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20/20 Vision
Without Glasses

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How would you like to see clearly, in 20/20 vision, without glasses,
without contacts and certainly without any potentially vision damaging
laser eye surgery?
Well there is a 100 year old approach that has helped tens of thousands
of people, including me, recover their vision naturally. This approach
was so effective that the leading eye specialists in the early 1900s were
actually able to manipulate the New York politicians to make it illegal
Interestingly to this day the Bates Method for recovering your vision
naturally remains illegal in the state of New York.

This is not a rhetorical question. Far from it, in fact, because when you
learn the practically secret natural vision program of pioneering medi-
cal doctor and ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates, who died back in
1931, this option becomes a reality.
You see, Dr. Bates was far ahead of his time. He was a maverick
ophthalmologist nearly 100 years ago who dedicated his life to learn-
ing why people develop problems with their eyesight ... problems like
nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism.
He developed a combination of simple yet powerful methods of vision
re-training that can allow you to see better naturally ... with just a few
minutes a day of EASY practice.
Once I learned these simple vision habits and principles, I was able to
nearly permanently avoid using my reading glasses, something I had
come to rely on in my mid 40s for reading fne print.
Not so anymore.
The aim of the Bates Method is to teach people with vision problems
how to achieve easy and attentive vision, whereby your eyes and mind
work together harmoniously to give you good sight. Thus, it is not a
medical treatment but rather a method of re-educating or re-training
your eyes.
What is the Bates Method, and How Can it Help You See Clearly?
The Bates Method is much more than just a series of exercises de-
signed to help your vision. Its actually centered around one of Dr.
Bates early discoveries that seeing near and far is not reliant on your
eyes lenses, but rather on the six muscles that are attached to the out-
side of your eyeball.
The program concentrates on teaching you how to relax these chroni-
cally strained muscles so that your eyeball can return to its natural,
perfectly round shape -- the shape necessary to see clearly both near
and far.
It also centers on the premise that mental strain and divergence from
the natural habits of seeing are the prime cause of poor eyesight, and
addressing this strain and breaking the poor habits are at the crux of
the Bates Method.
Why Hasnt Everyone Heard of This?
The techniques taught by the Bates Method were practiced years be-
fore Dr. Bates discovered them; they are all part of the normal, natural
function of your eyes.
However, as youll read in the book that follows, Dr. Bates proved that
the theories about eye function and eye problems widely stated by the
eye specialists of his time were incorrect. He also showed that eye
glasses, eye surgery and eye muscle surgery cause and increase vision
impairment and other eye problems and eye disease, while the Bates
Method could naturally restore vision without any of these interven-
As a result, doctors selling eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye surgery and
related drugs were losing money and patients due to the Bates Method
teaching patients how to cure and avoid unclear vision and other eye
problems by applying natural techniques.
Its said that the optical industry largely suppressed and discredited the
Bates Method for this very reason, and Dr. Bates books were report-
edly taken out of libraries and bookstores before the information could
be widely circulated.
Fortunately, today you have at your disposal Dr. William Bates origi-
nal 300+page classic book, The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses (also known as Perfect Sight Without Glasses), which
is the origin of the Bates Method and also laid the foundation for the
entire Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally program.
Perfect Sight Without Glasses
The classic tome Perfect Sight Without Glasses will provide you with
practical insights to help refne and improve your own vision.
This original version of the book contains all of the illustrations and
text that were left out of the more commonly available version of the
book, which was published in 1943 by Dr. Bates widow, Emily Bates,
under the title Better Eyesight Without Glasses.
In Perfect Sight Without Glasses, youll learn frst-hand the observa-
tions that led Dr. Bates to question some of the commonly held beliefs
in ophthalmology and medical science in general at the time. This trig-
gered his many years of experimental work and eventual conclusions
that the orthodox theories regarding the eye and sight were wrong.
Although the book is highly technical and packed with extensive,
in-depth information that goes much deeper than you may even care
to go, I suspect youll fnd it surprisingly easy to understand and also
thoroughly enlightening.
As you embark on your journey of regaining your vision naturally, I
hope this classic work will inspire you to say goodbye to your glasses
and contact lenses for good.
Warning. Many People Need Additional Help
While this book forms the foundation for the Bates treatment many
people fnd it a challenge to apply this approach today because the
book is about 100 years old.
If you fnd yourself in this group it is important to understand that
there are additional resources based on the Bates Technique that are
easier to apply. Some modern day therapists who have helped large
number of people recover their vision using Dr. Bates technique have
recorded a simple program that can help you reach your vision goals.
The course is under $100 and is guaranteed for a full year. So there re-
ally is no risk to you.
But it is important to know that this is NOT a quick fx miracle cure
and it will take an investment of your time to apply these principles so
you can recover your vision.
However they are absolutely doable by nearly everyone and, as I said
earlier, I used them to recover my own vision. I just wanted to make it
very clear that the results are not instantaneous and will require effort
on your part.
So you might try reading the book frst and if you are interested see if
you can apply the program from Dr. Bates book. If you feel you need
more assistance however I would strongly encourage you to consider
the 21st century version of Dr. Bates program.
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