July 12, 2007

To Attn Tel Fax Email

: Paul : : 416-277-7813 : 416-516-4525 (Home fax) :

From Date Tel Fax Email

: Mohammad Wohab : July 12, 2007 : 647-285-0096 : 905-672-5060 :

Dear Paul, We are pleased to offer the ocean export freight as follows: Origin/Destination Toronto, CY to Lagos CY 40’ USD 4821 Carrier MSC Transit 31 days

Effective Date: Jan 22 , 2007 ; offer valid till Feb 22’07 Quotation is on Toronto CY to Lagos CY basis. Any local delivery including destination handling, local charges etc are extra. Rate is not valid for oversized, overweight cargo. Rate is also subject to equipment availability. Customer has to drop both the cars to our designated warehouse for block and brace (with minimum gas). Commodity: Used Cars (Non Haz) – cargo can not be SCRAP or WASTE Rate validity: Till Jul 31’07 Included Charges: Ocean freight, DDC , Fuel Surcharge BAF, (Fuel to be reviewed on a floating basis), OHC, Port congestion fee, EFS, Freight Tax Surcharge, B/L fees, Handling fee, Export Document fee B-13 fee. Additional Charges: Block and brace for 2 cars including Toronto drayage: CA$ 875.00 Standard terms and conditions: 1. This rate is via MSC Lines ex Toronto 2. Rate is not valid for over weight/over sized cargo. Railway weight restrictions are applied. Any overweight cargo is subject to a surcharge as under : 50,000 lbs (20,000 kgs) for 20’STD 60,000 lbs (25,000 kgs) for 40’ STD or container payload is not acceptable. The OWS and weight limitations are subject to change with/without notice

3. All used cars can not be over 8 years old, no personal effects, no pharmaceuticals are accepted. Fumigation is required. 1 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version

4. No gasoline allowed in cars 5. No collect shipments, all payments are to be paid by certified cheque or bank draft prior loading of shipment. 6. Any consulate or Certificate of Origin document is required. For Canada Export Control, we need original purchase receipt, VIN number 7. The transit time provided above is an estimated transit time based on the Shipping Line’s transit time posted in Internet which may change due to weather, transshipment/feeder vessel connections and/ or changes in Shipping Line schedule after this quotation. 8. Please provide us your full address and contact information in Canada for the B/L. Also we need to have the full name and contact information (must include a telephone number) at destination. Also commercial invoice and packing list of what you are shipping. 9. The above rate does not include any applicable destination charges, customs formalities, duties/taxes.
We provide the value-added services through our web-based information systems: P.O. Management, Track & Trace, Document Management and Event Notification, Marine Insurance. Please visit our website or contact us. Inspection by any government agency is at the expense of the consignee. This quotation is made in accordance with existing tariffs and can be changed with or without notice. Rates are subject to all limitations listed on the B/L, W/B, AWB, HAWB, or FCR of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association. The CIFFA conditions contain provisions that may limit or in some cases exclude the liability of this company

Should you require any further update or information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. Mohammad

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