Tim Steward

9802 Hillspring Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 H: 704-274-5169 C: 949-228-5515 reachtim@gmail.com


I am looking for an opportunity that matches my passion and skill set while allowing me to leverage my many areas of learning and experience. I am most passionate about presenting, and articulating technology solutions within the context of enterprise sales, training, and consulting environments.

Achieveme nts

Pre & Post Sales Consultant & Instructor for C3isolutions
 Software consultant and process/workflow engineering advisor for change management & compliance based PeopleSoft development product. Presenter & instruction expert for pre and post sales demonstrations and/or trainings ITIL based compliance best business practice advisor Online course development expert and Web 2.0 blogger for Enterprise 2.0 and new media technologies

  

Manager & Sales Consultant for Quest Software
 Millions of dollars of revenue won through solution selling to high

profile companies in diverse market segments including:
 Public Sector: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NSA, U.S. House of
Representatives, University of Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Mass, NY State Controller’s Office, San Diego Public School District, Lawrence Livermore Labs, etc.

 Banking: Citigroup, Capital One, Washington Mutual, ING, Wells Fargo etc.  Medical & Pharmaceutical: Kaiser, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Amaren, etc.  Other: Fedex, Sprint-Nextel, Staples, BEA, Lowes, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Cox
Communications, Symantec, Applied Materials, Cognizant, Hartford Insurance, National Grid, Franklin-Templeton, Waste Management.

 Trade show speaker on subjects such as:
 Compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley, Best Business Practices, ITIL, & Change Management, etc.

 Learned to become a generalist for many diverse product areas and technologies including:
 Enterprise Monitoring, Network Discovery, & BSM: Network, Database,
Applications, and End Users. (Java, .NET, SAP, Oracle E-biz, PeopleSoft, Mom, etc)  *Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, .NET, SQL Server: Controls, Auditing, Migrations, Back-up, High Availability, Identity Management, Provisioning. (*Gold Certified Partner & Global ISV Partner of the Year twice 2007 & 2004)

 Change Management & Lifecycle Development Controls and Best Business
Practices especially in compliance related scenarios. Heterogeneous Databases Tools: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, My SQL. (Plan, Optimize, Validate, Deploy, Discover, Diagnose, Resolve,

Tim Steward
9802 Hillspring Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 H: 704-274-5169 C: 949-228-5515 reachtim@gmail.com

Inform, Administer, Provide High Availability & Back-up)

Trainer & Trainer of Trainers for Quest Software
 Took over designing and implementing complete professional services

training program:
 No prior experience or background in newly acquired product area.  Designed & implemented all onsite & web-based manuals, exercises, &

 Trained all trainers before moving to pre-sales organization to manage &
solution sell.

Chief Executive Officer/Board Member of Non-Profit Corporation
 Visionary leadership:  Started new plant out of existing 1500+ member organization.  President of board of directors, accounting & financial teams.  Lead small groups & retreats.  Lead music, children’s, & small group programs.  Teacher, instructor, & facilitator:  Designed & taught 6 annual weekend training retreats.  Designed & facilitated between retreat training programs.
Taught classes & experiential workshops on: communication, conflict resolution, personality, management, vision, purpose, & teamwork.


 Vision & leadership  Management of teams &
groups  Highly developed presentation & communication skills

Combination of people and technical skills

 Extremely proficient with internet tools &
latest desktop applications like Office 2007, LiveMeeting, WebEx, Articulate, Snag it, Cam Studio, Norton Ghost, VMware, Virtual PC, Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, FTP, WordPress, Widgets, Embeds, Video, Blogging tools, etc.

 Intuition & insight with people  Able to take complex ideas & make
them simple and understandable  Able to adapt to situations on the fly and discover needs & solutions quickly  Strategic problem solving and planning

 Able to build cutting edge presentations,
websites, marketing materials, brochures, pamphlets, documents, graphics & imaging, with Web 2.0 technology.

 Quickly learn software and

 Web 2.0 enthusiast and blogger.
Tim Steward
H: 704-274-5169 C: 949-228-5515 reachtim@gmail.com

9802 Hillspring Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078

Tim Steward
9802 Hillspring Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 H: 704-274-5169 C: 949-228-5515 reachtim@gmail.com

technology (avid self learner)  Able to think outside of the box and on my own without handholding


Work History

Pre & Post Sales Consultant & Instructor SC Manager/ Sr. Sales Consultant Training Instructor Senior Leader & CEO Couples Group & Program Director

C3i Solutions, Atlanta, GE

Aug 2007 – April 2008

Quest Software, Irvine, CA Quest Software, Irvine, CA Real Life, Newport Beach, CA The Crossing, Costa Mesa, CA

Sept 2003 - Aug 2007 May 2001 - Sept 2003 June 1998 - May 2001 Jan 1994 – June 1998


High School Thousands of Hours of Seminars, Conferences, Books, Tapes, Online Training etc.

Esperanza, Yorba Linda, CA I am a motivated self-learner and have gained thousands of hours of learning. I am highly educated and extremely articulate because of my ability to leverage technology and my hunger to thoroughly master any subject related to the need at hand.


Multiple References are available on request.

Tim Steward
9802 Hillspring Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 H: 704-274-5169 C: 949-228-5515 reachtim@gmail.com

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