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WRP solutions is one of the quintessential business process providers which has steadily evolved into a credible source of strategic corporate body that meets all the challenges that an industry is confronted with, and provides custom solutions for a variety of applications. It offers multiple variants of quality control, and contributes in a significant measure, to an outsourcing company both dynamics of .growth and rationale for sound business .operations. It specializes in resources and strategies that contribute to the growth by offering logistic support to the industry. Its importance as a strategic partner cannot be underrated since it understands the client’s concerns, maps out its strategies, and caters to its requirements to the last degree of finessed finality. WRP solutions has all the accoutrements of a credible corporation, including the IT related strategies such as structured reviews and superb on- line customer service that makes it all the more an excellent business partner. What is more, it attempts to keep up efficiency even while retaining the business confidentiality which is considered to be bench marks in any business venture It also contributes to the growth of the industry, and adds to its strategic relevance in the upward- moving dynamics of its economic power and maintains the wrp’s importance as a service provider. So essential are its operational modalities , wrp solutions have almost turned out a business de rigueur. Before delving into the strategic importance of wrp solutions for a BPO, it is necessary to understand the operational activities of the corporation. Here are some of the essential aspects of the outsourcing company’s business processes that provide logistic support to the industry. -business solutions -customs solutions -financial solutions -e-commerce --management -marketing & advertising -operations -ergonomics .


WRP solutions is an outsourcing strategy that operates on many levels, and offers business solutions to the prospective clients. The following areas of its operation are some of the most important because they are specifically geared to enhance the prestige and integrity of an industry that adapts all the conceptual framework of the WARP solutions. WRP’s Business Solutions:

-It ensures the bench mark level of corporate culture so that some kind of rigid formulations in respect of the company’s operation is decided and fixed. -It also offers the very best of Management theories that make the company move without any initial hiccups. -the risk management is one of the aspects that a strategic solution must offer .It involves a careful mentoring and coaching. -sales management is one of the surest methods of ensuring the success of any BPO , and it is this aspect that has to be carefully devised and zealously guarded. -strategic planning involves change in the management and the company’s readjustment mechanisms. Customs solutions: _______________________________________________________________________ _ WRP’s modus operandi is very simple. It believes in providing the quality work, and exemplary customer service inter alia its expert counseling. .Its vast experience in the field of business makes it inflexible in its operational modalities and the client can safely rely on its service, for it is one of the best in the industry. In nutshell, these factors are noteworthy since they turn out to be essential tools of operation. -warp partner’s use -link to third party sites -no unlawful and prohibited use -use of communication services -liability disclaimer-access restriction -copy right and trade mark notices.

3.. Financial Solutions: _______________________________________________________________________ _ For all the finances to run the company, WRP suggests the names of the goal-oriented financial planning. CFS for instance, comes in for a ready help in making the clients achieve maximum assets through the conduits proper conception, and implementation of a long-term financial problems. In fact, you can realize your dreams come true through the intervention of a proper financial agency which not only provides your fiancés but also solutions that you are facing Its clients come from varied backgrounds, and what they are required are sound financial planning and counseling services so that it can maximize its potential. The following are the four of the most important conduits of the finances which a client requires. -Banks which work through markets -Insurance Agent who conducts his operations through annuities and insurance -Stockbroker makes stocks and bonds as his financial tools -Real Estate Agent who funds through commercial and residential real estates. E-commerce solutions: E-commerce includes Tracking, E-mail Notification, Status Report, Shipment Planner. These are the essential modes of communication without which the whole business process goes kaput. E-commerce is the sine qua non of the industry. It is accepted globally as one of the essential strategies through which business could be conducted safely and profitably. The steady evolution of the IT industry has made e-commerce a superb business venture.All that is required is the creation of a web site where the products are notified. E-commerce is indeed an advertiser’s paradise. It provides a potential market for the product and also identifies the potential buyers. The following are some of the avenues that e-commerce uses: -e-mail marketing -making money on Google -Facebook.com -Amazon.com -other social networking. -eBay watch All these could be used as effective operational tools. Marketing Solutions:

4.. Marketing programs should be inclusive and progressive and should be so devised as to convince the prospective buyer regarding the product they bring out and services they offer. They should be constantly changed to suit the variations in taste and buyers,. All the activities of the company are intended to satisfy the customer needs.Any successful business venture, if it needs to stay put in the industry, should constantly work on productivity, and conduct research that aims at finding new methods and new openings. Market research will identify potential customers, and asses the economic situation. It will also explore the avenues of growth, and aid in the expansion of the market. The potential situations are stated here: 1.Geographical situation 2.Customer situation. Both these strategies are to be tried out to see whether the market is still ready to receive the product, including the viability of production. Advertising Solutions: The advertising strategy involves a careful scrutiny of the market trends. There are obviously some of the basic tools with which marketing strategies could be tried out. 1 That which identifies and reach the niche markets. 2. That which reveals the competitive advantage 3 That which tries to establish your reputation 4.That which never allows the budget run advertisement 5.That which diversifies the ads Operations: _______________________________________________________________________ _ Operational strategies involve change even as your business achieves its desired goals. The network with which you work must attract more users. Technically speaking, network operations are enough to optimize business .Bandwidth capacity should be increased to its full capacity and costs should be reduced. The network application must also safeguard the security aspects of the operation while ensuring maximum productivity. Ergonomics:

“Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker”, and the prospective company must safeguard the worker from any injuries and disabling ailments Almost $ 9 million is spent on safety measures alone The management should not only protect the jobs but also see to it that the workforce gets the optimum 5.. advantage of participation in the business venture such as manufacture and production. Worker should be made responsible to ergonomics and he should share in the management and leadership programs. By Dr Karanam R Rao karanamrao69@yahoo.com

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