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TCS: an entrepreneurial air express company in Pakistan


Khalid Awan, co-founder of TCS, an entrepreneurial air-express company in Pakistan, Awan
has succeeded in building a sizeable company despite serious obstacles, like the attacks of
September the eleven in the United states he started to think how it might affect the courier
company in Pakistan, he was really worry of the situation that has been created,
Awan and his brother founded this Company in 1983, and it had a 55% market share in the
domestic courier service.
Have been under military dictatorship for 24 years of the 54 years of its independence, an
environment prone to corruption was the major obstacle for Mr awan, while Musharraf had taken
steps to accelerate the privatization of key state owned enterprises.
Pakistan was a poor country with GDP of only 440$.Tax payers were very less, only those
salaried men give taxes, while the agricultural landlords and industrialist never paid their taxes

Early Life:
Khalid Awan was a flight engineer in PIA, later his brother sadiq made an agreement with
courier giant DH, to start a joint venture in Pakistan. At that time Pakistan was then under
military rule, and had concerns with the DHL company, first DHL cannot transport documents
locally, secondly the local joint venture be fully responsible for the security violation.
For this Awan wanted to become operational head in the country, but DHL refuses to accept
unless his brother will undergo DHL training. As soon as awan assume control over DHL

Pakistan he started to think about the domestically owned courier company. Keeping in view the
Pakistan Post who had created a monopoly in the domestic deliveries
1985 TCS got a major contract from the Pakistan banking council to link 4000 branches across
the country with the overnight delivery service, this was a building block for this company and it
got nationwide recognition.
TCS managerial issues were considerable dispersed in 100 remote locations,
1996 TCs entered into international courier service market

Business Units:
Domestic Courier Service
International courier service
Overland express
Sentiments express

Key Challenges

The government bureaucracy was the major obstacle in the business, Legislative barriers like the
post office act of 1898, second was the uncertain macroeconomic direction of the Pakistan
economy, Countries nuclear program had resulted in trade sanctions