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The kind of force between atoms in a solid

(a) both attractive and repulsive forces
(b) neutral forces
(c) repulsive forces only
(d) attractive forces only

2. The type of bonding in Ge is

(a) Hydrozen bond
(b) Metallic
(c) Ionic
(d) Covalent

3. The condition for minimum potential energy between two atoms, is

(a) n+m = 0
(b) n = m
(c) n > m
(d) m > n

4. The group of atoms associated with a lattice point, is called

(a) lattice
(b) space lattice
(c) basis
(d) crystal

5. The space lattice for which no two lattice parameters are the same in the case of

(a) hexagonal crystal system

(b) rhombohedral crystal system
(c) tetragonal crystal system
(d) triclinic crystal system
6. Total number of Bravais lattices, is

(a) 8
(b) 21
(c) 14
(d) 7
7. The crystal structure which has the highest packing factor is

(a) FCC
(b) Diamond
(c) BCC
(d) SC
8. If one of the lattice parameters α = 90o for a cubic structure, β is equal to
(a) 30o
(b) 60o
(c) 90o
(d) 45o
9. If the lattice parameter a = 1.50 nm for a BCC structure, the atomic radius is
(a) 1.30 nm
(b) 1.06 nm
(c) 0.53 nm
(d) 0.65 nm
10. Co-ordination number is maximum for one of the following structures.
(a) SC
(b) BCC
(c) FCC
(d) Diamond

11. The coordination number of diamond is

(a) six
(b) five
(c) four
(d) seven

12. The compound which has cubie ZnS structure is

(a) KCl
(b) MgO
(c) NaCl
(d) CuCl

13. The lattice parameters of NaCl crystal system are

(a) a = b = c; α 6= β 6= γ 6= 90o
(b) a = b = c; α = β = γ = 90o
(c) a 6= b 6= c; α = β = γ = 90o
(d) a = b = c; α = β = γ 6= 90o

14. The space lattice of CsCl structure is

(a) fcc
(b) simple cube
(c) bcc
(d) hcp

15. If (2 2 2) are the Miller indices of a plane the intercepts made by the plane on the three crystallographic axes are

(a) (a, b, c)
(b) (2a, 3b, c)
(c) (a, 2b, 3c)
(d) (3a, 2b, c)

16. The direction opposite to [102] is

(a) [2 0 1]
(b) [2 0 1]
(c) [1 0 2]
(d) [2 0 4]

17. If (h k l) are the Miller indices of a plane in a cubic crystal of lattice constant “a”. The separation between the
parallel planes relating to (h k l) is

(a) a / h. k. l
(b) a/(h2 + k2 + 12 )
(c) a/(h + k + 1)
(d) a/ (h2 + k 2 + 12 )

18. If the phase difference between the X-rays reflected by successive crystal planes is 2Π n where n = 1,2,3........ then
the intensity of each diffracted ray is

(a) Zero
(b) Variable
(c) Maximum
(d) Minimum

19. In 2d Sin θ = nλ, n is the

(a) Order of the diffraction pattern

(b) number of lines on grating
(c) Line of the spectrum
(d) Grating element

20. Debye-Scherren method of X-ray diffraction is a

(a) Three-dimensional diffraction method

(b) Rotating crystal method
(c) Powder crystal method
(d) Laue method