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Library Management System

The project entitled LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is deeloped as
part o! the "I Semester R#BMS pac$age project !or the partial !%l!illment o!
the BE &'omp%ter Science( degree)
LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a so!t*are application to maintain
the records related to Boo$ +%rchase, Stoc$ Maintenance, Boo$ Search,
'atalog, Boo$ Iss%e, Boo$ Ret%rns, -ine 'ollection, and all necessary
re.%irements !or the Library to manage day to day operations)
The main objectie o! the application is to a%tomate the e/isting system
o! man%ally maintain the records o! the Boo$ Iss%e, Boo$ Ret%rn !rom the
st%dent, Stoc$ Maintenance, 'atalog and Boo$ Search to be comp%teri0ed) So
the Boo$ Iss%e, Ret%rn, Searching *ill be !aster)
This application can be %sed by any Library to a%tomate the process o!
man%ally maintaining the records related to the s%bject o! maintaining the
stoc$ and Boo$ Iss%es)

The transactions related to Boo$ +%rchase, Boo$ Iss%e and Boo$
Ret%rns are maintained man%ally at present along *ith maintaining the
acco%nts o! the St%dents and the Lect%rers)
All these are to be a%tomated and an application is re.%ired to relate all
o! them relatiely and logically so that the c%rrent system can be replaced and
accepted *itho%t major changes and problems)
The application sho%ld proide .%ic$ access to the records maintained
and m%st reeal the important reie*s abo%t the b%siness so that the gro*th
can be easily compared and sho%ld proide *ith the ario%s reports sho*ing
the related details so that the important decisions co%ld be ta$en easily)
Hardware and Software req!re"ent#
Hardware Req!re"ent#
+rocessor 1 +enti%m I" 2G30 and Aboe
Monitor 1 456 'olor Monitor
Software Req!re"ent#
8perating System) 1 9indo*s :+
#eeloping Tool 1 "is%al Basic ;)<
#atabase 1 MS Access
The !rontend o! this project is "is%al Basic ;)< and Bac$end is MSAccess)
This project is readily aailable, to b%y this project send yo%r postal address
by SMS &Mobile No $%&'()(&%*( or email &ra+#,a!nfote-,./"a!01-o"(,
*e *ill send yo% this project by postal "++ yo% can pay to the postman and
collect the '#)
I! yo% are loo$ing !or di!!erent bac$end please email the details) 9e *ill gie
this project in di!!erent bac$end *ith additional cost along *ith ideo ho* to
change the bac$end, and ho* to %se the project)
I! yo% *ish to *rite the *hole project yo%rsel!, the option is open *e can help
yo% to design and *rite the project) 9e *ill ma$e a ideo ho* to *rite the
*hole project and *e *ill send to yo%, by *atching that ideo yo% can able to
*rite the project yo%rsel!) -or more details please contact %s)
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