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4 15 September 2004

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Points To Recall Day 5

1. For new service, or for changed service, if corrosion rate is not
known, on-stream determination after 1, ho!rs shall "e made
to esta"lish or confirm corrosion rate.

#. $%&P '
&here t ' t
# / 0n
0n ' metal loss !1 to ne/t ins1ection
2. For corrosion area of considera"le si3e4 thickness averaging along
most critical element shall not e/ceed following length +l.5
a. 6essel 7.D. 8 -9. ..l ' D*# or #9 !se smaller val!e
". 6essel 7.D. : -9... l ' D*2 or ;9 !se smaller val!e
;. The widely scattered 1its, can "e ignored if5
a. <o 1it de1th in greater than half wall thickness e/cl!ding
". Total 1it are does not e/ceed = s>!are inches within ? inch
diameter circle
c. Total s!m along any line in circle does not e/ceed # inches

5. For s!rface remote from weld, +weld ) 8 1., shell thickness can "e
recalc!lated with ) ' 1. (hell area is considered remote from
weld if it lies on either side weld "eyond 19 or # times thickness
+whichever is greater..
-. For dished @eads, the 0rown 1ortion lies within circle concentric to
dish "!t crown dia. ' .? / shell dia.
=. For )lli1soidal or Toris1herical heads, crown 1ortion thickness can "e
recalc!lated considering crown as 1art of s1here of radi!s e>!al to
D, +for standard Toris1herical. or A
D +for )lli1soidal..
?. For elli1soidal head A
de1ends on D*#h ratio +h'head de1th. For
#51 )lli1soidal @ead, A
' .B