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Beagle Elementary School 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 www.glps.k12.mi.

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Mon. Oct. 13 Beagle PTO - A&W Fundraiser
Fri. Oct. 17 No School For Students
Wed. Oct. 22 Two-Hour School Delay
Fri. Nov. 7 Picture Re-Take Day
Wed. Nov. 12 Two-Hour School Delay
Thurs. Nov. 13 PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm
Tues. Nov. 18 K-6 Conferences (5 8 pm)
Thurs. Nov. 20 K-6 Conferences (5 8 pm)
Fri. Nov. 21 K-6 Conferences (12 3 pm)
Fri. Nov. 21 ! Day for Students Dismissed at 11:55
Nov. 26-28 Thanksgiving Break No Students
Thurs. Dec. 11 PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm
Dec. 22 Jan 2 Holiday Recess
Mon. Jan. 5, 2015 Classes Resume
Mon. Jan. 19 No Students MLK Day
Wed. Feb. 4 Two-Hour School Delay
Mon. Feb. 16 No Students Winter Recess
Tue. Mar. 10 K-6 Conferences (5 8 pm)
Thurs. Mar. 12 K-6 Conferences (5 8 pm)
Thurs. Mar. 12 ! Day for Students Dismissed at 11:55
Fri. Mar. 13 K-6 Conferences (8 11 am)
Fri. Mar. 13 No Students
Fri. Apr. 3 No Students
Apr 6-10 Spring Recess


We at Beagle are celebrating the fact that 497 students were
given attendance awards for the month of September. That
means that 86% of our students attended school 95% or more of
the September school days. Please, lets keep that up! Good
attendance is so imperative to students success! Students who
attend school most often for the entire day (not being tardy or
leaving early), historically achieve at a higher level

October is Bully Prevention Month. Mrs. Husted has provided
some valuable information for you in this newsletter, but please
also look at the parent flyer provided later in this newsletter that
gives ideas to help keep your children safe while online.

We have implemented a new incentive program that
acknowledges when students show behavior that ROCKS.
Right now, students receive tickets when doing the right thing

in the cafeteria, and those tickets are drawn daily for
winners to get a trinket out of a treasure tower. We will
be moving that incentive to other locations in the
building as wellrecognizing appropriate hallway
behavior, for exampleand the trinkets will change
throughout the year. The students are quite excited
about it!

Our first student recognition luncheon, otherwise known
as our Beagle ROCKS luncheon, was a huge success!
Thank you to all who provided treats for the event.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to
discuss any concerns, please contact me.

Fun Run: Way to go Beagle students and parents, we
exceeded our school goal by $1,500! That means there
will be a school-wide beach party in the near future.
Look for details in future newsletters.
Box Tops: Current contest ends Friday, October 24
Currently Mrs. Beachs fourth grade class is in the lead
with 948 box tops. Please keep sending them in!
A&W Spaghetti Dinner: Monday, October 13
Dinner consists of Spaghetti and Meatballs, garlic bread
and salad for $5.99. Beagle PTO will receive $2 for
each spaghetti meal purchased that day between 11:00
and 8:00. Meals are also available through the drive

~ Sandy Husted ~
Mrs. Dawn Kennaugh, Principal
October 10, 2014
10/13 ~ Pancakes & Sausage Patties or BBQ Rib sandwich
10/14 ~ Bosco Cheese Sticks w/ Sauce or Turkey & Cheese Salad
10/15 ~ Beef Taco or Mini Bagels, Yogurt and Cheese Stick
10/16 ~ Chicken Nuggets w/Roll or Rotini & Meat Sauce

Beagle Elementary School 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837
Phone (517) 925-5480 Fax (517) 925-5523

Counselors Corner

Is it Rude, Is it Mean, or is It Bullying?
Bullying has been getting a lot of national attention lately. It
seems everywhere you turn there are anti-bullying campaigns,
ads; even entire months have been devoted to putting an end to
bullying. The attention bullying is getting is welcomed as we
are trying to teach our children to be kind to one another as well
as to be empathic to each others feelings. But are we using the
bullying term too loosely? Is there a difference between being
mean and bullying? You bet there is. Personally, I think we
could all agree that bullying is mean but being mean doesn't
necessarily mean bullying.
We all can probably think of someone who has been mean to
us. We can probably even think of someone that we've been
mean to, but that doesn't make them or us a bully. Does it?
Dealing with mean, rude, or unkind people can sometimes
happen and we all need to learn the tools to cope with those
situations. Bullying, on other hand is a different matter and it
needs to be addressed immediately.
Rude = Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts
someone else.
From kids, rudeness might look more like burping in someones
face, jumping ahead in line, bragging about achieving the
highest grade, or even throwing a crushed up pile of leaves in
someones face. On their own, any of these behaviors could
appear as elements of bullying, but when looked at in context,
incidents of rudeness are usually spontaneous, unplanned
inconsideration, based on thoughtlessness, poor manners, but
not meant to actually hurt someone.
Mean = Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt
someone once (or maybe twice.)
The main distinction between rude and mean behavior has
to do with intention; while rudeness is often unintentional,
mean behavior very much aims to hurt or depreciate someone.
Kids are mean to each other when they criticize clothing,
appearance, intelligence, coolness, etc. Meanness also sounds
like words spoken in angerimpulsive cruelty that is often
regretted fairly quickly. Very often, mean behavior in kids is
motivated by angry feelings and/or the mis-guided goal of
propping themselves up in comparison to the person they are
putting down.
Make no mistake; mean behaviors can wound deeply and
teachers, administrators, and parents can make a huge
difference in the lives of young people when they hold kids
accountable for being mean. Yet, meanness is different from
bullying in important ways that should be understood and
differentiated when it comes to intervention.
Bullying = Intentionally aggressive behavior,
repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of
Experts agree that bullying entails three key elements:
intent to harm, a power imbalance, and repeated acts or
threats of aggressive behavior. Kids who bully say or do
something intentionally hurtful to others and they keep
doing it.
Bullying may be physical, verbal, relational, or carried
out via technology:
Physical aggression This kind of bullying includes
hitting, punching, kicking, spitting, tripping, hair-
pulling, and a range of other behaviors that involve
physical aggression.
Verbal aggression is what our parents used to advise
us to just ignore. We now know that despite the old
adage, words and threats can, indeed, hurt and can even
cause profound, lasting harm.
Relational aggression is a form of bullying in which
kids use their friendshipor the threat of taking their
friendship awayto hurt someone. Social exclusion,
shunning, hazing, and rumor spreading are all forms of
this type of bullying.
Cyberbullying is a specific form of bullying that
involves technology. According Cyberbullying Research
Center, it is the willful and repeated harm inflicted
through the use of computers, cell phones, and other
electronic devices. The likelihood of repeated harm is
especially high with cyberbullying because electronic
messages can be accessed by multiple parties, resulting
in repeated exposure and repeated harm.
~adapted from Signe Whitson
The Holiday Wishes Childrens Chorus is looking for
children kindergarten through the fifth grade who would
like to participate in this years show. The show will take
place on December 5th and 6th at Grand Ledge High
School. Rehearsals start on Sunday, October 19th at
6:00 pm at the Congregational Church, 210 W Saginaw
Hwy, Grand Ledge MI. This is a great show and all the
children who participate have a lot of fun. If you have
any questions, please feel free to call Christine Douglas,
Chorus Director at 517-643-0993. All the proceeds from
this show go to the Grand Ledge Food Bank.

Beagle Elementary School 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837
Phone (517) 925-5480 Fax (517) 925-5523