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Husky Air Assignment 5 Chapter 5

The Scope Management Plan

Your client, Husky Air, has given your team the authority to develop the proect!s scope"
The proect!s scope de#ines the proect $ork" %t includes the $ork &oundaries and
delivera&les that you $ill deliver to your client"
Please provide a pro#essional'looking document that includes the #ollo$ing(
)" Project name, project team name, and the names of the members of your
project team.
*" A brief project description.
+" The projects MOV" ,This should &e revised or re#ined i# necessary"-
." A Deliverable tructure !hart "D!#. This should &e &ased upon the proect
li#e cycle and the systems development li#e cycle" You should &egin &y creating a
hierarchical chart that de#ines all o# the proect and system development phases"
The system development phases $ill depend largely on the development approach
you $ill use ,i"e", $ater#all, rapid applications development, etc"-" A#ter you have
identi#ied all o# the proect phases, the ne/t step in developing a 0SC is to
identi#y at least one proect or product delivera&le #or each phase"
5" A use case dia$ram "%!D#" A 1C0 de#ines the high'level #eatures and
#unctionality that the application system should include" Although 2igure 5"5
provides an e/ample o# a use case, you can &uild one &y(
a" 0ra$ing a &o/ to represent the system &oundary"
&" 0ra$ stick #igure or people to represent the actors o# the system" Actors
can &e users, managers, customers, or even other systems that $ill interact
$ith or use the application system" Actors should &e dra$n on the outside
o# the system &oundary" 3e sure to la&el each actor $ith a descriptive
name to descri&e the actor!s role"
c" A use case is a particular #unction that application system $ill per#orm"
0ra$ an oval inside the system &oundary #or each #unction, and la&el the
oval $ith a descriptive name" 4/amples o# use cases are update customer
in#ormation, print employee overtime report, create ne$ vendor record,
and so #orth" This is an important step during your proect that re5uires a
great deal o# interaction $ith your client" 1n#ortunately, you $ill not have
access to a real client so you can &e creative" 6eep in mind, ho$ever, that
additional ,and o#ten unused- #unctionality $ill result re5uire more time
and resources to &uild the system" Su&se5uently, this $ill add to the
proect!s schedule and &udget" You and your team should keep in mind
that any #eatures and #unctionality o# the system should help the
organi7ation achieve its M89"
d" 0ra$ a connecting line to identi#y the actors $ho $ill make use o# a
particular use case"
:" A cope !han$e Process" Together, the 0SC and 1C0 de#ine $hat $ill and
$hat $ill not &e part o# the proect scope" %n short, the proect team is responsi&le
#or delivering everything that is listed in the 0SC and 1C0" 1n#ortunately, items
may &e overlooked and needs change" Adding delivera&les or #unctionality to the
system is an important decision" There#ore, develop a logical process that your
client and team $ill #ollo$ #or identi#ying, cataloging, managing, and responding
to a scope change re5uest" 3e sure to include a templates or e/amples o# any
#orms or logs that $ill &e used to support the scope change process"
Husky Air Charter Services
The Scope Management Plan
Analysis by
28 ebruary 2!!"
Husky Air Charter Services Scope Management Plan
The focus of this project is to identify and implement ways to improve the
efficiency of the Husky Air Charter Services (HACS). HACS is a division of
Husky Air catering to the needs of usiness travelers! who do not wish to e
ound y the reduced fle"iility and delays that are typical of commercial air
travel. #ith usinesses looking for ways to reduce the time and money spent
on usiness travel there is a good growth prospect for air charter services.
HACS! with its fleet of aircraft! can capitali$e on this opportunity if its
operations are streamlined.
To implement a custom developed software system that will help improve the
operations of
% Charter &e'uirements Analysis and (uotation
% Charter )ooking
% *ilot Assignment
and hence reali$e a +,- increase in revenue in + year.
#eliverable Structure Chart $#SC%
Husky Air Charter
Initialize &
Business Case
Project Charter &
Project Charter &
Project Plan
Execute &
Close Project
Final Project Report
Formal Acceptance
Evaluate Project
Lessons Learned
Strategic EC
Logical Design
echnical Design
est Plan
est Results
raining Program
Conversion Plan
Services Pro&ect
'se Case #iagram $'S#%
Scope #e(inition
The .eliverale Structure Chart shows the various deliverales at the various
stages of the project. /01ers is responsile for ensuring that all are
delivered on schedule. Any additional deliverale re'uired y Husky Air and
not listed in the chart is out of scope of this project. 2"ception to this would
e items that are mutually considered eneficial to the /01. These
e"ceptions would re'uire redefinition of the project scope and any other
impacted areas of the project.
The 3se Case diagram aove shows all the functionality to e uilt into the
custom software application. /01ers will ensure that all listed functionality
will e developed and delivered on schedule.
Scope Veri(ication
All the functions descried in the use case diagram satisfy all the
re'uirements of the /01. An application with these functions would ensure
that the /01 goals are achieved.
The various deliverales listed in the .SC are sufficient to monitor and
control the project through the development stages. Additionally! a time
schedule will ensure timely completion of the project.
All deliverales listed in the .SC represent different phases of the project.
The 'uality of each phase defines the outcome of the following phases. 4t is
important that Husky Air closely e"amine each deliverale to verify if all
ojectives are met. 0nly after the acceptance of each deliverale will work
egin on the ne"t phase.
Scope Change Process
Changes can e inevitale due to several reasons. There may e good and
ad reasons why a deliverale or functionality needs to e changed.
#hatever the reason! a logical process to identify! catalog! manage and
respond to a scope change re'uest is important for the enefit of the project.
0nce it is identified that the scope needs to e changed! Husky Air should e
communicated that scope changes will result in changes in schedule and
budget of the project. The positive and negative impacts of the scope change
should also e communicated.
0nly scope changes that are eneficial to the /01 will e considered for
action. This has to e decided y mutual consent of Husky Air and /01ers.
5or proper decisions to e reached while considering scope changes! a Scope
Change *rocess has een defined.
Here is a comprehensive picture of the Scope Change *rocess!
All changes are initiated y Husky Air and /01ers can only review the
re'uests and provide alternatives. Husky Air should retain the right to make
the decision regarding whether to take action on a re'uest. This will e ased
on the review provided y /01ers. /01ers itself cannot initiate or make a
decision on the scope changes.
The following is the scope change re'uest form that must e used in the
event of a change in the scope6
Husky Air
Assign for

Scope Change )e*uest orm
&e'uestor 7ame6 888888888888888 &e'uest .ate6 88888888
&e'uest Title6 888888888888888888 &e'uest 7umer6 8888888
&e'uest .escription6

*ossile Alternatives6
+mpacts Alternative + Alternative ++ Alternative +++
&esources &e'uired
Authori$ed y6
All changes re'uested should e logged for future reference. The log will e a
means to monitor the 'uality of work eing performed. 7umerous change
re'uests would indicate a prolem with the original scope definition. The
following is the format of the log to track scope changes.
Scope Change )e*uest ,og-
L stands for low priority
M stands for medium priority
H stands for high priority
.ate of

(:! /!
(<es or
#ith this document! we have defined the scope of the project including the
various deliverales and the functions of the application to e developed. This
will serve as a guide to what the e"pectations of the product are and the
various steps in the project needed to meet those e"pectations.