Artist in Education Residency Program/Arts Horizons/Morris Arts
The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership/The New Jersey Performing Arts
Center/The New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Perkins Center for the Arts
Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey/Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania

This program is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey
State Council on the Arts, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment
for the Arts and the New Jersey Arts Education Collective.
SEPTEMBER 17 & 18, 2014
The New Jersey Arts Education Collective gives special gratitude to
Grounds for Sculpture and the Education & Event Planning Staff
for generously hosting and supporting our annual teaching artist
conference for the 11th consecutive year.
& Meals
East Gallery
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The New Jersey Arts Education Collective (NJAEC) is a partnership of New Jersey based not-for
profit organizations whose mission is to provide the highest quality professional development and  
networking opportunities for members of the arts education community. Visit us at www.njaec.org.
Distinguished Member Organizations and Contacts
Artists in Education Residency Program
Danielle Bursk, Administrator # # # # # # # # # dbursk@njaie.org
Arts Horizons
Jenifer Simon, NJ Programs, Partnerships and the Artist/Teacher Institute# # jenifer@artshorizons.org
Morris Arts     
Barbara Reuther, Education Director # # # # # # # breuther@morrisarts.org #
# # # #  
The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership 
Kris Wenger, Director# # # # # # # # # # kris@njaep.org
The New Jersey Performing Arts Center 
Caitlin Evans-Jones, Director of Partnerships & Professional Development # CEvansJones@njpac.org
The New Jersey State Council on the Arts  
Robin Middleman, Senior Program O$cer, Arts Education# # robin.middleman@sos.state.nj.us
Perkins Center for the Arts 
Karen Chigounis, Curator and Arts Education Director# # # kchigounis@perkinscenter.org
Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey 
Jim DeVivo, Director of Education# # # # # # # # # jdevivo@ptnj.org
Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts  
Noreen Scott-Garrity, Associate Director & Curator of Education# # ngarrity@camden.rutgers.edu
Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
Jackie Knox, Art Education Associate# # # # # # jknox@yanj.org
The New Jersey Arts Education Collective is funded by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, 
a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts. 2
2014-2015 NJAEC OFFICERS  
Jenifer Simon#  
Arts Horizons#  
Treasurer# #
Danielle Bursk 
Artists in Education Administrator#  
Kris Wenger# # #  
NJ Arts Education Partnership

- Non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 or equivalent status,  
government agencies or an a$liate program or  
department of higher education are eligible. 

- Access to statewide networking opportunities and  
professional development o%erings for teaching artists  
and administrators 
- Participate in a variety of committees 
- Voting Rights 
- And more!
Full information and application at www.njaec.org  
Location: Event Lobby
Please enjoy coffee, tea and breakfast pastries.
Location: Terrace
Optional and back by popular demand, Ritu
Pandya’s workshop will help you welcome the
morning with light movement and breathing exer-
cises to make you feel calmer, more focused
and ready to take on the day.
Jenifer Simon, Nick Paleologos
Location: Main Room
Introduction to the conference and special
award of excellence presented to Grounds for
Location: Main Room
An exciting line up of regional and national Arts
Education experts, presenting short reports on
trends and developments in their area of exper-
tise. There will be plenty of opportunity for con-
ference attendees to ask questions. Scheduled
to present:
! Nick Paleologos, Executive Director
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
! Richard Burrows, District Arts Administrator
Newark Public Schools and Media Arts
Co-Chair to the National Coalition for Core
Arts Standards
! Ann Marie Miller, Executive Director
Art Pride NJ
! Mary Reece, Director of Special Projects
Foundation for Educational Administration
! Dale Schmid, Visual & Performing Arts
Coordinator, NJ Department of Education
! Kris Wenger, Executive Director
New Jersey Arts Education Partnership
12:00noon-12:45pm LUNCH
Location: Event Lobby
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
Mini sessions give attendees the option of par-
ticipating in a hands-on art making activity,
watching PechaKuchas (several short, powerful
and interesting presentations by your peers on
a variety of topics), visiting a casual walk-in sa-
lon where attendees can meet, mingle and
share their work with one another, or meeting
and chatting with representatives from the New
Jersey Arts Education Collective’s member or-
Location: Large Viewing Room
PechaKucha, which means "the sound of conver-
sation" in Japanese, was first conceived by To-
kyo architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham,
who were seeking a way to encourage student
presenters to use PowerPoint in a more organ-
ized and succinct manner. The format inspires
creativity by imposing constraints upon the pre-
senter just as the Haiku format does with un-
rhymed verses. Presentations from:
! Performing Arts as a Way to Teach -
Christopher Parker
! Glassroots - Jenny Pollack
! The History of Book Arts - Cathy Lecleire
1:00pm-1:45pm WALK-IN SALON
Location: Education Room
Share your work with one another in the walk-
in salon or start a discussion on a topic that is
important to you. Feel free to bring your laptop
or tablet, work samples or cards and introduce
yourself and your work to your fellow teaching
artists in a casual setting.

Location: Main Room
Representatives from the New Jersey Arts Educa-
tion Collective’s member agencies will be on
hand to meet and chat with conference at-
tendees. This is your opportunity to ask about
applying to artist rosters, changes in need in
the field, potential projects and just to intro-
duce yourself to the people who connect teach-
ing artists and schools, eldercare facilities and
other employment opportunities. Bring your busi-
ness cards and plan to network- we will, too!
Participating NJAEC Member Organizations in-
! Arts Horizons
! MorrisArts
! The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership
! The New Jersey Performing Arts Center
! The New Jersey State Council on the Arts
! Perkins Center for the Arts
! Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey
! Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
! Young Audiences New Jersey and
Eastern Pennsylvania
Mansa Mussa
Location: Education Center Outer Room
Participants learn how to create a small folded
accordion book that contains the story of their
life’s odyssey, filled with small but significant
facts, flights of reverie, and brief moments of
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
euphoria. They will incorporate the mediums of
collage, drawing, text, graphics, and photo-
graphs taken during the workshop. Students
will incorporate geometric shapes, peel and
stick graphics to create the book.
Richard Burrows
Location: Main Room
Teaching Artists who plan to work in schools
within the Newark Public School System will
want to attend this workshop presented by the
district arts administrator for Newark Public
Schools. Learn about the Newark Schools Arts
Education Directory & Registry; how to apply
for inclusion into and use it to present your
work to potential school clients in Newark. This
registry is designed to bring consistency to the
information made available to schools, as well
as define the needs of students, teachers and
learning communities.
Teresa A. Fisher, PhD
Location: East Gallery Alcove
Have you ever found yourself facing an audi-
ence at the end of a session or performance –
be it one of students in a classroom or a gen-
eral audience in a theatre or other performance
site – and didn’t know how to start a conversa-
tion about the work? Or you thought you had
a solid plan, but were met with dead silence
and perplexed faces? Or dealt with someone
commandeering the discussion? In this session,
we’ll explore new ways of structuring post-work
discussions and consider new ways of asking
questions in order to gather useful reflections
and feedback.
Don Ehman, Jenifer Simon, Lilian Ribiero,
Ricardo Pena, Anna Evans, Molly Johnson,
Yah’ya Kamate
Location: Large Viewing Room
Looking for artist residency employment oppor-
tunities? Want to share your talents with a new
audience? See what it’s like conducting a resi-
dency with a community of older adults. Teach-
ing artists working in visual arts, theatre, story-
telling, creative movement, percussion and po-
etry share their experiences teaching older
adults. Find out how to connect with administra-
tors, activity directors for employment opportuni-
ties and if any special training/certification is
required. Each of the five panelists will share
their expertise and anecdotes about residencies
with older adults. An activity director from an
assisted living community will share procedures
and tips for employment.
Robin Pease, Kulture Kids
Location: Education Center Inner Room
This presentation is a survey of techniques, ma-
terials and resources for integrating arts into
science for elementary school children. Work-
shop includes a selection of age-appropriate ac-
tivities and supplies and alignment with Core
Curriculum and Fine Arts Standards. Using ani-
mal adaptation, Kulture Kids demonstrates how
an extravaganza with 251 students was con-
ceived, created, performed and assessed. It also
includes professional development sessions,
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
ideas on how this type of project can be cre-
ated, and opportunities for participants to sing,
dance, act, write and use visual art in science.
Ben Pranger
Location: Education Center Outer Room
In this hands-on workshop, we will make small
architectural models from recycled materials.
The emphasis is on how an improvised, process
oriented approach to art making can intersect
with Core Curriculum Content in both math and
language arts. Participants will construct sev-
eral structures from a variety of materials to
make a collaborative city.
Karen Fuchs
Location: Education Center Outer Room
Drawing from Nature- Branching. Arts educator
Karen Fuchs will discuss various organic forms,
patterns and structures found in the natural
world, with a focus on branching as a growth
form. Participants will sketch and model branch-
ing, creating a tree sculpture that models this
Location: Large Viewing Room
Topics will include Fellowship Opportunities for
Artists, Measuring Metaphoric Thinking in the
Arts and more! Each presentation is 20 slides
of 20 seconds each, and some time for Q&A.
Artist Services - Don Ehman
Comics and the Common Core - Kevin Pyle
Art as Social Change - Eileen Foti
Use of Metaphor in Art - Christopher Parker
How I Got My AIE Residency - Michele Brody
Location: Education Center Inner Room
Share your ideas and work with one another in
the walk-in salon. Feel free to bring your laptop
or tablet, work samples or cards and introduce
yourself and your work to your fellow teaching
artists in a casual setting.
Location: Main Room
Representatives from the NJAEC’s member agen-
cies will be on hand to meet and chat with con-
ference attendees. This is your opportunity to
ask about applying to teaching artist rosters,
changes in need in the field, potential projects
and to introduce yourself to the people who
connect teaching artists and schools, eldercare
facilities and other employment opportunities.
Join us in the
Peacock Cafe
for mixing, mingling,
nibbles and a
free drink of
your choice!
BREAK 3:30-3:45PM
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
8:30am-9:30am REGISTRATION & LIGHT
Location: Event Lobby
9:00am-10:00am CIRCUS YOGA
Erin Maile O’Keefe and Kevin O’Keefe
Location: Main Room
Last year's attendees will remember the im-
promptu after-lunch dance and movement ex-
travaganza led by Circus Yoga's It was such a
hit, we asked her to come back from Vermont
this year to start our day with some fun move-
ment activities. Before a morning of sitting and
learning, you may chose to join her and Kevin
O'Keefe for some early morning movement and
Caitlin-Evans Jones
Location: Main Room
10:00am-11:00am KEYNOTE
Location: Main Room
Philip Alexander draws on research in education
and neuroscience to demonstrate how authentic
arts experiences develop and reinforce key cog-
nitive and behavioral skills. Using a variety of
audio/visual and interactive examples, Alexander
connects this research directly to practice of
teaching artists in school-day and after-school
programs, including the Common Core State
Standards. By addressing academic, psychologi-
cal and social benefits of arts learning, partici-
pants will leave the keynote with a fresh under-
standing of their educational practice, which
may help them to refine and focus their work
for learners of any age.
11:15am-12:00noon LUNCH
Location: Event Lobby
Grab a bagged lunch, relax, and talk to others
inside or outside Grounds for Sculpture.
Philip Alexander, PhD, Kit Sailer
Hector Morales
Location: Main Room
Learning standards and frameworks can be in-
timidating, especially for teaching artists who
are not “inside” the educational system. This
workshop provides a direct opportunity to look
at the Common Core ELA standards in relation-
ship to actual lessons, and provides a few
strategies to apply the standards to each TA’s
own curriculum. Primarily designed as an intro-
duction to the standards, this session can serve
as a valuable refresher for any teaching artists
already incorporating Common Core in their in-
structional practice.
Michelle Marigliano
Location: Large Viewing Room
Working Alongside the Student with an Autism
Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will focus on the de-
sign and implementation of arts experiences for
individuals with ASD in a variety of educational
settings, and will cover current literature, best
practices, and shared professional experiences
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
that merge the fields of arts and special educa-
Olga Roman Kobryn
Location: Education Center Outer Room
In this hands-on art making workshop, partici-
pants will learn about the history of pysanky
(egg painting), and have the opportunity to cre-
ate their own pysanka using traditional methods
of bees' wax and stylus.
Priscilla Hopkins-Smith
Location: Education Center Inner Room
The workshop will give participants the opportu-
nity and knowledge to know if they should
purse an online presence to showcase their
work. The presenter will share best practices for
use of social media to document teaching art-
ist’s work outside the classroom, including use
of blogs. By the end of this workshop, partici-
pants will have an understanding of the impor-
tance of a presence, set up of one type of so-
cial media platform, develop an understanding
of the maintenance process, and undertake the
initial set up and/or resources for fully develop-
ing a blog.
Danielle Bursk
Location: East Gallery Alcove
Teaching Artists newly selected for the NJSCA
Teaching Artist Roster are expected to partici-
pate in this training and all NJSCA Roster art-
ists are welcome to attend. This workshop will
provide an overview of the key elements and
important details of the Artists-in-Education
(AIE) Residency grant program. Participants will
learn the program’s expectations for teaching
artists and what to anticipate when undertaking
an AIE residency. Design 20 day workshop
plans, learn how to improve your chances of
being selected for an AIE residency, and de-
velop skills to make your first (or next!) AIE resi-
dency achieve optimum impact. (Please note-
this workshop is designed for NJSCA Roster art-
ists only- it is not designed for artists who are
not yet on the roster).
BREAK 1:45-2:00PM

Michelle Marigliano, Maureen Heffernan,
Lees Hummel, Sam Pott, Laura Marchese
Location: Main Room
Dance to Learn Partnerships will provide partici-
pants with an understanding of how profes-
sional partnerships influenced the development,
funding and implementation of Dance to Learn,
a four-year interdisciplinary and inclusive dance
curriculum with the goal to advance dance edu-
cation in schools and community settings.
Arthur Wilson
Location: Large Viewing Room
Based on a decade of residencies with autism
programs, activities, curriculum, and lesson
plans designed during the partnership of a vis-
ual and theater artist are shared as a process
of discovery motivated by, but not weighed
down by the autism spectrum of developmental
ranking. This workshop highlights the use of
mantras, sound, art, and movement which in-
volves teachers in mirroring and following up
on lesson plan objectives. Participants will also
be privy to portfolio materials which challenged
both students and teachers to stretch beyond
the general expectations of students with
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
autism. This workshop is a work of art for the
Ritu Pandya
Location: Education Center Inner Room
A Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in
Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Uni-
verse. Creating circular, free flowing abstract
forms facilitates meditation. and deeper thought.
This hands-on making activity will engage the
group to work together to design and complete
a mandala made of colored grains of rice.
Tyrone Ellis
Location: Education Center Outer Room
In this hands-on workshop, participants will
learn about the traditional and modern rhythms
of the Water Drum and the ceremonial songs
that accompany them. Participants will also ex-
plore Pow-wow Drums and Hand Drums.
Location: East Gallery Alcove
The Sculpture Hunt is a fast-paced, fun intro-
duction to Grounds For Sculpture! Your team
will race against the clock to locate selected
sculptures in the park and earn points by an-
swering related questions. The winning team
members will receive a prize!
Location: Main Room
3:30pm-4:30pm OPPORTUNITY FOR


Your feedback is very
important to us. Please
complete your conference
evaluation. Thank you!
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
Philip A. Alexander, PhD is a creativity catalyst who
partners with artists, teachers, students, administrators
and researchers in the field of arts in education. He is
proud to have worked with numerous arts and educa-
tion organizations at the local, state and national level,
including Roundabout Theatre Company, Metropolitan
Opera Guild, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Center for Arts
Education, Empire State Partnerships, US Department of
Education, and VSArts. When developing and producing
high quality programs, his work has focused on pro-
gram design, assessment and evaluation, learning stan-
dards, effective professional development, advocacy,
and strategic planning. Holding a doctorate in theatre
history and currently serving as the Director of the New
York State Alliance for Arts Education, Phil is committed
to the mission of “all arts for all students.”
Richard Burrows has been an arts advocate for over
40 years. He was Director of Arts Education for Los
Angeles Unified School District for 9 years where he
was the conceptual architect and organizational strate-
gist for reinstating the arts in all 1,100 schools. Prior
to that, Burrows led the Institute for Arts Education in
San Diego, California. He was also a tenured professor
of dance at The Ohio State University and performed
as a professional dancer/choreographer for 17 years in
several world-wide tours. He is Media Arts Co-Chair to
the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards and is
currently the district arts administrator for Newark Pub-
lic Schools in New Jersey.
Danielle Bursk is the Artists in Education Administrator
for the Artist in Education Residency Grant program, a
co-sponsored program of the New Jersey State Council
on the Arts and Young Audiences New Jersey & East-
ern Pennsylvania. She earned an MFA from Rutgers’
Mason Gross School of the Arts and a BFA from Tyler
School of Art, and also has a certificate in Nonprofit
Management from LaSalle University’s School of Busi-
ness. A seasoned arts administrator and presenter at
national and regional conferences, she also is a practic-
ing visual artist. Danielle has been awarded a number
of national fellowships, awards and exhibitions. Her work
has been reviewed in publications such as the Philadel-
phia Inquirer and the Pittsburgh City paper, and can be
seen during the month of September at 110 Church Gal-
lery in Philadelphia. She has served on the board of
directors for Artworks, Trenton’s downtown community
art center for 6 years, and is currently serving as vice-
chair; she also serves as the treasurer to the NJAEC.
Don Ehman is the Director of Arts Inclusion, Artists’
Services and the Access Coordinator for the New Jer-
sey State Council on the Arts where he has worked
since 2001. The Council received the 2004 National Ac-
cessibility Leadership Award from the National Endow-
ment for the Arts. He also serves as the Council’s liai-
son to the Cultural Access Network of NJ, a co-
sponsored program with the NJ Theatre Alliance; the
Alliance for Arts and Health, a co-sponsored program
with ArtPride NJ; and the Community of Practice pro-
gram with the National Center for Creative Aging. Don
also manages the following programs for the Council:
the Individual Artist Fellowship program with the Mid-
Atlantic Arts Foundation; the visual arts, literary and
choreography Fellowship Showcases; the Arts Annual
exhibition; the Senior Art Show; the Arts Management
Intern program, the Arts Inclusion program and the Vis-
ual Artist Registry.
Tyrone “Dancing Wolf” Ellis is of the Nanticoke Lenn-
Lenape Tribal Nation, a local tribe currently stationed in
Bridgeton, NJ. He became active in his community since
the age of 14 when he began his singing and dancing.
His goal has always been to learn so that he can
teach. He has taken on important roles and actively
engaged in his tribe’s youth.
Anna Evans is a recipient of Fellowships from the Mac-
Dowell Artists' Colony and the Virginia Center for the
Creative Arts, and winner of the 2012 Rattle Poetry
Prize Readers' Choice Award. She currently teaches po-
etry at West Windsor Art Center and at a residential
facillity for older adults with Alzheimer's. She is the edi-
tor of the anthology, Forgetting Home: Poems About
Alzheimer's, available from Barefoot Muse Press.
Teresa A. Fisher, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the
Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at
Bronx Community College. Teresa’s research interests
include post-show discussions, new play development,
body image, and theatre for health. She produces New
Plays for Young Audiences at NYU and is an Artistic
Associate with the New Visions/New Voices Play Festival
at the Kennedy Center. She is the author of Post-Show
Discussions in New Play Development.
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
Karen Fuchs graduated from Moore College of Art with
a BFA in textile design. She then had a weaving studio
in Princeton, NJ, worked professionally in interior archi-
tecture in NYC, taught at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn,
and since moving to the suburbs, has developed and
teaches curriculum that focuses on organic forms, pat-
terns and structures found in the natural world. Her
work includes cyanotypes, textiles, photography, print-
making, collage and assemblage.
Maureen Heffernan serves as the Director of Arts and
Education for Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern
Pennsylvania. She has been leader in the NJ arts com-
munity since 1977 and was associated with the Institute
for Arts and Humanities Education for 25 years, initially
as an artist and finally as the Executive Director until
IAHE merged with YANJ in July, 2007. Maureen is a
member of the faculty of the School of Arts and Com-
munication at The College of New Jersey where she
teaches Integrated Visual and Performing Arts. She is a
respected educator, lecturer, and workshop leader in
arts education and arts administration throughout the
tri-state area. Maureen is a recipient of the NJ Gover-
nor’s Arts Award as a Distinguished Teaching Artist.
She is a member of the steering committee of Creative
NJ and the Cultural Access Network NJ,. She holds an
MFA in Theater from Rutgers University, and a BA in
Speech and Theatre from Calumet College. She is a
member of Actors' Equity, the Society for Stage Direc-
tors and Choreographers and a 2012 graduate of Lead
New Jersey.
Priscilla Hopkins-Smith is the founder of PHS Media
LLC, which provides marketing, consulting, and social
media optimization. She has worked with small busi-
nesses, public relations agencies and nonprofits provid-
ing everything from marketing strategies to press re-
leases and bookings for established authors on national
radio stations. She works with the NJSCA, assisting the
communication and arts education departments and is
the Program Associate at the NJAEP. A former member
of the Communications Working Group for ArtsPlan NJ
and the PR and Marketing Committee for the Commu-
nity Foundation of South Jersey, Priscilla holds a B.A.
from Thomas Edison State College and a certificate for
Nonprofit Management at Burlington County College.
She is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Thea-
tre: Arts Administration program at Rowan University.
Molly Johnson has her own printmaking studio, Social
Animal Press, in Ocean Grove New Jersey. She has
been a practicing and exhibiting artist for over 20
years, and in that time has received many awards in-
cluding a full fellowship to study printmaking at The
Ohio State University and recognition with a New Jer-
sey Governor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching Artist
in 2012. She conducts Artist-in-Education residencies
throughout the state. She is the Creative Director of
Table Talk, a participatory arts project that encourages
community dialogue through the creation of handmade
tables. She has worked extensively with the aging popu-
lation in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and sen-
ior centers.
Yah’Ya Kamate is a dancer, instructor, choreographer,
masquerade artist and fire-eater from Abidjan, Cote
D’Ivoire, West Africa. He is a former dancer with the Na-
tional Ballet Cote D’Ivoire, Cambodgen of N’guatta Do-
likro Dance Company, Affoubenou Sakassou Dance Com-
pany, Djensia Group, and Fotemoban Dance. His current
performance credits include Ballet D’Afrique Djoniba,
MASK Dance Company, and solo work with various art-
ists in the New York metropolitan area. Yah’Ya has
been performing and choreographing with The Seventh
Principle dance company since 1997. He has worked
with older adults at senior centers incorporating crea-
tive movement and percussion.
Olga Kobryn has been decorating Ukrainian Easter
eggs, the ancient art of pysanky, since she was ten
years old. This Easter tradition, with its pagan origins
dating back to 3000 B.C., has been handed down
through the generations. Her aunt who emigrated from
Ukraine to America in the early 1900’s taught her.
Since those early years, Olga has shared her love for
this Ukrainian Easter tradition by teaching the legacy of
this beautiful form of art. In 2003, Olga was awarded
the Master Artist of Pysanky status by the Folk Arts Ap-
prenticeship Program of the NJSCA. She taught lan-
guage arts at the middle school level in Woodbridge
Township School District for almost 25 years. Prior to
that, she taught elementary school at St. John’s Ukrain-
ian Catholic School in Newark. She earned her B.A. in
Elementary Education and Psychology from Fordham
Erin Maile O’Keefe is co-founder of CircusYoga, Cir-
cusYoga Teacher Training, and Flying Partner Yoga. She
received her BFA from Cornell University and is the for-
mer Vice President and Festival Director of the Ameri-
can Youth Circus Organization. She is a certified Kripalu
Yoga, Rasa Yoga, and Embodied Anatomy & Yoga
teacher whose practice is informed by Body-Mind Cen-
tering, circus, and dance. Erin has been a teacher of
movement studies to kids and adults since 1981.
Through the Growing A Story program she has taught
story creation, creative movement, and play production
to inner-city elementary students. She has brought her
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
unique approach to story and yoga together in a prac-
tice she calls Story Vinyasa.
Kevin O’Keefe has been designing and leading in-
school residencies for over 20 years. He is a master of
integrating core curriculum through the practice of cir-
cus. Kids embrace the circus as a touchstone and walk
away from his residencies enthusiastic about learning
and fully embodied with the experience. Since 1985, his
show The One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase has toured the
world. He is a member of the Ensemble Studio Theater.
Kevin has taught yoga, circus, theater and clown all
over the world and at Sarah Lawrence College in the
Theater MFA program and is the founder and past
president of the American Youth Circus Organization.
Michelle L. Marigliano is the Special Projects & As-
sessment Coordinator with Young Audiences. She holds
a masters in Child Development from Sarah Lawrence
College. For over twenty years her teaching has inspired
students and teachers to explore new territory, take
risks and experience joy. With the aim to create a trans-
formative learning environment her pedagogical ap-
proach draws inspiration from the foundational princi-
ples of progressive education and child development. In
her role as facilitator, she works to deeply understand
and support a participant’s interpersonal connections
and personal interests while creating conditions for fur-
ther exploration. She has extensive experience collabo-
rating with students, educators, family and community
Hector Morales is a drummer and percussionist, who
has combined live national and international perform-
ance for the past 15 years with teaching music in the
New York area. Mr. Morales is the author of the “The
Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble” - Instructional
book/DVD published by Sher Music Co, and was nomi-
nated in the “Best Educational Book of 2014” category
by Modern Drummer Magazine. He has led professional
development workshops at Face to Face and The New
Jersey Music Educators State Conference. Morales has
performed on important international stages as the Lin-
coln Center, The National Museum of Peru, the "Society
of Musicians and Composers of Chile", "Festival du
Monde Arabe de Montreal", Jerusalem Music Festival,
among others.
Mansa K. Mussa has been an Arts educator for the
past 33 years. His book arts classes introduce students
to the power of utilizing photography and graphics as a
means of artistic expression and as a method of docu-
menting their personal lives and family history. Design
materials include: paper, geometric shapes, 3-D objects,
graphic arts paper, magazine photographs, text, and per-
sonal portraits (generated with a digital camera and
Nick Paleologos is the Executive Director of the New
Jersey State Council on the Arts. A cum laude graduate
of Tufts University, he received his Masters Degree in
Public Administration from Harvard University. In 2007
he was the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from
the Boston Conservancy. A two-time Tony Award win-
ning producer, whose credits include both the London
and Broadway productions of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,
he is also the recipient of a Primetime Emmy Award
nomination for the HBO film In the Gloaming, which
marked the directorial debut of the late Christopher
Reeve. Prior to his career as a theatre and film pro-
ducer, Nick served for 14 years as a member of the
Massachusetts House of Representatives where his pri-
mary focus was education in the arts. He served for
over a decade as one of its Founder Trustees. From
2007-2010, he was Executive Director of the Massachu-
setts Film Office.
Ritu Pandya has been recognized for her talents in
Yoga & Breath work, Indian folk & Bollywood dancing,
Batik, Henna, and Mandalas for over 25 years. Ritu
teaches these workshops at various yoga centers, muse-
ums, libraries and folk art centers. She is recently certi-
fied as ‘Doonya’ Bollywood inspired fitness trainer. She
is a recent recipient of Leeway grant for social change
thru Mandala & movements, folk art apprentice Henna
grant from NJ Council on Arts and is on NJ Artist-in-
Education roster. She serves on the Executive Board of
NAADA Inc., an Indo-American non-profit organization
that strives to promote the Indian arts.
Robin Pease is Founding Artistic Director of Kulture
Kids, dedicated to promoting and enhancing arts and
cultural awareness. Pease holds a BFA from Boston Con-
servatory, MFA from Case Western Reserve University, is
a member of Actors Equity Association, has served as
Artist-in-Residence for the Nebraska State Arts Council,
Idaho Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and pre-
sented for the Arts Education Partnership, Kennedy Cen-
ter and the International Children’s Games.
Ricardo Peña is a Certified Music Therapist & Thera-
peutic Activities Director who has refined his musical
skills through 10 years of extensive study and perform-
ance with the elders. A person-centered therapy pro-
vider, he specializes in supporting creativity, self-
expression and self-empowerment. Currently he runs a
traveling senior theatre troupe that includes original di-
rection and choreography for performers who use wheel-
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
chairs, walkers and canes. Past productions include
“The Honeymooners” and “West Side Story” and are
performed throughout the state. His theatre and choir
troupes perform throughout NY and NJ.
Samuel Pott founded Nimbus Dance Works in 2005
drawing on a deeply held personal belief in the value
that the arts can play in bringing people and communi-
ties together. His choreography has been shown in
New York City and throughout New Jersey, New Eng-
land and California at venues including the Joyce Thea-
ter and the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. A member
of the NJSCA AIE roster of artists, he has taught dance
at the elementary, high school, college, and profes-
sional levels and has served on the faculty of Rutgers
University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts. He re-
ceived a Choreography Fellowship from the NJSCA in
2008 and was named a Distinguished Teaching Artist
by the council in 2012. He serves on the board of di-
rectors of Dance New Jersey and on the Arts Advisory
Council for the Jersey City Board of Education.
Ben Pranger exhibits his sculpture, works on paper and
installation nationally, with recent shows at Field Pro-
jects (NY) and Curious Matter (NJ). His work has been
reviewed in publications such as Artforum, Art in Amer-
ica, ArtNews and Art Papers. He has participated in art-
ist residencies at Kohler Art/Industry, Fine Arts Work
Center of Provincetown, the Marie Walsh Sharpe Pro-
gram, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. He
has received sculpture grants from the Pollock-Krasner
Foundation, New Jersey Council of the Arts, Virginia
Commission for the Arts, and the Virginia Museum of
Fine Arts. Ben Pranger has taught at Bloomsburg Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania, the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, Hollins University, and has worked as a teach-
ing artist in the public schools through residency pro-
grams sponsored by AIE, Newark New Media, and the
Virginia Commission for the Arts.
Lillian Ribiero is an applied theatre practitioner who
holds a commitment to participant-centered practices
that foster meaningful collective theatre experiences.
She engages aging adults in theatre and creative story-
telling workshops at nursing homes, senior housing facili-
ties, and senior centers. She has trained with the Crea-
tive Aging Training Institute at The Creative Center at
University Settlement, the National Center for Creative
Aging Arts and Aging Core for teaching artists, and with
Anne Basting at University of Wisconsin’s summer insti-
tute Create / Change: transforming care for elders
through creative engagement. Lillian is a TimeSlips facili-
tator and has her Masters from CUNY School of Profes-
sional Studies in Applied Theatre.
Kit Sailer received the Governor’s Award for Outstand-
ing Teaching Artist in 2012. She has taught adults at
the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, the Newark Mu-
seum and for the past 9 years at the Artist/Teacher
Institute. She works with K-12 students as an AIE and
Arts Horizons resident artist. She earned her BFA from
Syracuse University, receiving the Hazard/Gee Fellow-
ship upon graduation. Other awards include NJ State
Council of the Arts Fellowship, Artist-in-residence at the
Newark Museum, and participated in Aljira’s Emerge
program. Solo exhibits include Johnson & Johnson,
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Tomasulo Gallery,
Watchung Arts Center, and Catskill Art Society.
Jenifer Simon is the Director of NJ Programs, Partner-
ships and The Artist/Teacher Institute at Arts Horizons,
overseeing artist-in-residencies, professional develop-
ment workshops, and community programs for people
of all ages and abilities throughout the state. She is
currently earning her Ed.D in Art and Art Education
from Teachers College Columbia University, where she
earned her M.A. in Arts Administration. She has B.S. in
Studio Art from Skidmore College and three certifica-
tions as a Training and Development Specialist. She
has served as Chair of the NJ Arts Education Collective
for four the past years. From 2004-2007 at the Re-
search Center for Arts and Culture at Teachers College
Columbia University, she was the Project Manager for
Above Ground, the first-ever study on the needs and
circumstances of aging artists. She conceived of Art
Cart: Saving the Legacy, an intergenerational project at
the National Center for Creative Aging.
Kristin Wenger is the Director of the New Jersey Arts
Education Partnership, the unifying organization and cen-
tral resource for arts education information, policy and
advocacy in New Jersey. Prior to this position, Kristin
was the Executive Director of Young Audiences of New
Jersey from 1986-2005. From 2006-2008, she was an
adjunct professor at NYU’s School of Continuing and
Professional Studies where she taught Managing the
Arts. She is the co-chair of the Education Committee
for Arts Plan NJ, the Secretary for the NJAEC, a mem-
ber of Creative NJ and serves on the Certification
Team for Young Audiences. She is a past president of
the Alliance for Arts Education/New Jersey and is a
founding member of the NJ Arts Education Collective
and the Artists in Education Consortium. She has a BA
in Government from Skidmore College, a MS in Mass
Communication from Boston University and a certificate
in Nonprofit Management from the Mandel Center of
Case Western Reserve University.
!oln Lhe conversauon #arLsedconnecL lollow us on lacebook: lacebook.com/CCnnLC1ArLsLdConference
Arthur Wilson is a seasoned performer and producer,
who has taught, acted in, and directed theater for over
40 years in the United States and abroad. His work has
taken him to around the world. He is a published
author who had been honored for his work in Educa-
tional Theater by NJPAC and Playwrights Theatre of
New Jersey. He has received numerous play commis-
sions and has assisted in developing multi-disciplinary
curriculum for the NY and NJ State Departments of Edu-
cation. He is Co-Editor/Publisher of Attitude Magazine
and served as a Member of The Board of Directors for
the New Dance Group Art Center in New York; is a
member of the Dramatist's Guild, Inc.; a member of the
American Academy of Poets; and had been affiliated
with ASSITEJ/USA; and the International Association of

Artist in Education Residency Program/Arts Horizons/Morris Arts
The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership/The New Jersey Performing Arts
Center/The New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Perkins Center for the Arts
Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey/Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania

This program is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey
State Council on the Arts, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment
for the Arts and the New Jersey Arts Education Collective.

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