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Chapter 1
Title of Dissertation

Introduction…………………… Abstract………… Objective…………

Chapter 2 Methodology….. Value Chain… SIPOC ………

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Title of Dissertation
A study on “VERIZON WIRELESS” under following subtopics: • History. • US Telecom Market. • Industrial overview. • Corporate Governance. • Financial Study. • Product & Service Strategies.

Verizon Wireless operates the nations most reliable and largest wireless voice and data network, serving more than 80 million voice and data customers.

Wireless Phone Customers Employee Population Annual Revenue 2007 Company Operated Stores Digital Network Technology Data Services

More than 80 Million 85,000 $49.3 More than 2,500 Code Division Multiple Access [CDMA] Mobile Broadband and NationalAccess for staying connected coast to coast on laptops, smartphones and handsets; V CAST Music for downloading music, listening to tunes and watching music videos; V CAST for video clips, V CAST Mobile TV for broadcast and cable television live content and programming.

Headquarters Area Headquarters:

Basking Ridge, New Jersey Northeast – Morristown, New Jersey Midwest – Schaumburg, Illinois South – Alpharetta, Georgia

Verizon uses the two letters of the Verizon logo- veritas, the Latin word connoting certainty and reliability, and horizon, signifying forward-looking and visionary. • September 1999, Vodafone AirTouch announced a $90-billion joint venture with Bell Atlantic Corp. to be called Verizon Wireless .

The finacial analysis of different companies in america is-

Verizon wireless is America’s no.1 reliable network, serving at around 80 million voice & data user subscribers. The need of research study is to study about Verizon Wireless, understanding its various strategies that keep it ahead of all other competitors like AT&T etc.. This study is undergone through various steps of research project. The method used for the research the project are- Group Disscussion,internet browsing , different graphs & chart study etc.From this analysis we found that Verizon Wireless has the largest market share due to its calling plans, Tariff plans and other strategies. The main calling plans are1-Basic 2-Select 3-Premium 4-Unlimited 5-65 plus The service strategies of Verizon Wireless are-

• • • • •

Global access Global email Global travel Global phone International long distance value plan

The aim of this research project is to study about different strategies used, different products used by verizon wireless. It also include US market study, Verizon Corporate Study, Verizon wireless financial & Industrial study. Under this research project following points are covered• • • • • • History. US Telecom Market. Industrial overview. Corporate Governance. Financial Study. Product & Service Strategies.



Verizon Wireless picked up Ericsson & Alcatel Lucent for it 4G platform, these vendors also provide basic services and equipments for its network expansion. Alltel & telespectra are responsiple for network integration of Verizon wireless, Smith Micro is also a important basic supplier of Verizon Wireless. Software integration is provided by aricent & system integrator inc. independent service providers are airnetlova & airolink-lisbon for Verizon group, these companies help Verizon to build basic strategic plans like global access, premium, basic etc. End users for Verizon wireless may be its corporate partners and local subscribers.


There are 5 steps in the SIPOC process.
1. Supplier 2. Inputs 3. Process 4. Outputs 5. Customers In the sipoc process for Verizon Wireless the main supplier are Ecriccson,Alcatel Lucent,etc which provides the infrastructure,software,VAS sevices and Security services as inputs.In the next level process the first step is to meet the new and the existing subscriber.Then understand voice and data(broadband) specifications according to needs of subscribers.then make different plans like Basic,Premium,Unlimited for different subscribers and provide best quality voice and data services at minimum price.

In the output level the high revenue,new subscriber, voice and data services comes.In the customer level the customers are corporate users, Home user and personal users.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Voice & Data.(september ‘08)

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