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Ad ve nt u r e C amp 2 0 1 4
J i m, Su z y, Ka i a & Es p e n
and development of a missionary. In our preparations, we have been
trying to find that balance. We are very excited to share about what
God is doing down here, but are equally as excited to learn about what
is going on in your lives, too! We have friends house!sitting for the next
three months, our kids vaccinations are up to date, Espen has
recovered from a recent tongue surgery he had "hes now back to
100#$, and our kids have begun to experience what Autumn looks like
here in the US! Kaia has already developed a strong love for pumpkins,
weve been able to spend time with family members, and weve already
experienced some brilliant fall colors while driving around Connecticut!
It is incredible to think that its already October! The last
month or so has definitely been defined by being in a state
of preparation. We left Ecuador on Oct 1st and are now in the first week of our first home ministry
assignment "HMA$ or furlough. For those that have not heard, the primary purpose of HMA is to
communicate with and strengthen relationships with family, friends, financial supporters, and our
sending churches. We will be doing some fundraising to meet our monthly financial goals as well as
for some special projects in our ministry, too. So its not a vacation, but also should not be so heavily
scheduled that it becomes exhausting. Its not optional and is essential to the on!going health
When most people hear camp, they immediately picture a kid with packed bags and a sleeping bag
heading off for a week in the summer. If you were to ask an Ecuadorian to describe what comes to
their mind, they wouldnt describe that same picture. Its not a part of this culture nor common to
send kids away for a week of camp in the summers. In spite of that, we have had success launching a
week of classic summer camp for the past two summers& and this year we jumped from one week to
two weeks!
Our theme of I am Phoenix seemed to really
connect wi t h camper s t hi s s ummer. Looki ng
introspectively and challenging the kids to look at
where they might be on the spectrum of the life of
the phoenix provided our counselors with great
starting points for deep conversation during their
cabin Bible study times. The use of our ropes course
and team!building challenges led to unity within the
groups campers were placed in. And ultimately, the
greatest part was to hear about multiple campers each
week acknowledging their need for a Savior and
asking Christ to be Lord of their lives for the first
time. At the end of the day, thats why we do camp, retreats, programming, hikes, and everything else
that comprises our ministry. To know that even just one more person will be with Christ for eternity
is a reason to keep doing what were doing and is a cause to celebrate!
September ! October 2014
C a l a c a l i C h u r c h R e t r e a t
P r a y e r
R e q u e s t s
Pray for our fami l y as we
travel to 13 cities over the next
three months.

Pray for our kids ! that they
would sleep and adjust well to
the traveling.

Pr ay f or our chur ch
leadership in Calacal and that
the members continue to grow
as a body of Christ.

Pr ay f or t he yout h t hat
attended the adventure camps
and accepted Christ in August.

Pray for our level of monthly
support. Whether through
new mont hl y gi ver s or an
increase by those currentl y
gi vi ng, we need to rai se an
additional amount per month
to continue doing ministry in

Pr ay f or good heal t h and
safety for our fami l y as we
In the second week of September we had the privilege of attending
a church retreat with 12 other people from our church in Calacal.
We boarded the bus and drove 2.5 hours to a town in the middle of
high altitude jungle to the childhood home of one of the women in
our group. Her family had been inviting the church to visit for over
a year and in preparation for the weekend, specifically raised
chickens to serve during our meals. The town itself was a cluster of
6 or 7 homes, a small tienda that mostly sold candy and cooking oil,
and a waterfall with a swimming hole nearby. In recent years the
families in the area received new cinder block houses that were
heavily subsidized by the government. The arrival of this new home
was the catalyst to invite our church to spend a night with them.

Not knowing exactly what kind of adventure we were about to
experience, our family brought our tent and we boarded the van
that had been rented for our one night excursion. We swam in the
waterfall, harvested bananas and yucca straight from the land,
laughed a lot, led music during two services, watched our church
members deliver clothing to a poor family nearby, had some really
good and insightful conversations, and simply lived life alongside
our church friends and this family for two days.

Unlike church retreats that weve attended in the U.S., there wasnt
a theme for the weekend or any organized activities. Despite that,
there was genuine fellowship with authentic people who, despite
facing all kinds of adversity in their lives, have a real desire to learn
more about God and Hi s l ove for Hi s chi l dren. Repeatedl y
throughout the weekend we were so glad that we chose to embark
on that unknown adventure, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and
dependent on our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters in Christ, and to
have the space to go deeper in conversation and live life with
members of our church.
October 11 & 12: Long Island, NY November 18 "22: Fergus Fal ls, MN
October 12 " 17: New York City November 22 "28: Eau Claire, WI
October 17 " 28: Ithaca, NY Nov. 29 " Dec. 5: Door County, WI
Oct. 29 " Nov. 1: Elgin, IL Dec 6 & 7: Minneapol is, MN
November 2 " 8: Minneapol is, MN December 9 " 14: Coeur dAlene, ID
November 9 " 17: Fargo, ND December 16 " 29: Everett, WA
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