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October 10, 2014

Hon. Kamala Harris

Attorney General
California Department of Justice
100 !"# $treet
$acramento, CA %&'14(2%1%
)e* )ecusal of $an Die+o District Attorney ,rom "n-esti+ation of Carl De.aio
Dear Attorney General Harris*
" am /ritin+ to as0 your office to assume responsibility for t/o in-esti+ations, bot1 in-ol-in+ Carl
De.aio of $an Die+o. .r. De.aio is currently a can2i2ate for t1e 3$ House of
)epresentati-es. He 1as been accuse2 by t1e former policy 2irector of 1is campai+n staff of
se4ual 1arassment 5 stemmin+ from a number of specific inci2ents. 61ese inci2ents /ere
2escribe2 in an inter-ie/ +i-en by t1e former staffer to a ra2io 1ost an2 are reference2 in an
article poste2 by 7olitico on 8e2nes2ay, October ', 2014.
$1ortly after t1at inter-ie/, .r. De.aio file2 a complaint /it1 t1e $an Die+o 7olice Department
claimin+ t1at 1is campai+n office 1a2 been -an2ali;e2 an2 pointe2 t1e police in t1e 2irection of
t1e youn+ man /1o brou+1t t1e se4ual 1arassment claim.
61e $an Die+o 7olice Department $e4 Crimes Di-ision in-esti+ate2 t1e se4ual 1arassment
alle+ations a+ainst .r. De.aio. A 2ifferent team of in-esti+ators in-esti+ate2 .r. Demario<s
bur+lary complaint. " un2erstan2 t1at t1e in-esti+ators reporte2 t1eir fin2in+s to t1e District
Attorney<s Office for a prosecution 2ecision. 61e District Attorney is =onnie Dumanis. .s.
Dumanis 1as a close relations1ip to t1e tar+et of t1e se4ual 1arassment in-esti+ation* Carl
De.aio. .r. De.aio 1oste2 t1ree fun2raisers for .s. Dumanis< reelection campai+n >see
attac1e2 in-itation?. @i0e/ise, /1en .r. De.aio ran for mayor of $an Die+o, 1e /as en2orse2
by .s. Dumanis /1o encoura+e2 1er supporters to -ote for .r. De.aio. See attached and
61e 2ecision /1et1er an2 /1om to prosecute clearly s1oul2 not be ma2e by t1e District
Attorney<s Office 2ue to t1e close relations1ip bet/een .s. Dumanis an2 .r. De.aio. A similar
conflict of interest e4iste2 recently /1en .ayor =ob ,ilner /as in-esti+ate2 for se4ual
1arassment. "n t1at case .s. Dumanis< en2orsement of .r. ,ilner<s opponent >Carl De.aio?
cause2 1er office to be recuse2 an2 t1e matter /as t1en prosecute2 by t1e Office of t1e
Attorney General.
61e same t1in+ s1oul2 1appen 1ere. .s. Dumanis< close political relations1ip to .r. De.aio is a
clear conflict of interest. =ecause of t1at conflict, t1e entire office of t1e District Attorney must be
recuse2. See City and County of San Francisco v Cobra Solutions, nc. ' Cal. 4
'%, '&4
Hon. Kamala Harris
October 10, 2014
7a+e 2 of 2
" as0 t1at you imme2iately ta0e steps to assume responsibility for t1ese t/o important
in-esti+ations. 61e trut1 must be pursue2 in a professional an2 unbiase2 /ay /it1 no political
61an0 you for your attention.
Jess Durfee
cc* Deputy AG Julie Garlan2
110 8 !A# $treet, $uite 1100
$an Die+o, CA %2101(:02

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