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VOL. I, No. 1
1. "The Development of Classic Guitar Techniques as Reflected in
Methods and Tutors, c. 1780-1850." Doctoral dissertation in progress
Indiana University. Lnyone having material of relevance to this
study should communicate with Paul Cox, 603 East White (B-14),
Champaign, Ill. 61820.
2. Frederick Noad is preparing an anthology of guitar music of the
classical period, and would appreciate hearing of original editions
of particular interest, including Paganini solos. Lnyone having
material of interest should communicate with Frederick Noad, 3160
Mountain View Drive, Laguna Beach, California 92651.
3. There is a new edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
under way. The "Guitar" article has been assigned to Ian Harwood of
England, the "Guitar" bibliography to Thomas Heck of the USL. Heck
reports his bibliography complete and already submitted. Publication
may be expected in 1974 or 1975, but copies of the "Guitar" bibli-
ography are being made available by Dr. Heck to interested scholars
for $1.00 per copy. Write to Thomas F. Heck (address on back page).
4. Mr. Llois Mauerhofer, Elizabethstrasse 93, 8010 Graz, Lustria, was
reported working on a doctoral dissertation at the University of
Graz on Leonard von Call, early 19th c. guitarist active in Vienna
who is best remembered for his serenades for guitar and strings.
5. Mr. Robert Strizich, c/o Michael Lorimer, 2745 Regent St., Berkeley,
CL 94705, is currently completing a translation and transcription of
Gaspar Sanz' Instruccion de Musica Sobre la Guitarra Espanola (1674).
Schott & Co. in London intends to publish this scholarly performing
edition. Earlier, Strizich transcribed the complete works of Robert
de Visee and published it in Paris with Heugel firm, in the Pupitre
Series No. 1.5.
6. Mr. Richard Pinnell is currently doing a dissertation under the
guidance of Prof. Richard Hudson at UCLL entitled: "The Guitar Music
of Francesco Corbetta (1615-1681)". Dr. Hudson completed his disser-
tation at UCLL in
1967 on the topic "The Development of Italian
Keyboard Variations on the Passacaglio and Ciaccona from Guitar
Music In tile 17th Century".
At last summer's National Guitar Convention, the participants
voted to form a national organization for the guitar that would not
be so much a professional society as one directed toward educational
and cultural ends. Both types of organizations are recognized by law
as "non-profit," but while the former can be a powerful lobbying force
(like the Sierra Club), the latter must abstain from all political
activities. One is professional, the other benevolent. The govern-
ment classifies these organizations respectively under sections 501 (c)
(6) and 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. Dues to both organizations are
normally tax-deductible, but only the latter can qualify a donor for
tax exemption in the amount of a contribution.
Why did the sixty to seventy-five dedicated guitarists who founded
this organization vote to apply for "(c) (3)" status? Because, as I
See it, the guitar is socially arid professionally well spoken for.
There are about thirty active guitar societies in North America which
benefit guitarists directly at the local level. And there is the
American String Teachers Association (ASTA), a "(c) (6)" organization,
which capably represents the classic guitar in the principal forum of
higher education: the Music Educators National Conference (MENU). But
there has so far been no national organization to work for the guitar
in a disinterested manner, truly in a benevolent spirit. Who is to
handle legacies of guitar music for all of us? This is a very serious
matter nowadays, as there will be large personal collections of music
etc. to care for in the not-too-distant future. Who is to administer
a national guitar archive? disseminate information on current projects?
act as a clearinghouse for guitar curriculum work? for international
news? The mandate is clear.
The original intention of the founders of this organization was
to call it "The Guitar Societies of America," or perhaps to paraphrase
the LSA, "The Guitar Society of America." But at a pre-incorporation
Board meeting in Santa Barbara, August 2, 1973, the newly-elected
Board of Directors considered favorably Mrs. Bickford's objections to
these names, as they sound too much like the American Guitar Society.
After serious discussion, we decided to file incorporation papers under
the present name, The Guitar Foundation of America. We reasoned that
although not all foundations are well-endaked, all are indeed benevolent.
This was our primary consideration.
In the past three months, we have had to take a few legal side-
steps to pull together, with the help of our generous lawyer, Gary
Torre of San Francisco, a minimum number of notarized signatures in
order to file the papers. For the present, the Articles of Incorpor-
ation in Sacramento project only a 3-person Board of Directors: myself,
Frederick Noad, and Vahdah Olcott Bickford. But as soon as we receive
our letter from the IRS, we shall amend the Articles of Incorporation
to revert to the seven-member board originally planned. This detour
is necessary for the sake of legal technicalities only, and does not
detract one iota from the mandate under which we are working.
I hope that we will be able to report our legal status as fully
recognized under Section 501 (c) (3) before the end of 1974. Meanwhile,
we should all take precautionary steps to will our personal collections
of music and memorabilia to the Guitar Foundation of America. This is
bound to be our best hope, and the best hope of future generations of
Thomas F. Heck
Chairman, Board of Directors
The annual Board of Directors meeting will be March 22, 1974, 1:30 P.M.
at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gary Poort, 9441 Lsbury Circle, Westminster ,
California 92683. L map will be sent to each Board member by Thomas F.
Heck, Chairman of the Board.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The 1974 MENC National Convention will be held at the Lnaheim Conven-
tion Center in California. The guitar will be featured from Saturday,
March 23, to Tuesday, March 26. On Saturday, guitar manufacturers from
all over the world will have booths set-up to display their products.
Saturday afternoon the topics of "Beginning Guitar - Solo Guitar, and
Lpplication of Guitar Techniques" will be presented. The LSTA Guitar
Committee will present "The Classic Guitar: Versatility with Stability"
on Sunday, March 24. The committee, consisting of Thomas Y. Heck, Roy
Petschauer and Ronald Purcell, will present lectures and recitals for
the enjoyment of the listener. The program for Sunday is as follows:
1. "The Endearing and Enduring Lspects of the Guitar" - Thomas F. Heck
(Case Western Reserve University)
RESPONDENT: Thomas E. Greene (University of Rhode Island and
Providence Public School System)
2. "Selected Ensemble Music for the Guitar," classic and modern
settings with guitar, selected and introduced by Ronald Purcell
(California State University, Northridge)
- movements from Bailleux and Paganini . .Endre Granat, violin
Ronald Purcell, guitar
Larry Munson, guitar
Jean Welles, guitar
George Vick, guitar
Joseph Glaser, guitar
- selections from recent works by
Daniel Kessner (California State
University, Northridge)

3. "Toward Versatility in Guitar Technique," recent trends in guitar
instruction discussed by Laron Shearer (Peabody Conservatory,
Baltimore), assisted by David Starobin (Peabody Conservatory)
RESPONDENT: Roy Petschauer (Washington State University, Pullman)
On Tuesday morning, March 26, the subject will be "The Guitar ....
Recreation or Education?"
The fees charged for the Convention will also enable the participants
to enjoy Disneyland Monday evening March 25, at which time all of the
facilities will be open to MENC members and Convention goers as a
private party.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We are indeed grateful to Joseph Smith, of Sherman Oaks, California, for the pro-
fessional finalizing of the GFA "logo." Mr. Smith is well known in the motion
picture and TV industries for his illustrations and sculpturing.
With the filing of
fornia in October,
Marteen Lee Poort,
program of monthly
the incorporation papers with the State of Cali-
the Executive Committee (Ronald Purcell, President;
V-Pros.; George Gregory, Secy/Treas.) started a
meetings. The following is a summary of activities:
a) Selection and preparation of our GFA "logo". Artwork completed and
negatives made for printing.
b) Preparation of a membership cover letter which has been mailed to
approximately 600 addresses.
c) Selection of our newsletter title - The Soundboard. Articles have
been solicited and compiled for this first issue.
d) Curriculum Committee appointed.
e) Checking account opened, P.O. Box in Santa Barbara requisitioned.
f) Corresponded with the California Arts Commission and National
Endowment for the Arts (Washington, DC) to determine possibility of
GFA receiving grants. Continuing correspondence and investigation
is proceeding.
The committee is cognizant of the need to develop a respected organi-
zation, a quality membership and to secure a healthy treasury. Other
than for meeting actual operating expenses, our finances in the
immediate future will be used for grants to scholars, support of the
archive project and the curriculum development project.
Membership - In addition to the GFA members listed below it should be
recalled that all guitar members of ASTA for the period ending 6/30/74
are also members of GFL.
Please bear with us a little longer until membership cards and copies
of our constitution and by-laws are printed, and distributed.
Richard L. Kenyon
Ruben A. Flores
Harold Rabanus, Jr.
Dallas W. Pruett
Sidney D. Millstone
Thomas F. Heck
Abel Nagytothy-Toth
Joseph P. Longo
J. George Gregory
Don Felice Alfino
Larry Johnson
Jack Miller
Diana Todd
Clare M. Callahan
Joe Weidlich
Peter Danner
Lenore Jackson
John C. Tanno
Ronald C. Purcell
Marteen Lee Poort
Frederick M. Noad
Vahdah O. Bickford
Rey de la Torre
Sophocles Papas
Rebecca Apodaca
David Fitzpatrick
Dena Schoen
Costa Mesa, California
Seal Beach, California
Newport Beach, California
Santa Ana, California
Los Angeles, California
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Montreal, Canada
Ozone Park, New York
Montecito, California
Richmond Hill, New York
Rochester, New York
Laguna Beach, California
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Washington, D.C.
Palo Alto, California
Austin, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Northridge, California
Westminster, California
Laguna Beach, California
Hollywood, California
San Rafael, California
Washington, D.C.
Felton, California
Anaheim, California
Berkeley, California
G . e. STUDENT MEMBERS (Cont'd. )
Jean Welles
Jerrold Maims
Javier Calderon
Tom Dancer
Orange County Guitar Circle
Spring Hill College
Seattle Classic Guitar Society
Stewart-MacDonald Mfg. Co.
Los Angeles, California
Oberlin, Ohio
Bloomington, Indiana
Tacoma, Washington
Westminster, California
Mobile, Alabama
Seattle, Washington
Athens, Ohio
Submitted by
George Gregory, Secy/Treas. GFA
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This convention was held at the Francisco Torres Conference Center in
Goleta, California during the period August 31-September 2, 1973. The
host organization was ASTA and the committee for the convention was
composed. of Thomas Heck, Ronald Purcell, Roy Petschauer and George
Gregory. The convention was formative in purpose and resulted in the
establishment of the Guitar Foundation of America, Inc.
Payment by hotel guests to the Francisco Torres
for rooms, meals and banquet $1646. 12
b) Francisco Torres refund for "no show"
reservations (5 $10 ea. )
50. 00
c) Registrations at Convention (53 @ $5 ea ) 265. 00
d) Estra banquet payment (1 k. P. $7)

7. 00
e) Contribution by Mr. Neil Kjos

25. 00
Total $1993:12
a) Amount due Francisco Torres for rooms, meals,
banquet and special services (coffee breaks (2)
cocktail parties (2) $1847. 40
b) Printing, cards, tags, posters, postage

and miscellaneous 110. 71

c) Liquor and wine for banquet and (2) cocktail
90. 25
Total $2048. 36
The resulting deficit of $55. 24 was graciously paid for by Thomas F.
Heck. It should also be noted that at the Convention we processed
21 applications for membership in ASTA.
Submitted by
George Gregory
Local Arrangements Chairman
National Guitar Convention
A.B.C. Simplified Guitar Method by Steve Graham, ed. by Burdell Mathis,
New York: Criterion Music, 1970. 33pp. This book is designed for the
person who wants to play songs "right away" and unfortunately, no
systematic methodolgy is utilized. The access is based on the "short-
cut" method of placing note names directly below the notes.
Papas' Flamenco Solos for Guitar by Sophocles Papas, Washington, D.C.:
Columbia, 1955. 11pP. This is a very good collection of easy pieces
for first or second year students interested in flamenco. Especially
good for those students who find themselves discouraged by the diff-
iculty and ambiguity of the existing editions of flamenco music.
Teachers take note, they motivate the younger student.
Andres Segovia Album of Guitar Solos, Washington, D.C.: Columbia Music
1968. 15pp. This album contains transcriptions of works by Bach, Gluok,
Brahms, Greig, Purcell, Schumam and one original work by Segovia. The
LP number is given for those works in the album that have been recorded
by Segovia. Like nearly all of Segovia's transcriptions, these are
well done. Also, like almost all of Segovia's transcriptions, these
transcriptions do not concur with what he has recorded.
"Publications Received" was
Submitted by Larry Munson
(California State University 41
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Creative Guitar International" is the latest US effort of guitar
magazines and is apparently designed to replace "Guitar News". Vol. I
No. 1 was issued in the fall of 1973. The magazine will be published
3 times a year by Mockingbird Press, Box 1275, Edinburg, Texas 78539.
The subscription rate is $5.00 a year.
"The Guitarist" magazine seems to have returned to B.M.G. For infor-
mation concerning this magazine write to B.M.G., Earlhman St., London,
WC2, England.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
How many of you who have the very common variety of footstools have
had the problem of the little rubber feet wearing out? We have often
wondered why the guitar stores didn't carry spares to keep from
throwing away an otherwise perfectly good footstool. You might be
interested to know that we found (somewhat by accident) an item in a
drug store which fits perfectly. The item is called "vaccum base cane
tip". Since these were marked red we assume they come in other colors.
These were size 15 with a 3/8" inside diameter. They are made by Davol
stock #2911.
The M.A. Thesis of Ronald Purcell, Esteban Daza, "El Parnasso:" Analysis, Com-
mentary and Transcriptions, 2 volumes, completed January, 1972, is now shelved in
the library of the Music Department, California State University, Northridge. This
Thesis can only be consulted in the Music Department. The copy in the main library,
Oviatt Library, will be released for inter-library loan in the Winter of 1975.
The GFA SOUNDBOARD is published quarterly and mailed individually to
members, and in bulk to affiliated guitar societies for local distri-
bution. Quantity prices are available to guitar societies and other
music groups as follows:
1-25 copies @..20 each
26-75 copies @ .15 each
76 or more copies @ .10 each
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Membership in the GUITAR FOUNDATION OF AMERICA currently is:
$ '3.00 Students (under 21 years of age)
$ 8.00 Active, .
810.00 Institutional
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1. The GFA, as a non-profit corporation governed by an elected board
of directors, is legally able to receive, own and care for donations of
rare music, memorabilia, books, sound recordings, and instruments of all
kinds. The Foundation is making a concerted effort to acquire in
particular gifts and legacies of old or out-of-print guitar music.
Please contact the GFA Archivist to inquire about donating, now or in
the future, part or all of your collection for preservation. Archival
holdings will be 'carefully catalogued and photocopies made available to
GFA members and to the public upon request.
2. NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS: The GFA Soundboard is primarily for news of
interest to national and international readers. The Editor reserves the
right not to print news of strictly local interest. Please send contri-
butions of all kinds (concerts, reviews, notices of new publications,
master classes, etc.) to the Editor in time for the publication dead-
lines of January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.
3. Scholars and researchers seeking rare books or music potentially in
private hands are welcome to insert a notice of their current research
in The Soundboard. The notice will be run only once unless otherwise
Annual dues in the GFA are applicable to the fiscal year starting
July 1 and ending June 30, and are prorated on a six month basis only.
5. The Board of Directors of the GFA urges all serious guitarists
seeking an opportunity to engage in mixed ensemble playing, or inter-
ested in fostering the guitar in schools and colleges, to join the
American String Teachers Association. Annual dues are 812/Professional,
$4/Student. Please make application to Robert Marince, Executive Secre-
tary, 2455 Princeton Pike, Trenton, N.J. 08638. The American String
Teacher features a "Guitar Forum" by and for guitarists.
6. This newsletter was printed courtesy of the Music Department at
California State University @ Northridge, California.
C .
3. 42/7

Abel Nagytothy-Toth (Canada)
Frederick M. Noad (California)
Rey de la Torre (California)
Vahdah Olcott Bickford
Dr. Thomas F. Heck (Ohio)
John C. Tanno (Ai-izona)
Sophocles Papas (Wash. D.C.)
President - Ronald C. Purcell
Vice-President - Marteen Lee Poort
Secretary/Treasurer - J. George Gregory
GFA SOUNDBOARD EDITOR - Marteen Lee Poort, 9441 Asbury Circle,
Westminster, California 92683
GFA SECRETARY/TREASURER - J. George Gregory, 1390 Plaza Pacifica,
Montecito, California 93108
GFA ARCHIVIST - Dr. Thomas F. Heck, 3393 E. Scarborough Road,
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
The Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) was established in 1973 as a
non-profit organization incorporated in California. Our specific
and primary purposes are set forth in the GFA Charter:
"To cultivate, promote, foster, sponsor, and develop understanding,
taste, and love of the musical arts and especially to promote interest
in the classic guitar and similar string instruments; to foster the
study of the classic guitar in private studios and at the elementary,
secondary and college levels, and to encourage the development of
innovative curricula in support of these ends; to promote the guitar
as an ensemble instrument particularly with other string instruments;
to encourage composition, arrangements, and publications of ensemble
music involving the guitar; and to support scholarly research into
the guitar's history and literature; all of the foregoing purposes
being limited to non-profit educational, cultural, scientific and
charitable ends."
9441 Asbury Circle
Westminster, CA 92683