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8th Grade Technology Exam Review Document

Ditrict Technology exam i the wee! o" #une $%
& '($$)
*E RE+D,-
.+/E ure you have thee anwer correct "or your '((
0t- I will collect 1e"ore you ta!e the exam next wee!-
Than! you-

1.) Think about a new technological advance- CO.23TER

Ex0ected4Deired Outcome o" thi new technology5 Get
in"ormation "rom the Internet& Communication device&
Deigning 2roduct etc6)
3nex0ected43ndeired Outcome o" thi new technology5
7irue& mal"unction& headache& addicted& la8y& cy1er
1ullying etc6)
S!etching $($9
What is an orthogra0hic4three9view !etch? Draw an example on the
graph paper provided setting the front, top, and right side views in the
appropriate loations :ee exam0le on 1oard);
!"#"#$"! T%&'( <oo! at the le"t drawing thi i how you
line u0 and la1el your orthogra0hic !etch --- Remem1er
the detail you need to "ollow 0leae)
Dimenion how99 SI=E >
<OC+TION on drawing)
Electronic $($
Draw a erie circuit. Draw a 0arallel circuit.
?hat i the di@erence 1etween thee two
&f one light goe out in a 0arallel circuit what happens to
the rest?
The other tay on due to the other 0ath "or electron to
Term to !now:
Word )roessing- 0rogram we ue to create
*+D- Com0uter +ided Deign
&nput devies- moue& !ey1oard& 3S*& Blahdrive&
,utput devies- monitor& 0ea!er& 0rinter
'preadsheet- organi8e in"ormation into column and
Database- 0rogram ued to collect in"ormation
a1out many to0ic& 0eo0le& 1uying ha1it&
%ardware- hard drive& mother1oard& C23& "an&
'oftware- 0rogram we ue to o0erate the "unction
o" a com0uter
'earh engine- Google& *ING& ,ahoo& Chrome etc-
SE7EN RESO3RCES OB TECCNO<OG, - ".+#)/"' ,0 "+*%--
People: create, design, consume, technology. They provide labor, make the policies that
promote technology.
All systems involve people (except for those systems which occur in nature.
!apital: money
"xamples of !apital include money, land, building, taxes, stocks, bonds, e#uipment, and other
forms of wealth.
Tool $ %achines:
Tools: extend the natural capabilities of people and are used to process and maintain other
resources in systems.
%achines: change the amount, speed or direction of a force and like tools are used to process
Time: Time is one of the hardest resources to work with. &ince time cannot be sped up or
slowed down, people have learned that they need to manage and plan.
'nformation ( data. 'n a system, information is needed to tell us what to do
and how to do it.
%aterials( Physical ob)ects used in a system (wood, water, iron, oil, sand
"nergy: the capacity for doing work. "nergy takes many forms (thermal,
electrical, mechanical and comes from many sources (solar, muscle, chemical,
Systems Review 101
Grade Technology District Final Exam
Mrs. ailey!"lar
An o#en!loo# system is a system that requires a command or input to operate each time.
A closed!loo# system is a system that is self controlled or operates automatically such as a home heating
system. A typical closed-loop system is shown below.
&'(T )*+ &(,T T'E S)STEM T* D*
"*M/(RES T'E *+T/+T T* T'E $,/+T 0 M(1ES (D.+STME,TS &'E, ,EEDED
T'E ("T+(3 *+T/+T *F ( S)STEM
SE,S*R &'$"' ME(S+RES *+T/+T *F ( S)STEM
/ro6lem 78: Check the box that defines the gien system.
!leator closed-loop open-loop
"raffic #ight closed-loop open-loop
Computer closed-loop open-loop
$encil %harpener closed-loop open-loop
%treet #ights closed-loop open-loop
E9(M/3E o: "losed 3oo#;;; "om#onents o:
a home heating system4
$n#%t: %et the thermostat to the desired room temperature
"om#are-(d5%st: "hermostat compares room temperature to desired temperature. &f room is
colder than desired' it turns on the furnace. &f room is warm enough or warmer' it turns off the
/rocess: (uel is burned and air is heated then pushed out of furnace.
*%t#%t: )arm Air
Monitor: "emperature of the room.
More<<TERMS To 1,*&4
*esearch and +eelopment-- 3earn and ma=e 6etter
,arketing-- (dvertise a #rod%ct :or #%rchase
,anufacturing -- 'igh #rod%ction- mass #rod%ction o: goods
%eparating $rocess -- "%tting> drilling> sanding<etc
(orming $rocess -- Molding a #rod%ct %sing a :orm
Combining $rocess-- Gl%e> nails> screws> ta#e
Central $rocessing -nit-- "/+! rain o: the "om#%ter
%ketch -- ?%ic= ro%gh drawing
$rototype-- The :irst wor=ing model or version o: a #rod%ct
.rthographic +rawing--Drawing that shows only two dimensions o: each #lane o: an o65ect
.ptimi/ation-- Modi:y a #rod%ct ETTER
*esistor-- (ny #art o: a circ%it that %ses the electricity> ie. 3ights> 6%@@ers> com#%ter>
$hoto cell-- /rocesses light and converts it to energy
%ensor-- Detects motion> so%nd> light<.
Compression--A #ressing-#%shing force
"ension-- ( #%lling :orce
%hear0 "orsion-- Twisting :orces
!olution of "echnology TE3E/'*,E;;;; String 0 "%#> !A Telegra#h> !A Rotary /hone> Dial +# /hone>!
A "ell%lar /hone> Mo6ile> !A Smart /hones
!lectricity -- The :low o: electrons