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Top Left: Frances and Barbara are
all smiles for the camera.
Bottom Left: Caleb wanted daddy
to take a picture of him at his desk.
Above: Billy in concert at the UIL
district contest in El Paso.
Volume No. 8
The Bill Baker Fam/Zy—Serving Christ Through
Spanish American Evangelism
3135 Forney Lane, El Paso, TX 79935
May 1989 Number 1
Dear Friends of the Baker family;
"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray
with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident
of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of
Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:3-6 NIV
Rosa and I would tike to take this time to tell you that we appreciate what you mean to
our ministry. We may not be able to write each one of you a personal note but please be
assured that you are on our minds and are an important part of this ministry.
Rosa has written several of the last news
letters. She writes in the form of a letter; I am
going to break from that format and use
headings to create an outline concerning the
areas of service in which we are involved. If
you have a particular part of our ministry
which interests you, It should be easier to find
information you desire quickly.
During 1988 I was able to complete the produc
tion of over one million evangelistic tracts in
Spanish. That is a large number, and it is even
larger when one realizes that this was the first full
year in which I had the entire responsibility of the
printing and production of the materials in addition
to the management and administration of S.A.E.
We are still looking for additional help following
the loss of two valuable staff members in 1987. During the
past two years I have been looking for a full or part-time
printer. We have had little success In finding someone to
help inthat area. I have recentlybegun looking fora retired
couple with business administration experience Instead of
printing experience. Manyof the Christian organizations
inour brotherhood need some professional help in the area
of business administration. It has recently occurred to me
that among our brotherhood there are countless retired
business executives who are looking for somewhere to
serve the Lord—knowing that they do not want to preach
or work in traditional areas of service. Why not use this
type of person inthe arena Inwhich he or she is best suited
—business administration?
I am looking for a retired businessman who would be
willing to dedicate three years to the ministry of Spanish
American Evangelism. We cannot offer a salary, but we
can offer the satisfaction of hard work in helping lead this
ministry inspreading God's wordthroughout the Spanish-
speaking world.
Spanish American Evangelism has grown to the point
where we are looking for a larger base of operation. We
are currently located on a single lot on the east side of El
Paso. Inorder for the ministryto continue to growand better
serve the Spanish-speaking world,--we must_relQcate to _
larger facilities. We are considering the sale ofour present
propertywith the idea of purchasing between twoand five
acres of land for future development.
Our goal is to be able to purchase land and build only
the shell of a steel building without incurring additional
debt. The trustees have approved this idea, and I am sure
that God has propertyavailable whichwould be reasonable
enough to meet that criteria. Once the shell is completed,
we will progress toward the completion of the interior on
a cash-available basis. My present ideas for the new S.A.E.
propertyincludeR.V. hookups for up to 10vehicles, office,
print shop, bunk houses for teams of college and high
school students, two motel-type rooms and an apartment.
I would like to be able to offer housing and utilities to any
potential business manager or pressman. This additional
incentive may help offset the requirement to provide for
one's own living support. Please be in prayer that God will
lead in the search for suitable property at the right price.
Lord willing, Spanish American Evangelism will be
making another tripintoCentral Americaduring the coming
summer. Larry Leathermon (president of Platte Valley Bible
College) and I are currently planning a trip into Central
America from the 24th of July until about the 12th of
August. We plan to transport approximately 10,000 New
Testaments Into the region for distribution in Guatemala,
El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. We have several
contacts among students of the correspondence course
and others who have been using materials produced by
Spanish American Evangelism. Itshould prove to be a very
productive experience in the work of the Lord. Brother
Leathermon is trying to raise some of the travel funds
needed, Spanish American Evangelism will need to raise
between $800 and $1000 for this trip. By transporting the
New Testaments ourselves, we will save considerable funds
on shipping costs alone and be sure that they reach their
destination. Please be in prayer for the trip and for the
needed expenses. Should you desire to contribute, please
make the check out to Spanish American Evangelism and
designate Central America trip expenses.
As many of you know, Rosa and I have been working
with Logan Heights Christian Church since the fall of 1982.
It has been an interesting study to watch the change of
this congregation during that period of time. It was an
English congregation in an Hispanic neighborhood. We
began working with Logan Heights at the request of the
minister, Don Augenstine. He felt that something needed
to be done in Spanish around the church building. We
started with a Spanish Sunday-school class for adults and
soon were translating in4he-pew-from .English to Spanish
for a few Spanish-speaking visitors. At one point the entire
services were translated from the pulpit, and at another
pointtwoseparate services were being held. Gradually the
English element found other church homes, and Logan
Heights Christian Church became "Iglesia Cristiana de
Logan Heights".
It has been a struggle to workwitha congregation which
has been going through so many changes during such a
short period of time. Financially, the Spanish congregation
has simply taken over the building payments and other
obligations of the English congregation. We have lost a
great number of tithingfamilies. Some of the present con
gregation are beginning to tithe, but the economic base
is not as large even though our attendance is consistently
higher than it ever was as an English congregation.
I have hoped that we would have Brother Samuel
Guzman moved into the parsonage by now. Much to the
detriment of the congregation, Samuel and his family are
still living 25 miles fromthe church building. Progress has
been made in completing the parsonage. Work is being
done on a cash available basis. Over $6,000.00 have been
spent on the project to date, and work has slowed until we
are able to raise the funds needed to finish. We would really
like to have Samuel and his family in the parsonage before
school starts this fall. That will mean that we need to get
together about $2,000.00 additional and put together a work
crew for the last part of August. We will be needing finish
carpenters and/or cabinet makers at that time. If you are
interested in helping out in any way possibie, please
contact me.
FAMILY NEWS—Are Things Always This Hectic?
We recently had the privilege of having two separate
families visit us in El Paso. Carol and Paul Caulkins arrived
in El Paso from Minnesota on Saturday, May 6, and Chester
and Leone Proulx arrived on Monday the 8th. We always
enjoy having visitors spend a few days with us. Because
Samuel Guzman was out of town, I was scheduled to
preach on Sunday morning, in addition to that there were
a whole host of other activities going on at the same time.
Visitors often apologize, saying "Ifwe had known how busy
you were going to be at this time, we wouldn't have
stopped." Don't let that bother you, if any of you ever get
close to El Paso and don't look us up, we may never forgive
you! Even though we may have a tight schedule, we always
seem to find time to share fellowship with Christian friends.
Billy will soon be a senior in high school. It is hard to
believe that Billy celebrated his first birthday just a fewdays
after we arrived on the campus of Coiegio Biblico and
began working on the Spanish-speaking mission field.
While I was in Mexico City during February this year, he
got his driver's license. Itwas kindof hard on Rosa tofinally
realize that "her baby" is growing up. He has been
exceiimg-in school in many different areas. He just was
named the best non-native Spanish-language student in
Eastwood High School (a school of obout 4,000 students!).
He will be in Austin for the state competition on the violin
during the first weekend of June. He is a young man who
can and will go a long way.
Barbie is continuing to progress in both the piano and
the cello. She is entering her teens and is developing into
quite a young lady. We now have two teenagers in the
house at the same time, this will continue for at least ten
more years. Parenting takes on a whole new perspective
at this stage in the game. She recently participated in a
piano recital and is the most advanced student her teacher
now has. Her piano teacher has been having a struggle
with cancer. It was thought that she had it whipped last
year, but complications have recently developed. As this
is being written, she is in Houston undergoing a new series
of treatments. A prayer on her behalf would be deeply
Frances is very much concerned about her grades. She
has made the A-honor roll for every grading period so far
in her school career with the exception of one grading
period. Because of this she is worried that she might not
make an apointment to the Air Force Academy. For a third
grader she has her sights set high.
On the 15th of May, I took ail of the kids to see the space
shuttle as it was sitting on the runway at Biggs Army Air
Field, in order to see it before going to school, everyone
had to get up at five o'clock. Excitement was high, but
Caleb put it all in perspective as he asked, "Daddy, is it
always dark like this eariy in the morning?" If you haven't
guessed, both Rosa and I are extremely proud of our
children and what they represent in the future of God's
Rosa is currently trying to get accepted into the Master's
in Music program at the University of Texas at El Paso. She
is not interested in the degree particularly but wants the
knowledge which would go with it in order to further the
work she is doing in the church. She constantly has a
challenge in working with the youth choir at the church.
With the Lord's help, they will perform at the National
Hispanic Convention of the Christian Churches in Denver,
Colorado, this summer. Rosa is in charge of arranging the
entire music program for the convention, including com
posing the words and music of the theme song.
The entire Alejandro family will be at one place at one
time for the first time that I can remember since before
our marriage. Almost 80 direct descendants will be
celebrating Martin and Eva's fiftieth wedding anniversary
in Del Rio, Texas, on the 20th of May. Del Rio was picked
because of Martin's sickness. He is still in a rest home,
and the celebration will take place there. He still is very
much in need of your prayers. Of thirteen surviving
children, four are actively involved in some type of full-time
Christian service, and several of the grandchildren are
preparing to make a similar commitment.
Summer Schedule—Will There Be Any Time To Relax?
We have an extremely busy summer schedule planned.
Pray that the Suburban holds together. (It has only 196,000
miles and will have almost 210,000 on it before school
begins in the fall.) We will be leaving as a family early in
June in order to work with Little Rockies Christian Service
Camp in Montana. Almost the entire month of June will
be spent in Montana. Following that it will be on to
Wheatland, Wyoming, and then to Denver, Colorado, and
back to El Paso on the 17th of July. From there it is on to
Central America and back in time for school to start. The
tentative schedule is as follows:
June 6 or 7 Leave El Paso
June 10-11 On to Havre, Montana
June 11-16 Senior High Week-Little Rockies Camp
June 18 For! Benton, Montana
June 16-23 Junior High Week-Little Rockies Camp
June 25 Lewistown, Montana
June 25-30 Junior Week-Little Rockies Camp
July 2 Libby and Big Fork, Montana
July 9 Wheatland, Wyoming
July 11-14 National Hispanic Convention
July 16 Denver, Colorado
July 17 Back to El Paso
July 24VVug. 12 Central America Trip
During the annual Platte Valley Bible College
missions trip into Mexico in February, I experienced
something which I had only heard about in the past.
While working with the congregation in San Felipe,
Jiquipiico, I was approached by a man who wanted
to know how many New Testaments we had available.
I told him that we could spare approximately 400 New
Testaments. He then proceeded to plead With me to
do a distribution in his home community. I was told
that he had been run out of town at gun point because
he was a Christian in a Catholic community. I realized
that there could be trouble so only took volunteers to
do the distribution. For the most part the New
Testaments were accepted even though four copies
were burned in the streets. Please be in prayer for the
town of Coroneo, Guanajuato, Mexico. The process
of sowing the seed has begun—we have a few
students already enrolled in the correspondence
course, and God's spirit wants to work in that com
munity. We have begun something which cannot be
As I close this newsletter, I would liketo remind you
of some of the things mentioned previously which are
"itemc of prayer. 1firmly believe that God does answer"
the prayers of His people. Yi>ijr prayers do mean a lot
to this ministry.
Please remember thfrfollowingitems in your prayers:
1. Spanish American Evangelism
a. Production and distribution of evangelistic
materials in Spanish
b. Search for additional help—a printer and
business administrator
c. Need for additional space and relocation
2. Central America Trip
3. Logan Heights Christian Church
a. Samuel Guzman—his family and finances
b. Finishing the parsonage
c. Choir preparation for the National Hispanic
4. The Baker family
a. Billy's state violin competition—June 4th.
Rosa's quest for a Master's in Music
c". Travels during the summer
Well, I should close for now. Please remember to
keep us in your prayers. We appreciate hearing from
each of you. MayGod bless as you strive to serve Him.
Sincerely in Christ,
Bill Baker
Rosa, Billy, Barbie,
Frances and Caleb
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