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OCTOBER 9, 2014



Red Bus Project rolls to Tech

speak out on

Staff Reporter

Staff Reporter

Every 18 seconds another

child is orphaned. Last week,
Tech students had a chance
to give them help with the arrival of the Red Bus Project.
The Red Bus Project is
a mobile thrift store from
Franklin, Tenn., that travels
to different college campuses around the United States
spreading awareness about
the needs of orphans and
mobilizing orphan care advocates.
Brooke Lyle, the student
initiatives program coordinator, travels around the country with the bus.
College students love
thrift shopping and this is
a great way for them to become aware of what is going
on, Lyle said.
She said there are over 140
million orphans around the
world and the Red Bus Project helps raise awareness to
get them the help they need.
The Red Bus Project contacted the Baptist Collegiate
Ministry on campus about
making a stop at Tech.
They contacted us saying they wanted to come and
I couldnt say no, said Kevin
Inman, the BCM director.
Inman said the BCM
helped them with hotel rooms
and getting approval to be on
The money that is made
from the thrift store goes directly to Show Hope, an organization that gives grants to
families who want to adopt,
but do not have the funds.
Throughout the bus there
were tables set up with pictures of families that have benefited from Show Hope funds.
The Red Bus Project had
their own workers, but there
were also Tech students who
Jacob Priest, a sophomore
mechanical engineering major, was one of the Tech students who volunteered to help
with the Red Bus Project.
This was a cool way to
meet new people and a way to
help the orphans around the
world, as well, Priest said.
Not only were students able
to buy clothes, they could donate clothes, as well.

As of Aug. 1, 2014, Louisiana Tech is a tobacco-free

campus. This has pleased
some students, but has also
angered a few.
According to a recent Tech
news release, the use of all
tobacco products, including
cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes
and smokeless tobacco products, is prohibited on campus.
Valery Junique, said he is
not used to not being able to
smoke when and where he
In France, you can smoke
anywhere but inside and
smoking is very common,
said Junique, a Tech French
teaching assistant and habitual smoker since 2009. If
I need to smoke, I just go
off campus. Its the law, and
I will obey it. It helps create
a healthier campus environment.
Junique said he stills see
people smoking on campus,
especially at night.
I still smoke all the time.
Yes, it is bad and I am not
proud of the habit, so the new
rule does not really offend me
too much.
Courtney Nash, a senior
psychology major, said the air
is much cleaner and he feels
good about the smoke-free
I feel like this rule really
helps look out for the well
being of others. It also gives
a better image when people
are visiting campus, he said.
If you desperately need a
smoke, going off campus
is really not too far. I do see
both sides though.
Brooke Kenney, a senior
speech pathology major, said
she was bothered as well by
the smoking.
It bothers me that people
smoke in general just because
of how harmful the side effects are, she said. Im happy the campus is tobaccofree now because I can walk
around and not walk through
a cloud of smoke or have to
smell it everywhere.
Trey Morgan, a sophomore business management
major, said he is not in agreement with the new rule.

Photo by Devin Dronett

The BCM helped the Red Bus Project, a thrift store whose proceeds go toward helping orphaned children.

Photos by Jaclyn Perry

Luciana Nogalen, a sophomore biology major, said she

really enjoyed the Red Bus
There were many different
things to choose from and it is
always nice to help people,
Nogalen said.
Students can join us in the
between Nov. 1-18, Lyle said.

This challenge is for college

students to raise money for
adoption aid grants to families.
To sign up for the challenge,
go to
For more information on
how to help orphans find families, visit

Email comments to

LEFT: Meredith Nelson (left), a junior

education major, and Spencer Morris (right), a sophomore secondary
social studies education major, volunteered to help the Red Bus Project.
RIGHT: The Red Bus Project came
to Ruston Friday to raise money and
awareness for orphaned children.

> see SMOKINGpage 10


2 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014

Tech campus No. 1 in college ministries

Staff Reporter
According to OrgSync,
with 14 religious organizations, Louisiana Tech is No.
1 out of the nine universities
in the University of Louisiana
System with the most campus ministries.
Tech students often talk
about why they depend heavily on worship and church
services throughout the
Casey Casady, college
minister at Temple Baptist,
said campus ministry is important because the college
years are some of the most
pivotal in a persons life.
Some ministry organizations available to Tech students include: Association of
Baptist Students, Association
of Catholic Tech Students,
Baptist Collegiate Ministry,
Wesley Methodist Foundation, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Campus Ministry International and Temple Tech.
Decisions are made in

college that influence a person or their family for generations; a students faith inspires
them to change themselves,
the country and world for the
glory of God, Casady said.
It is beneficial for Tech to
offer a large number of campus ministries to the students
because the more ministries,
the more ministry.
Caitlyn Hendricks attends
MidWeek services at Temple
Baptist and said it helps her
remain focused when her
schedule becomes chaotic
and overwhelming.
The fact that we are able
to attend worship services in
the middle of the week offers
a hand in pushing us and supporting us to finish the week
strong, said Hendricks, a senior family and child studies
Throughout the week,
Tech students are offered
countless opportunities to
worship with the religious organizations of their choice.
Two of these services are
56 Worship at the BCM and

XA Live worship with Chi Alpha.

Spencer Morris said the
BCM has meant a lot to him
since starting his college career at Tech.
It gave me somewhere
to be plugged in, especially
as a freshman, said Morris, a sophomore secondary
education major. It helped
me find people I can build
friendships with and grow
with and people to be there
for me through the sad times
and happy times.
Kailey Nash, a sophomore
kinesiology major, attends
XA Live throughout the week
because it is a place where
she feels most connected to
God and where she can worship him wholeheartedly.
Tech having the most
ministries allows students to
find a place where they can
fit in, are loved and can fulfill
Gods purpose for their life,
Nash said.
Shelby Olivier said she is
grateful to attend a university
where there is no spiritual

Photo by Brian Blakley

Tech students pray during weekly worship service at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.
warfare and she can live out
and express her beliefs freely.
As a college student there
are so many paths a person
can choose, said Olivier, a
sophomore English education major. The Wesley has
helped me chose the right

path toward God and also

provides me with opportunities to be am active member
in the community.
With increasing enrollment number of Tech students and with the growing
participation in campus min-


Email comments to

The Memphian

K M U!

ing y blication
by sh campus

istries, Tech is sure to see

many numbers in the future
of religious organizations and
maintain its title of having
the most campus ministries.

parti tech.ed
al ex p-and-co
inter blanc@
Gain hrough a
ORS ork to m
ALL ples of w
OPE e and sa

Sundays at McAlisters!
Starting October 12th, 2014 - while demand lasts.
Every Sunday from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m.

FREE cookie with a purchase of any entre

Hours of Operation
Mon-Thur: 11a.m. - 8 p.m. Fri-Sat: 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Sun: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

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University still

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Grambling State vs.
Louisiana Tech at
7 p.m.

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Learn the basics for
enrolling in grad
school. RSVP on
TechLink at 4 p.m. in
GTM 105.

Volleyball: FIU vs.

Louisiana Tech at
1 p.m.


October 9, 2014 The Tech Talk 3

Rosemarys Kitchen hosts tasting event

Staff Reporter

Laura Vanderbilt, owner of Haute Goat Creamery, said their Chimi ChurRosemarys Kitchen
ri flavored spread, which
in Ruston held their Udhas chives and jalapeos
derly Sweet taste-testing
mixed in, was the most
event Friday, where papopular among Ruston
trons gathered to treat
themselves to free samOne of the best perks
ples from two area compafor me is meeting people,
nies, honey from Jennings
and we like to meet the
Apiaries and cheese from
people who buy and eat
Haute Goat Creamery.
our cheese, VanderThis is the first tastbilt said. We appreciate
ing day weve had here,
Rosemarys selling our
said Sara Corley, one of
cheese because outside of
Rosemarys founders and
Shreveport and Longview,
owners. Ive heard a lot
we dont have a market.
of people say lately that
This is a good way to exthere is nothing to do in
pand our business and its
Ruston, which was one of
a lot of fun.
the reasons we are doing
Ruston resident Ryan
this, Corley said. Today
Pierce attended with his
Ive seen a good mix of
wife and children, and
both young and old so I
said the event upheld a
think it should be a sucstrong personal belief of
cess when its all said and
his. It also upheld one of
Pierces guilty pleasures.
After purchasing entry
First off, I believe in
tickets, guests were able
supporting local business
to roam freely throughout
because to me it keeps
Rosemarys Kitchen.
the economy strong and
In one room, Aaron
brings our community
Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
Jennings stood ready
together, Pierce said.
alongside his honey jars Aaron Jennings of Ruston presented his honey at Udderly Sweet, a tasting event that featured honey, goat cheese and live Second, I absolutely love
to show guests what his music at Rosemarys Kitchen Friday night.
honey. I bought a couple
company, Jennings Apiarpounds worth of the stuff
ies, had to offer. As folks
here that will probably be
draw attention to each seasons unique different than the usual Friday night,
gathered around, Jennings told them a flavors. For example, honey made in the Spears said. You have to respect a guy gone in one or two weeks.
tale about his catching bee fever.
After sampling food, Pierce and other
spring tastes light and airy, while fall sam- with a hustle so sweet like his.
It started as a passion for natural local ples are rich and syrupy.
In the next room, Haute Goat Cream- guests were able to stay and listen to The
honey, Jennings said. I was looking for
Kelvin Spears, a senior studio art ma- ery, artisan goat cheese makers from Back Forty Band play music right outside
the best local honey that didnt contain jor at Tech, was at the tasting with friends Longview, Texas, treated guests to an as- as people danced and relaxed along the
any harsh chemicals and insecticides. and gave positive feedback on the event, sortment of their most popular products. patio and park benches.
Honey amples were displayed by the particularly with the honey.
Tasters could choose from five different
season in which they were harvested to
Email comments to
This is definitely an interesting event, cheese spreads.

Tech Express now

offers online access

Staff Reporter

Williams said a GET

Funds iPhone app has
been released and an AnSince their implemen- droid app is in the works.
tation, Tech Express cards
We have implemented
have been used by students a mobile site for students
to pay for numerous ex- who may not have iPhones
penses both on and off the or who cant download the
Louisiana Tech campus.
app, he said.
However, the cards
Williams said since the
came with one pesky re- system went live on Sept.
striction: Students have 25 more than 500 students
to visit the Tech
have logged in.
Linda Reynto add funds Our goal
olds, the superand report lost is to make
visor of the Tech
or stolen cards.
Express office,
To remedy this Tech Express said the ability to
the as convepay online had
Express nient for the
been heavily reoffice recently
quested, but not
introduced GET students as
just by students.
Funds, a 24-hour, possible.
online payment
gets a lot of
calls from parMARY BETH
ents who ask if
liams, the univer- assistant supervisor
theres any way
sity bursar, said
to add money
the GET Funds
for their children
system allows students ac- online, Reynolds said. I
cess to a wide variety of honestly think the system
functions within their Tech will be an even bigger hit
Express accounts.
with the parents than with
In addition to being the students.
able to add funds themMary Beth Walker, an
selves, students can check assistant supervisor a Tech
their balances, cancel a Express, said work on the
card in the event theirs system took less time than
is lost or stolen and even expected.
email a parent or relative
Weve known the stuto request funds, Williams dents and parents wanted
said. The students can online payment for several
also pull up a list of every years, Walker said. We
business that accepts Tech actually began work on
the system back in March,

and we are proud of our

hopes the students will be
able to use GET Funds to
help them with what she
calls the laundry issue.
We get a lot of students
coming into our office on
Friday evenings trying to
add $10 for weekend laundry, she said. Since we
close at 4:30 p.m., sometimes some people would
miss out. With GET Funds,
now they can add money
while walking to the laundromat.
Reynolds said she wants
GET Funds to become the
most popular service the
Tech Express office offers.
We are very excited
to see the number of registered users continue to
rise, she said. Our goal
is to make Tech Express as
convenient for the students
as possible, and we feel
that GET Funds is the next
step toward that goal.

Email comments to

Set up a GET Funds

account online at





Phone &
Tablet Apps

FREE Online
Account Access

Check Card

Access to 5,000
ATMs Nationwide

+ Many More Amazing Features!

975 Tech Dr, Ruston 800.522.2748 /

Federally Insured

*Opening deposit - $50.00. No minimum balance required. Must maintain Direct Deposit or 10 Debit Card transactions per month (non-ATM) required.


4 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014





The question of natural birth

John Sadler

Cody Sexton


Ray Patterson

Jared King


Kelsy Kershaw


Wynnifred Sanders

Ellie Moslander


Anna Whitaker


Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay


Brian Blakely
Carter Carroll
Colin Fontenot
Jaclyn Perry

Taylor Loftin


Dr. Judith Roberts

T. Scott Boatright


Dr. Reginald Owens



he predictions for the 2016

elections are rolling in.
While the Democrats already have a frontrunner in Hilary
Clinton, who, it should be noted, has
not officially announced her candidacy, the Republicans are left with
a hodgepodge of potential candidates. However, one is starting to
stand out.
Ted Cruz, a Republican senator
from Texas, has been popping up in
prospective candidacy lists recently.
There is just one problem. Cruz
was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother, and
the Constitution requires a presidential candidate to be a naturalborn citizen. So what does that
Good question. The naturalborn citizen requirement is not defined anywhere in the Constitution.
It is a deceptively vague phrase.
According to an essay by the
Congressional Research Service,
the requirement was put in the Con-

stitution to prevent Old World aristocracy from coming to America

and setting up a new kingdom.
Today, America does not have to
worry about a shadowy government
invasion of aristocratic Europeans,
but the law is still on the books.
There have been attempts to remove it, however.
Orrin Hatch, a Republican senator from Utah, introduced the Equal
Right to Govern Amendment in
2003. The amendment would allow
immigrants who have lived in America for 20 years to run for President.
The law has not been passed,
however. Had it been, it might have
saved us from the ridiculous questioning of President Obamas birth
During the 2008 election,
Obamas status as a natural-born
citizen was brought into question,
and conspiracy theories that belong
on radical Tea Party forums were
thrown around on major news networks.
The prevailing theory was that
Obama was born in Kenya, which,
I should not have to explain, is un-

true. In 2011, Obama finally caved

to pressure and released a birth certificate, which did nothing to quiet
Unlike Obama, Cruz has no
qualms about admitting his birthplace. He is open about his birth in
If the claims about Obama were
true, these cases would be remarkably similar.
Cruz was born in a foreign country with one American and one
foreign parent. The same was said,
again, untruthfully, about Obama.
It seems a little hypocritical to
me to excuse one, but condemn the
I can see both sides of the argument, but it is an argument that
needs to be decided on, either by
Congress or the courts.
And if Cruzs momentum holds,
a decision might not be that far
John Sadler is a junior journalism and
English major from Extension who serves
as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk.. Email
comments to

Michael LeBlanc



Michael LeBlanc


Dr. Reginald Owens

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Features Editor
It never fails. Every time someone learns Im graduating in the
spring, their automatic response is,
Oh, so what are you going to do?
Id be willing to bet this is true
for the majority of graduating college students.
Whats even more true is most
of us havent got the slightest clue.
At least, not when we have to fend
for ourselves.
Thank goodness for services
like and the campus
Career Center that provide guidance, advice and preparation, or
opportunities such as internships
and fellowships to gain real-world
experience. Even social media
platforms such as LinkedIn are
beneficial in the job hunt process.
Louisiana Tech hosted its semiannual Career Fair on Sept. 25 with
over 100 companies and around
1,100 students in attendance. That
is about 10 percent of the student

Events like the career fair can

be instrumental in building the
foundation for a students professional future, especially in the engineering, business, marketing and
finance industries.
For people like me, internships
are basically a no-brainer. Not having at least one on your resume
can hinder your presence in the job
market competition. Employers
typically like to see two or three.
Being successful in the job market is all about selling you. Employers are the consumer and you are
the product and you have to make
them want to buy you.
This is why internships are so
crucial. You get daily, personal interaction with people in your industry throughout the duration of
your experience.
There are companies out there
whose sole purpose is to ensure
you get to fulfill your dreams, and
if accepted, its employees ensure
your internship placement.
One of these is Dream Careers.
Who names a professional

company Dream Careers, right?

Well, the name couldnt be a more
literal description of what they do.
They are partnered with over
3,000 companies in more than 30
industries with over 5,000 internships to offer in 12 different national and international locations.
Thanks to Dream Careers, I
was able to fulfill an internship in
New York City last summer; the
place Ive dreamed of working and
living since the seventh grade, and
my dream became a reality.
You can make your dream a
reality, too. Check into the various
programs Dream Careers offers, or
the different companies represented at Techs Career Fair. The next
career fair is Feb. 5.
Its time for you to have an answer to that automatic question.
Kelsy Kershaw is a senior journalism
and fashion merchandising major from
Jennings who serves as features editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments


Democracy does not exist in marriage

Ray Patterson
News Editor

aturday, I will finally marry the

best woman Ive ever known.
A woman, who for reasons Ill
never understand, believes I am
good enough to share the rest of
her life with.
As I look back on the journey to
matrimony, I realize how undeniably
important this woman is in my life.
By way of ultimatum, she convinced a long-haired guitar player
to consider leaving the stage for a
college classroom.
She encouraged my happiness,
which added a year and $8,000 to
my college tab for switching majors
and starting over.
Now, five years and several haircuts later, I sit writing this column
needing only one more class to
earn my degree, a degree doing
something I love writing this
very column.
With each keystroke my grin

grows. At this point, it feels as if the

corners of my mouth are tied to my
ears like a cleat hitch holding a boat
to its harbor.
And as I revel in this good fortune, I cant help but be taken aback
by the U.S. Supreme Court, which
on Monday decided not to review
rulings which cleared the way for
same-sex marriage in Virginia,
Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin.
This decision may illustrate an
increasing comfort from the U.S.
Supreme Court toward same-sex
Empathy. The term is easy to understand. Simply put, it is the act of
understanding the thoughts or feelings of another person.
I never understood how those affected by the ban on same-sex marriage felt. In fact, I may never understand. It was easy to say Aww, I feel
for them, but simply empathizing
with them is the same as not caring
altogether inaction is the equiva-

lent of validating the ban.

So, when Saturday arrives and I
take my vows of marriage with my
loved one, I will also vow to fully
support the sanctity and institution
of marriage both opposite and
How dare we, as a country
founded upon the ideals of democracy, denounce any man or
womans choice of whom he or she
spend their life with?
Same-sex marriage should be
protected under the constitution,
not banned on a technicality.
State leaders should stop abdicating their responsibilities and
learn to stop being so hypocritical.
We are a democracy, a country
where we are free to choose.
Its time to start acting like one.
Ray Patterson is a senior journalism
major from New Orleans who serves as
a news editor for the Tech Talk. Email
comments to

Everyone has
a right to
free speech
In the United States, we are
privileged with the right of free
speech. We can express our opinions and share them with others.
One major place where many different opinions are shared is college campuses. College is a time
where students as young adults
are learning to grow up, become
independent, express their opinions and stick to them.
Freedom of speech is something we as Americans should not
take for granted and we should
realize that many others around
the world do not have the same
privilege. As many people live in
the U.S. and our country has many
students who attend many different universities, there are bound
to be many different opinions and
some disagreements concerning
various issues.
Even if we disagree with what
someone else is saying, they still
have the right to express their beliefs within boundaries. Speech
can become hateful and potentially provoke violence. In that case,
should people still be allowed
to share their opinions? If it becomes hate speech, they cannot.
Certain speech is still allowed,
though, that some may consider
hateful and hurtful. Yet, controversial speakers have as much right
to free speech as people who express their opinions in a kind way.
We do not have to like what others are saying or agree with it, but
they can still express their beliefs
and feelings and we can in turn
express our opinion back to them.
It is good to hear the opinions and
beliefs of others, even if they are
not in accordance with our own,
because it may help to reinforce
our own beliefs and viewpoints.
After members of Consuming Fire Ministries visited campus
Friday, students may be wondering if groups like these should
be allowed to be on campus. Yes,
because they have the right to
express their opinion as long as
they are not violent and they respect and obey university policy
concerning where they can speak.
Most universities have a designated free speech zone area where
people can do this.
If someone says something
you disagree with, you have the
right to speak up and express your
own opinion. Instead of focusing
on the bad aspects, however annoying or upsetting others opinions may be, we should focus on
reinforcing our own beliefs. This
should encourage students to
want to express their own opinions and share them with others.
Campus is a great place to start.
Students are able to debate and
express their opinions. This kind
of occurrence should happen
more often on campus.
It is good when groups come
to campus to share their opinions
because that will help people see
firsthand the different viewpoints
the world has. Hopefully, it can
provide students with an opportunity to learn how to handle such
situations in the world outside
The right to freedom of speech
is a great thing and should be used
more often. We should take these
opportunities to exercise this right.

October 9, 2014 The Tech Talk 5

Arts Entertainment
Audrey McNew
participated in
the talent show
by performing
an interpretative
dance routine.

KLPI hosts Open Mic Night for students to showcase talent

Staff Reporter

talent and we love that.

While there were musicians who performed, peoKLPI hosted its first ple also did stand-up comOpen Mic Night of the year
edy, read poetry
on September 30.
and danced.
The event was
Audrey Mcheld in the upNew performed
stairs room of the
two dances she
TONK and was
composed heropen to students
who wished to
I get a thrill
showcase their
when I perform,
said McNew, a
freshman comGarb, KLPIs proputer
duction manager,
major. I actually
said the event is
just heard about
open to all talthis and decided
ents, not just muat the last minute
to come and dance.
We encourage anyone
McNew danced to Black
who has a talent to sign up, and Gold by Sam Sparrow
Garb said. This is for them and Telephone by Lady
to be able to showcase their Gaga.

The diversity of the acts

was a favorite among the
Morgan Nall, a freshman
biomedical engineering student, read poetry and said
the variety of the performances was one of her favorite things.
While the performances
were enjoyable for some,
others were not pleased with
the event because it started
This is cool, but it would
have been a lot better if they
would have started on time,
Elena Till said.
Till, a sophomore business major, said she would
probably attend another
open mic night if the event
would start on time.
Shelby Stinson, said she
was not happy about the

I thought it was a little
inconsiderate to the other
people who wanted to perform, said Stinson, a sophomore nutrition major.
Especially if they had
other places to be.
However, students did
not have to arrive on time to
be able to perform.
The environment is
pretty relaxed so you can
just sign up when you get
here, Garb said. We like to
keep it like that just in case
someone is shy at first, but
warms up to the idea of performing.
Students also had the
chance to win a pair of tickets to Voodoo Fest by entering a raffle drawing.
Scott Cook, the KLPI
general manager, said they

Photos by Colin Fontenot

Gavin Kelly, Jacob Angelina and Joseph Bergeron practice

together during intermission.
will be giving out a total poster contest so people can
of 10 Voodoo Fest tickets win tickets, Cook said.
Those interested may
throughout the month of
tune into KLPI at 89.1 FM.
We are going to have
a scavenger hunt, costume Email comments to
contest, on-air trivia and

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first few tracks are, they fit

right into the theme of suddenly being whisked away
from life.
The first we hear anyone
speak on the album is the
fifth track and lead single,
Never Catch Me Now,
featuring rapper Kendrick
Lamar. There is a reason
Lamar is a guest on so
many artists singles; he always delivers top-notch rap
verses and this one is no
There are definitely
some slower tracks on this
For example, moodier
tracks like Coronus, The
Terminator or Turtles
take an R&B approach, but
still has the distinct jazz element that ties it all together.
The lyrics of Youre
Dead! stick to the implied
concept of ones journey
into the afterlife.
Vocals include rappers
Lamar, Snoop Dogg and




Youre Dead!
Flying Lotus

Skip Russells
Skip Russells


Musician Steve Ellison,

better known under his
stage name Flying Lotus,
delivers a stellar concept album in his 2014 release, titled Youre
Dead! is Ellisons fifth
album, which
fuses experimental hip hop, jazz fusion
and RnB elements in what
has to be one of 2014s
best musical releases.
Ellison, under the name
Flying Lotus, is known and
respected in the hip-hop
industry for his ability as a
That being said, the
majority of the album is
purely instrumental tracks
mingled with R&B and rap.
Right in the beginning,
Youre Dead! flies through
four fast-paced jazz pieces.
The album sports a lot
of fast-tempo percussion
backed by hardcore jazz.
Saxophones, bass guitar
and piano are combined
with nostalgic sounds that
are resurrected and given a
fresh hip hop coating.
There are times when
these elements just pound
at the listeners ears, eclectic and chaotic, which to
my understanding was intentional.
As disorienting as the

Ellison as a different alter

ego, Captain Murphy. The
rappers play the roles of
characters who handle their
deaths in different ways.
For example, Lamars
verse on Catch Me Now,
is about accepting his fate
and leaving behind a legacy. On the track Dead
Mans Tetris, Snoop Dogg
delivers a funny verse about
being in denial of his passing away.
The drug references
throughout the album are
These are not party
songs as much as they are
brain food.
There seemed to be a
loose narrative to follow,
giving the album added
depth and higher replay
Having a unified jazz
Dead! deliver songs in
very tight transitions.
Multiple song stretches
on the album transition so
smoothly that on first listen
it is hard to differentiate
where one song ends and
the next begins.
This elevates the album experience because
the listener truly immerses
himself or herself into the
The album checks in at
19 songs, for a total of 38
minutes in length.


Staff Reporter

Keeny Hall
Keeny Hall




6 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 The Tech Talk 7



Managing Editor
There were several reasons for Louisiana Tech students to crowd
Centennial Plaza on Oct. 3.
The weather was ideal while KLPI hosted a fundraiser for 4 Paws
Rescue and a mobile thrift store called The Red Bus Project, which
donates proceeds to orphans, was set up to bring awareness to both
respective causes.
However, a day that should have been spent helping puppies and
orphans was marred for many by the arrival of members of the Consuming Fire Fellowship. a group of confrontational evangelists who
travel the country preaching its beliefs.
Kolby Blood, a member of Consuming Fire Fellowship, shouted
across the Plaza that according to the Bible, most at Tech were not
right with God.
Youre not going to decide the standard by which ye shall be
judged, Blood said. But God himself, the holy and the righteous God
of all the earth, shall judge you by His standard found in the word of
This is not the first time members of Consuming Fire Fellowship
have come to Techs campus. Some of its members visited three years
ago preaching the same message. This visit differed as they were fewer in number and joined by members of the Open Air Holiness Ministries, a group who boldly and publicly proclaims the full Gospel of
repentance, change of heart and holiness of
life everywhere. It included the wife of one its
The point
members and a baby in a stroller.
The arrival of the evangelists was met
of Jesus life
with a negative response from the crowd they
was to give us were condemning to hell.
Kailee Hervey, a sophomore general studgrace. No sin
ies major, said she had a problem with them
can separate
condemning people who play sports.
I want to know what they mean by manly
us from God.
women, Hervey said. Im an athlete, so Im
built. Apparently Im going to hell for being a
sports worshipper.
freshman agricultural
Others said the beliefs the evangelists were
business major
preaching on campus differed from their own.
Joshua Arden, a freshman agricultural
business major, said he has been a Christian his whole life and his
beliefs differed greatly.
The point of Jesus life was to give us grace, he said. No sin can
separate us from God.
Upon first arriving on campus, the evangelists began preaching
from the center of the Plaza by the seal, instead of the designated
Free Speech Zone. Blood said they had permission to be there, but
when Tech police arrived, they moved.
As the evangelists continued to shout allegations of sin at the
crowd, some students took it upon themselves to peacefully counter
protest by playing guitars and singing songs like How He Loves Us
and Amazing Grace.
Laura Durr, a senior speech pathology major, said she and her
friends did not like how the evangelists were being hateful toward the
They believe God hates you until you begin a relationship with
him, she said. The flaw that I see is that Christ died for us on the
cross while we were still sinners. He created us knowing that we would
break his heart.
Durr said the fact they were trying to convince people they were
no longer sinners made her laugh.
Everybody sins, she said. I want people to see my flaws and see
how much God can use me in spite of them.
Even when the evangelists brought out a megaphone, the students
outdid them. Tech DJs Malcolm Slater, a sophomore business administration major, and Gauge Means, a senior industrial engineering
major, brought out a mixer, two turn tables and speakers to drown out
what some called the evangelists hate speech with music. Some used
it as a chance to speak their own beliefs about God.
Chance Allen read from Romans 3:21-31 after he said the Holy
Spirit told him to.
They were not emphasizing the love of Christ, said Allen, a freshman modern languages major. Sin is covered by the love of Christ,
and thats the beauty of the Gospel.
Though Tech is awash with sinners in the eyes of the evangelists
who visited, some like Durr said they believe the campus ministries
have done a lot of good for Tech.
Im not sure if what I did was the best way to handle the situation,
she said. However, I am glad we did something.

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Kolby Blood (left) from Consuming Fire Fellowship amd Wardell Nelson (right), a senior kinesiology major, engage in a heated discussion about religion. Blood and other members of the Consuming Fire Fellowship arrived on Techs campus to preach on Friday.

ABOVE: Malcolm Salter, a.k.a. DJ Red

Tables, a sophomore business administration student, played music over the
Consuming Fire Fellowship preaching.
He offered the microphone to students
to share their experiences with God.
RIGHT: Matthew Gieseke, a freshman
theater major, dances to the music
played by DJ Red Tables. Students who
had been criticizing the Fellowship
ended up taking part in an impromptu
dance party.

LEFT: The members of the Fellowship continued their proselytizing when students drowned them out with music.
ABOVE: Timothy Keaton from Consuming Fire Fellowship talks
to a student and shows him passages from the Bible.

*Refer to the editorial on page four or the video at the Tech

Talk Online for more on the story.*
Photos by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

8 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014

Syrian town poised
to fall to militants
(AP) Islamic State fighters were poised to capture
a strategic Syrian town on
the Turkish border, Turkeys
president warned Tuesday,
even as Kurdish forces battled to expel the extremists
from their footholds on the

Courts strike down

gay marriage ban
A federal appeals court
on Tuesday upheld gay marriage in Idaho and Nevada,
saying bans on the practice
in those states violate samesex couples equal protection rights.

Protests begin to
thin in Hong Kong
Crowds of protesters who
filled Hong Kongs streets
with demands for more democracy thinned dramatically Tuesday after student
leaders and the government
agreed to hold talks in the
increasingly frustrated city.


Mexico: Police take control

Associated Press

IGUALA, Mexico (AP) On the day 43

students disappeared in this southern Mexican
town, the mayors wife was giving a speech to
local dignitaries on family social services.
In another town, it could have been a normal
scene. But tough-looking civilians guarded Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, a woman with
alleged family ties to organized crime. A police
force that state and federal officials accuse of
being infiltrated by drug gangs patrolled the
Into this combustible mix came the students
from a radical rural teachers college that had
defied drug cartel extortion in the past. Wellknown for blocking highways and other protests, they arrived with plans to solicit donations
from passers-by.
Many never made it back home after the
Sept. 26 police attack that killed six and injured at least 25. Officials are conducting DNA
tests to determine if some of the students are
among 28 charred bodies found
last weekend in freshly covered
mass graves.
Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca is now a fugitive, and state officials have arrested 22 city
officers. His wifes whereabouts are unknown.
The possible massacre has focused attention on
the extent to which local police forces such as
Igualas are permeated by organized crime.
Pineda, the mayors wife, is from a family
with known ties to the Beltran Leyva cartel.
Prosecutors had identified her late brother Alberto as a main lieutenant in the cartel and he
was arrested in 2009, along with her father and
Everyone knew about their presumed connections to organized crime, Alejandro Encinas, a senator from the mayors Democratic
Revolution Party, told The Associated Press.
Nobody did anything, not the federal govern-

AP Photo/Alejandrino Gonzalez

Fellow students and relatives of 43 missing students from the Isidro Burgos rural teachers college
unfurl a banner in front of a major highway crossing the city of Chilpancingo, Mexico.
ment, not the state government, not the party
President Enrique Pena Nieto ordered a special federal police force to take over Iguala as his
top security officials rushed to contain a smear
on the image of stability and falling crime rates
that theyve projected to the outside world.
The chief prosecutor for Guerrero state,
Inaky Blanco, said suspects have testified that
as many as 30 members of the local police
force were members of the Guerreros Unidos
drug gang, an offshoot of Beltran Leyva group.
The students were ending their fund-raising
and meeting up to return home about the same
time Pineda Villa made her speech. State offi-

The 2014

cials say local police went on the attack, shooting at the buses students had hijacked for their
return, as well as innocent bystanders in other
vehicles. At least six people were killed and
more than 25 wounded.
What is clear is that Guerreros Unidos remains present and defiant in Iguala. On Monday, the same day officers from a special new
federal police unit set up positions at the city
hall, the drug gang hung banners threatening
retaliation if the 22 imprisoned police werent
You have 24 hours...then we begin to name
the people in the government who supports us,
one read.

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October 9, 2014 The Tech Talk 9

Gay marriage decision reignites GOP debate

Courts gay marriage decision has reignited
a debate inside the GOP that many Republican leaders hoped to avoid ahead of the
2016 presidential contest.
The courts decision Monday to reject
appeals from five states that sought to prohibit same-sex marriage pits the GOPs
pragmatic wing eager to move past the divisive social issue against religious conservatives a vocal minority that vowed to redouble its efforts and punish those unwilling
to join them.
Describing the decision as judicial activism at its worst, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on
Tuesday renewed his pledge to introduce a
constitutional amendment that would limit
the courts ability to strike down the remaining state laws blocking gays and lesbians
from marrying. Were seeing right now an
assault on traditional marriage, he added.
Among the GOPs crowded 2016 class,
only a handful of potential contenders
Cruz and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, among them aggressively criticized
the courts decision. Both will need support
from religious conservatives to fuel a potential presidential bid.
It is shocking that many elected officials, attorneys and judges think that a court
ruling is the final word, Huckabee said. It
most certainly is not.
The pair was in the minority among possible GOP presidential hopefuls. High-profile Republican governors from Wisconsin
to Indiana suggested the debate was over
in their states, at least.
For us, its over in Wisconsin, said Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whose states

AP Photo

A diagram that shows states with laws allowing same-sex marriage and federal circuit courts.
appeal was among those the court declined.
To me, Id rather be talking in the future
now more about our jobs plan and our plan
for the future of the state, Walker continued. I think thats what matters to the kids.
Its not this issue.
The courts decision effectively raises

the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal from 19 to 30, meaning as
many as 60 percent of Americans now live
in states where gay and lesbian people can
A day after the high courts decision, a
federal appeals court in San Francisco on
Tuesday struck down gay marriage bans
in a ruling that could soon allow gay and
lesbian couples to wed in five more states.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated bans in Idaho and Nevada, and
the ruling might well extend to three other
states in the 9th Circuit that do not permit
same-sex couples to marry: Alaska, Arizona
and Montana.
A decade ago, President George W. Bush
won re-election in part by supporting ballot initiatives in several states seeking a
constitutional ban on gay marriage, boosting turnout among motivated conservative
voters. Support for legal same-sex marriage
has grown swiftly in the years since, and
several polls have found that majorities of
Americans are in favor of legal recognition
for gay marriages.
But for religious conservatives who hold
outsized influence in Republican presidential contests in the early voting states of
Iowa and South Carolina, the issue resonates.
If youre a candidate for president who
refuses to oppose homosexual marriage, I
dont see how you get elected, said Steve
Scheffler, a Republican national committeeman from Iowa. Youre going to get clobbered.
Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and
Freedom Coalition, issued a warning for
anyone eyeing the 2016 presidential contest:
There will be no avoiding this issue.

Thats exactly what some Republicans

contemplating presidential bids would like
to do.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pleaded
ignorance when asked about the courts decision Monday at a campaign appearance
in Connecticut.
I havent had a chance to read it, said
Christie, who drew fire from cultural conservatives last year when he declined to appeal a court ruling legalizing gay marriage
in his state. I dont give comments based
on headlines.
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said in a statement he was disappointed by the ruling,
adding that while he believes in the importance of traditional marriage, he would
abide by the rule of law.
People are free to disagree with court
decisions but we are not free to disobey
them, he said.
At an event in Washington, Louisiana
Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose state has an active case that was not among those considered Monday by the Supreme Court, had a
muted reaction.
I continue to believe in traditional marriage, but the balls certainly in the courts
court, he said.
Other would-be Republican White
House candidates have demonstrated how
tricky the politics of gay marriage can be.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio supports marriage between a man and a woman, but has
urged tolerance for gay couples. He also
spoke out in July about what he called a
growing intolerance against people who
oppose same-sex marriage.
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman announced his
support for same-sex marriage in 2013. The
senators son is gay.

Columbine takes the stage Contaminated

home freed
of Ebola

AP Photo

This April 28, 1999 file photo shows a woman standing among 15 crosses posted on a hill above Columbine High School in
Littleton, Colorado, in remembrance of the 15 people who died during a school shooting on April 20,1999.
NEW YORK (AP) A play about
the Columbine High School massacre
written from the perspective of the two
teen shooters will make its world premiere in New York next month, penned
by a playwright who was 9 at the time
of the killings and calls it a watershed
Nathaniel Sam Shapiros The Erlkings will begin performances on Nov. 9
at Theatre Rows Beckett Theatre. The
play takes its title from a German poem
found in a journal of one of the killers.
The playwright said he uses the teen
killers own words culled from chatroom logs, homework assignments,
teachers notes and diaries to paint
portraits of two troubled kids, not monsters. The play never depicts the shootings.
The first step in dealing with this
in a larger social context is to acknowledge our kinship with these people,

said Shapiro, a Brown University graduate who earned a masters in playwriting from New York University in the
Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold,
17, opened fire at Columbine High
School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 12
classmates and a teacher and wounding
two dozen others before killing themselves in the schools library in 1999.
Shapiro said that muchof the popular perception of Harris and Klebold
that they were members of a Trench
Coat Mafia and targeted popular jocks
and African-Americans turned out
to be false.
Its kind of incumbent upon us to
swallow our pride or move past our
own issues and try to reach out to these
people. Learning about Eric and Dylan,
one thing that sticks out is that I dont
think anyone reached out to them.
The play will star Em Grosland as
Harris and James Scully as Klebold.
It will be directed by Saheem Ali, who

was an assistant director on Broadways

The Normal Heart and A Free Man
of Color at Lincoln Center Theater.
Shapiro recalls his schools dynamics
changing profoundly after Columbine
but then watched sadly as more school
shootings occurred Sandy Hook Elementary School, Oikos University and
Red Lake Senior High, among them.
He said that looking back over the
Harris and Klebold documents he
found numerous moments when troubling actions or words from one of the
boys might have prompted an adult to
stop them. Im going to show the audience that there were opportunities and
that people shirked from them, Shapiro
The play will join a select few artistic attempts to explore the Columbine
shootings, including the play Bang
Bang Youre Dead by William Mastrosimone and the films Bowling for
Columbine by Michael Moore, and
Elephant by Gus Van Sant.

DALLAS (AP) The Fort Worth, Texas, company Cleaning Guys has dealt with hazardous spills. It has cleared bloody
crime scenes, including some that involved HIV.
But Garrett Eison, the companys operations manager, said
he was initially anxious when the company agreed to take on a
job others were reportedly hesitant to do: cleaning up the Dallas apartment where an Ebola patient stayed.
This is definitely something that would make you a little
more nervous, Eison said, though he added because he knew
his company was prepared, I dont feel worried about it.
Eison was part of a 15-member crew that spent four days
at the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed when he
began showing Ebola-related symptoms such as vomiting and
diarrhea. They wore protective suits with gas masks as they
filled about 140 barrels with items from the home for incineration, including mattresses, the patients sheets and the entire
apartments carpet.
The job wasnt easy to fill. At a briefing last week, Texas
Health Commissioner David Lakey said that theres been a little bit of hesitancy for entities to want to do that. On Tuesday,
a Dallas County official didnt immediately provide information
on how many businesses the county contacted before reaching
Cleaning Guys, but the company said it understands that others turned down the job before they got the call.
They had called many companies, said Tamara Smith, office manager for Cleaning Guys.
Duncan, who died on Wednesday, arrived in Dallas last
month from Ebola-ravaged Liberia and stayed in the apartment
with Louise Troh, her 13-year-old son and two nephews until
he developed symptoms several days later and was eventually
hospitalized. The family was moved to an undisclosed location on Friday, the day the cleanup started. They have not yet
shown symptoms.
For the next several days, the crew cleared out the place,
including a 26-hour final stretch lasting into Monday. The job
required rotating two-person teams after theyd worked for 40
minutes to avoid exhaustion.
Company owner Erick McCallum said that for the job they
set up a little city outside the apartment that included food,
portable toilets and a place for workers to rest. They also made
sure workers were properly hydrated and had their blood pressure under control.
McCallum said his crew didnt have any specific training for
Ebola, which is spread by contact with bodily fluids and has
killed more than 3,400 people in West Africa. But he noted his
companys previous work prepared them for what he calls his
business most high-profile job.
The workers consulted with Dallas County and the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control to ensure everyone was safe.
It comes down to biohazard training, he said. The steps
and precautions taken are basically the same.

10 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014


March 21 April 19
Consider taking a more conservative approach to
your actions today, Aries, as well as to the way you
dress. Others may be rather put off by something that
comes across as too flashy. Fashion is apt to be a
significant concern for you now, which is fine. Dont
underestimate the power of personal appearance.
Apr 20 - May 20
Romantic relationships may not exactly be going as
well as youd like, Taurus, but dont get discouraged.
Hang in there and you will find that things eventually
come around your way. You may need to strengthen
your internal sense of confidence, since its doubtful
that you will get much support from interactions with
the people around you.
May 21 - Jun 20
It could be that youre trying to communicate with
someone in a matter regarding love and romance
and it simply isnt working. Youre apt to feel like
you need a translator in order to get your message
across. Both you and your partner need to share
responsibility for making sure that the lines of communication remain open. Be practical yet sensitive
in your approach.
Jun 21 - Jul 22
This is a fantastic time for you for love and romance,
Cancer, even if theres a bit of coolness between
you and the person you care about. Its possible that
there needs to be an element of distance now for
you to really appreciate the good thing you have. If
you arent involved with someone now, you should
find that youre in a good position to make a move
toward someone you feel strongly about.

Sep 23 - Oct 22
You might need to put on the brakes today when
it comes to love and romance, Libra. Dont think
that this means you have to break off any sort
relationship thats in the works, but realize that you
may need to take a more realistic approach to how
you handle it. The problem is that you may be getting
so caught up in the fantasy of things that you arent
tending to practicalities.
Oct 23 - Nov 21
Things should be going quite well for you today,
Scorpio, and you will find that aspects of your life
that may have felt disconnected in the past are
finally slipping into place. Have faith that all your
painstaking planning and organizing is finally
going to pay off. This is especially true in love and
romance. Spend intimate time with a close partner
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Restriction and discipline might not be your forte,
Sagittarius, but realize that this may be exactly
the type of thing that you need the most. Try not to
expend your energy in too many directions. Focus
and channel your efforts into the things you consider
the most important. Make sure that most of your day
is spent tending to these things. Have you hugged
your loved ones lately?
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Appreciate the good things you have today,
Capricorn. Dont let another day go by without really
paying homage to the people whove helped you
grow along the way. Take a walk. Climb a tree or
help a child build a tree house. Connect with your
spiritual side that finds satisfaction in where you are
now instead of always feeling a need to search for
something bigger and better.

Jul 23 - Aug 22
Its one thing to be a friend and its another to feed
someones ego just to make him or her happy, Leo.
Make sure that you arent telling someone lies just
because you know that that is what he or she wants
to hear. A true friend is someone who is honest at all
times, even if it means that you may temporarily hurt
that persons feelings.

Jan 20 - Feb 18
When it comes to matters of love and romance, you
may need to tone things down a bit, Aquarius. An
aggressive approach now may drive your loved one
further away from you instead of drawing him or
her closer. Remember that love is a two-way street.
Dont just do things the way youd like to do them.
Its crucial that you consider your partners thoughts
and feelings every step of the way.

Aug 23 - Sep 22
Its critical that you not try to gain the love and appreciation of another by controlling their decisions,
Virgo. Its time to let the people around you set their
own rules and boundaries. Give that special person
space to decide whats best, then you can take action accordingly. It may be that you discover things
about this person that you probably would never
have known if you called all the shots.

Feb 19 - Mar 20
You may find that your love is incredibly magnetic
now, Pisces. All you need to do is be yourself and
suddenly people flock your way. There are terrific
opportunities for you to strengthen the bonds you
have with the people you care about the most.
Solidify your relationship with soft romantic words
and actions. There is an extra sensuality to your
mood and actions now.

1. Tibetan monk
5. Toss
10. Neck part
14. Corrida cheers
15. Fearsome
16. Born Free lion
17. Prepare a book or
film for release
18. Bird that gets you down
19. Ear-related
20. Cylindrical
wooden container
22. Sully
24. Wholly
25. Alluring
26. Near sea level
30. Flat circular plates
35. Man-mouse connector
36. Drunkard
37. Accustom
38. Censure
41. Umbrella
43. The end of ___
44. Can be used
to catch fish or surf!
45. ___ polloi
46. One in second, say
47. Any unnamed object
50. Nonsense
53. Actress Zadora
54. Painful hospital
58. Purpose
62. Island feast
63. Honda model
66. Drop ___ (moon)
67. Stumbles
68. Writer Loos
69. Alaskas first governor
70. Troubles
71. Flower.part
72. Architect Mies van der

1. Stay singer Lisa
2. Betsys Wedding star
3. Golda of Israel
4. Stellar
5. Stuttering
6. Henris here
7. Wee bit
8. Minotaurs home
9. Elephants tiny kin
10. Inert gas
11. Prefix with meter
12. Pitchfork-shaped letters
13. From ___ according
to his abilities
21. TV Tarzan Ron
23. U-Haul competitor
25. Cpl.s superior
26. Not express
27. Maine college town
28. Declines
29. The French word for no
31. One ___ million
32. Japanese dish
33. Sing like Bing
34. Baseball
commissioner Bud
39. Dr. of rap
40. Keep an ___ the ground
41. Writing instrument
42. Abnormal
44. Slangy denial
48. Metal, often used
as a container
49. Madman at the tea party

51. Killer whales

52. River that flows through
54. Exploded
55. Deutchmark replacement
56. Challenge
57. Figure (out)
59. As a result
60- Flood survivor
61- Air
64- Big shot
65- Call ___ day


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SMOKINGfrom pg. 1


I would be OK with it if there were

certain designated areas for smokers,
but since there is absolutely no smoking on campus, I really do not think it
is fair, he said. I wish students would
have had a say in this as well. It was
like we all woke up one morning and
bam, tobacco-free campus.
Austin Bush, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said he
agrees with Morgan. Its not like were
blowing it in peoples faces, he said.
Plus there are still ash trays on campus, which after Im done smoking, I
always discard it in one.
Bush also said he still smokes on
campus. No one says anything about
it really, and I havent seen or heard
of anyone getting in trouble so far for
smoking on campus. For more information on Techs tobacco-free policy,
contact the Office of Environmental
Health and Safety at (318) 257-2120.

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Photo by Colin Fontenot

Austin Bush, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, enjoys a cigarette at the tables near Tolliver Hall.

October 9, 2014 The Tech Talk 11

More Talk




Photos by Jaclyn Perry

First Baptist Ruston serves coffee for

a cause with coffee beans harvested
by Rwandan farmers.
Staff Reporter

eing a college town, Ruston has a few coffeehouses available to its college students.
From large chains like Starbucks to locally
owned alternatives, there is a shop to suit everyones tastes.
However what sets The Depot apart from
others is not the coffee, but the spirit in which
it operates.
Justin Shipley, college minister of First Baptist Church of Ruston, said the shop gets its coffee beans through a special missionary organization.
The organization is called Land of a Thousand Hills, and they distribute coffee beans
grown by farmers in Rwanda, Shipley said.
The organization wanted a way to help heal the
country in the wake of the widespread genocide
in 1994.
According to their website, Land of a Thousand Hills functions using the collaborative trade
system, which means they pay the farmers four
times the normal wage.

Shipley said The Depot gives the majority of

its profits to support Land of a Thousand Hills.
The Depot is actually owned by First Baptists college ministry, he said. The Depot fulfills both of the churchs goals of supporting a
missionary organization and bringing a popular
service to the Ruston community. When its all
said and done, we make just enough of a profit
to keep the shop open.
Shipley said his vision was to keep the Ruston
community first.
Before we opened shop, this building was actually so old, no other business felt comfortable
trying to move in, he said. I knew this location
was perfect for us since its right in the downtown area, and close to Louisiana Techs campus at the same time. Unlike larger chains who
just want to move customers through en masse,
I feel we focus on every individual customer.
Elizabeth Hill said working at The Depot has
provided her with many positive memories.
My favorite part is getting to meet cool, new
people that I never would have crossed paths
with otherwise, said Hill, a senior family and
child studies major, . I also learned to stay on

Left: Elizabeth Hill, a senior family child studies

major and Depot employee makes coffee for people
from Louisiana Tech and the community.
Right: The Depots welcoming atmosphere where
students can socialize and study.

my feet and be ready for anything. Sometimes

business can be slow, and then, suddenly, we
have a line almost out of the door.
Stephanie Martin, a graduate student, said
she loves the atmosphere of The Depot and she
has become a regular customer.
I come by almost every day because I love
the way the building is separated into areas for
people who want to hang out and people who
want to study, Martin said. I also love the fact
the shop supports such a wonderful cause as
Land of a Thousand Hills, and it feels good to
know Im helping out, as well.
Shipley said running a coffeehouse has been
a huge learning experience.
Im not business minded in the least, so I
actually called places from across the country
who are running a similar operation, he said. I
had the support of those people, as well as the
people of Ruston and Tech students who come
in and enjoy our coffee. They really do make all
the difference.
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12 The Tech Talk October 9, 2014

Sports Talk
Bulldogs aim to finish what they started
Sports Editor
The Louisiana Tech mens basketball team has hit the hardwood
to prepare for the upcoming season
its second in Conference USA.
The mens basketball team held
its first practices of the season Friday and Saturday and head coach
Michael White said he was pleased
with the level of intensity his team
has shown in the early going.
The first couple of practices
were pretty good, White said. The
level of enthusiasm and the intensity level, how hard we got after each
other, the competitiveness, it was all
there. We are pretty pleased with
where we are so far.
The Dunkin Dogs are coming
off a 29-8 season in 2013, tying for
the most victories in a single season
in program history. The Bulldogs
went 13-3 in C-USA play and 14-1
inside the Thomas Assembly Center. The lone home loss came at the
hands of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns.
Under the direction of White,
Tech is 39-5 inside the TAC. While
the fans may enjoy seeing the home
team win, it has put a strain on
scheduling particularly for home
I am not overly pleased with our
non-conference scheduling, White
said. We would like to have SEC
and ACC programs on our schedule and you would like to get one
of them to come here. Not a lot of
teams are excited to come to Ruston right now and I think that is a
testament to our guys.
Tech won the regular season CUSA championship in its first season in C-USA, but was unable to
win the conference tournament and
secure a bid to the NCAA Tournament.

with Jared King

The future
of Bulldog

Photo by Donny J. Crowe

Senior guard Raheem Appleby participates in Louisiana Techs first basketball practice of the season. Appleby is
one of three seniors on head coach Michael Whites 2014 squad.

With three seniors on his roster

in Raheem Appleby, Michale Kyser
and Kenneth Speedy Smith, all
players from Whites first recruiting
class, the team is focused on finishing this season with an NCAA Tournament berth.
We have been fortunate to be
a part of a couple of (conference)
championships and we would like to
do that again, White said. We are
eager to take the next step. We hope
it (an NCAA Tournament appearance) happens this year. We hope it
happens for this class. I want it for
our staff and for our entire roster,
but I want it for these three seniors

more than anything else.

White said the three seniors
picked a team word for the season
as motivation for the upcoming year.
Finish, White said. That will
be our goal. That will be our rallying
cry: to finish, to find a way.
White said making the NCAA
Tournament has become daily
dialogue for his team whether that
means winning an at-large bid or
winning the conference tournament.
Tech will tipoff its mens basketball season at 8 p.m. Nov. 14
at Southern University in Baton

In a C-USA coaches poll revealed earlier this week, Tech was

selected the preseason favorite to
win the C-USA mens basketball
regular-season title in 2014-15.
Senior guard Raheem Appleby,
junior guard Alex Hamilton and
senior guard Kenneth Smith were
selected to the preseason all-conference team.
For more on Tech athletics, follow
the Tech Talk Sports Desks Twitter
page at

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A new era in Bulldog baseball begins

Sports Reporter
The Louisiana Tech baseball
team has returned to the diamond
as first year head coach Greg Goff
held the teams first fall practices
of the season this week.
Tech replaced longtime coach
Wade Simoneaux with Greg Goff
from Delta State in June. Goff
team that
Effort and
1535 in 2013,
attitude are
two things
you can con- conference
trol no matter games in its
first season
how good or in Conference USA.
bad the day
The bigis.
gest thing
for us is
creating a
head baseball
culture of
trying to bring our own mentality
into the program, Goff said. Getting them to practice at the speed
of what we want them to and getting them to grasp the things that
we want them to do. That has been
going very well for us.
Goff expects a lot from his team
and demands full commitment.
Coach (Goff) demands excellence, and that is what we practice:
excellence, Breshon Kimbell said.
Kimbell, a senior outfielder, said
his goal is to go out with a bang


by winning his first conference

I want to have a 40-plus win
season and make it to a regional and play in front of a huge
crowd, Kimbell said.
In sports, Goff said, there
are very few things coaches can
control, like making a regional,
or winning every game, but two
things he believes can be dictated are effort and attitude.
Goff has made his team
aware of how important those
two things are to him.
In baseball you are going
to fail at times, Goff said. Effort and attitude are two things
you can control no matter how
good or bad the day is. I am
very demanding in that regard
and I want my players to get
through defeat.
Goff said his practices are
upbeat and competitive.
If they can get through
the practices with me then the
games should come very easy
to them, Goff said.
Junior infielder Taylor Love
can attest to the intensity of
Goff s practices and the hard
work Goff requires each of his
players to put in.
He has us working really
hard and is an intense guy,
Love said. We are working out
all the time and having more
detailed stuff before and after

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ABOVE: Head baseball coach Greg

Goff and team meet
after first intersquad
scrimmage of the
2014 season.
LEFT: First year assistant coach and
pitching coach Rick
McCarty works with
Photos by Brian Blakely

uch has been made

of Louisiana Techs
3-3 start on the gridiron. The Bulldogs looked
great against the University of Louisiana-Lafayette,
North Texas University and
the University of Texas at
El Paso, defeating them all
by a combined 104 points.
The Bulldogs looked dazed
and confused in the season
opener against Oklahoma
University falling 48-16 but
were much more competitive in a 45-17 loss at Auburn
University. Somewhere in between was the Northwestern
State game. Tech was unable
to overcome five turnovers
in that one and the Bulldogs
lost 30-27.
What has been lost in the
discussion of each of those
games is the impact the
freshmen and sophomores
have had on both sides of
the ball.
Sophomore wide receiver
Trent Taylor saw significant
playing time as a freshman,
but has had a breakout season in his second year. Taylor and transfer quarterback
Cody Sokol have built a rapport in a short amount of
time and Taylor has become
Sokols top target. Taylor
leads the team in receptions
with 31, yards with 301 and
is second on the team in
receiving touchdowns with
Taylor is not the only underclassman making a big
contribution to the offense.
Freshman running back
Jarred Craft has tallied 33
carries for 123 yards and two
touchdowns. Redshirt freshman wide receiver Carlos
Henderson has proven he
has the big-play ability and
top end speed to become
a starting wide receiver for
head coach Skip Holtz. Henderson has 11 receptions in
three games for 185 yards
and one touchdown. He has
also rushed four times for 42
There are young players
making a difference on the
defensive side of the ball as
Sophomore safety Xavier
Woods has grabbed the second most interceptions in the
country with four, including
one against ULL that he returned for a touchdown.
Freshman linebacker Russell Farris has seen action in
five games and has recorded
nine tackles, freshman safety
Secdrick Cooper has recorded four tackles and freshman
Deldrick Canty has recorded
multiple tackles for loss and
one sack.
In total, Tech has fielded
seven underclassmen on offense and six on defense.
Fans should be excited
about the future of Bulldog
Jared King is a senior journalism major from Jena who
serves as sports editor of The
Tech Talk. Email comments