232 Exam Questions

1. how you can idetifles lv and free and used pp lspv –p PVname 2. what command shows configured device configuration lsdev –CH 3. you adding tape device and m/c power on which command show your configured device lsdev –Cc tape 4. which command change user characterisitcs chuser 5. 5.your systems perfomance down, u find out cpu bottel neck which command shows cpu resoures pocesses Ans: ps aux 6. you want mirred one vg which command done quorum off Ans: chvg –Qn vgname 7. you have /test file system, you want unmount file system /test but not unmount which command shows how much process on this file systems Ans: fuser 8. u wnt your lapr m/c configure which primary require . Ans: hmc 9. U want install mksysb on client through nim which component requre. Ans: lppsource, SPOT and mksysb 10. How you identfy your oslevel Ans: oslevel 11. your system is working ok, but when u restart the system your led show 554 what to do frist. Ans: Reboot in Maintenance mode, Access the rootvg before mounting rootvg, then run fsck 12. you have 5.1 mksysb backup. You want to install in another systems which component require for install mksysb . Ans:Boot through CDROM 13. You have 5.1 os on your machine u want to upgrade 5.2 which is the fastest method to revert back Ans: alt_disk_install 14. you want to upgrade os 5.1 to 5.2 and u want to your old user,lv and all ,which process save your existing user and user lv


Ans: Migration installation 15. you have 4mm backup on tape ,and your system have 8 mm tape one more system have 4mm and 8mm tape what command convert 4mm tape in to 8 mm tape Ans: tcopy 16. you mirrord hdisk0 and hdisk1 hard disk if you want test if your harddisk 0 fail mc boot from hdisk1. a) bootlist -mo normal hdisk1 b) bootlist - m normal hdisk0 hdisk1 c) bosboot - ad hdisk1 Ans: b) 17. you install new ethernet card and system reboot while booting you see your ethernet card was not configured which log file shows error. Ans: alog –t boot -o 18. you create one filesystem / test and also create one log lv /log00 but when you mount your test filesystem not mount ,test file system logvolume is /log00 which command use for mounting a file system /test. Ans: logform 19 You have rootvg and datavg volume group u want t take backup of datavg which command use for backup datavg. Ans: savevg 20. You have 32 bit enable kernal, if you want to run your 64 bit application on machine which proc. use enable your 64bit kernal. Ans: ln –sf /usr/lib/boot/unix _64 /unix Ln –sf /usr/lib/boot/unix_64 /usr/lib/boot/unix Bosboot –ad /dev/ipldsvice Shutdown –r 21.You create one user and u want give rights to manage user which group given to that user for manage other user Ans: Security 22. your login count finished which command use for counting given again. Ans: chsec 23. How to start tcpip sub system? Ans: startsrc –g tcpip 24. How to verify/show the maintenance level? Ans: oslevel -r 25. How to set the file permission mode to a file in oder to give read, write for user and groups and read and execute for others? Ans: chmod u=rw, g=rw, o=rx filename or chmod 665 filename


26. What containes the proc directory? Ans: Binary value of processes / current state of kernel 27. How will you list the mounted filesystem? Ans: mount 28. How will you configure network interface? Ans: ifconfig 29. How will remove a job fromt the print queue? Ans: qcan -#, enq –x #, lprm #, cancel # 30. What is the command list the installed device information? Ans: lsdev –C 31.How to rename existing vg? What is the procudure? Ans: varyoffvg vgname Exportvg vgname Importvg –y newvgname hdiskn 32. What is the default installation of 64-bit architecture? Ans: It will install both 32 and 64 bit kernel with 64 bit kernel enabled 33. How will you increase the size of a file systems? Ans: chfs –a size=+2 /tmp 34. where will the time keeping information stored? Ans: /etc/environment 35. How will list mounted files sytems accross the disks? Ans: mount 36. Which command will you check the system errlog file? Ans: errpt –a 37. Where will be the ODM stored? Ans: /etc/objrepos , /usr/lib/objrepos , /usr/share/lib/objrepos 38. Which command will show the CPU status? Ans: sar (cpu usage : sar –u) 39. An owner of a pSeries 680 would like to install AIX 5L and use JFS2 for the rootvg file systems. Which of the following methods are available to perform this task? ANS: Select the Enable 64-bit Kernel and JFS2 advanced install option at installation time. 40. How to exclude a file while taking mksys backup? Ans: add entry of files in /etc/exclude.rootvg which are to be exclude and use –e option with mksysb command 41. How to list all the PCI slots in a systems? 3

Ans: lsslot -c pci –a 42. A system administrator wishes to determine if a newly configured tape drive is correctly added to the ODM database. Which command would the administrator use? ANS: odmget 43. for write consistency state which RAID level is to be used? Ans: RAID –0 44. How to copy lv's from the failed disk? Assume that the hdisk is failed. Ans: cplv –-v myvg –-y newlv oldlv 45.How to increase the size of the logical volume? Ans: chlv and extendlv lvname no.ofpps 46. How to start resource monitoring control Ans: rmcctrl –s , while booting inittab 47. How to save kernel changes Ans: /etc/tunables/nextboot 48. How to list process signal handlers Ans: pstart or sigaction 49. How to change a default printer for a user Ans: LPDEST and smitty qdefault 50. Oc31 error , what to check Ans: Display 51. How to list errors while taking backup Ans: 52. How to check the tape backup is taken in backup foramt Ans: restore 53. Difference between mklv + fs and crjfs Ans: Placement of LV 54. How to check if a cdrom is bootable Ans: bosinfo -B 55.A user is not able to cd to the /tmp/application dir what could be the problem drw_r__r__ 4 root system /tmp/application. Ans. Executable rights to the dir are not their. 56.How to restore a mksysb to a different system Ans: restore


57.In which file u will start miscellaneous applications during system boot. Ans: rc.local 58.Where to see console errors came during booting. Ans: alog –t boot –o 59.How to check that software is loaded for a device. Ans: lscfg or cfgmgr 60.A Logical vol is increased and how to know how many blocks to be added to increase the FS. Ans: lslv lvname 61.Which file will show kernel parameter changes done during last reboot. Ans. /etc/tunables/lastboot 62.How to enable processor multithreading. Ans: bosdebug –H on and Reboot 63.System is switching betwn 223-229 how to solve this problem Ans: Invalid Boot list Access rootvg in maintenance mode, lslv –m hd5, bosboot –a –d /dev/hdiskn and restart the system 64.To verify that all filesets have all required requisites and are completely installed. Ans: lppchk –v 65. How to copy packages from cd to working directory Ans: bffcreate 66. How to enable striping on the LV Ans: chlv –e 67. In iostat report how you will know that the System is i/o bound Ans: %iowait > 25% or %tm_act > 70%

68. How to set system to automatically reboot after a crash Ans: smit chgsys OR chdev –l sys0 –a autostart=true 69: How to lists specific hardware information e.g. EC level,FRUno. Port no. Ans: lscfg -v


70. How to see the information about all of the PVs within the Volume group Ans: lsvg –p rootvg ( for logical volumes information use –l) 71.command to listing all LVs by volume group Ans: lsvg –o | lsvg –i –l 72. Give the command used to redistribute the PPs of the LVs in Volume group according to their preferred allocation ploicies Ans: reorgvg vgname OR reorgvg vgname lvname1 lvname 2.. 73: Command to list all the LVs on a PV including number of LPs, PPs and distribution on the disk Ans: lspv –l hdiskn 74.Command to list all the LVs on a disk and the PP to which its LPs are mapped .It is listed in PP order and shows what partitions are free and which are used, as well as the location. Ans: lspv –p hdiskn 75. Command to move the contents of the Physical Volume OR to move LVs from one PV to another Ans: migratepv –l lvname sourcehdiskn targethdiskn 76. After making changes in /etc/tunables/nextboot, what is the next step to save it? Ans: savetune 77. Where will be the freewares like zip, gunip etc will reside. (It was asking for path) Ans. Please check it might be /opt/freeware

78. shell 1 VAR1=’dog’ VAR2=’cat’ Export VAR1 Export VAR2


VAR1=’mouse’ Shell2 #!usr/bin/ksh VAR2=’fish’ Print $VAR1 & $VAR2“ What is the result Ans: fish mouse 79. Where you will enter the scripts to be run at the boot time Ans: rc.boot 80.How you will do the entry in /etc/inittab Ans: mkitab 81.What is meant by filter in printing Ans: Taking data from standard input processing and to give result in standard output 82. There are 5 harddisks of 80GB and data is 300 GB, How you will provide fault tolerance as well as data storage. Ans: RAID-5 83.What is different Operating system can be installed in LPAR Ans: linux 84. How to set default printer for user Ans: export PRINTER=PRINTER_B in users $HOME/.profile file 85. You have taken mksysb backup on rspc machine and you have to do migration installation on chpc machine what else is required. Ans: AIX installable media


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