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Criminal Offenses

Lesson Plan #2

Analyze learners
General Characteristics

This particular Social Studies lesson is designed for 23 students in the 7th
grade. The class is composed of 13 females and ten males. They come from
a low to average socioeconomic background. All students come from a
Chamorro background. Two students have a learning disability in the area of

Entry Competencies

The 7th grade students have prior knowledge with the vocabulary needed for
this lesson; however, students have minimal knowledge on the lesson

Learning Styles
Although students are provided with textbooks with simplified reading and
colorful cartoons, they are not interested in utilizing them. They are more
focused with the lesson when the multimedia is being used as a visual aid.
They also prefer class discussion, participation, current events, and group

State Objectives
During class today, students will be able give examples of crimes
against property with 85% accuracy in skit.

During class today, students will be able identify crimes against property
with 95% accuracy in video presentation.

After lecture today, students will be able to identify the classification of

crimes with 90% accuracy in video presentation.

November 11, 2009
Select Methods, Media, and Material
The instructional method will be lecture and class discussion.
The lesson will require the use of a laptop/computer, multimedia machine,
video camera, and a projector screen. To conduct the lecture and present
the video, the teacher will utilize Microsoft PowerPoint. The demonstration of
the skit will be done day before in class.

Utilize Media and Materials

Preview the Materials
The teacher will preview the video on Kid’s Crime and Consequences (Video
Website: to ensure
proper viewing for middle school. The teacher will also test the video
camera to familiarize capabilities. The preview of the material should be
done using the required equipment(s) to ensure it is functioning properly.

Prepare the Materials

The teacher will prepare a Do’s and Don’ts list for the use of equipment.

Prepare the Environment

The student desks will be setup towards the back of the classroom. This
allows for both a clear view of the video and the skit video recording. It also
provides enough room for the students who are taking part in the skit.

Prepare the Learners

To prepare the learners, the teacher will provide an overview of the lesson,
how the lesson will be presented, and the required skills needed for the
particular lesson a day before actual lesson. This overview will include the
lesson objectives and the required reading.

Require Learner Participation

To enable active and individual learning in the classroom,
students will work in groups for the skit. Students will be able
to use the video camera the day prior to actual lesson.
Questions will be noted and addressed as a class discussion. To
accommodate the two students with a learning disability, the teacher will
provide one-to-one oral explanations regarding the lesson. The two students
will be given handouts to take home which will require parent/guardian
assistance three days prior to actual lesson. For the video recording, the
students will participate voluntarily for this activity due to self-esteem issues.

November 11, 2009
Evaluate and Revise

Assessment of Learner Achievement

Assessment of learner achievement will be determined by identifying 1)
crimes against property and 2) the classification of crime with 90% accuracy
in the video presentation on Kids Crime and Consequences. Also, learner
achievement will be based on the ability of the students to demonstrate
examples of crimes against property with 85% accuracy in skit.

Evaluation of Media and Methods

Teacher evaluation will be based on each group’s ability to
handle equipment and record a video of skit demonstration
of examples of crimes against property.

Evaluation of Overall Instruction

Overall evaluation of instruction will be based on individual
feedback of the students and the achievement scores on
assessments given. If lesson requires a re-teach, then
teacher may need to modify lesson to ensure successful learning.

November 11, 2009