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Hydrogen bond is an example for

(a) Primary bond
(b) Secondary bond
(c) Electrostatic bond
(d) Dispersion bond

2. Pure and dry ionic solids are

(a) Insulators
(b) Good conductors
(c) Semi-conductors
(d) Superconductors

3. 4.4 eV of energy is required to break one H-Cl bond. This is equal to

(a) 7.04 × 10−19 ergs
(b) 7.04 × 10−19 J
(c) 3.52 × 10−19 ergs
(d) 3.52 × 10−19 J

4. In NaCl and CsCl, the basis is

(a) Triatomic
(b) Monoatomic
(c) a molecule
(d) Diatomic

5. The lattice parameters of a certain crystal system are abc and abg . Identify the crystal system.

(a) hexagonal
(b) trigonal
(c) tetragonal
(d) triclinic
6. A substance with face centered cubic lattice has density 3.25 Kg/m3 and molecular weight 30.1. Its lattice constant
is (Avogadro’s number = 6.02 × 1023 per mol)
(a) 2 AU
(b) 6 AU
(c) 8 AU
(d) 4 AU
7. Atomic packing factor of diamond structure is
(a) 0.74
(b) 0.68
(c) 0.52
(d) 0.34
8. The length of a body diagonal of a cubic structure having 6 AU lattice parameter is

(a) 6 2 AU
(b) 6 AU
(c) 9AU

(d) 6 3 AU

9. The radius of the atoms is 2.3 nm. If a BCC structure is obtained with such atoms, the lattice parameter is
(a) 2.65 nm
(b) 4.60 nm
(c) 5.31 nm
(d) 2.30 nm

10. If the lattice parameter a = 3.2 nm, for an FCC structure, the atomic radius is
(a) 4.53 nm
(b) 0.44 nm
(c) 2.26 nm
(d) 1.13 nm

11. The relation between the lattice parameter (x) and the atomic radius (r) in the case of diamond structure is

(a) 2r = x

(b) 4r =x 2

(c) 4r = x 3

(d) 8r = x 3

12. The unit cell of ZnS structure has

(a) 8 Zn atoms 2 S atoms

(b) 2 Zn atoms 2 S atoms
(c) 4 Zn atoms 4 S atoms
(d) 4 Zn atoms 2 S atoms

13. The number of NaCl molecules in a unit cell of NaCl is

(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 6
(d) 2

14. The basis of CsCl has one Cl− ion at ( 12 , 12 , 12 ) and Cs+ ion at

(a) (1/3,1/3,1/3)
(b) (1/4,1/4,1/4)
(c) (1/2,1/2,1/2)
(d) (O,O,O)

15. The planes (1 1 2) and (2 2 4) are

(a) lying side by side

(b) parallel to each other
(c) perpendicular to each other
(d) intersecting at an angle other than 90o

16. Crystal directions are indicated by

(a) h k l
(b) [h k l]
(c) [h, k, l]
(d) (h k l)

17. The interplanar separation for a set of planes (100) of a cubic crystal with lattice parameter ‘a’, is
(a) a 2
(b) a
(c) a/2
(d) a 3
18. The velocity of X-rays is equal to

(a) The velocity of sound at 100o C in air

(b) The velocity of light
(c) The velocity of sound at 30o C in air
(d) The velocity of sound at 0o C in air

19. Bragg angle reflections corresponding to (111) in a cubic crystal are same as

(a) (110)
(b) (101)
(c) (100)
(d) (222)

20. The wrong statement among the following is

(a) in Laue method monochromatic X-ray beam is used

(b) in Laue method white X-radiation is used
(c) in rotating crystal method monochromatic X-ray beam is used
(d) in powder method monochromatic X-ray beam is used