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Top 10 Effective Home Remedies

To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Oct 08, 2014
Urinary tract infection is one of the most
common physical disorders that people face. This painful infection occurs more
commonly in women than men, with half of women almost certain to have at least
one infection at some point in their lives. And it is not a one-time thing either!
Recurrences are common. Pregnancy, intercourse, menopause, holding urine for
prolonged period of time, etc, are the common causes of this infection. A bout of UT
can be very painful. The symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, urge for urinating
fre!uently, burning sensation while urinating. This common but painful condition is
generally treated with a course of antibiotics. "ut there are many home remedies that
can help ease the symptoms of UT#
Top 10 Urinary Tract Infection Home
1. Using Baking Soda:
An effective home remedy to ease the infection is mi$ing one spoon of ba%ing soda in
one glass of water and drin%ing it fre!uently. "a%ing soda has the power to neutrali&e
the acidity present in urine, which helps in soothing the burning sensation associated
with UT.
2. Indian Gooseberry:
ndian gooseberry, which is popularly %nown as Amla, contains 'itamin ( in large
amount. t restricts the bacteria from growing inside the human body and also %eeps
the bladder healthy. )i$ one spoon of amla powder and one spoon of turmeric powder
in half a cup of water. "oil the mi$ture till half of the water evaporates. (onsume this
natural residue thrice daily for five days and watch UT symptoms vanish without a
. !pp"e #ider $inegar:
The growth and multiplication of the UT causing bacteria can be prevented by
proteins, en&ymes and few essential minerals. All these are present in apple cider
vinegar. (onsuming A(' is a really tasty way of treating this infection. )i$ water, two
spoon full apple cider vinegar, lemon *uice and honey. +rin% this healthy concoction
twice a day till the infection clears.
%. B"&eberry:
"lueberry possesses anti-bacterial properties that can help cure this severe infection.
t can be sprin%led over the favorite cereal of the infected person. t can also be
consumed in the form of *uice without adding any %ind of artificial sweetener. This *uice
should be consumed early in the morning during brea%fast and also at night. )a%ing
blueberry a part of your daily diet can also help prevent reccurrence of UT.
'. (&ice of #ranberry:
Proanthocyanidins found in cranberry prevents the bacteria from crossing the urethra
walls. (ranberry also has anti-biotic effect and can help fight the infection. An easy
way to restrict urinary tract infection is by drin%ing half glass cranberry *uice on a
regular basis. People who are already suffering from this infection must drin% four
glasses of this *uice regularly in order to protect the %idneys. +o not add artificial
sweetener to the *uice. "ut if you need to dilute the taste, you can add apple *uice.
). *ineapp"e:
Pineapple contains an en&yme named "romelain, which is anti-inflammatory and
helps in decreasing the symptoms of UT. Prescribed antibiotics must also be ta%en
along with this fresh fruit. (onsuming one cup of pineapple everyday can help prevent
urinary tract infection. ,ne can also drin% pineapple *uice every day.
+. ,ater:
-ater gives us life. -ater is the most basic yet most important remedy of UT. .ou
need to drin% at least / glasses of water each day to prevent this infection. "ut, if you
are already suffering from this infection then it is important to drin% at least eight ounce
water per hour! That0s a lot of water but it is needed to flush out the bacteria causing
UT. Urinating once or twice in four hours is necessary to remove the infection causing
bacteria present in the bladder.
-. Hot ,ater #ompress:
1ot water compress if used regularly reduces the pressure on the bladder and in turn
gives relief from the pain of infection. f the infected person suffers from abdomen pain
then he needs to pour hot water into a fle$ible bottle and then hold that bottle on the
lower abdomen.
.. Tea Tree /i":
The anti-bacterial property of tea tree oil helps in fighting against the bacteria causing
urinary tract infection. The opening of the urethra must be washed daily while ta%ing
bath. Add ten drops of this oil to water while ta%ing bath. Alternatively, mi$ si$ drops of
the oil, two spoons yogurt in warm water and then soa% the body in same water for a
few minutes.
10. U0a Ursi:
This herb contains substances which can fight against infections such as UT. t is
readily available in the form of supplement. Uva Ursi contains anti-septic properties
which help %ill the bacteria causing this infection.
These home remedies for urinary tract infection are better at preventing UT than
curing it. f you notice UT li%e symptoms and they last for more than two days, then a
trip to the doctor is warranted. -ithout proper medical intervention, UT can infect the
%idneys and lead to a more serious medical condition.
Posted by Thavam