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The newly formed Security Agency will house a team of highly experienced, motivated and dynamic
young people. With all its strength, it will serve its clients and will maintain a clear record without leaving
any space for complaints. The security personnel to be provided will be fully efficient, as we will verify their
background and work experience prior to selection. We will train the security personal for particular task
and then deploy accordingly.

Our agency will have experience concerning to security, management, electronic security,
surveillance, other allied services and fire protection system, also take pride in enhansing public relations,
beside awarding sympathetic behavioural attitude towards human resources. By way of association with
other organizations having siimilar field work, we will have the distinction to lead each one of them during
various competiitive biddings.

We will develop and provide security solutions that are tailor made to the user's requirements. There will be many
ready packages in the market but some business problems are such that either an off-the-shelf product may not be available or
even if it is available then the chances of that package giving desired functionality are minimal. Therefore, we will go through
requirement in detail and then we shall build infrastructure according to the needs.


‘Client’s satisfaction’ will always been our motto. We shall work as a cohesive team with our
clients. We shall always try to avail the services maintaining present day's competitive and volatile
business environment with long term relationship based strategy that will help us to grow in a more
progressive way. The agencies ability and dedication of accomplishing the projects will be in time
strictly following the defined lines of rules and regulations as per the agreement.

We will run above security management including provision of security personnel / other
maintenance staff, evaluation of security planning to the requirement of an establishment, render advice
on security matters, periodic surprise checks during day/night and liaison visit by senior members of the
group to know about our performance having acquired porofessional knowledge along with our
experience. Our major concern will be to read the pulse of the management with regard to personnel
turnout, punctuality and behavioral aspects.
• Introduction
• Salient Features
• Types of services
• Mission and core values
• Service methodology
• Faciltities
• Statutory obligations
• Supervision
• Rate list
• Terms of contract & payments


WE are planning to have a group of sincere, innovative, energetic and committed people with the
sole purpose of providing security measures to the needed ones as security professionals, preceded
towards the successful establishment of my Security Agency. Its main objective will be to provide state-of-
the-art products and services in the field of security going step by step with the upcoming modalities.
Security and allied services are of utmost need and relevant for smooth functioning of the general public
keeping in the view the fast changing life and the growing insecurity. In order to make a firm position in this
ground my Security Agency will get itself registered with Government of India, Ministry of Defence, Dte.
Gen. Resettlement, West Block IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066.

I am pleased to introduce myself as one of the renowned and have pioneered the concept of
multifarious facility services on contractual basis with the office in Delhi, as given below:-

F-93 Manoj Vihar, Near Shipra Sun City

Indira Puram Ghaziabad – 201014


• That my agency will lead facility/security services other than National Capital Region.
• That I will provide those wages & benefits as per their posting in different regions as declared by the
concerned government authorities/ labour laws and DGR guidelines.
• That each of my technical categories would be well qualified and trained in handling specialized
• That I will select personnel’s whose character verification is done from the local police as well as the
village sarpanch.
• I will provide mobile phones and communicating facilities to all our supervisors/assistant security
officers, so that there is constant communication between us.
My agency will provide multifarious facilities to our clients on contractual basis, naming a few of them
 To provide different types of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled security personnel.
 To act as provided within the factories Act, Labour Laws and other allied laws which includes
upkeep of different records and registers, compliances of different labour laws, liaison with the
related government authorities including attending and responding the cases in different courts
under labour laws.
 To provide any specialized manpower like house keeping, care taking services.


 To become a significant player in security service industry.


 Customer satisfaction.
 Concern for people
 Commitment to quality and excellence
 Innovations


The commitment to continuously search for innovative ways to improve services will be my method to
match the competition in today’s environment. My agency will provide services with total transparency to
our client. This methodology will ensure that there is interaction between the client and our team during the
service life cycle. Constant interaction during the service will ensure that client and services providers will
have similar understanding of the problem and the proposed solutions. This will save the valuable time
and keeps the cost under control.

1. Methodology of Recruitment

a) Internal Source

I will provide few skilled forces from the references of our good workers working in different
industries/locations and which are fairly long associated with me.
b) External Source
 We will provide few skilled and semi skilled work forces from
 Sainik Kalyan & Zilla Sainik Boards of States.
 Some placement services
 Through Directorate General of Resettlement
 Through Newspaper Advertisement
 Our own placement services
 Different industrial training institute, around NCT of Delhi
 Different private vocational Training Institute, around NCT of Delhi

2. Wage and other administrative methodology

We will depute qualified supervisor, who will be stationed at factory premises, to take care for day
-to -day routine works. Broadly he will carry out the routine work in close guidance in the following
manner (Supervisor will be provided as per requirement by client. The supervisor will allow the entry
and exit of workman as per the guidelines issued time to time by the authorized representative of
principle employer.

1. Security check

The supervisor will assist the security staff for daily security check of our company employees as per

the guidelines issued by authorized representative of principle employer from time to time.

2. Gate Passes/Short leave Passes/Leave Application/OD Passes.

If there will be any policy framed for our workers by the principal employer, the same will be regulated
as per the norms of our deputed supervisor only on our company’s printed stationary available for this

3. Mode of wage Payments

The wages will be disbursed by 7th of every month through cash/Cheque/bank transfer as per
guidelines issued by DGR from time to time.
4. Grievance Handling

Our supervisor with the concerned department head will sort out day-to-day grievances. Our company
representative will visit the company twice in a month for the matter pertaining to his wages/ESI/EPF
and for other allied matters or any other matters which our supervisor could not sort out.

5. Records
Broadly we will maintain the record under different labour laws under DGR guidance, which will be kept
in factory premises at the place decided by the company which will be available on the sole discretion
of principal employer on the below mentioned outlines:-

a) Upkeep of personal files of Individual Workman

My agency representative along with following records will maintain the personal files (Enclosure as per
Annexure Marked ‘A’)
 Employee code/Code number
 Two numbers of passport size photographs
 An application for seeking employment
 Employment form/resume
 Personal data
 Form No.13
 Form No.16
 Form No.17
 Form No.18
 Form No.20
 Form No.21
 Form No.22
 Form No.23
 Copies of Education certificates
 Copies of experience certificates
 Date of Birth certificate
 Copy of discharge book of ex-servicemen

b) Upkeep of statutory records under various labour laws.

 Muster Roll as per Form No. 16
 Register of wages as per form no. 17
 Register of leave wage as per form no. 18
 Register as per form no. 20
 Register as per form no. 21
 Register as per form no. 22
 Register as per form no. 23
 Register as per form no. 13
 Filling of different forms of workmen pertaining to ESIC/PF
 Issue of Individual ESI numbers from local office of ESIC
 Preparation and deposition of ESI & EPF Challans.
 Half yearly under ESI Act, 1948

 Annual return under EPF Act, 1952

 Annual Return under Contract Labour (R&A) Rules.

6 Inspection of Statutory Records

I will ensure timely inspections by different labour and industrial department authorities under
various acts such as:
 Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970
 Employee’s Provident Fund & Miscellaneous provision Act, 1952.
 Equal remuneration Act, 1976.
 Maternity benefit Act, 1961.
 Minimum wages Act, 1948
 Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.
 Payment of Gratuity act, 1972
 Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923

7 Liaison
I will be having close liaison with the related government authorities such as:
 Area labour inspector under various acts and area labour officer
 Deputy Labour Commissioner
 Area ESI Inspector & Local Office Manager
 ESIC Dispensaries & Hospitals
 Regional ESI Commissioner
 Area EPF Inspector
 Regional Provident Fund Commissioner

 To meet the high quality services requirement, all personnel will be individually selected and trained
keeping in view the clients specific requirements and parameters.
 Our personnel will comprise of different communities and geographical locations thereby reducing
their chances to unite for common causes like theft, pilferage, sabotage and union activities.
However, I will personally verify the character of a person before recruiting. Even then an
unobtrusive watch will be kept constantly over their activities both during and after duty hours.
 Uniform.
 Torch and stick
 Medical box
 Delivery of mail at the place of duty
 Periodical medical check up.


Exclusively responsible to discharge statutory obligations like

 Wages as per trade, enforced by government from time to time.
 ESI and EPF obligations, as applicable from time to time.
 Leave encashment, bonus, gratuity, accommodation, conveyance, national and gazetted holidays, weekly off, uniform

I will ensure effective supervision adopting following procedure:

 Surprise Check and visit by our field officers and supervisors

 Periodic checks by the members of my management.
 I wil have a system of keeping our office functional round the clock so that guard can contact any
time he feels necessary and I can render immediate help, if situation so warrants.

S.No. Sec. Guard Gun Man Sec. Sup.

1 Basic including V.D.A
4394 4992 6591

2 ESI- @ 4.75%+VDA
3 EPF- @ 12%+VDA
4 EDLI- @0.5%+VDA
5 Adm. Charges
@ 1.11%+ VDA
6 Gratuity/Terminal Benefit
7 Field Allowance Will be
Admissible to ESM when AS PER DGR GUIDELINES/
employed in remote /
disturbed/areas hazardous to INSTRUCTIONS
health @ 25%+VDA
8 House Rent Allowance @ 10%
9 ESI @ 4.75% on HRA
10 Bonus @ 8.33% of Rs. 3500/=
( lower limit )
11 Uniform Outfit Allowance @
7% + VDA
12 Uniform Washing Allowance @
13 Weekly Off / National Holidays /
Other Holidays @ 28.98% of
14 Services Charges @ 14%
Sum Total
15 Service Tax @ 10.30%

Final Total

1. above rates are subject to change from time to time as ordered by State Authorities (Labour
Department) or DGR Instruction.

2. Whenever suitable accommodation is not provided by the Principal Employer HRA at the rate of 10% of
Basic+VDA will be paid by the Principal Employer.


 The above mentioned rates include all statutory and other liabilities like EPF, ESI, Bonus, Leave
encashment, Gratuity, Accommodations, National and Gazetted Holidays, Weekly Off, Uniform,
Service Tax, Service Charges etc,

 The above-mentioned rates are for eight hours a day.

 My agency will submit the bill on first working day of the month and it shall be paid by Sixth of the
same month for timely disbursement of wages.

Lt Col (Retd) Inder Singh Rathee