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A D M Cocoa P ro du c t G u i d e





© 2004 Archer Daniels Midland Company

[ Because our customers have so many different requirements.
From coatings and cocoas to ADM Cocoa
chips and chunks, we make ADM Cocoa is the world’s premier supplier of choco-
chocolate and cocoa products late and cocoa ingredients, and markets globally
for all your applications. under the brands of Ambrosia, De Zaan, and
No wonder we’re The Chocolate Resource®. ADM Cocoa’s Americas Region includes plants in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Mansfield, Massachusetts;

t ADM Cocoa, our product line has expanded Glassboro, New Jersey; Georgetown and Mississauga,
right along with our customer base, and Ontario; and Bahia, Brazil.
is marketed under three brands: Ambrosia®,
De Zaan®, and Merckens®. Kosher
These brands are sup- • All products manufactured by ADM Cocoa
ported by customer serv- are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.
ice and sales represent- • Kosher Dairy items are products that either
atives trained to meet the contain dairy products, or are manufactured
ever-changing needs of on equipment that also processes products
the food processing and containing milk.
food distribution busi- • Kosher Pareve items are products processed
nesses. on dedicated, non-dairy handling equipment.
ADM Cocoa’s efficient
manufacturing facilities General Terms
are located in North and
South America, Europe, • FOB production facility to warehouse, freight
Africa, and Asia, and our collect to non-warehouse locations.
distribution sites are • Minimum order: 1 pallet per order, net weight.
strategically placed for optimum customer service. For orders less than above, contact ADM Cocoa
Our specialized sales and customer for a distributor near you.
service centers are located in Milwaukee, • Terms: Net 10 days.
Wisconsin (chocolate and cocoa);
Mansfield, Massachusetts (confectionery);
Storage Recommendations
and Mississauga, Ontario (cocoa and Temperature: 65˚ to 68˚ F
chocolate for Canadian customers). Relative Humidity: Less than 50%
ADM Cocoa’s technical and sales Area: Well ventilated, free from strong odors and
staff is committed to your product and direct sunlight.
process development, and is well versed
in your applications. Distribution
At ADM Cocoa, our mission is to Distribution warehouses are located strategically in
deliver cocoa components and ingredient the U.S. and Canada.
systems that contribute to the success of your food
products now and in the future.

This presentation is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for product performance. We suggest you evaluate the product at least
on a laboratory scale prior to its commercial use. No warranties of merchantability or fitness for a specific use or purpose, express or implied, are made. Freedom to use any
patent owned by ADM or others is not to be inferred from any statement contained herein.
Ambrosia®, De Zaan®, Merckens®,, and The Chocolate Resource® are registered trademarks of Archer Daniels Midland Company.
ADM Cocoa offers a comprehensive range of
chocolate and cocoa products through its
Ambrosia ®, De Zaan ®, and Merckens ® brands.

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