Fries or Steamed Carrots, Fruit
Choice, Animal Crackers, Milk
Wednesday B Apple Filled
Bosco Stick, Fruit Choice, Milk L
Salisbury Steak w/ Brown Gravy
and Roll, Mashed Potatoes or
Green Beans, Fruit Choice, Milk
Thursday B Breakfast Pizza,
Fruit Choice, Milk L Quesadilla,
Corn or Refried Beans, Fruit
Choice, Cookie, Milk
Friday B Pancake & Sausage on
a Stick, Syrup Cup, Fruit Choice,
Milk L Brunch for Lunch! Ba-
con, Egg & Cheese Eggstravagan-
za, Sausage Patty, Baked Sea-
soned Potato Stix, Fruit or Juice
Choice, Muffin, Milk
**Cereal is available at Breakfast
**Uncrustables PB&J are available
at Lunch daily.
**Student Salads are available
daily for grades 3-6.
Menu: October 6-10
participation last year and are
striving for that again! If you need
a ride to your conference, please
call the school and someone will
be happy to pick you up!
Jennings Co. 4-H
Jennings County 4-H is celebrat-
ing National Youth Science Day
with a free "Rockets to the Res-
cue" event at 6 pm on Wednes-
day, October 8, at the Jennings
County Public Library. All supplies
are provided. Please register by
calling the library at 812-346-
2091. The program, presented by
Melessa Wiesehan, 4-H Youth
Development Educator, is open
to grades K-12. Participants will
work in teams to build rockets
with common supplies and then
launch them to complete a storm
survival scenario. For more infor-
mation, contact the Extension
Office at 352-3033.

O C T O B E R 3 , 2 0 1 4
10/6-10/10 Book Fair
10/7 Kindergarten Trip to
10/8 Parent/Teacher Con-
ferences from 4-7
10/9- Parent/Teacher Con-
ferences from 4-7
10/10 Fall Picture Day
10/13-10/17 FALL BREAK
10/23 2nd & 3rd Grade to
the Park Theater
Good News Club
10/29 1st Grade Grandpar-
ents Day
10/30 Good News Club
Balances are as of
Thursday after
+ ________________
Extra Clothing
Parents, please keep
in mind that we do
not have extra clothes
available. If your child
has frequent acci-
dents, please provide
us with an extra outfit
that we can keep at
the school with their
name on it.
Book Fair--open
during library
times and parent/
teacher confer-
ences 10/6-
through 10/10