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Biomedical and technological evaluation of fetal monitors.

In accordance with sectional health directorate of Antioquia (DSSA), There are
77504 births per year in Antioquia, so that the health institutions have to take more
efficient technologies in order to provides a good attention.
For the hereinabove mentioned reason the proposal here is to bring a
technological report of the best fetal monitors in order to give an idea of the costs,
quality and technological information of this equipment.
Giving a subjective value to the characteristics of the best fetal monitors available
in the market so as to make a good recommendation to the people that need this
Project body
The project consists in developing an strategy to search the best technologies in
accordance with the requirements of the health institutions of Antioquia.
This project dont need a budget, because the information can be found in a virtual
data bases, so that the main resource here will be the data base of Antioquias
university, besides the official web pages of the providers of this kind of
The experts going to be bioengineers of the University of Antioquia, they have an
appropriated knowledge to take many recommendations about the strategy that will
be employed in the technological evaluation.
Thus the health institutions of Antioquia could take the best technology that
provides a profitable investment, furthermore the pregnant women going to receive
a better attention.
The project can be done in a few steps of a short period of time:
First month: searching of basic information about the fetal monitors.
Second month: discussing the information with the experts.
Third month: developing the strategy, after, asking for quotes in the
Fourth month: doing the evaluation.
There are a lot of technological evaluations, but the fetal monitors arent the main
objective in such studies, for this reason this is a new project and a new point of
A main reference to use in this project will be centro nacional de excelencia
tecnologica (CENETEC) which is a international provider of technical
specifications for this kind of health technologies, so that here you can find a lot of
information about the main requirements, characteristics, and furthermore you can
find value of the calibration, maintenance and quotes.
The main resource to doing this project is going to be the quotes available in
the market by the providers, besides probably it could be a limiting to go
The development of the strategy will be a key factor to doing the evaluation,
so it will be the first objective here.
Surely, a good resource could be the past technological evaluations.
The obstetrical professionals would give good information about the main
requirements for these technologies.
Taking into account the innovations and the trends.